Thursday, 24 May 2018

If Horowhenua had a Maori Ward just maybe Justice would be possible.

Phil Taueki continues struggle to clean up lake4.

This is a message from the latest episode in the destruction of Levin's Lake Horowhenua

Because I've been off line for a week this bit of startling info simply proves yet again that the law works differently for Maori...Here is a clear and precise example of might vs right. I've included in full the info about those involved in what can only be a cover-up of the highest order...Even Don and his pals must feel ashamed...

From: Anne Hunt []
Sent: Thursday, 24 May 2018 7:54 AM
To: '' <>; '' <>; 'Colleen Sheldon' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; 'Lindsay Burnell' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; Phil Taueki ( <>; 'JenJools' <>; Mike Joy ( <>; 'Bill Chisholm' <>; 'Mike Smith' <>
Subject: Trespass notices..
Importance: High

As promised, I have sent Police Superintendent Haumaha a copy of the letter that Phil Taueki circulated to those of you present at yesterday’s meeting and informed him of the trespass notices.
He is also aware that duplicates together with the address for service will be delivered to the Levin police station as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, HDC’s deliberations commenced at 12 noon, and HDC did not debate their plans to apply for a resource consent to continue discharging Levin’s stormwater into the privately-owned Lake Horowhenua until 6pm. Mr Taueki and I are to be thanked for our submission. So much for consultation with iwi.
This contamination is justified because it is supported by the Accord partners including Horizons, and funded by the Minister for the Environment.
However, the decision to trespass Horizons from the Lake is based on the untenable position left to the owners who heard Shannon Johnston, your lawyer, ambush Linda Thornton with s18(10) of ROLD 1956.
Those of us conversant with Dr Paul Hamer’s research for the Waitangi Tribunal know that this provision was put in place to ensure that the Catchment Board did not adjust the water levels to appease the farmers upset whenever their swamp land flooded. We were gutted to see the law yet again turned against the owners to enable to do what they please on ancestral estate in defiance of the Crown’s Treaty obligations.
To see this clause hijacked to give Horizons carte blanche to do what they wanted, sickened all of us present.
Also we are aware that it was Vivienne Taueki and Charles Rudd who were forced to contact the authorities to prevent the destruction of a midden; not the person supposed to be doing this work who was not on site.

But of course, you are both the applicant and the regulatory authority so you can do what you please.
Even pour tonnes of concrete on the bed of a lake which is the site of the great Mua-Upoko massacre when Ngati Toa armed with muskets slaughtered innocent women and children!
This is desecration. This is dereliction of your duty to the Crown’s Treaty partners whose names are on your wall
So yes, there is anger and frustration at local government, as announced by Hon Kelvin Davis.
Judging from the anger and frustration of the owners emerging from court last week, that hostility is likely to ignite a call for people to come from all over New Zealand to support Phil Taueki. He can then authorise them to use reasonable force to remove any person who comes onto this privately-owned property to damage this culturally-sensitive site where so much blood was spilt that the waters ran red, and seagulls came inshore to peck on the carcases.
You have brought this on yourselves.

By the way, I failed to make it clear yesterday that your racist hydrologist had testified in court that he had not sworn at Phil Taueki when Phil had challenged the unwashed boats being launched on the lake in 2008. And then Steve Winter played the tape recording of his 111 call. “Black bastard” and fucking wanker” is what he said.
How do you think Phil felt when he was discharged from hospital to discover he was being accused of setting fire to the Horizons depot in Bruce Road?
Fortunately, we managed to get the Fire Incident report showing that Horizons was putting the lives of firefighters at risk, because not even the Fire Service knew there was 1080 on site – several hours later!
The sole reason I chose to present a submission to Horizons is to prove that you are no longer going to get away with your character assassination, and that even if you choose to give me the silent treatment, I don’t care.
As a former journalist, a former councillor and an author, I know how to get my message out there.

Due to Crown Law’s determination to retry Phil on a charge of trespass despite his acquittal, we have some exceptional advice on the law of trespass as it relates in particular to the Lake.
Due to David Brown’s arrogance when it comes to the right of Pakeha to infest the lake with infectious weeds, we have a Supreme Court judgement on Phil’s right to use reasonable force to remove people warned off.
Due to a police officer’s belief that he did not need to obtain a permit to arrange a regatta with motorised boating, we have a judgement from Justice Kos (now President of the Court of Appeal) that Phil is entitled to object “vociferously”.
Due to Phil’s arrest that was featured on Kaitiaki Wars, we have a legal opinion obtained by the Area Commander Pat Handcock that Phil is entitled to park his vehicle on his own land as a peaceful protest.
Need I go on?
Suffice it to say, we have video footage to confirm what Phil said and that trespass notices were served on those elected members attending yesterday’s meeting, the CE and Jon Roygard.
We knew you would play the beleaguered party, and therefore we took the precautions necessary to protect Phil from any more allegations by your security guards and your staff.
We will make sure that we have people in position strong enough to remove your security guards.
No longer will it be your security guards ordering owners off their own land, as it has been in the past.
I am sick of hearing Horizons claiming that they are worried about the safety of their staff.
It is about time that the elected members started doing what they are paid to do, and consult with those with the mana rather than the kupapa.
Once you start doing that, you might find that the lake is cleaned up on not time at all.

Anne Hunt

From: Philip Taueki []
Sent: Wednesday, 23 May 2018 9:25 PM
To:; Bryan <>; vivienne taueki <>; Leo Watson <>; Linda Thornton <>
Subject: Fwd: Google Alert - philip taueki report on Hui at Horizons

To download Anne Hunt's latest book, "Man of CONVICTIONS" go to

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philip taueki
Daily update 23 May 2018

Philip Taueki gave an impassioned submission to Horizons Regional Council's Long Term Plan hearing on Wednesday about the state of Lake ...
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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Walkout on Māori greeting betrays prejudice, and ignorance

To prove that Wheelers Corner report:

was factual read the Manawatu Standards review of the shocking behaviour at the MUSA meeting last week:  

Walkout on Māori greeting betrays prejudice, and ignorance in New Zealand culture

Don Esslemont makes an argument against Māori wards on local councils at a forum at Massey University. He wouldn't stay ...
Don Esslemont makes an argument against Māori wards on local councils at a forum at Massey University. He wouldn't stay in the room to hear a mihi (Māori greeting).
OPINION: The forum on Māori wards at Massey University last week provided an opportunity for students and staff to hear from both sides.
The speakers for the establishment of Māori wards were Wiremu Te Awe Awe and Teanau Tuiono, while Don Esslemont and Mike Butler spoke against it.
Prior to the commencement of the debate, Esslemont, the organiser of the campaign to overthrow the Palmerston North City Council's decision to establish Māori wards, walked out of the MUSA student lounge because he refused to listen to a mihi – a short welcome in te reo Māori that lasted for less than 30 seconds.
He stood on the other side of the glass doors until the mihi was finished and then returned to take his seat.
Full house at Massey University for Māori wards forum

Esslemont didn't leave the room to take a phone call or for any other reason – he had told the staff member who welcomed everyone that he wasn't going to listen to a mihi or anything else in te reo Māori. This was relayed to the audience.
Esslemont confirmed his exit was an intentional act when he was challenged by Wiremu Te Awe Awe during the debate. Esslemont said the proposal for Māori wards was "evil".
In response, Te Awe Awe said Esslemont's action of leaving the room to avoid listening to a mihi in te reo Māori was racist.
A colleague said to me, "Would he [Esslemont] do the same if he were in Japan and someone spoke Japanese?"
I doubt he would exit.

Yes, he had every right to walk out of the MUSA student lounge – everyone has freedom of movement. But what did his action signify?
Nonverbal actions communicate information to others, whether the message is intentional or not. Esslemont's action gave an insight into his thinking and prejudices. Esslemont doesn't want a Māori voice at the council table. He doesn't want to hear a Māori voice, period.
The same applies to his Hobson's Pledge mate, Don Brash, who dislikes journalists "spouting on" in te reo Māori. It's not surprising that Hobson's Pledge funded the bulk of Esslemont's campaign in Palmerston North, which was revealed at the forum to have cost tens of thousands of dollars.
Esslemont is a former academic staff member at Massey University – he was a lecturer in a school that merged with mine. It makes me wonder how he treated his Māori students. Did he leave the room when they said "kia ora!"?
For the sake of Māori students and the one Māori academic (yours truly) out of approximately 50 academic staff in my school, I'm glad he is long-retired.
The Massey University Strategy (2018-2022) proudly states that the university is "Tiriti-led" and "it will demonstrate informed practices consistent with tikanga Māori and will embrace kaupapa Māori across our activities". Sorry, Don: the mihi is staying.
Māori cultural practices are embedded in our university and are an important part of who we are. This is Aotearoa New Zealand – the home of te reo Māori.
Esslemont said in the debate that he is an immigrant to this country. If Esslemont doesn't want to hear our beautiful Māori language, perhaps he should walk further than out the door and consider a one-way ticket back to his country of origin.
Mā te wā, Don.
* Dr Steve Elers is a lecturer in the School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing at Massey University. He is currently writing a book about Pākehā culture and communication.
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Friday, 11 May 2018

Living for the future rather than dying for the past.

Wheeler’s Corner
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21: 13th May 2018

 1. If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. Voltaire.

This self-proclaimed so-called academic had the audacity to get up from his place as a guest debater and depart the scene because he did not want to listen to the introduction that was to be presented in Te Reo Māori.

It was the rudest and most ignorant behaviour I have ever witnessed by a grown up adult so-called educated person. [If my child had acted like that I would have cancelled his pocket money]

This is the very same person who believes that NO Māori actually exists, who believes that there should be no Māori seats in our Parliament. So the very thought that a massive majority of Palmerston North City Councillors’ and Manawatu District Councillors’ could vote to introduce a Māori ward just makes him see red!

He reinforced his strange, weird even outdated beliefs when he stated and I quote:

“Others may call me racist… and I don’t mind that, I know I’m not racist… because I married a part-Chinese…” he said during his explanation [yet again] of his so-called historical background.

He also said,

“That a poll had been taken of Palmerston North people and that they do not support Māori Wards, the poll was taken for The NZ Center for Political Research, read below regarding the history of Mike Butler and that organisation.  

Not that, those meaningless bits of information added to the reasons why he supported race based behaviours in keeping Maori from the council table via a Māori Ward: the democratic process that could be used by local government, after all when all the political parties in NZ, including NZ First support the Māori electorates why not do the same for local government? What the hell are they scared of…your guess is as good as mine.

Hobson’s Pledge that great bunch of ex-political has-beens were willing to pay yet more money to fly to Palmerston North their show pony [Casey Costello] from Auckland for an hour and a half meeting adding yet more money to the thousands [if not hundreds of thousands] they have already spent nationally;

Fortunately for us fog kept her grounded in Auckland, but unfortunately she was replaced by yet another has- been who they drafted in from Hastings or some such distant place. That’s the thing about Hobsons Pledge its membership here in PN seems to consist solely of one person: They don’t seem to want to speak out, they didn’t turn up to push their case at the various council hearings on the issue. Their advertising has all been authorised by strange people from Auckland and Hastings.  

Below is the Manawatu Standards report on the Massey event.

Replacement Mike Butler is/was rather a strange kettle of fish: And every word he uttered proved this to be true: to get a Māori view of him. Go to:

To get Mike Butler’s view of himself check out the NZ Centre for Political Research:

2. I met some wonderful people at the Massey Forum on Māori Wards it was an honour to listen to the speakers for and against, I must admit there were only three who spoke out against and two of them were at the top table [Esslemont and Butler].

I am white, and I felt really proud of the fact that the bulk of those present were willing to listen and to learn what Māori felt about the issue. Especially because the issue in reality only affects those  who have freely under our legal system enrolled on the Māori roll.

Those speaking for Māori Wards seemed to accept that sharing is more progressive than progressing down the same old path which has led to the imbalance in our social statistics. 

They, judging by their comments during question time, seemed to have reached the point of comprehending that together around the table is better and more progressive than treating Māori as simply guests to be invited from time to time according to the whims of the majority. 

After all we formally do this to suit our rural voters to ensure that the urbanites don’t swamp their voices.

I accept that those who came before me have via our legal processes over time developed a workable political process [the Waitangi Tribunal] that means sharing our combined wealth as a nation via our parliamentary and local government processes.

The key for me is the word ‘Together’ we the majority cannot and must not tell the minority what is best for them. This issue is not a race issue; together around the table is what the treaty that gave birth to our nation is all about…we decided that Māori representation is both fair and just in our society and we practice it in our national elections. Lets do the same in our cities and regions.

If Māori decide to move onto the general roll, so be it, but it should be Māori that make that choice. If you think along these lines, then you should be happy to support Māori Wards in local government.
I hope you will. I have already voted accordingly

If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. Voltaire.

Peter J Wheeler

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Conflict of interest hits headlines in Horowhenua again.

"We will and do consider matters carefully, where they fall within our mandate, as is the case for the questions raised over the pensioner housing sale and potential conflicts of interest,"

This from Scoop Media:
Auditor General considering potential Horowhenua District Council conflicts of interest
Tuesday, 8 May 2018, 11:42 am
Article: Veronica Harrod
“The Office of the Auditor General is considering matters raised by members of the public relating to the sale by Horowhenua District Council of its pensioner housing portfolio and "related potential conflicts of interest."
In a letter to former Councillor Anne Hunt, the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) stated, "We are still considering matters you, and others, raised in relation to the sale of pensioner housing, and related potential conflicts of interest. We expect to reach a view on these matters in the near future."
"We will and do consider matters carefully, where they fall within our mandate, as is the case for the questions raised over the pensioner housing sale and potential conflicts of interest," the OAG told Mrs Hunt.
An Audit NZ report for the Year ending 30 June 2017 publicly released by the council in February 2018 revealed the council lost $1.86 million on the sale of the pensioner housing and 1.1 hectares of bare land.
In February almost sixty people who attended a public meeting by the Horowhenua Ratepayers and Residents Assoc Inc. supported calls for an Inquiry into the business dealings of Horowhenua District Council and other matters.

Former Councillor Anne Hunt sent this email out to the many supporters who have assisted battle the dictatorial behaviour of the HDC CEO David Clapperton:

“David Clapperton claims he needs to intercept our e-mails because they are abusive. Read to the end of this…
What is this then; the e-mail he sent to a journalist threatening to bring ratepayer-funded Buddle Findlay on board?
RNZ phoned me yesterday, and I have sent them a copy of the letter that I recently received from the OAG and also my original complaint.
They will probably be bullied as well!

From: Anne Hunt []
Sent: Wednesday, 9 May 2018 7:30 AM
To: 'Tony Appleyard' <>
Subject: File reference EN/LCA/3-0015
Importance: High

I am forwarding this e-mail from David Clapperton on to you, because I am concerned that he will be putting pressure on the OAG to release a finding that clears HDC.
We are already dealing with the impact of the recently-released Maori Appellate Court judgement that Judge Doogan failed to disclose his conflict of interests with Matt Sword, spanning a number of cases over the past five years, including Mr Taueki’s attempt to stop HDC discharging stormwater into this privately-owned Lake.
And even though Judge Doogan appointed Matt Sword and the other lake trustees, and Matt Sword chairs this ‘trust’, the Ombudsman determined that HDC has the authority to disconnect Mr Taueki’s water following instructions by Matt Sword as chair of the ‘trust’.
Even though I notified HDC that Mr Taueki had been rushed to hospital by ambulance in a serious condition, Mr Clapperton refuses to reconnect Mr Taueki’s water supply. The days without water have now reached 553.
MDC CEO David Clapperton.

So we know how ruthless Mr Clapperton can be.

Therefore I am simply bringing Mr Clapperton’s threat to your attention.

RNZ phoned me yesterday as a result of the Scoop article, and I have sent them a copy of my complaint.
We understand that Mr Clapperton and Mr Bishop are jointly purchasing property, and if that is so, Mr Clapperton would have a vested interest in protecting Mr Bishop’s position.

Due to the e-mails I am receiving from HDC’s planning department, it seems like the Chair of the Hearings Committee is also planning not to reveal her conflict of interests with a submitter to a major plan change.
By the way, I am conversant with the Saxmere case, because I was present for both Supreme Court hearings.
Anne Hunt”

Have a read of this blog from 2013; it was read by over four and a half thousand viewers. It will no doubt show you what a vital battle has taken place to change the in-built dictatorial culture that exists at the HDC.

At the last local elections the voters tossed out the Mayor but of course the CEO [Clapperton] was not elected so he remains…and the HDC problems continue unabated.

If you would like to learn a little more about Clapperton: go to:

This behaviour simply proves what the people of the HDC have to put up with, its time the Minister of Local Government stepped in and brought back some democracy to the HDC.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise: Victor Hugo

Saturday, 5 May 2018

May Day Concert huge success People Together united.

Wheeler’s Corner
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 20 6th May 2018

1. Here are two very different discussions relating to Maori Wards, the first compares the views of anti-everything Māori Don Esslemont, he is the old part Scot / part English part etc. individual who cycles around town spouting his ‘One Law for all”, with his chest badge [homemade] blowing in the wind and many if not all who are confronted by it, especially those working or visiting local community centers are offended by its message, and Palmerston North’s elected Mayor Grant Smith who represents the huge majority of Councillors [12 out of 15]. You decide which one is more believable?   

In the second video, you are confronted by well-known ex-leader of the National Party and very short term leader of the Act Party Don Brash and pitched against him is Andrew Judd ex-Mayor of New Plymouth who has learned the lesson of being a New Zealander and has now come to recognise the need for a partnership between the two founding elements of our nation in the local government area. Once again you decide which one of these two represents New Zealand in this day and age.

The rest of NZ instead shows a much greater interest in other political activities of a more meaningful nature. Direct moves to help the homeless and support for our hard working Midwives who have had their wages depressed for over a decade, along with other public health Nurses who are on the frontline. The last government let the Care Givers down to such an extent that they [the Government] were taken to the Courts and LOST, only then then were they forced to increase Care Givers wages…But hey what’s new, we’ve been doing it for years ever since Roger Douglas and his mob adopted neoliberal rip-off behaviour as the norm. Between him and Ruth Richardson working class people were attacked via GST and tax hikes. The exception was the top tax rate which was lowered…guess whom was paying who…

Funding for health was depressed while the country spend millions on a discussion on a new flag, future spending on health took a beating while at the same time governments reduced the top tax rate for the wealthy. Today the Opposition, pleas to keep spending big on highways to nowhere: while country roads and bridges rot because of a lack of repairs.

Even our local newspapers has become less local, the so-called new compact version [honest media people call it a tabloid] because it now has become simply a centrally printed paper with the odd bit of local advertising and a few soft regional items. Investigative journalism is a thing of the past. This motly crew pictured are called Journalists, but are they?
In real terms this bunch of rat-bags are simply opinionated money grabbers, none of them has produced work that could ever be considered ‘Investigative journalism’. These are ‘Yes men’ of the highest order. Anyone of them would go down a treat working for ‘Fox News’. Note: Far right on the top row is ‘David Seymour’ so-called ACT party leader, funded by the tax-payers of NZ so as to pretend that the National Party has a friend in Parliament. I will concede that he is not a real journalist…just a pretend one. Since we the tax-payers are unwillingly paying his bribe / bride price if you'll forgive the PNG term, I feel justified in including him in this gallery of rogues since the MSM treats him as intelligent!.

3. After taking a one year break [2017] the May Day concert was back on stage celebrating International Workers Day 2018. It was a a special night because it honoured Kristine Bartlett Kiwibanks 2018 New Zealander of the year. Kristine fought tooth and nail via her Union to get the National Government to pay equal pay to female workers in the home care industry. The Government tried to block this desire by using every trick in the book. But in the end the Courts [more than one] ruled that the Government was breaking the law…and the government was FORCED to increase specific care workers’ salaries [which up to the time of the court cases were based on the minimum rate [around $15 per hour]. During the 2017 general election the National Government attempted to claim some credit for increasing some care givers hourly rates…history shows that they tried over and over again to have the courts’ rulings cancelled out…The Government of the day were liars and were rightly made to recant. It was a great victory for the power of unions and the solidarity of people like Kristine Bartlett and her supporters.

Brazen Hussies in 2016 in The Square.
Various Unions and organisations had information available for those attending the May Day Concern. One of those ‘Vote Yes to Maori Wards’ had a table with some handouts available…Some unknown person wanted to add to the table a cutout of the ‘Hobson’s Pledge and One Vote for all half page add…but he and his so-called organisation lacked the guts or openness to approach the organisers of the Concert…this has been so typical of their misleading and false information that they have imported and used to justify their racist behaviour..

It was a great nights entertainment, The Brass Razoo Solidarity Band, The Dean McKerras School of Dance, Michelle Robinson Dance Theatre, the Kate Martin School of Dance, Jimmy [a local singer / composer] The Brazen Hussies, all competed for the May Day Cup…and the winner was “The Brazen Hussies”…and not forgetting the dynamic Peter Hicks from Tasmania a song writer and composer of world class.

Big thanks to the Peoples Theatre, the Globe and the Peoples Radio Station, Access Manawatu, and all those who played a part in the concerts wonderful presentation.

“Every great work
Every great accomplishment
Has been brought
Into manifestation
Through holding,
To the vision

Florence Scovel Shinn:

Peter J Wheeler