Thursday, 28 February 2013

Oscar presentation delayed

An Oscar for Peter Jackson.

Sir Peter Jackson had been nominated for a special Hollywood Oscar award for ‘collecting the biggest free handout for making a motion picture’. He and his wife plus the Prime Minister were heading off to Hollywood for a special industry award presentation early next week.

The PM won the special award for getting the NZ Government to donate 67 million dollars to Warner Brothers and their enforcers. This Hollywood special Oscar was also awarded because the NZ PM gave the added bonus of a ‘New Zealand law change’ that ensured that NZ actors and film crews now and in the future will received less per hour that those from Mexico or North Korea.

John Key was due to receive ‘US citizenship’ for his role in selling out our NZ film industry. He had even ordered a ‘T’ shirt with the words ‘Made in the USA’ printed front and back.

'I know nothing' says Sgt Jerry Brownless Schultz. 

But then the S…t hit the fan…
On Monday the 25th of February 2013 all his plans turned to custard when documents he had kept from the public for over two and a half years were finally released to both the media [Fairfax] and the local FOL. The documents including emails between Jerry Brownlee and Warner Brothers and Peter Jackson show clearly that Brownlee lied to Parliament when he told parliament that Warner Brothers did not ask the national government to change the law. They did, and he obeyed them and changed the law. In most other countries that would be called criminal.  

The planned Hollywood song and dance presentation for Jackson and Key has been put on hold until Steven Joyce can create a convincing PR story to cover the lies of Jerry Brownlee, Bill English and of course John Key and himself. This PR exercise has overtaken the Sky City pokies for convention centre stuff up as the most urgent on the governments’ agenda.

It has been reported that:
The PM was so emotional upset when he found out that Peter Jackson and Warner Brothers had lied [Yeah right] and ripped off the NZ tax payers and made a fool out of himself and his government that he has had to take a week off work and fly to his mansion in Hawaii and spend some quality time at the beach talking to his friends the sea gulls and dream of his days on Wall Street.

Meanwhile back in 2010…

Key opens his mouth, and he and Brownlee put their foot in it… and tax payers’ fork out 67 million dollars to the Warner Brothers mafia gang. And the government goes into damage control mode by using the ‘hide the documents / evidence’ mode. As with everything else, the government can’t even be a successful crook, in fact based on its present performance Key should seriously consider joining the Police force or head the GCSB / SIS.

After two and a half years of hiding the facts plus issuing a [slippery] knighthood for chubby hobbit Peter Jackson the government has been forced to reveal its bull-shit story about big brave John Key’s non battle on behalf of Kiwi film goers. It was all crap. Key and Brownlee were clearly beaten in the bull-shit stakes when they were out-thought, both strategically and tactically by a cunning Peter Jackson and his Warner Brothers masters who have fully mastered the art of propaganda and squeezed millions of extra dollars out of star-struck John Key and Steven Joyce. The question is, ‘Where will they strike next?   

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wizardry, Truth and Lies.

Wizardry leads the way to truth…

If only I’d not done a butchery apprenticeship but instead completed a Wizardry apprenticeship as per the Harry Potter stories. I could have learned the secret spell that would make people tell the truth with just the wave of a wand.

Oh the fun I could have, I could learn the truth about why people really do and say the things they do. Public relations spin experts could become a thing of the past. They could even be our main source of unemployment.

Using the skill of truth making new and wondrous news making could liven up all our horizons and new possibilities become more than simply dreams. We could actually vote for honest politicians rather than PR created ones: Here as some examples:   

If when asking a councillor why he or she was standing in the up-coming local election and they now days all answer:

“Oh I just adore Palmerston North and I want to help make our wonderful city a far better place going forward for all our children and their children because our children are the future…and I will lead on your behalf with utmost honesty, integrity and sincerity etc, etc.  

I could then wave my wand and say the magic word and ask the same question and receive this answer:

“What a stupid question, I need the $36,000 that goes with the job; I mean you can’t live on the pension or the unemployment benefit… that’s why I’m also standing for the Hospital Board and anything else that pays, I mean its money for jam…I don’t even have to attend meetings to get paid, and right now nobody would employ me anyway”.

Then there is John Keys answer as to why Sky City was treated with such obvious favour over the deal to build a Auckland Conference Centre:

“There was no special treatment as the deputy auditor report pointed out; I’m absolutely free of any wrong-doing I was only helping the wonderful people of greater Auckland gain a flash new Conference centre free of change built by a community loving organisation ‘Sky City’…I spent so much time having free meals with Sky City management because they are really lovely people…and they just adore little ole NZ and have no real desire to make millions off the backs of good honest kiwi gamblers with problems”. We are one big loving family:

A quick wave of the wand…and the spell works and brings a different answer:

Key said: “Sky City said they would build a bigger Conference Centre with out any government money, and since we are broke, that was attractive, but then they added that they wanted an extra 300 to 500 pokie machines. I thought seriously about that and decided that Sky City management are good friends and should get the contract and the increase in pokie machines as money is more important than people’s welfare, after all they are only gamblers and to make sure Sky City wins the contract I instructed my officials to ensure that Sky City got special treatment. I even have plans to knight the boss of Sky City…for giving John Banks a cash handout and me so many free meals”.

Just imagine if we all had the power to get people to tell the truth with just the wave of a wand. It would have a huge effect on society but in particular on television and the mass media and on the amount of tax we collect…the rich would have to pay tax at the same rate as the poor. Prices in our super markets would fall dramatically, Hundreds of banks would go broke and Insurance companies would have to fold. Police could half their numbers and car salesmen would look for other work. White supremacists would have to explain their backgrounds. House prices would fall. CEO’s would take massive cuts in salary because it would be quickly proven that they are in reality minor players in the wider scheme of things.

Compile your own list of how society could be improved if honesty was really prevalent.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Key bites hand that feeds him.

Child throws temper tantrum in Beehive kindergarten sandpit:

A young second year kindergarten pupil John Key had to be removed from his Beehive preschool class when he attacked other users of the sandpit.

The reason for his tantrum appeared to be the fact that he had lied to both teachers and other pupils and when they pointed this out he reacted by screaming bad language at all around him. It would seem that he lacked the ability to control his disappointment at being caught out.

The head teacher David Carter said, “That he hadn’t seen behaviour such as this in all his 40 years of dairy farming”, [He was appointed head teacher under the Act and National party Charter School regulations] His assistant Jerry Brownlee, a woodwork unqualified teacher had to take over and try to man-handle young John out of the sand pit, he failed and had to be assisted from the sandpit.  

His Mother was called to the school to discipline young John but John bit his Mothers hand and she was forced to flee the scene in tears and have treatment for possible rabies.

Since he was brought up by a solo mum the police are considering charging her with his offences in line with the new laws where beneficiaries can be charged because his mother  should have known about his possible temper tantrum and warned the kindergarten.

The Minister in charge of punishing forgetful beneficiaries Chester Borrows said “That this was a clear case of beneficiary fraud because John‘s Mother knew about her child’s erratic and possible illegal behaviour and should have given up her benefit payments and reported it to the social welfare department. Mr Borrows believes that Key's Mother would owe at least $37.50 and this is urgency needed to balance the books.  

Key’s Porkies On Pokies Exposed
Thursday, 21 February 2013, 3:59 pm
Press Release: New Zealand Labour Party 
Deputy Leader

21 February 2013 MEDIA STATEMENT

Key’s Porkies On Pokies Exposed

John Key needs to tell New Zealanders the truth about his dodgy dealings with Sky City, says Labour’s Deputy Leader, Grant Robertson.

“The Prime Minister’s story is shifting like quick-sand. Yesterday he told Parliament that Sky City approached TVNZ about purchasing land for the convention centre and he talked about a commercial agreement with the casino.

“Today, he’s had to admit he was wrong. He misled Parliament and New Zealanders.

“John Key is all over the place. He can’t give a straight answer to a simple question and stick to it.

“The fact is that John Key tipped the playing field in favour of Sky City. He personally intervened to ensure it had the inside running to build the convention centre. On August 24 2009 in a handwritten note he instructed officials to “close off the Sky City angle” and stopped the bidding process in the meantime.

“John Key drove this process – a process that the Deputy Auditor General says was not even-handed and was not transparent.

“And despite what he says, he was warned about his approach.

“Yesterday John Key said the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet did not receive advice from the Ministry of Economic Development recommending that the Government seek advice from the Auditor General about the “probity” of the process. 24 hours later, Steven Joyce told Parliament that it did.

“Every day this deal gets murkier and murkier. The Government’s story is completely unravelling.

“That’s what you get when you don’t run an open and transparent process, and instead do shonky deals on the side. New Zealanders expect and deserve far better from their government,” says Grant Robertson.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Another Lie exposed about our troops.

Prime Minister lies yet again:

Climbing over the bodies of those already killed in Afghanistan John Key has bowed down yet again to the US demand to keep a NZ presence in Afghanistan after 2013.

Just as Key earlier buckled under when a bunch of Hollywood thugs put the pressure on to lower flim workers wages. During this Hobbits sham, he dished out 67 million, all for a glass of wine and a photo opportunity in Hollywood.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, then he willingly allowed the US FBI to push him even deeper into the mire of self inflicted servitude when they pressured NZ over Kim Dotcom. And our police and SIS/FBI raided Kim Dotcoms home in the PM’s electorate in Auckland. Key said he didn’t even know Kim Dotcom…trust Key…sure can…yeah right.

Yet again John Key displayed clearly how he made his millions. “Shut your eyes and just do whatever your boss tells you”, and expect a huge bonus on the side.

We should be ashamed of our Prime Minister he is an insult to our collective intelligence. 

While the government sacks key military staff and then hires them back as civilians, lowers wages, mothballs our Navy ships because of massive staff shortages, the PM waxes lyrically about how brave our military are, while at the same time refusing to pay some working for or in the military a livable wage.

It Stinks.

Too many of our military have died for the private ego and PR crap pumped out by the PM and his bunch of cronies.

Leon Panetta Drone boss...

U.S. killer and Drone Boss Leon Panetta visits NZ and Key breaks his promise to have all the troops out by mid 2013

Doesn’t the PM read the paper these days, if he did he would have seen where the President of Afghanistan doesn’t want the US to assist his troops and he has ordered his troops not to call for US air assistance [back up] when under attack because the Americans kill far too many civilians, miss the target or shoot up the wrong location.

Our troops should leave Afghanistan now, the war has been lost, and it was lost five years ago. It is utter crap to suggest our twenty-seven troops will make the slightest bit of difference. The Afghanis detest the Americans with a deep and understandable hatred, so much so that even the Afghan defence forces are killing the very US / Australian troops who are training them.

So why prolong the agony, the pain because as sure as God made apples so long as our troops remain assisting the US with its failed withdrawal [retreat] policy more will die. Or more innocent civilians will be handed over to be tortured or murdered in Afghanistan or flown to the US or third countries to be tortured via water boarding and such like. And Key is now a willing part of this criminal process…and therefore we are also guilty because we’ve allowed Key to blacken our name and our military standing by aiding and abetting murder on a massive international scale.


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Is Richard a Muslim

Is this man a Muslim? 

Richard Prosser: Is he a Muslim?

Sometimes even those who can’t get elected for anything become MP’s. One could say ‘loser makes good’, but in the case of Richard Prosser…maybe we should say ‘loser remains a loser’. His picture shows him with a beard…but that was quickly removed once his racist hogwash made the main stream media.

Richard P is a strange fellow but not unlike the thousands of others who judge people by the colour of their skins or their looks or their beliefs, nothing new in that. Without a doubt he would go down a treat in the US or London or Israel, but in NZ we recognise oddities.  

But poor young Richard is really odd. “Ban the Burqa he shouts” plus he believes that young Muslims must stop looking like young Muslims, this is odd really look at Richards photo closely, one could be forgiven for thinking that he could possibly be an old Muslim, especially since he likes to carry his pocket knife in the aircraft cabin rather than stow it in his luggage as requested by the Airline.
Prosser was born in West Auckland and spent his early life in the Waikato. He later moved to Otago and took up wine making. He is a former columnist for Investigate magazine.

Prosser stood for the Democrats for Social Credit in the 2005 election in the Otago electorate. He was ranked fourth on their party list but the party failed to get any MPs elected. Prosser later ran for the Central Otago mayoralty in 2007 and came last in the election contested by three applicants. He also contested the 2007 local elections for a position as Central Otago District councillor in the Earnscleugh-Manuherikia Ward, but came third of three contenders.

Prosser founded the South Island Party in 2008. However the party chose not to register for the 2008 parliamentary elections; instead, they decided that a more effective course of action would be to merge itself into the non-partisan South Island First, a lobby group advocating greater self-determination for the South Island.

Prosser joined New Zealand First in 2010 after attending a party meeting and was later elected to the party's board of directors.

Prosser stood for New Zealand First at the 2011 election and was ranked fourth on their party list. He ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for the Waimakariri electorate, getting 538 votes, but was elected from the party list and is now sitting in the 50th Parliament. He is one of two New Zealand First MPs from the greater Christchurch area; the other is Denis O'Rourke.

Prosser attracted controversy after his election to Parliament when his previous advocating, in an edition of Investigate magazine, of the banning of the burqa in New Zealand became more widely publicised.

Prosser has written the 'Eyes Right' column in the Investigate magazine for ten years. In his columns, he suggested various political ideas including compulsory conscription in New Zealand.

Prosser released a book in January 2012 named Uncommon Dissent outlining his political opinions, in which he refers to himself as a "Kiwi Nationalist". His claims in the book that "New Zealand society, Western society in general, has been hijacked by a conspiracy of Silly Little Girls" attracted heavy criticism from the Wellington Young Feminists Collective and the feminist blog Hand Mirror.

Writing for Investigate magazine in February 2013, Prosser stated; "If you are a young male, aged between say about 19 and about 35, and you're a Muslim, or you look like a Muslim, or you come from a Muslim country, then you are not welcome to travel on any of the West's airlines." Prosser further stated that the rights of New Zealanders' were being "denigrated by a sorry pack of misogynist troglodytes from Wogistan, threatening our way of life and security of travel in the name of their stone age religion, its barbaric attitudes towards women, democracy, and individual choice". Prosser wrote that "Abdul" should not be allowed to fly, and should instead "go ride a camel". It subsequently emerged that Prosser's column was written after a pocket-knife he was carrying had been confiscated by airport security. NZ First leader Winston Peters initially said that he would not apologise for Prosser's conduct, that he had been writing in his capacity as a columnist, as opposed to an MP, that Prosser stood by his statements, and that he had spoken to Prosser about the article as the article "lacked balance".

Subsequently, Prosser came under criticism from the Government and Opposition parties for the content of his article. Prosser stated that his intention had been to draw attention to the issue of passenger profiling at airports, and stated that his writing style was intentionally one of a "shock jock". Later, Prosser apologised for the offence that he had caused, and stated he would not continue to write for Investigate magazine.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Smoking out the racists

Is John Ansell racist? 

Does Fly Spray work against Cockroaches?

A week or so ago I wrote a piece on ‘What is a racist and how racism is being practiced. I included it in my Wheeler’s Corner weekly newsletter and on my AccessManawatu Radio Broadcast.

It seemed to bring the cockroaches out from the wood pile. My fellow broadcaster Don Esslemont was most upset and he wants me to debate the issue with him and because I won’t he suggests that I should put up or shut up! He also suggested that I didn’t include him in my list of public racists like John Ansell because I was too polite to do so…he was wrong, I didn’t include his name because he is simply not yet well known enough or as qualified as John Ansell is, hence my lack of desire to debate with Don.

Never the less a couple of interesting people sent me emails that made interesting reading in so much as they prove, that strange creatures live just below the surface of our very murky world. Here is what the first one wrote: 

“The debate about “racism” is usually in NZ associated with Maori “rights” supposedly giving them superior rights in judicially twisted versions of the Treaty. It is a classic case of very successful identity politics.

Accusations of racism are usually used by Maori supremacists to remove anyone that disagrees with them about their so-called Treaty “rights”. If you are labelled a racist, the supremacist theory goes; you are immediately disqualified from the debate, as you are beneath contempt. Maori supremacists go as far as saying that they can’t be labelled “racists” Only more recent settlers can be so labelled apparently – something that is obviously absurd if racism is opposition to a specific race or races.

The real debate should be about whether NZ should become a racist Maori Apartheid state.
“What is a racist state” should be your question, not “What is a racist”.
This is especially because the Maori Party and Shon-key John’s Nats show every sign of wanting to make us one – without any referendum on it and in spite of the obvious un-democratic nature of such a course.

I replied:

“Thank you for your comments; while I can not agree with the majority of them, they do prove that people will go to great lengths to attempt to make their point. I would never call a person who uses 'logical and research-based knowledge on these matters' or any matters, racist. The key is to use all research-based knowledge and not simply that which supports one narrow and blinked view. For example why are Maori treaty rights, 'supposedlysuperior rights in judicially twisted versions of the Treaty? In my view they are simply rights under the Treaty of Waitangi. In no way can I accept that Maori have pushed to make NZ a racist state in the style of once apartheid [White] South Africa

You state: “What is a racist state” should be your question, not “What is a racist”. You are correct that question could have been asked at a later point, but a racist state is made up of racist individuals who act legally or otherwise to entrench racism. The key question for me and I think all of us is to ask that question of your self, Am I racist? And do I practice racism? To answer that question honestly and without bias is a huge challenge for some. It could be said that those who live in a racist state do so because they actually accept that because they are happy to do so.

The reasons you put forward in opposing of what you call 'Maori supremacists' have been well published and pushed by various individuals like John Ansell, its hard not to consider John Ansell racist, his behaviour obviously led to this view. While I would not call you racist I would seek that you ask that question of yourself...and I pose this same question to everyone.
Thank you once again for your comments..
Peter Wheeler

The second email sender was an author and Dr no less who has even had a book published, he had this to say:

Your comment that those who argue that all people must be equal hold unacceptable opinions, as of John Ansell The police and our SIS and GCSB at times seem to break to law as they please is this what is meant by One law for all as preached by John Ansell [Pictured] and other people like Garth McVicar, David Round, Elizabeth Rata, Martin Devlin and Muriel Newman, is inaccurate and repugnant.  John and Muriel are from the right end of the political spectrum and I am from the left.  So I approach them with care (and vice versa).  I know John personally and he does not hold any such daft idea.  We want equality in law and politics, providing the framework within which we will disagree heartedly.  I have even read Don Brash's Orewa speech and, while I abhor his foolish economic ideas, I agree with all of that.  You move well away from the topic when slating those you disagree with.

If you think Maori are not treated differently then consider that the Island at Island Bay is going to Ngati Toa just because their ancestors killed the locals in the 1820s.  Their considerable series of killings on both sides of Cook Strait are rewarded with $10 million for loss of maritime empire.  No non-Maori can apply for compensation because their ancestors were massacred by Maori.  Then, too, the manner in which Treaty claims are dealt with was determined almost completely by Maori.  Examples abound.

This talk of a divided nation in the Treaty industry builds animosity on both sides and is extremely harmful. 

The country should celebrate the end of slavery, cannibalism and unbridled intertribal war in 1840 rather than seeing young Maori led by the nose to proclaim imagined wrongs.

I sent him this reply:

"Thank you for your reply:
You are from the 'Left' now that's interesting... I stand by what I said regarding Ansell and Newman, but I do accept that racism exists across the political spectrum.
Peter W

Now I should point out that the English / US fully developed the slave industry [Trade] and murdered thousands if not millions trading in human life, they also conducted massive inter-empire wars over hundreds of years killing huge numbers of innocent people in NZ, India, China, Africa, Asia and in hundreds of other places around the world, but of cause they were doing it ‘to help’ the world become a better place, yeah right. And we shouldn’t forget that they supplied many Maori with weapons to kill on behalf of British settlers. 

A reader from Levin sent me this poem…and I thought it would be a appropriate end to this blog with it:


Make no assumptions
About my ethnicity
What you see
Is not what I am
My ethnicity is fluid and evolving
I am from many places
I am my parents
My children
My grandchildren
I am from the past
The present
And the future
I carry my racial heritage with me
I redesign it daily
It is contextual
Part of me is also part of you
Together we are one
In this land
Designing the future
Carrying our racial heritage
Like cultural baggage with us
Modifying it to suit the time
And the place
But disclosing it
By our thoughts
Our language
And our actions

Margaret Jeune