Friday, 28 February 2014

The Week that was

1. Key books an armed drone…Obama says OK Bro.

2. Top National intellectuals mobilised.

3. Bill English caught being deceitful yet again.

4. Police Minister appoints failure to top job.

6. More Nats jump sinking ship.


Right at this minute the PM is on the secret phone to his golfing buddy Obama asking that a drone be made available for John Key’s personnel use. Key wants it armed and ready to go once he gives the word…right now he has called on his school buddy, now boss of the GCSB Ian Fletcher, to arrange for Matt McCarten [pictured] and Kim Dotcom to be lured into a meeting in the middle of Lake Taupo, under the pretense of meeting a whistle blower, who has the deep inside info on the Prime Ministers affair with the Minister of XXXX, and who is willing to disclose all. Once out on the lake the boat will suddenly explode after being struck by a US drone…

The drone issue was brought on by the appointment of Matt McCarten as Chief of Staff to Labours David Cunliffe. This immediately sent the National party planners into a tail spin…”God they thought this McCarten chap might actually attack us, he even has a column in the Herald, gosh and he lives in Auckland…hence the drone plan was hatched and arranged.

 Using the superb team of National Party intellectuals whom have now been embedded in our various main stream media organisations the mass media will be fed the story that the boat exploded because of a fuel leak… Naturally right wing media spokespersons like Paul Henry, Matthew Hooton, Cameron [Whale-Oil] Slater, Mike Hoskins, David Farrar, Liam Hehir, Karl du Fresne, Luigi Wewege, Jim Mora, Steven Franks, Patrick Gower and the Auckland Heralds entire political staff, will be fed the required doctored information to distribute via the print and news media. The PM has instructed that individual cheques be issued and that each person go into a draw for a holiday for two in Hawaii…

Bill English was caught out knowingly using false figures to suggest that poverty amongst our children was not as bad as various organisations thought, it had been suggested that at least 25% of all children were living in poverty, this figure had been quoted by the Salvation Army, Child Poverty Action Group plus many others…Bill English used figures supplied by his and other government departments to suggest that this was all just a left-wing plot…and he got very good coverage from his pet media. But alas suddenly the truth was revealed…it wasn’t 25% it was closer to 28% and that means that a further twenty thousand children can be added to the list of those living in poverty… Has the Minister apologised…will pigs fly? Has the media apologised…will snakes grow legs? Will the Minister of poverty [Paula Bennett] carry on with her weight loss plan? Who knows and who cares? This from CPAG:

Child poverty figures for 2010, 2011 and 2012 have been significantly revised upwards.  The new figures show 25,000 more children living below the very low 50% (after housing costs) poverty line.  CPAG’s economics spokesperson, Dr Susan St John says, “This shows the failure of government policies to protect the poorest children during the recession and subsequent sluggish economic recovery.”
St John says, “CPAG was puzzled in 2010 that the numbers produced by the Ministry of Social Development did not fully reflect what was reported in the community and what social agencies were saying.  It seemed implausible that lower incomes were not to blame for the increased numbers of people seeking help from food-banks and budgeting agencies.”

Ann Tolley the latest Minister of Police has announced that Deputy Police Commissioner Mike Bush is to be the new Police boss. Now the name Mike Bush won’t mean a lot to most New Zealanders, unless you are related to Arthur Allan Thomas, he was the chap falsely convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, because a corrupt cop planted evidence at the crime scene and that evidence was the major reason why the policy illegally won or jacked up a conviction. Now one could be forgiven for thinking that the police would want to blot that nasty bit of criminality out if its sometimes shameful [Pack rape etc] history. But no for along came Mike Bush. Here is what ‘No Right Turn’ wrote: 

“The NZ Police have been having trust issues lately: police rapists, sexism, bullying, dead prisoners, Operation 8 and the Kim Dotcom raid. Not to mention an apparent inability to do the most basic tasks, and a culture of denial about all of it. Faced with that problem, you'd expect the next police commissioner to be someone who would present an image of culture change, who would add credibility to the Police's claims that they had learned and really were different now.
Instead, National has appointed Mike Bush - the man who infamously eulogised and made excuses for former police officer Bruce Hutton, otherwise known as "the dirty cop who planted evidence to get Arthur Allan Thomas locked up for a crime he didn't commit". So much for rebuilding trust…”

David Farrar, a National Party hack, is so backward that he thinks that Deputy Police Commissioner Mike Bush the idiotic police boss who praised a outright and convicted crooked policeman [Bruce Hutton] as “A hero and absolutely trustworthy, when that bent policeman was found guilty of PLANTING evidence to convict Allan Arthur Thomas. Farrar then went on as he always does to publish the Police Ministers PR spin press release about the qualities of Mike Bush for the job of Police Commissioner. But National always knows best…after all they made John Banks the Minister of police once…think about it how bad was that… 

National Party MP’s have been fleeing the sinking ship at a rapid rate, and they are leaving safe national seats…Tony Ryall, the coloured shirt and tie man with the bald head and shady look is the latest to jump ship. He joins Jackie Blue, Jacqui Dean, sacked Aaron Gilmore, dumped Minister Kate Wilkinson, Katrina Shanks, Chris Auchinole, Phil Heatley, Chris Tremain, Cam Calder, Paul Hutchison,  Eric Roy, and four others but I just can’t put my finger on just who:

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Colin Craig meets Eavesdropper

Our GCSB eavesdropper is now back in the country and has completed his secret training in regard to spying on those who would seek fame by entering parliament. 

First on his hit list was Colin Craig ring-master and leader of the Conservative Party. Last Saturday all the buttons were pushed and the microphones and cameras deeply embedded in strange places in the Craig mansion burst into life. Below is what was recorded on that first Saturday morning. I’ve edited out the swear words and unbecoming language.  

“Darling”, called Colin Craig’s wife.

“Yes dear”, replied Colin.

“Have you found a suitable movie for the children yet?” She asked.

“Not really, they all contain violence, or sexual overtones, or anti-religious elements, or far too much leftwing propergander”, Colin answered very seriously.

“Perhaps we could just let the children decide after all they are at university now dear”, his wife suggested.

“Yes I know but they still need protecting, the world is such a dangerous place these days, what with the Greens and the Labour Party preaching all that anti-Christian stuff, the Auckland Mayor and all his hanky panky and while the children are nineteen and twenty they’ve still to prove themselves trustworthy in the outside world,” Colin said using his sternest tone.

“Darling I hate to say this, I know how much you hate being contradicted, but the children are twenty and twenty-one, some where you’ve lost a year, but I know I’m right because I’m the one who had them”, she replied sounding just a little bit upset.

“Really…gosh time just flies by when you are parenting these days”, but all this discussion about sex and movies really is depressing”, Colin muttered.

“Maybe if you looked in the hall cupboard you could find a video that would be suitable for the kids”, she suggested.

“Maybe but on the other hand I may find a homosexual male hiding in the closet”…he said.

“Oh come on Colin, homosexuals don’t live in closets, that's simply the sort of thing said by homophobic ignorant real old folk. Anyone who says that now days is really out of touch, as the children would say, ‘Not with it’… said his wife.

“Are you suggesting I’m out of touch, that I’m homophobic, anti gay, because if you are then I’m afraid but you will have to go on my ‘to be sued list’ like that nasty Russel Norman.

Darling you’ve already threatened to sue me ten or twenty times over the last twenty years and each time you’ve caved in when the going got tough”, she said sounding very aggressive.

“You wouldn’t dare, you know that if old money bags Key jacks me up a seat, I’ll be in Parliament and maybe he will make me Minister of Education, after all I couldn’t do any worse than that woman, what’s her name”, he yelled.

“Hekia Parata”, I know you hate any woman who work outside of the home and especially outside the kitchen, but Colin darling women today do all sorts of things that they never did in the bible, they are Doctors, Lawyers, even truck drivers, plumbers and even business directors”, I’m so proud of woman who make the grade”, sang Colin Craig’s wife.

“I don’t care”, cried Colin as he stamped his feet and had a tantrum, I’ll still sue you”, after all you are only a woman and women are chattels and need to be kept in line”, he screamed.

Colin heard the plate smash against the kitchen sink and knew that he had gone too far…

“I’m going to the media”, his wife for now screamed, “I’ll reveal all, about our sex life, and the games we play”…

“You wouldn’t dare, he shouted back.

All the shouting had disrupted the so-called children’s swatting and they both appeared in the kitchen of the Craig mansion and told their parents and particularly their Dad, ‘To shut the F up’ because they had better things to do than to listen to the same old weekly argument.

So the bug that had been installed by the GCSB under the new laws picked up this whole discussion hence it became available to my eavesdropper who is deeply embedded in the PM’s security team and naturally I passed it quickly on to you.

Eavesdropper has the task of bugging heaps of people this year, Russel Norman, Hone Harawia, David Cunliffe, Bill English, Winston Peters and of course anyone else the PM or the CIA wants bugged.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mind The Gap a must see...

Bryan Bruce...Mind the Gap.

On Wednesday the 19th of February TV 3 broadcast the first real in depth programme on inequality in New Zealand. It showed a real and deeply embedded inequality, that is, without doubt, growing faster than in any other country in the developed world.

The programme was called ‘Mind the Gap’…and presented by Bryan Bruce. It proved that our present leader is a  bullshit artist as was Douglas, Richardson, English, Banks and of course Prebble, Clarke and Shipley. He and they all knew the system was failing but they pushed on, hoping that things might improve, or we’d have a world war to take our minds off the hoax that we were being subjected to. Thank God the war never came but the hoax continues.

The TV programme demonstrated clearly how greed and individualistic corruption has captured our society, its behaviors, and turned us into a dog eat dog society that feeds on itself. The Neo-liberal push was founded on a lie, in fact a big lie, one that today has become captured by the Wall Street crooks like Key and his cronies, the main stream media and it grows even greater because it is in fact a Ponzi scheme where those at the bottom get ripped off while those at the top make tax free fortunes.

Roger Douglas started it by being captured by Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher and believing the massive lie told by his advisors when he sold off the nations heart and soul. Hindsight and history proves to the world, that the economic path that Roger Douglas and a blind Labour Party took the nation down was the wrong one [Neo Liberalism] after the drunken Muldoon was finally given the boot. 

In fact it was criminal in so much as it was based on lies, lies and more lies. But alas greed has become the norm, common place, taught in our schools and Universities. A sinking middle class attempting to pretend that nothing had changed and that all will be well if we pay fewer benefits to those in need. Belief that trickle down actually works when in fact that belief is the pivot on which the Ponzi scheme develops its momentum and pumps the wealth upward.  

When the Labour government led by Lange finally imploded and tumbled crashing to the ground, the fat cats and rats fled the sinking ship and the waiting and equally greedy National Party was only too willing to re-crew the ship of state with more but different rats and fat cats and continue the Ponzi scheme imported from the US and Britain.

And right to this day both Labour and National have continued down the path of self destruction, corruption and outright dishonesty, in fact both political parties made dishonesty, lies and helping their cronies and their backers get fat a work of art…a master piece of duplicity and outright theft.

In fact most of the worse offenders were Knighted or honoured in some way, took their ill-gotten gains and fled the country to live in tax havens overseas. Later some of them came creeping back carrying there loot with them and then proceeded to buy their way into political takeovers, such as Key with National…Oh and they loved him he was a Ponzi man made good, a sort of a Steven Joyce God-Father type. If you have a bit of time spare and haven’t seen the documentary just go to:  

Slater Whale Oil blubber.

It was ironic that following this wonderful documentary was the programme “Sons of Anarchy”, which represents gang style activity, of murder, mayhem, and general Cameron Slater [Whale-Oil] life style behaviour and just to top-off the nights viewing the failed National Party Candidate, foul-mouthed dumped Aussie TV cast off Paul Henry proved exactly what failed right wing politicians’ end up like, at the end of their less than successful broadcasting careers.

I doubt he’d be working for TV 3 unless Steven Joyce was around and it was election year…the government has clearly positioned its clones in key spots in the MSM for the coming election period.  

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Manawatu Standard says YES SIR...

The Manawatu Standard does it yet again…it acts as a mouth piece for the National Party. The headline reads, “Greens’ solar policy dismissed”, not dismissed by the public, not dismissed by those who care about climate change, not dismissed by those who are presently being overcharged and ripped off by state owned or part owned electricity retailers. 

No it was dismissed by…wait for it John Key, our own magic money man and the man who bought the National Party leadership…the man who kisses Tony Abbott's feet, the Queens Corgi, Obama’s golf club, Hollywood moguls backsides, the man who makes New Zealanders’ cringe in shame every time he opens his mouth. King of political liars, he makes John Banks appear a saint.

He is of course supported by the Minister for overseas owned oil companies and a master of the ‘bad mouth’ brigade, Simon Bridges, you may remember him he was the wee guy who opened his mouth and let the wind blow his tongue around during a interview with John Campbell on Campbell Live that made Bridges look like an utter idiot..

So, Greens Co-Leader Russell Norman knows that the Greens policy for creating solar energy must be good for people, good for NZ, good for the environment and good for jobs, when mousey Key and mouthy Bridges [the M and M twins] oppose it.

Just think about it Key and Bridges have failed to create jobs, failed to control energy price increases, failed to make NZ proud to be Kiwi, failed to comply with NZ law…have scraped and cringed and failed to defend New Zealanders living in Australia, changing the law so that Kiwis living in Aussie can’t vote here in NZ while being banned from voting in Australia and yet at the same time supporting Australia treat ‘boat people’ like the NAZI treated the Jews by shipping them off to concentration camps in PNG and such places. This is the guy who spies on Dotcoms residence illegally and then denies that he does so, while releasing press releases saying how Winston Peters [NZF leader] and Russell Norman [Greens co-leader] have visited Dotcoms mansion. If you want to check out just how spooky our leader is checkout the following:

Monday, 10 February 2014

Cricket, Health and other issues.

The cricket test between NZ and India ended one day earlier than expected so I had a day to do other things. I had just had my three monthly medical checks by my wonderful diabetic nurse ‘Jackie’ who had checked my weight, feet, and lungs, sight etc…she gave me a pass mark. For now my health care was free…well almost free, but not if Key and his cronies get their way.

As she was checking me over I suddenly thought about Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’ video it was the one where he ripped into the so-called American health system, it exposed the kind of system that the TPP treaty could lead us into by sheer accident because no body in their right mind could wish such a murderous scheme be introduced here in NZ.
And yet everything the Americans and their corporate controllers want Key seems keen to give them. [The same for Aussies or anyone really]

I mean we’ve got corporate education these days, Universities that are simply user-pays, where students are left with massive debt before they even start work. Polytechnics that can’t and won’t pay their staff proper wages because they have to spend education funding on advertising in opposition to and competing against Universities who waste education funding and student fees on sponsoring rugby teams…
We’ve even got primary, intermediate and secondary schools for profit starting up, all set up on the American for profit model…we call them ‘Charter Schools’.

Some of the America’s biggest health insurance companies are the biggest crooks at ripping off their members. They work their absolute guts out at finding ways not to pay out on claims.

America is supposedly the richest country in the world, yet it has the worse public health service in the world. It has over six to eight million people who have no health insurance as well as so called health insurance companies that simply rip off those who can afford to pay. May the Lord help us if we are forced down the same track as the US?

I know it sounds completely unbelievable but in America private hospitals run by so-called universities actually take patients who can’t afford to pay their medical bill, put them in a cab and take them to a street corner and dump them off.

In fact in real terms they murder them by neglect. But are they charged…hell no…that would be interfering with a private enterprise corporate run profit machine.  

And Key wants us to join up with this style public health system, Christ I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy, its bad enough that we destroyed our higher educational system by moving down the stupid and indefensible user pays route.

Types like Key [and Roger Douglas before him], have forgotten how we dragged him out of his state house, paid his wonderful Mum, gave him a free education at both primary and secondary levels and even footed the bill when he went to University…and his gift in return for those hundreds of thousands of dollars of hand-outs and ups is to pull the ladder up behind him and say hard luck… He did it, Paula Bennett did it, but that’s life…according to Steven Joyce, Judith Collins and those right-wing nutters who support the American dream here in Aotearoa New Zealand.        

If you get the chance to see or revisit Michael Moore and his absolutely magnificent video ‘Sicko’ please do so, show it to your friends, especially young people who may be having their first vote this year…give then a real taste of what life in America is ACTUALLY like, rather than the Hollywood version fed to them via TV and other corporate mass media outlets.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Paul Henry [Hopes] his ego and other clap-trap.

When TV 3 went to the Social Welfare Department seeking a drug free, honest front man for its new weekday 10.30pm Nightline spot, the computer printed out the name: Paul Henry Hopes, aged 54, male, of no fixed abode.
On checking their records they discovered that this Paul Henry Hopes was better known as Paul Henry without the Hopes.
This proved to them that this wee chap was the very same Paul Henry who had started his own radio station, sold it off, but came back to it as an employee…and then had a egotistical explosion that has never been brought under control.

He was also revealed as a failed ex-National Party candidate who stood in the Wairarapa electorate in the 1999 general election. He failed and had his backside whipped by Georgina Beyer the first transgender candidate [Labour Party] to be elected to New Zealand’s parliament.

Left: Mike Hoskins. Right, Cant remember name.
Some at TV 3 appeared not to want Paul Henry involved in its operations because TV 3 has worked hard at developing an intelligent and coherent news presentation service. John Campbell has developed a highly respected slot at 7pm and TV One the government owned so-called public broadcaster has gone feral on the people whose taxes fund the service. TV One has just hired another well known National Party / Act supporter who would or could contest the most idiotic presenter spot with Paul Henry. His name is Mike Hoskins and he has been brought in to resurrect a show known as ‘Seven Sharp’, which is about as sharp as a toothless crocodile.

Paul Henry during his strange ‘Paul Henry Show’ makes some really weird and childlike statements: Firstly Paul Henry “hates City Councils, all Councils but he hates the Auckland City Council most”. And he hates Len Brown the Mayor of Auckland and he also has mixed feelings about David Cunliffe but that’s understandable when one considers that Georgina Beyer rolled him over and smacked his backside. But Paul Henry is simply one of those people who can’t be relaxed unless he is being noticed, hence his mouth and ego.

He had a thing about Greenpeace worker Stephanie Mills and facial hair; this is most likely because Paul has yet to shave. His views on homosexuality [38] led to complaints to the
Broadcasting Standards Authority, He also suggested that world famous singer Susan Boyle was or is ‘Retarded’ which says more about Paul Henry’s brain and mouth than Susan Boyle.

Knowing all of this plus Paul Henry insulting utterances about Governor-General, Sir Anand Satyanand and others TV 3 was I think blackmailed into giving the nightly spot, no broadcaster in their right mind would hire such an obvious National Party clone and mouth piece. As if that wasn’t bad enough he went on to say some truly mind shattering statement about an Indian official representative: India summoned New Zealand's high commissioner Rupert Holborow to protest Henry's "racist and bigoted" comments, and Holborow expressed his regret for the deep hurt they had caused. Henry let his mouth run away with his brain when referring to [46] Sheila Dikshit during the 2010 Commonwealth Games as "the dip shit woman" and "Dick Shit", Henry, going on to state that "it's so appropriate, because she's Indian, so she'd be dick-in-shit wouldn't she, do you know what I mean? [No Paul because most people have a hard job understanding idiots]

I think that they [TV 3] may feel that since TV One has gone down the government appeasement track with John Key’s best friend / mate / hired hand Mike Hoskins they should do the same with failed National Party Candidate Paul Henry.

But TV 3 will pay the price of pandering to the giant sized ego / mouth of Paul Henry who was dumped from Aussie TV for his foul mouth and rapid loss of ratings and where his fellow workers couldn’t stand his egotistical outbursts and ignorance

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Audrey Young's Industrial Problem solved.


Editors Office: Monday 3rd February 2014

New Zealand Herald

Audrey Young forced to tone down redecoration of office,

The Editor of the New Zealand Herald said, “The Herald in Auckland have agreed to budget two hundred dollars to assist their wonderful unbiased political editor enhance her wall space.

“She has a new hero, and refuses to work unless he appears on her wall.

She asked that the wall be extended to accommodate her request and after some solid negotiations she was forced to compromise and simply remove one photo and replace it with another. She was most disappointed, as adding to the wall would only have cost ten thousand dollars and that is around half the value of Judith Collins latest face-lift.

Audrey Young the Heralds political editor has had to remove one of the twenty pictures of John Key that adorn her office so as to be able to make room for yet another hero, a newly elected leader of a party that rated zero in the latest political poll, not one person in a thousand polled ticked the ACT box.

The person is of course Jamie Whyte a management consultant [Aren’t they all]. Audrey has already been in touch with him, suggesting that he contact her with an offer or two and she will immediately get the pen moving on his behalf. She also asked for an air-brushed portrait to hang in the vacant space created by removing a photo of Key on his knees kissing the Queens Corgi, which even she thought was just a little demeaning…and she absolutely simply adores multimillionaire boy wonder John Phillip Key.

The Herald management team would like to thank the Engineers and Printing Union delegates who mediated on their behalf and convinced Ms Young and her legal adviser Judith Collins MP that the ten thousand
dollars saved would better be used to help families out of poverty. Young’s lawyer said “that there is no such thing as poverty and that by building a new wall jobs would be created”.  

Ms Audrey Young while disappointed with the outcome of the negotiations said she felt that it was time to get back to reporting on the nations political events of importance, like John Phillip Key loving the silver fern, kissing babies, and John Bank’s upcoming trial, rising interest rates, Police cock-ups, etc. But she added emphatically ‘Poverty and inequality is not on her list”…

Draft Press Release ends.

For further comment please contact: NZ’s most unbiased media source: PM Office of media releases. PO Box 666 Hawaii. Or c/o GCSB HQ Wellington NZ.