Saturday 31 December 2011

Robert Green "A Thorn in their Side"

“A Thorn in their Side”,

Is a new book by Robert Green, published by Rata Books in November 2011 and it is a compelling read.

It is ironic that it was published at the same time as the movie about Margaret Thatcher hit our screens, for without doubt Thatcher played a leading role in the murder of Hilda Murrell in the English county of Shropshire in 1984. Hilda was the aunt of author Robert Green.

His insider knowledge as a Royal Navy Commander about Thatcher’s role in ordering the sinking of the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano outside of the combat zone during of the Falklands War in 1982 and his aunt’s protest activities against nuclear power and the nuclear industries role in creating nuclear power plants is most revealing and confirms that the Tory Government was at its most repressive during the Prime Ministership of Margaret Thatcher.

The growth of private agents to carry out the dirty work for MI5 and MI6 is clearly shown and proves that Thatcher who became known as the Iron Lady because of her support for both the Falklands War and the Nuclear industry and far right economic policies which led to the direct collapse of the present financial system.

Robert Green even after moving to Christchurch NZ was still harassed by UK secret service agents as he battled to seek the truth of what happened to his beloved aunt.

After reading this very readable record of the mis-use of the powers of both the English police and security services and the contracting out to private and corporate owned security companies, who seem to be above the law, a trend that sadly continues today.

It was equally ironic but not surprising that the period of Thatcherism that saw the growth of Rightwing takeover of government security activities with its loss of democratic process. The same behaviour was adopted by Roger Douglas which was equally ironic because of NZ’s anti nuclear policy.

Robert Green has produced a clear and concise record of the events before and after the bizarre and violent death of his beloved aunt Hilda.

Read in conjunction with Nicky Hager’s latest book – Other People’s Wars, it shows the steady decline of democracy in nations that preach freedom for others while introducing the opposite for their own citizens.

Robert Green has lifted this episode from conspiracy theory to political reality, I strongly recommend that you get a copy.

A Thorn in their Side, publish by Rata Books, October 2011 for further information go to       

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