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The world has a to chose between a couble of idiots or a smart 16 year old school girl. Wheelers Corner 46.

Wheeler's Corner 46 22nd Sept 2019

This year has just flown by at a rapid rate...or maybe I’m just getting old...but it truly feels like time has sped up. But it sure has been a year of massive change and especially by our younger generation, young people have in there thousands here in New Zealand and in their millions around the world have and are shaking the very foundations of the past three hundred years of mans mismanagement of the worlds environment. The picture below is simply of a hundred thousand plus in Sydney Australia which must be scaring the pants off the Australian anti climate change and coal loving block heads who run that strange government these days.

The world youth are taking on their various governments across the world with massive support strikes across the world, the US and the UK have had hundreds of thousands take to the streets of the largest cities including Germany and many othe states.

They have taken on the world as a whole and have if one is to judge the latest world news outlets have stunned the nations with there coordinated and massively successful world School Strike for Climate movement.

New Zealands big day is Friday the 27th [next Friday] and the SS for Climate are seeking support from all progressive schools and universities plus as many adults as possible to attend activities on Friday.

So if you now share the younger generations concern for our leaders stupidity toward their fellow man, and now realise fully that denial about climate change is simply stupid. Most of our deniers here in Palmerston North have disappeared into the woodwork and have accepted the obvious truth of mans massive destruction of our world environment for all living beings, be they human, animal or vegetable is at serious risk because of the greed factor that rules our political scene.

So Friday is the big day when we get a chance to join our really bright young people in their huge world wide protest on FRIDAY the 27th of September 2019 in the Square in Palmerston North at noon. Bring your whole family, and Gran-Mum and Dad, your cuzzies and anyone else you can...I would expect all our want-to-be Councillors to attend...after all the voting papers are now out…not all people are bright here are a couple of examples:

Here are two of the worlds dumbest leaders and climate deniers...a really bright pair are these two idiots at large, no wonder our young people are striking over their idiotic behaviour.

So if you too would like to assist our bright young people get the nessage out to the two dumb types in the blue dresses.

 We can only hope the message becomes available to the absolutely dumbest ever US Education leader. It would seem that money can buy anything in the US political scene...

These are the kind of leaders that have been leading the Worlds richest nation to fight 'never ending' wars, lock up kids on the Mexican border. Drone bomb civilians and assist other dictatorships to do the same,

OK the murder of jouralists by the Saudi / Israeli mass murderers, support mass mining of coal etc, and support the various mass killings of school children by supporting and taking money from their very own arms dealers.

The US can not even control its weapons sales. How the hell can we expect it to assist in reigning back the mad and out of control fracking industry now sweeping the country side in the US.


Betsy DeVos is a typical rich and uneducated person appointed by Republican Donald Trump...mind you none of them seem to last very long as he sacks them on a daily basis. Maybe she will be next? We can only hope so...but dont hold your breath...

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Wheelers Corner 45 19th Sept 2019 John Key's instructions to military comes back to bite his bum

Gerry Mapeparae and medals...
Did ex-PM John Key reward this wee chap [Jerry Mateparae] because of his behaviour over the untimely deaths of Afghan civilians during operation Burnham?
Because it would seem his career was super boosted from that time on...he was suddenly moved from being Chief of the Defence Force, to become the boss of the GCSB which had only just been filled three months before by, Keys old school chum [Ian Fletcher] by bypassing the standard processes... and then wee Jerry quickly became the Governor General...beat that for a rapid rise over an extremely short period. 

Then he suddenly became NZ's High Commissioner in the UK...beat that for rapid progress in this day and age. It is thought that possibly he sent the instruction from the PM Key to the SAS in Aghanistan to carry out the raid on the village which resulted in the deaths of an unknown number of civilians...For some reason or other the then minister of defence [Wayne knap] who was in Afghanistan and Iraq and stated publicly that he spoke to the PM about the possible raid and sought the consent of the PM to give the go ahead for the raid... but the PM can't remember the event, his mind was most likely on 'Pony Tails' and the pulling of around that time...
Ever since the book Hit and Run was published, the Defence Force have been under various degrees of pressure over whether Afghan civilians were killed in a New Zealand operation, and whether the NZDF were involved in covering that up. Over the course of this week, that scrutiny will be intense, with current and former top brass taking the stand in the inquiry into Operation Burnham.

So far, one day of evidence has shown at the very least that there were significant mistakes and bungles from the NZDF, reports the NZ Herald's Boris Jančić. In fact, that has come from the NZDF itself, including for example former defence minister Jonathan Coleman being given incomplete information, because a key document confirming possible civilian deaths had been locked away in a safe for years. But the NZDF maintain that incidents like that were a result of errors and miscommunications, rather than any attempt at a cover-up.

So who read that report? That's the crux of this story from Stuff's Thomas Manch, which outlines how the report somehow made it from Afghanistan, to the safe in New Zealand, and was never properly noticed along the way. It had also been "marked in a way which showed it had been read" according to lawyer for the inquiry Kristy McDonald, QC. The inquiry will run throughout this week, and it will be worth keeping an eye on.

The investigation was sparked by the 2017 book Hit & Run, in which journalists Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson alleged six civilians were killed and 15 others wounded during the NZSAS-led raid in August, 2010. 

Key pretends to be a soldier...yeah right.
So while the investigation continues into the behaviour of the military and its connection to the political fiqures of the day...all who seemed to have knighted or rewarded in some way or other the rest of us have to attempt to make scence out of our local body elections for which we will shortly receive our voting papers via the mail, lets hope that more than 40% bother to vote...many of us have reached the conclusion that the voting age should be lowered to sixteen, because obviously many of our sixteen olds have more common sence than say, the US President Donald Trump, or the leader of our so-called opposition party leader Simon Bridges and his Chinese friends...or business mates in the milk powder industry...
With a salary of 40.000 plus these days [and that's for Councillors] chairpersons receive more as do deputy Mayors and Mayors in these days of unequal pay...contract staff dont even receive a liveable wage just as some staff also fail to receive. 
Its not hard to see why some long standing councillors never seen to want to depart the scene. Three terms should be the limit. We have Councillors here in Palmerston North that have spent half their working lives on Council. 

They have never really achieved any of the promises they have made each three years such as keeping rates down, and other verbal financial claptrap. But hey that's the rub these days: Of course there are councillors that really do have aims and goals to achieve for the communities in which they live.But one female Councillor repeats the same message each election in regard to financial management yet fails each year to successfully achieve her goals. Now is the time to remove those Councillors who have served for so long that even the cobwebs show each time they appear in front of the public.

Mayoral candidates

Councillor candidates

From left, Baty, Dianu, Naylor, Dingwall, Barrett, Johnson, Butt and Te Papa. Eight of 14 Candidates at last nights meeting organised by MPR, you can read about each candidate by clicking on their name below....

      * Sitting member
      ** Over three terms, maybe time to depart
      *** Over four terms, and not recommended

Recommendations: 5 only: Note you don't have to vote for 15, I suggest you only vote for those whom you really want to be Councillors

No 1 and 2 Barrett, Dingwall,
No 3 Asquith,
No 4 and 5 Johnson, Butt.
Horizons Palmerston Ward: 
Cris Teo-Sherrel Jack Dowds Rachel Keedwell* and Fiona Gordon, the following Wiremu Te Awe Awe* Jono Naylor* Darryl Cleland * are not recommended. Sitting member  indicated by an * Recommendations: Teo Sherrell, Rachel Keedwell, Fiona Gordon and Jack Dowds

I have only covered the Palmerston North Ward in regard toi recommendations but 
If you want to know more about the various / other ward candidates simply go to: Note that Horizons still uses the out-dated FPP system...Still they are not as bad as the West Coast RC which still believes that women don't exist.

How did the candidates in both the PN and Horizons councils score in the Climate pledge put out for each to answer...check it out and see how your councillors voted or if they lacked the guts to even much for transparency! 

The Scorecard  was sent to all PNCC & Horizons Regional Council candidates and to mayoral candidates in the District councils covered by the Horizons Climate Response MoU. Given the number of questions I have been extremely pleased with the overall response rate for the scorecard of 66% of candidates. Candidates full responses will be published nationally by Generation Zero. So just type Generation Zero and check out the results.

Two failing dictators kiss each others bottoms.

After last weeks highly read W/C on Israel and its Apartheid type treatment of its Palestinian prisioners and concentration camp captives

Israel Election 2019: Maybe, Just Maybe, the Age of Netanyahu Has Come to an End

If Israeli election exit polls are right, the prime minister failed to achieve an overall majority and Likud came up short. If Gantz ends up forming a new government, Netanyahu will have to fend off revolution 

The Israeli ambassador may have to skip the country carrying his stolen passports in his back pocket so that Netanyahu can use them to skip out of Israel... : Two smiling dictators who kiss each others backsides...a couple of dangerous street kids on the lose...

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Wheelers Corner 44 11th Sept 2019...Zionists invade PN NZ

Wheeler's Corner
44 11th Sept 2019

Protesters outside Gateways in PN suggesting loving your neighbours is better than killing them.

The Zionist PR machine is in full cry here in New Zealand and particularly here in Palmerston North Where the Israeli Ambassador and his PR crew are going all out to bring the various fundamentalist church groups together to get them to defend the absolutely indefensible, despicable and criminal behaviour that is being dished out to the Palestinian populations that live in both Gaza and the West bank of the country known to the world as Palestine. Israel has always been a favourite of the US regardless of whether the Republicans or Democrats are in power. When ever anyone speaks out in opposition to the behaviour of Zionist Israel...they are called anti-Jewish, that of course is simply utter crap. I am certainly not anti Jewish... but I am anti Zionist because it strongly resembles the behaviour of Nazi Germany... I sure no real Jew has any desire to see the Palestinian people being treated the way they are by the Zionist Government military forces.

The word that the Israeli and US President Donald trump like to use for all those who comment on Israeli behaviour is ‘antisemitism’ I doubt if Trump even understands the word.

I can also understand how difficult it must be to link, ‘Christian fundamentalism’ and the ‘Zionist’ false blend of the Old Testament style of original terrorism practised and learned during the conflict with Britain by Zionist rebels way back in the 1950’s.

Zionism as an organized movement is generally considered to have been founded by Theodor Herzl in 1897. However, the history of Zionism began earlier and is related to Judaism and Jewish history.

After almost two millennia of the Jewish diaspora residing in various countries without a national state, the Zionist movement was founded in the late 19th century by secular Jews, largely as a response by Ashkenazi Jews to rising antisemitism in Europe, exemplified by the Dreyfus affair in France.

On 14 May 1948, the day before the expiration of the British Mandate, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency, declared "the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz-Israel, [Anglo Israelism] to be known as the State of Israel."

But this PR effort by the present Israeli dictatorship is vital to permit and allow the untouchable [it would seem] present Zionist government to continue...but to now days to link the teachings of peace maker ‘Jesus Christ’ to the disgusting behaviour, as practiced by the Israeli Defence Forces as they constantly shoot at teenages through barb wire defences at young and not so young Palestinians as they protest against the illegal and clearly recognised racist mistreatment of those arrested by the Israeli defence forces for showing resistance against those stealing their land, destroying their hospitals and schools.

In Palestine, there is one clear spoft law for Israeli citizens, who are tried in a civil court via the normal justice system. Whereas a Palestinian arrested is tried in a military court, and are sentenced to massive punishments for committing the very same crimes, for example stone throwing...which both Israeli and Palestinian youth do, against each other.

Here is further proof of the Israeli crimes against humanity and the people of the huge prison camps in Israel...

At least two Palestinian minors were killed and over 80 others injured today [Friday 6 Sept] by live bullets or rubber-coated rounds as Israeli forces attacked thousands of protesters taking part in the weekly Great March of Return at the fence separating besieged Gaza from Israel, according to medical sources.
 Soldiers manning the separation fence fired live bullets and rubber-coated steel rounds at the protesters who gathered at many encampments along the fence, killing Khaled Abu Bakr Rabie, 14, and Ali Sami Ashqar, 17. At least 48 protesters were injured by live bullets and 33 others by rubber-coated rounds, including two medics and a photojournalist.
Some of the wounded were moved to the hospital and many others were treated in the field hospitals.
Over 210 Palestinians have been killed and about 18,000 others injured by Israeli forces since the outbreak of the Great March of Return protests on March 30, 2018.

Here in NZ we are directly assisting the Israeli criminals by supplying their military with techical equipment that allows them to drop cluster bombs and we also are now days buying military weaponry from them for our own military...which in its self is in deviance of United 
Nation agreements that we have signed up to. Now that’s really Christian don’t you think! I’m sure that Jesus must be most happy to know that we New Zealanders are directly assisting those who killed Jesus in an effort to wipe out the work of Jesus Christ. Now read the following reference to see how Israeli Apartheid system works...its not unlike Germany of the late 30’s and 40’s under the Nazi’s or South Africa during its apartheid period...

Israeli settlers carry automatic rifles openly in Hebron, but Palestinians are jailed for carrying a pocket knife...if that's not apartheid what the hell is apartheid?

But NZ is these days famous or infamous for its bending at the knee to countries like the US, Israel and the Saudi dictatorships and its five eyes mates.

Check out this latest item from No Right Turn: The behaviour of the GCSB and SIS and SAS was and still is shocking to put it mildly:

This Israeli employee heads the Ambassador’s security at the PathWays church on Tuesday night: while a large crowd of protesters made the point that Jesus said: Love Thy Palestinian neighbours... but alas that kind of behaviour is not for Zionist Israeli as it orders its troops to shoot unarmed protestors from behind barbwire fences...killing hundreds and injuring thousands over the last few years.  This along with bombing churches and schools and hospitals and of course peoples homes. And they want our born again Christian to praise their cowardly troops...

The protest was still underway when I had to leave. All the protesters had good reasons to feel proud of their peaceful non violent protest, while all the Israeli Zionist lovers hid inside...their behaviour says it all. 

My God will no doubt have mercy on their mis-guided souls...and one last was good to see that there was no Israeli Defence Force soldiers shooting us unarmed protesters...I suppose they were too busy attempting to steal the odd NZ passport or two...they have a habit of stealing passports, since the world in general mistrusts Israeli ones... 
These three not so young women I'm sure feel sorry for the Israeli's who actually don't support Israeli behaviour and I'm told there are millions of them...they are simply not allowed to speak much for Israeli freedom of speech.    

Have a good week and stay warm...and don't forget to vote in the up coming local body elections: I will be publishing my picks over the coming weekend. 

This information has just come to hand: here is a taste:

"The Christian Right has been successful at pressuring members of Congress to support Israel, whose attendance at AIPAC and Christian evangelical events has become almost mandatory. Newly elected members routinely participate in lavishly financed AIPAC-sponsored trips to Israel, designed to give them a biased Likud view of the region.
As a challenge to such propaganda trips, freshman representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.)—the only Palestinian-American woman ever elected to Congress—is planning an alternative trip to the West Bank. Paradoxically, as a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS, advocate, Tlaib is serving in a Congress attempting to pass legislation designed to criminalize participation in the BDS movement. Additionally, she may have difficulty getting into Israel because of a Knesset law which bans foreign-born BDS supporters from entering the country". I recommend that you read the whole item, it is really revealing...
Subject: Re: About Christian FundamentalismHere it is:

Tikkun is a respected Jewish publication.

Have a great day.