Saturday, 23 June 2018

Crazy President, Children and Activism

They gathered in mass on a cold Friday night in Palmerston North.

The purpose was simple, the purpose was easily understood.

The purpose was to express in a meaningful way the real meaning of the word 'love'.

Love for ones fellow human beings accepting that, that word stretches across all humanity, across all borders over all man-made walls.

Families are made up of parents and children in various combinations. If you forcibly separate families, as the Nazi's did for example, as US pretend President Donald Trump attempted then you will create a backlash. A reaction based on a inbuilt sense of justice, fairness and compassion because love based on these attributes is what makes us human.

It was these wonderful emotions that drove myself and others of a like mind to take to the streets and express our sadness and distaste for the behaviour being employed by the US President in his efforts to close the border with Mexico. His hateful and childlike language used to describe Mexican people as criminals, dope addicts, drug pushers etc. proves just how tormented his tiny uneducated mind has become.

While we should note that the great bulk of thinking citizens of the United States disagreed with the crazed view of failed border walls and his crazed infantile behaviour and plus because of his cunning but insane and inhuman step of separating parents from their children, was simply a step too far and so they like the rest of the world spoke out. And of course like all insecure and big headed populists he quickly crumbled and for the time being brought to a halt his child domination dreams.

He had gone from a cartoon character and laughed at showman into a actual monster demon when he introduced a 'child separation policy as a tool to achieve his now infamous wall between the US and Mexico.

Of course the private prison industry loved the policy, as did the private security companies now a vital part of the ICE force that prevails all across the US. The various arms industries welcome with open arms the US push to militarization of state police forces

So the question still remains who will be next? Will it be Canada?


On Saturday I attended a workshop day organised by the Anglican Church, I was astounded by the size of the crowd. As I was only involved with a Workshop being conducted by The Rev Andy Hickman at 1.30 pm the lunch break was still underway when I arrived, by my count there was at least 300 to 400 people present. Since I'm from a Anglican / Catholic back ground seeing this number of people has helped to restore my faith in humanity.

The workshop related to being an activist and all that that word was great to have the chance to listen to and share with others just what it means to convert a desire for social change into some actual changed behaviour.
I feel sure that many came away from the exercise of defining ones emotional feelings regarding 'activist' behaviour into comfortable, uncomfortable, I feel many quickly realised that you can't have social change without having social justice.

This was particularly relevant after early this week hearing the US Vice-President quote the bible suggesting that obeying the law was a key part of christian behaviour... bad laws, like separating children from their parents should not be obeyed... Non violent activism includes taking non-violent action to prevent unjust laws being introduced, Of course in the main police and the military are used to enforce desired behaviour that those with political or financial power to get their own way. So they use these forces [Police Military Security] to enable their backers to achieve specific goals.

To counter the ever growing fascist / dictator style of government [US etc.] we as individuals need to seek the ways and means of developing social justice rules for society. Those rules need to be based on just and well thought out laws via our democratic systems.

Some of our fellow citizens contend that democracy is dead, that elections are useless because money and greed now rule the roost. This attitude is understandable when one see's the amount of money needed to get elected...and when ones see's how much money is spent on ensuring that people can't vote or that their votes are not counted, you quickly realise just how important a vote can be in controlling the economic structures in various countries around the world.

Democracy as we once understood it has been recreated and diluted, but it still scares the hell out of the fascists and dictators on the world stage. Read Noam Chomsky's on the subject from Truth out:

After 18 months of Trump in the White House, American politics finds itself at a crossroads. The United States has moved unmistakably toward a novel form of fascism that serves corporate interests and the military, while promoting at the same time a highly reactionary social agenda infused with religious and crude nationalistic overtones, all with an uncanny touch of political showmanship. In this exclusive Truthout interview, world-renowned linguist and public intellectual Noam Chomsky analyzes some of the latest developments in Trumpland and their consequences for democracy and world order.  That's the introduction now go to, its well worth the effort.

On 18 June 2018, the Zionist Federation of New Zealand (ZFNZ) issued a statementcondemning “the latest anti-Israel resolution by the UN General Assembly on 11 June 2018.” The online pro-Zionist website, J-Wire (describing itself as Digital Jewish news daily for Australia and New Zealand) gleefully introduced the statement thus: “New Zealand believes that Israel should allow Israelis be killed proportionately to satisfy the international community.” The statement issued by ZFNZ did not actually go that far, but its tone certainly implied as much. Rob Berg, the President of the ZFNZ, claimed that the carnage was the only way Israel could ‘defend’ itself and, referring to Jacinda Arderns' concern over “the devastating, one-sided loss of life”, told J-Wire that “New Zealand has yet again sided with terrorists”.

After reading the reference I'm sure you'll recognise crap when you see it, I use it to simply point out how groups like the Zionists twist the truth for their own ends. It's called propaganda and its very very effective in taking our eye off the ball. 

I think I've given you enough examples for you to decide for yourself just how corrupt some political behaviour has evolved. But if you really want to be effective you need to become activated to actually do something.

Well that's it for this week, look after you self and keep warm.



Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Activists can change the world

Changing the world starts with individuals taking a stand.

Hi to all activists,

This Friday at 5 pm in The Square, Palmerston North.
Join "It's Our Future Manawatu" for a family-friendly peaceful gathering as we stand in solidarity with the families traumatised by the US border policies.
In attendance will be city councillors, local iwi, members of our local Latino community, school children and people from all walks of life as we extend arohanui and manaakitanga from here in Palmerston North – Manawatu to the families and children currently experiencing the trauma of enforced separation, and call for an immediate end to this institutionalised injustice.
Gather by the monument to Te Peeti Te Awe awe and bring signs, flowers, LED lights as we show we care and that we aren’t ok with what’s happening right now.

Regardless of your political views what is happening to children on the Mexican boarder is an attack on the human race. This Friday It’s Our Future Manawatu is organising a gathering in The Square [Opp Plaza entrance] where we will present a statement regarding this inhuman behaviour to the local media and a copy sent to the US Ambassador here in NZ.

If you could attend in numbers it would without doubt make that statement much more powerful.

WHEN; This Friday the 22nd of June 2018
PLACE: The Square PN Opp Plaza Entrance
TIME: 5 pm.

Please share this request with all your friends we need to show our communities and our fellow human beings that separating children from their parents is no answer to the problems that confront the world. Violence such as that being pursued by the Donald Trump is both dehumanising and disgusting. To read more about this inhuman behaviour go to:    

Latest from Radio NZ on the subject says it all...

Outcry grows over family separations

Democrats staged an impromptu congressional protest and moderate Republicans and key US business groups pressed Mr Trump to stop separating immigrant children from their parents as an opinion poll showed most Americans oppose the policy.
The family separations and detentions of children at the southern US border, highlighted by the videos of youngsters in cages and an audiotape of wailing children, have sparked an outcry at home and strong condemnation abroad.
Two of the top US business groups, the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, decried the separation policy on Tuesday and called for its immediate cessation.
"This practice is cruel and contrary to American values," the group's chair, Chuck Robbins, said.
A two-year-old Honduran asylum seeker cries as her mother is searched and detained near the U.S.-Mexico border on June 12, 2018 in McAllen, Texas.
A two-year-old Honduran asylum seeker cries as her mother is searched and detained near the US-Mexico border on June 12, 2018 in McAllen, Texas. Photo: AFP
The separations have been blasted by Democrats, some Republicans, medical professionals, rights activists and clergy.
They began after Attorney-General Jeff Sessions announced in April that all immigrants apprehended while crossing the US-Mexico border illegally should be criminally prosecuted.
Parents who are referred by border agents for prosecution are held in federal jails, while their children are moved into border shelter facilities under the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a Department of Health and Human Services agency.
A Reuters/Ipsos national opinion poll released on Tuesday showed fewer than one in three American adults support the policy. The 16-19 June poll found that 28 percent of people polled supported the policy, while 57 percent opposed it and the remaining 15 percent said they do not know.
The images that have sparked widespread condemnation, of children in wire cages, are of a border patrol processing center in McAllen, Texas.

 Contact: Reverend Andy Hickman, on behalf of "It's Our Future Manawatu"
Additional parking available at All Saints Anglican Church.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Other Peoples Wars plus Police Political Coruption.

Wheeler's Corner 25 16th June 2018.

 This from NO Right Turn, Australia fly's Nazi flag in Afghanistan:  

"Shared values"

OzSASNazisWhenever New Zealand leaps to join Australia in another foreign war, the politicians always talk about our countries' 'shared values". Well, this is an example of the Australian values we are supposed to "share":

That's an Australian SAS truck in Afghanistan, flying a Nazi flag:

Australian soldiers have been photographed flying a Nazi swastika flag from their vehicle while on operations in Afghanistan.
The photo, obtained exclusively by the ABC, was taken in August 2007.

The photograph shows the large swastika emblem hoisted over an Australian military vehicle.

Two separate Defence sources have identified a particular soldier as the individual who took the flag to Afghanistan.
Because that's who Australia lets into its military: Nazis. Not surprising when you remember that for the last decade they've been sticking refugees in concentration camps and torturing them until they kill themselves of "voluntarily" leave.

We should have nothing to do with a country with a military like this, with policies like this.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Meths an excuse to sell State Houses...wheelers Corner

Wheeler's Corner 24 10th June 2018.

This from Radio NZ:
"The apologies have been coming in thick and fast over the last week after the Prime Minister's chief scientific advisor delivered a king hit to the country's meth testing industry.
It's now clear hundreds of Housing New Zealand's tenants have been needlessly kicked out of their homes and blacklisted, while in the private sector landlords coughed up many millions of dollars to decontaminate their homes, because it was wrongly assumed that meth residue posed a risk to people's health.

An entire testing industry has sprung up in New Zealand offering to test homes for traces of meth while the legal system and local government have punished those unfortunate enough to get caught up in what is nothing more than a groundless moral panic. Have a listen to:

You decide who was at fault, did Paula Bennett and Bill English use the 'P' scare to enable them to toss out tenants and their families from social and State housing and therefor enable the government to sell off housing while at the same time spend millions on a Saudi non-existent Farm and a changing the flag exercise whim of the then PM.

The evidence that has now clearly been disclosed shows the obvious twisted logic of a government that never really cared about honest socially acceptable behaviour. This along with the weak and gutless leadership of Housing NZ, but hey this was normal behaviour under John Key and Bill English.

The bulls**t that we now know was absolute false or fake news has come back to bite our bums, and for this kind of clap-trap Bill English was knighted...Who the heck signed that one off? English the man who hates gays, apposes abortion, detests gay marriage, kicks people out of state houses and sells hundreds of state houses, runs the public health system into the ground and hands education over to private enterprise gets bloody knighted after authorising the knighting of New Zealand's greatest ever con-man Prime Minister John Key who was more famous for his pony tail pulling and his tax-payer donation of millions to the Hillary Foundation than anything else.

 One hundred million dollars National spent creating a non-existing problem that made dozens of private companies a fortune fixing a problem that never actually existed.

What do you have to do to "Not get knighted" Good heavens Bill English and John Key combined make Bob Jones look like an honest person, and when you include Roger Douglas into the mix its almost totally unbelievable. All four were knighted for the wrong reasons.

They must feel ashamed now for accepting their gifted and undeserved knighthoods.

Deeply religious Bill English I'm sure would agree with the words of J.C attached to the picture relating to the famous feeding of the masses. Lets hope that Housing NZ makes good its now public promise to correct its absolutely disgusting failure in regard to its handling of this now infamous event.

2. Sometimes we have to choose in which direction we head, forward to a future based on hope and dreams of a better and more equal social life / fairness balance for all.
Or by looking back to periods in history when hate, greed, obvious racist behaviour and fear ruled the world...its strange how many of our most heroic periods were really nothing more than giving ones life to protect the wealthy while those who did the fighting actually received nothing beneficial. The US, NZ effort in Vietnam proves this clearly. 
 If Ronald Mortensen was a Kiwi we'd most likely knight him...this from a US group of concerned citizens, yes I know its unbelievable that this racist bigot could even be considered for the role Trump has nominated him is their message...

Ronald Mortensen.

Dear Friend,

Block and resist racist Ronald Mortensen's nomination to oversee refugees
Ronald Mortensen has spread racist smears about immigrants, declared that undocumented immigrants routinely commit felonies, claimed foreign nationals carry serious disease into the United States and railed against Dreamers – implying most are criminals and demanding all pay restitution for their supposed crimes.1

And he put it all in writing as a fellow for an anti-immigrant think tank that the Southern Poverty Law Center has called a hate group.2 Now, xenophobe-in-chief Donald Trump has nominated Mortensen to lead the U.S. government's efforts to aid refugees – and it's up to us to stop him.
Tell the Senate: A racist like Ronald Mortensen has no place overseeing refugee resettlement. Click here to sign the petition.

Mortensen has smeared all immigrants as "murderers, identity thieves, gang bangers, and other assorted thugs."3 He is a fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, a favorite organization of racist Trump adviser Stephen Miller that has already funneled other hate-mongers into the administration and which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a hate group for its efforts to demonize immigrants and people of color. Mortensen's work has even been shared approvingly by outright white nationalist figures.4
Only an unabashed racist like Donald Trump would even think of picking Mortensen to be Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, a role that involves overseeing refugee resettlement programs and building strong relationships with people around the world. The Trump administration has sought to impose a bigoted refugee ban and is now sabotaging refugee resettlement through layers of bureaucracy – and appointments like Mortensen – in an attempt to destroy America's legacy of welcoming those fleeing danger and violence.5
The White House has tried to sweep Mortensen's ties to CIS under the rug by focusing on his time at the United States Agency for International Development. But a former USAID coworker said Mortensen's work was unexceptional and far from high-level leadership, and he implied that  

Mortensen's hate-group affiliations were the real reason he was nominated.6
Democrats have blasted Trump's pick, and Republican senator Jeff Flake has already announced he will oppose Mortensen's nomination.7 

We have a chance to keep Mortensen out of office and show that white supremacy ideology is unacceptable, even in the age of Trump – but to do it, we need to make sure every senator knows that a vote for Mortensen is a vote for all of his horrible, racist ideas.

3The Nortcote By-election is over and

National's Dan Bidois has won the Northcote by-election, and will represent the electorate at Parliament for the remainder of the term.
National's newest MP Dan Bidois. Photo: Supplied.
Labour's Shanan Halbert has called Mr Bidois to concede.
With 100 percent of the vote counted, Mr Bidois is on 10,147 votes, ahead of Mr Halbert's 8,785, meaning there's 1362 votes in it.
The Northcote seat was vacated when long-time National MP Jonathan Coleman resigned from Parliament to head a private healthcare company, Acurity Health Group. He did so just six months after being re-elected to the role.
Mr Bidois' win means National will remain the largest singular party in Parliament, with 56 seats.
Internal polls heading in to the by-election showed very different stories, with Labour's targeted polls indicating a two point gap between the candidates.

This evening's result has the gap between the two top candidates at 1362 votes, which is a nearly 5,000 vote improvement on Mr Halbert's result against Dr Coleman at the 2017 General Election.
However accounting for a lower voter turnout, National pulled in around the same percentage of the votes as it did at the last election - 52 percent.

Many Green Party voters opted for Labour this time around, bolstering Mr Halbert's vote.
The Green Party's Rebekah Juang and the ACT Party's Stephen Berry came in at 579 and 157 votes respectively.

This from the Labour Party:

National’s majority has been slashed from 6210 to 1362 – if this trend continues, Northcote will be turning red at the 2020 election.

That's it for this blog have a good Sunday and stay warm.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Jacinda Vs Anne Actions speak louder than words.

This is being done without consent...


 On the very same day I received a handout in my letter box fronted by a smiling Jacinda Ardern I received an email from Anne Hunt of Horowhenua. Jacinda stated "I'm proudly ambitious for this amazing country and those of us who call it home"...

Anne Hunt suggests that the Labour Party, Green Party and NZ First...
"Should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!

You decide if she is correct...we should judge people by what they do rather than by what they say...Here is Anne's email: Its worth a read...

From: Anne Hunt []
Sent: Monday, 4 June 2018 4:44 AM
To: 'Rt. Hon Jacinda Ardern' <>; '' <>; 'K Davis (MIN)' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; 'E Sage (MIN)' <>; 'C Finlayson (MIN)' <>; '' <>;
Subject: Unconsented Earthworks desecrating Lake Horowhenua
Importance: High

Well, Jacinda, the relationship between Phil Taueki as a direct descendent of Taueki, a Treaty signatory, and the Crown has well and truly been rent asunder.
This is a fine gift for her Majesty the Queen of England on the very day this country celebrates her birthday!
The attached photographs should be self-explanatory and a damning indictment on all those who sat on their hands as we pleaded for assistance.
This desecration took place on the dewatered area of Lake Horowhenua, the scene of the great Mua-Upoko massacre by Ngati Toa, as a result of Te Rauaparaha’s threat to exterminate this tribe. Only Taueki as the Ariki and a few others survived.
Phil Taueki would have liked to halt this work carried out last Friday, but the site instructions were for the security guard on site at all times to summon the police. Still not in the best of health following his hospitalisation earlier this year, he did not want to risk arrest and incarceration over the Queen’s birthday weekend. He was accordingly in agony that he could not protect those slain from desecration of their grounds.
This work was carried out despite :
·         The Horowhenua District Council not yet filing a resource consent to discharge Levin’s stormwater into Lake Horowhenua
·         Horowhenua’s Mayor having no knowledge of this activity
·         The Chair of the Lake Domain Board having no knowledge of this activity
·         An application to divert the stormwater that has been before the Maori Land Court since 2012
·         The Maori Appellate Court determining that Judge Doogan has a conflict of interests with Matt Sword, a lawyer who chairs the Lake Trust
Since 1973, Levin’s stormwater has been discharged into this privately-owned and environmentally-degraded Lake.
I was a Horowhenua District Councillor in 2011 when Phil Taueki came to the council with a formal submission asking council to divert Levin’s stormwater from his lake. For his troubles, he was trespassed from the building.
As you are well aware, a Horowhenua District Council manager issued instructions for Phil Taueki’s water to be disconnected. Stoically, Phil Taueki has lived without a water supply for 566 days now, even though he was hospitalised earlier this year seriously ill and is now suffering from a chronic illness.
Yet throughout all this, this Government has sat on its hands, merely politely acknowledging receipt of my e-mails.
I therefore hold each and every one of you accountable for this desecration that has caused Phil Taueki and other members of his whanau such anguish.
I doubt whether any single one of you can imagine how dreadful he must have felt last Friday having to stand by while a large digger and front-end loader trampled the ground to unearth an area of land that has remained undisturbed for a century or more, because this is the site where many warriors, women and children were slaughtered as they fled their artificial islands of refuge. As James Cowan reported, the waters ran red with blood, and seagulls screeched in from the shore to peck on the flesh of their carcasses.
He had to stand by and let this desecration happen, because your police force would have thrown him into jail if he objected!
You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!

Most sincerely
Anne Hunt

From Wheeler's Corner: You may like to send a email to all the addresses above:
So much for freedom and conservation and pollution.

Earlier blog on this subject:  

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Is New Zealand as “racist as f**k”, as movie director Taika Waititi said last month

I wonder if Hobson's Pledge will speak out about this latest episode of Racism in Action? This report from Radio NZ says it all... 

We here in NZ pride ourselves in regard to racial harmony, but should we? For it seems very much as if we have a deep seated cover-up attitude to the subject, the very mention of 'positive' discrimination seems to sent a shiver down the spine. Why is this? and what can we do to change the inbuilt bigoted blight that represents our some times shocking behaviour.

Using a real case report from the wonderful Radio NZ team relating to the shocking behaviour that was used in the case of Vuyiswa Tulelo the South African High Commissioner to New Zealand treatment really is a wake up call for all of us as we ponder the 'One Law for all' pushed by Right-wing nut cases here in NZ. The following is from Radio NZ:

"A self-described “black woman” and mother of two started popping into a Wellington Countdown supermarket earlier this year and soon noticed she was being followed.
Each time, a security guard would track her as she did her shopping.
“Every day he follows me! Every day without fail. What would be the reason for that?” asks Vuyiswa Tulelo, who arrived in New Zealand from South Africa in February.
Is it a sign that New Zealand is “racist as f**k”, as movie director Taika Waititi said last month?
Because Ms Tulelo, as well as being a supermarket addict, is her Excellency the South African High Commissioner to New Zealand, and she thinks Waititi has a point.

To security I am every other black woman. He sees a black woman. What does he think? He thinks there is going to be theft!”
Ms Tulelo’s blunt appraisal of how she has been treated are not exactly diplomatic.
“This is a real life experience that I am sharing, my experience in the three months that I have been in New Zealand.”

Countdown managers have since spoken to the guard and, when RNZ approached the company, it apologised to Ms Tulelo and offered to meet with her. However she’s not the only African community leader to experience what they call ‘racial profiling’ in this country. And they say it goes deeper than the odd security guard.

“I know what it’s like to be followed in shops. It happens. I regularly get pulled over by the police. Their excuse is that it’s just a random check,” says Guled Mire.
Guled Mire is an activist and community leader. He was six when he arrived in New Zealand in the 1990s with his mother, a solo-parent who fled the strife of Somalia’s civil war with her nine children.
“My mother is a strong black Muslim woman.”
But Hamilton was not a ‘safe’ place to grow up. Guled remembers being chased by skinheads, being shouted at to “Go home!”

He was actively discouraged from higher education at high school and dropped out aged 16. But he persevered, excelled at university, and is now a policy advisor in the public sector.
He’s MC at several events celebrating Africa Day in Wellington when I meet with him, and he says the racial profiling extends even to the police force.

“I know police culture doesn’t change overnight, it’s a systematic thing. Not just the police, institutionalised racism everywhere. I agree with Taika Waititi. New Zealand is racist as f**k!”

For these community leaders the problem stems from a stubborn strain of racism in this country, something Labour's Mt Roskill MP Michael Wood says is all too real.
“You only have to look at our arrest rates, rates of conviction and the differentials of people with different coloured skin. We can’t accept that. Any racism in New Zealand is not good enough.”

Tulelo says there is “absolutely” racial profiling by the New Zealand police.
“It is how we are socialised. It is because we are not having those [hard] conversations to say what is it that gives a police or law enforcement officer the thinking that a person with darker skin shade is therefore a problem?”

“The issue that we should talk about is; ‘What does a ‘shop lifter’ look like? If we don’t have those conversations, then we don’t change those narratives.”
Police behaviour is meant to be changing. In 2015 Police Commissioner Mike Bush admitted to “unconscious bias” in the force and promised training for all officers.

Then in 2016 Guled and other young leaders formed the African Youth Forum and their research led to a report highlighting issues around police encounters with African youth.
But Guled is not happy about the progress since 2016. “We’ve had a little bit of willingness to engage with us from police at a very high level but behind that there is still an unwillingness to engage with marginalised, disenfranchised youth.”

Assistant Police Commissioner Wally Hamaha disagrees.
“A lot of the complaints that were being made at the time, who felt that they were being targeted because of their race, the colour of their skin. We’ve done some significant work over the years in training our staff to be more culturally aware.”
“The organisation is not institutionally racist. It falls back on people who have their own views of the world. Whether they bring that bias into the organisation that’s not the overall view of the organisation.”
Guled doesn’t buy the theory about individual bias.
Guled Mire discusses racism at the Social Change Collective event in Wellington.
Guled Mire discusses racism at the Social Change Collective event in Wellington. Photo: RNZ Lynda Chanwai-Earle
“For me I believe there are many good cops out there. The cops say it’s the rotten apple theory, but for me it’s a ‘rotten barrel theory’. You have a rotten barrel which is the institution, you put the fresh apples in there which is the good cops, and of course they’ll go rotten, eventually. It’s a culture.”
Dr Camille Nakhid, Associate Professor of the School of Social Sciences at Auckland University of Technology led the research team behind the 2016 report and says the police have done little since except “save face”. She shared her concerns with Mike Bush in April, who replied saying police had stepped up their engagement with African, Maori and Pacific people.

Rather than reassure her, his comments raised red flags. She fears what the police say is greater engagement amounts to “over-policing”, where communities appear more prominently in crime statistics because they are policed more heavily.
Living with racism, guest speaker Guled Mire at Social Change Collective event, Wellington
“If the police cannot be cognisant of the high incarceration rates for Maori, Pacific as opposed to Pakeha, or the type of sentencing Pakeha would get as opposed to Maori, Pacific, African people – if the police cannot see the difference – then the police have no right, they are incapable of being guardians of society.”

Guled is continuing to talk to individual officers and welcomes Wood’s words, but says they’ll be holding the government accountable for making real change in combating institutionalised racism. “Actions speak louder than words.”
Living with racism, guest speaker Guled Mire at Social Change Collective event, Wellington Photo: RNZ Lynda Chanwai-Earle


Friday, 25 May 2018

The Week that was, the good the bad and the ugly.

Thank God these two have left the scene.
Wheelers Corner NZ 22 26th May 2018.

When your computer falls over, it was suggested to me, that it's a little like losing an arm or a leg...and I must agree with that view.
Why, because it happened to me. For a whole week I was out of action and forced to go the library each day to check my emails.

Not that the news was all that important, a week of a ginger haired prince getting wed seemed to occupy the MSM absolute preoccupation with trivia.

We also had the news that New Zealand's racist bunch of settlers had their predictable victory over the democratically elected representatives who sit around our council tables. Oh dear me in the words of the really old Donald Esslemont 'All those bloody Maori[s], Donald always incorrectly adds an 's'

Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un
Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un
US President Donald Trump has cancelled a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saying the world had "lost a great opportunity for lasting peace"
He said his decision was because of "tremendous anger and open hostility" in a recent North Korean statement.
The summit aimed to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons and would have been the first time a sitting US president met a North Korean leader.
But both sides recently cast doubt on whether the talks would happen.
Mr Trump's announcement came just hours after North Korea said it had dismantled tunnels at its only nuclear test site in a move witnessed by foreign reporters.
Mr Trump said he had been looking forward to the now-cancelled summit in Singapore on 12 June.
"I was very much looking forward to being there with you. Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have the long-planned meeting," Mr Trump said in a letter to Mr Kim.
"You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used," he added.
But he called the meeting a "missed opportunity", saying "someday, I look very much forward to meeting you".
In a later statement at the White House, Mr Trump said the step was a "tremendous setback for North Korea and the world", adding the US military was "ready if necessary" to respond to any "reckless" act from North Korea.
Mr Trump was apparently responding to statements from North Korea attacking his administration and casting doubt over the meeting.
Earlier on Thursday, North Korean official Choe Son-hui dismissed remarks by US Vice-President Mike Pence - who had said North Korea "may end like Libya" - as "stupid".
Ms Choe, who has been involved in several diplomatic interactions with the US over the past decade, said the North would not "beg" for dialogue and warned of a "nuclear showdown" if diplomacy failed.
A White House official quoted by Reuters described the comments about Mr Pence as the "last straw". They stressed, however, there was a "backdoor that's open still".
References to Libya have angered North Korea. There, former leader Colonel Gaddafi gave up his nuclear programme only for him to be killed by Western-backed rebels a few years later.

What's the reaction been?

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said "I am very perplexed and it is very regrettable that the North Korea-US summit will not be held", the Yonhap agency reported.
This year has seen improving ties between North and South Korea, with the leaders of both holding a summit just last month.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the US and North Korea should not give up, saying "nerves of steel" were required.
In the US, Republican Senator Tom Cotton praised President Trump for "seeing through Kim Jong-un's fraud". But Democratic Senator Brian Schatz said the move was what happened "when amateurs are combined with warmongers".

Where have all our newspaper gone? 

The news media in our neck of the woods is under going great change, our local paper the Manawatu Standard has gone from being a proper newspaper into a tabloid sized mini and at the same time our once free giveaway the Tribune publishes its latest edition on the 30th of May 2018.
Do you still have a newspaper in your neck of the woods? The Auckland Herald has become nothing more than a National party rag, and Stuff is so busy laying off staff that shortly it will be regulated to the web only. 

Sorry for being late with this item:
Market rents for those in Council flats? 
Kiaora Kotou Katoatoa 

To the Mayor Grant Smith and the Councillors 

This email is to inform you all out of courtesy our intention and making... standing for the rights of our vulnerable pensioners, disabilities, Maori, Pasifika and Migrants in terms of 'Market Rate' submission. 

You are welcome to join us if you can on Saturday 26th of May. We will be pitching a tent/s in the square (grass area only) facing Fitzherbert Ave next the lights from 9am - 1pm out before 2pm. 

The message is simple...Say NO to market rate... we hope you (Councillors) consider the followings below for food for thoughts. 
1. Opportunity for clear calculating reasoning when petrol and food are going up.
2. Hear the vulnerable people there stories... 
3. 'Vibrant City' challenge to find that balance in your heart.  

Solution: Maybe look into case by case scenario. Not everyone fits one shoe. 

We wish you well Councillors on Monday meeting.   

To the Community sorry for the short notice, please pass the word and look forward to your support so I can tell my grandma the good news. 

Note: I (Maruna Engu) take full responsibilities for the tent/s on The Square grounds only.


Maruna Engu