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Welcome to the world of big corporate money

Wheeler's Corner 44 27th October 2018
'Connecting people who care'

Citizens who care deeply about people, all people that is, have been saddened that our Council failed to listen and pushed ahead with the NZ Defence Industry Association's so-called forum. These caring citizens pointed out the hypocrisy of calling ourselves a 'Peace City' while supporting weapon sales,

Oh they may dress it National security...or protecting us from world terrorism. You know like when the FRENCH sunk the Green peace ship in Auckland killing a Dutch Crew member or maybe the Israeli secret agents who stole passports to be used by their murder Saudi style. It would would seem based on our history that the only terrorist we have contact with come from friendly countries like France and Israel.

The Mayor [Smith] and the NZDIA together have used all the old style propaganda to make their know, 'love of country', ANZAC day, employment, tree donations to Linton Camp, and they are even using paper cups instead of plastic! They even said that the event is sponsored by a catering company, Lockheed- Martin has nothing to do with this forum [even if they did for the last two forums in Auckland and Wellington and are standing for the Board of the NZDIA].
The half truths flowed freely via their press releases. The Council didn't even know who was responsible for approving the event or closing the roads around the citizens stadium. The police have been dragged into the event so that they can protect the Saudi and Israeli agents and other representatives of unnamed secret organisations who are attending to swap ideas [that's what forums do!] It's better way to control or kill their citizens. And at the same time make a few million bucks for Donald Trump's master plan to grow the war-complex he so loves. More about the passport episode:
Trump's response to the Khashoggi killing  is interesting and proves yet again how childish his mental abilities are: I quote: "it was a very bad original concept" to make it worse he added "It was carried out poorly" and lastly he added, "And the cover-up was one of the worse in the history of cover-ups", quote ends. Read what he said a second time and digest its meaning. While trying to read Trumps mind is an impossibility we can I believe assume some thing like this:
If I [Trump] had ordered this murder I would have had him run over by a bus rather than cut up. He would have carried out the killing by using better quality murderers for example the CIA or Israeli hit men. In other words the murder itself was OK, but the method and planing was all wrong!
To think that this guy Trump is the President of the USA, All we can do is have pity on those living in America. It's no wonder the KKK love death.
Water under the bridge...I received this by email:   
Have you caught up with the recently expressed concern from the Council in Christchurch suggesting home owners in the city will need to do what they can to conserve water as a way of limiting the need for chlorination of available supplies? How long ago was it we read about the issue of permits to foreign interests, mostly Chinese, to operate water bottling plants taking millions of litres of Canterbury's pristine artesian water for export overseas. All brought about by Herr Kreyp's
oft expressed view that Nobody owns the water.
New Zealand owns the water and its use should be wholly reserved for use by New Zealanders for New Zealanders. If foreigners want our water., What's wrong with bottling sea-water which is an inexhaustible supply! Demand would very shortly 'dry' up!

Breaking News:
Peace Action Manawatū Media Release
Media Release: Court action over illegal PNCC 'Weapons Expo' roadblocks
From: Peace Action Manawatū
Date: 25 October 2018

“Papers have just been filed in the Palmerston North High Court seeking a judicial review of the Palmerston North City Council plans to close streets next to the Central Energy Trust Arena during the upcoming NZ Defence Industry Association Forum, aka 'Weapons Expo', on 31 October and 1 November,” said Dr. Fred Hirst, member of Peace Action Manawatū.
"PNCC needs to prioritise the rights of the people who live here and not these War profiteers. We believe the PNCC are acting unlawfully in seeking to screen people entering public streets and residential neighbourhoods near the Arena. It is unacceptable that anyone has to pass through a security checkpoint or any screening process simply to travel on a public road in this country.”

“These are not the kinds of actions we would expect in our free and democratic country. They are particularly offensive because they are being done to protect weapons manufacturers and dealers from lawful protest action.”
One of the groups affected by traffic control is Te Hā o Hine-ahu-one Palmerston North Women's Health Collective in Waldegrave Street. Manager, Dr Jean Hera, said women visiting the Centre during the forum were likely to be stopped at a checkpoint and asked about the nature of their business.
"This is going to be so intrusive," said Dr Hera. Most visitors just dropped in, and she was worried women needing support would simply stay away.
“The Weapons Expo is a meeting of arms manufacturers and dealers to showcase their latest equipment. These war profiteers have come to Palmerston North having been turned away from Wellington and Auckland venues. This has exposed the lack of a City Council venues hireage policy because controversial weapons dealing is contrary to the Council's ethical investments policy. Now the Council have engineered an illegal traffic plan to ensure that they and Weapons Expo delegates don’t have to deal with any protests. They do not want to be confronted with a moral and ethical challenge to their conscience by non-violent peace activists,” said Dr. Hirst.
“The idea that residents of Palmerston North are being questioned at security checkpoints to enable weapons dealers to conduct their business is outrageous.”
“We are seeking an injunction to stop the plan from taking effect.”

Globe 2pm - 3.30pm Sunday Oct 28
Peace Action Manawatu Presents Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives
Public Hosted by The Globe and Peace Action Manawatū

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Ross and Simon Lusk

Jami Lee Ross [left] brain connection to Simon Lusk]
Wheeler's Corner
43 20th October 2018
'Connecting people who care'

1. You would have to be deaf and blind not to have heard about the 'goings on within the National Party.
"Hear no evil, See no evil and speak no evil" was tossed aside by Simon Bridges the National Party leader has he fought back against his boy wonder Jami Lee Ross. But he is not in fact pushing back against Jami Lee Ross, his real enemy of course is Simon Lusk a professional instructor in the dark arts of dirt digging, smearing candidates, and other undercover activities. He even coaches those who pay up front in the shady ability to lie, manipulate the media and community...
Now you may be among the thousands who prefer to remain ignorant about the art of dirty politics and pretend that this is normal behaviour. Simon Lusk is typical of ultra right wing individuals who make money out of others desire to be successful. Some call him a behind the scenes manipulator, in fact he on is own, is simply a taker of free cash from those fooled by his words of slime.
Jami Lee Ross is today paying the price for listening to and acting on Simon Lusk's advice, Lusk has advice many National Party Members of Parliament and the odd one from Act. No doubt he also has advised many losing candidates...naturally he doesn't advertise his failures only his successes.
Jami Lee Ross demonstrated by his stand-up press conference that he had been coached in the dark arts of half truths by boy wonder Lusk. The book by Nicky Hager Dirty Politics gave us a small taste of Lusk's dirty political mind and how he manipulates to achive his goals, so we should not be surprised by anything that Jami Lee Ross spouts.
When this growing manipulation will end I can't tell you. It seems to have become the norm. We all know that bull-shit and half truths have become the norm in advertising etc. Is that what politics is these days...half truths and what not.
The MSM has kept almost silent on the Ross-Lusk connection and other aspects of corporation activity from which they receive financial assistance.
Outfits like the NZ Defense Industry Association for example seem to get all their press releases published, while community groups struggle to make the news, why do you think that is?

“To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness."
"What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places—and there are so many—where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction." 'Howard Zinn' Author and Activist'
Breaking News: Jami Lee-Ross; reveals more so-called secrets and also goes back on his word regarding resigning, it would appear that his salary [around 170 thousand plus perks] will be needed for his divorce proceedings...go to: 
2. This from No Left Turn:
Friday, October 19, 2018
Reminder: Saudi Arabia kidnapped people from New Zealand
Earlier this month, journalist Jamal Khashoggi visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. He was then beaten, drugged, and dismembered - apparently while still alive - by a 15-man Saudi kill team who had been specially flown in for the purpose. Its a horrific act, and one which should make Saudi Arabia an international pariah. But Khashoggi is not the only victim of the Saudi regime. As Stuff reminds us, in 2014 they apparently kidnapped a refugee from New Zealand:
Friends of Khalid Muidh Alzahrani, who they called Daniel, know what the Saudi regime is capable of.
  Four years ago, the refugee disappeared from his sparse flat in Redwood, Christchurch, and they haven't spoken to him since. They fear he's been executed.
Daniel had converted to Christianity - a crime in Saudi Arabia - and his friends believe he was forcibly repatriated, possibly with his family's help.

The original media stories are here and here. And as this story makes clear, Alzahrani wasn't the only one: in May 2013 an unnamed Saudi refugee was apparently snatched off the street in Auckland and rendered to Saudi Arabia, where he was reportedly tortured.
The New Zealand government owes a duty of care to those we have granted refugee status, and we have an obligation to protect them from this sort of shit. The Stuff article argues that we should be demanding "proof of life" of these snatched refugees from the Saudis, and they're right. And if they don't provide it, we should cut ties with that tyrannical monarchy.
3.Coming events worth a close look:
Sunday Oct 14 - November 1    The Globe Theatre Foyer
Disrupting the Narrative: Challenging Ideas About New Zealand in World War I
Poster exhibition by Valerie Morse, Art Not War Collective and Auckland Peace Action

Friday Oct 26     8.00pm War Stops Here Gig @ The Stomach

Saturday Oct 27    12 - 1.30pm This Peace of Land Multi-faith Peace Gathering
Invitation to come together for a peaceful expression of prayers and songs from our many faith groups. Meet at North West corner of Square (near the library) then walk to Cuba St.

Saturday Oct 27  10 - 3pm   Peace Action Manawatu at Little Cuba Carnival
Find out about the PAM campaign at Cuba St. Meet Aunty Pam and see winners of Sowing the Seeds for Peace colouring comp (drawn 12pm). Download pic from FB: PeaceActionManawatu

Sunday Oct 28   2.00 - 3.30pm, The Globe Theatre
Free film: Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives (59mins)
Introduced by Liz Remmerswaal (Co-ordinator of World Beyond War Aotearoa)

Sunday Oct 28  5.00 - 6.00pm, All Saints Church Community Centre
Hope and Healing  Open service for whole community including songs, readings and reflections acknowledging losses caused by war and the power of hope and healing.  Followed by supper.

Monday Oct 29   7.00 - 9.00 pm, The Globe Theatre
Discussion: Role of the NZ Defence Force?
Civil defence, national security, UN peacekeepers, rebuilders or military force for 5 eyes?
Nicky Hager - investigative journalist, and Valerie Morse - Auckland Peace Action.
Introduced by Liz Remmerswaal (Co-ordinator of World without War Aotearoa). Free event

WEDNESDAY OCT 31   12.00-1.30pm - PEACE MARCH
Meet at NW quadrant of the Square with your marching boots on!!!  #stopthearmstrade
We’re off to the Arena to show the weapons industry they are not welcome in our Peace City.
1.00pm - Quakers’ Peace Picnic have lunch with us outside Central Energy Trust Arena

Thursday Nov 1    3.30 - 5.00pm, PN City Library Mezzanine - After school event
Book reading: ‘Remember the Brave’ by Forrest Chambers and Lena Chambers
Story of conscientious objection in WWI. Activities/white poppy making & refreshments.


Friday, 12 October 2018

When will it all end. Wheeler's Corner 43 13th Oct 2018

Wheeler’s Corner 42 13th October 2018.
Connecting people who care

The result of never ending war.
Since our Governments [regardless of colour] here in New Zealand seem to support what ever the American military does, no matter where, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, are our soldiers and military personnel becoming suicidal too?

Do we too now accept the concept of cluster bombs delivered by unmanned rockets or drones, do we too willingly accept the morality of across border attacks on schools, hospitals and unarmed civilians going about there normal lives?

Do we now simply accept as the norm, torture such as water boarding and such like...for the American military teach their people how to carry out such illegal behaviour.

Are we heading down the path of paying for our young working class members of our military a bribe for cheaper education via their educational fees, if they complete various military assignments or tours of duty? The Americans are, it has been suggested that 40% of American basic recruits do so to get their education paid for...are we too moving down that twisted path?

When will all this copy cat behaviour end? Where will it end?
Already our defence spending has gone through the roof, Oh if only our hospitals had the kind of money spent on them that the military achieve these days, or the environment, or lifting basic wages, why are we fighting other peoples wars?

I’m NOT, I repeat anti-military but I am anti-Americanisation of our military behaviour, I strongly oppose their tactical approach, of bomb everything that moves, my father warned me many times about the inability of American military to hit the correct target. Speaking of the US of A...

Nikki Haley and you know who.
 So much for Trumps glamour Queen at the United Nations...she couldn't stand trump being laughed at... This from Common Dreams: I use common dreams because of its mission statement: Our Mission:
To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good. Common Dreams has been providing breaking news & views for the progressive community since 1997. We are independent, non-profit, advertising-free and 100% reader supported.
This a long read [10 to 12 minutes] but well worth the effort...

This from the No Right Turn blog


“So, the government thinks its in surplus, to the tune of $5.5 billion. Of course, its nothing of the sort. As I noted last time, when there are queues for basic healthcare, people without homes, underpaid public servants, and kids going to school hungry, the government having cash on hand isn't really a surplus, any more than I'm rich if I have $1000 in my wallet and a $10,000 overdraft. What we have is deep-rooted social and infrastructural debt caused by decades of austerity and Neo-liberalism - debt that isn't recorded anywhere on the government's books. But the fact that its not recorded doesn't mean it doesn't exist or doesn't cause problems - merely that its not properly managed. And the government needs to manage it, by paying off that debt and investing in hospitals, homes, and yes, teacher's salaries, before it makes any moves to gives it themselves as tax cuts”.

Posted by Idiot/Savant at 10/10/2018 03:03:00 PM
Teachers demand changes.
It’s hard not to agree with NRT, when our so-called surplus is at the expense of people who are really feeling the pinch, it really proves that the present Government pretends to care when in fact their Neo-liberal fraction is still running things.
We’ve had eighteen years of Neo-liberal madness and look where it has gotten us. On a forever slippery slope of ever declining living standards. We don’t need tax breaks for the wealthy as the Nat’s would have us believe... but I see little change happening because the guy they put in charge of the tax so-called working group, was and still is the same Neo-liberalist that was there when Douglas ruled the roost.

A must see for people who care about people...

The Man Who Saved the World is a 2014 Danish documentary film by Peter Anthony which tells the gripping true story about Stanislav Petrov, a former lieutenant colonel of the Soviet Air Defence Forces and his role in preventing the 1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm incident from leading to nuclear holocaust
On 26 September 1983, Petrov was duty officer when the computers in the Serpukhov-15 bunker outside Moscow, which housed the command centre of the Soviet early warning satellite system, twice reported that U.S. intercontinental ballistic missiles were heading toward the Soviet Union.

Come along to the GLOBE on SUNDAY the 14th October 2018 at 2.30, its free, but you may like to make a donation...

PS: Update on Council being lied to: I received this by email:

“It is also interesting that NZDIA are having four 'platinum' sponsors this year for the first time - effectively four companies that can claim the title to being 'principal' sponsors. This is likely why the Mayor said to Peter Wheeler at PNCC that it was Compass - because they presumably will be one of the four. You can bet your bottom dollar that Lockheed will still be there'.

So the PN Mayor may not have lied but simply told half truths...I know it sounds very Trump like… or was it staff telling half-truths to the Mayor to justify their stupid and unethical decision. Money [salary / bonus / profit] effects different people in different ways. 

Friday, 5 October 2018

Money Vs Integrity a growing problem

Wheeler's Corner 41 6th October 2018.
“Connecting people who care”
“Being a character – an interesting, unusual or amusing personality – and “Possessing character – being a person of integrity, probity, substance, resolute in the face of adversity.
This week I’m asking each Councillor publicly, and I include the Mayor “Are you being an interesting character...or do you possess character in regard to your council role.

Now don’t take offence, just read the first paragraph again and consider just where you fit. Consider your actions, over lets say the last three months and decide where you sit in regard to ‘possessing and living’ the items listed in paragraph one. Have you practiced integrity, probity, substance and resolution in your decisions and actions?
I imagine that this would depends on your understanding of the word ‘character’, never-the-less it’s a serious question worthy of serious consideration. In fact it’s a question worthy of being asked by all of us about ourselves and those with whom we interact.

Last Monday [1st October 2018] Brent Barrett moved a notice of motion and Lorna Johnson seconded the motion:

“That the Chief Executive be instructed to develop a PNCC venues Policy which includes hireage and allowable uses of PNCC venues, ensuring it is consistent with our investment policy and other broadly accepted ethical standards such as the Human Rights Act and the NZ Bill of Rights Act”

The reasons for the NOM from Brent Barrett has been well covered in our local newspaper, and it gave Councillors the chance to review the permission granted to the Defence Industry Association [DIA] for use of a PNCC controlled site, but sadly because staff had already [according to a staff member] signed a contract [without councillors knowledge ] that question was never debated, But the request for a full Council workshop on the Barrett / Johnson motion was successful. So I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies.

Those who opposed the motion were: Grant Smith [Mayor] Tangi Utikere [Dep Mayor] Bruno Petrenas, Adrian Broad. All the rest voted for the Motion, and an interesting fact was that all the women voted for!
The arguments put forward by the Mayor Grant Smith were interesting and while I might not have this in exact presentation order this is in basic terms what he said... “This is a Defence Force event” [It is not it is a Defence Industry Association event] He earlier had stated that the event was being sponsored by a catering company [Compass] but offered no evidence of that fact. The Compass web site doesn’t indicate it is sponsoring this event.

He also suggested without presenting any evidence that the notice of motion was politically driven because it was moved by Barrett [Greens] and Johnson [Labour], that claim was a very Donald Trumpish like claim...I was expecting him to accuse them of spreading ‘false news’ but instead he went on to say. “What next, would we stop the ANZAC parade! He even suggested that PN was not a peace city but a Defence City! He also suggested that his Father who served in the 2nd world war would be most upset if we banned the military!

This was really over the top, for no one had suggested that our military be banned, The Defence Industry Association only link to the military is that they sell them arms etc., and that’s the real problem.
The Mayor also talked about freedom of speech, after that I really lost interest. Is banning tobacco advertising, banning freedom of speech? Is banning boobs on bikes in the Square banning freedom of speech? Anyway the Mayor’s plea was rejected by a huge majority. [12 to 4]

So returning to my first paragraph, where do you think the Mayor and those three other males fit...Are they being a character or possessing a character, you decide, those who voted for the motion still have to prove their sincerity by taking part in a ‘Workshop fully and are not simply hiding behind a ‘closed door work shop’ they could do this by opening the workshop up to the that would be clear proof of ‘possessing character
Donald Trump is a character but he does not have character and that’s a fact...where do those who voted against the Notice Of Motion fit?

On the far left you may recognise an ‘old white male’. This photo was taken at CARE workshop held at Massey, the workshop was conducted by Dr Sue Bradford and it related to how to get students once again active in ‘activism’ type behaviours.
I don’t doubt that I was the oldest person there, but I learned so much by listening to the views expressed by those participating. What it proved for me, was that you never stop learning and ideas and processes to encourage activism are ever expanding and changing.
A good example of dying student activism was when the ACT Party and the Massey Student Political Club [so-called] held a protest against Massey VC banning of Don Brash only five people actually attended and its uncertain if any of them were ‘students’ yet our local media and the MSM turned up in mass and screamed how wrong she was.  

Talk about false news, that so-called event was simply one example. I was at Massey at the time and asked a couple of students, 'What did they think of Don Brash? Their reply, 'Who is Don Brash". That says it all. But across the ocean the story is a little different:

3.  Judging America.

Brett Kavanaugh a so-called judge has united the women of America. But his accuser Dr. [Prof] Christine Blasey Ford was the real driving force...and a real hero to millions of women around the world.

Now this is truly a case for all to see of 'activism' in action. Have a look at this report and learn how the 98% are combating  the 2% that rule the US.

And this from RNZ:

"It's a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of," Mr Trump told reporters. "This is a very difficult time."
"You could be somebody that was perfect your entire life and somebody could accuse you of something - doesn't necessarily have to be a woman - but somebody could accuse you of something and you're automatically guilty."

The president repeatedly said in response to questions about his top court pick that he was waiting to see what would come out of the FBI investigation and did not want to "interrupt" anything.

It's nearly impossible to argue Mr Trump is referring to a genuine fear with his comments. Simply put, false accusations of sexual assault are rare - only 2 to 10 percent of sexual assault reports in the US are found to be false, and it is equally rare that false accusations lead to convictions.
According to the National Registry of Exoneration's in the US, there are only 52 cases where men convicted of sexual assault were exonerated because it turned out they were falsely accused. 
Meanwhile, it's estimated 1 in 6 American women will experience rape or attempted rape in their lifetime. Welcome to the scary party, young men - it might be a scary time for you now but, as someone on Twitter said, it's been a scary millennium for women". RNZ quote ends.

Hence my admiration for those women who speak out, regardless of ones point of view, and as I said before courage comes in many forms, but exposing ones past sexual history must be high on the list. I can only speak as a man, because I am a man, but I truly feel we need to accept responsibility as a gender for our learned our PM said 'Me Too' should become should become 'We too' I would only add that the WE must include the male gender. 

That's it for this week, I hope you are all well and that the sun will shine on you this weekend. Below a film not to miss...

The Man Who Saved the World is a 2014 Danish documentary film by Peter Anthony which tells the gripping true story about Stanislav Petrov, a former lieutenant colonel of the Soviet Air Defence Forces and his role in preventing the 1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm incident from leading to nuclear holocaust. On 26 September 1983, Petrov was duty officer when the computers in the Serpukhov-15 bunker outside Moscow, which housed the command centre of the Soviet early warning satellite system, twice reported that U.S. intercontinental ballistic missiles were heading toward the Soviet Union. 
Come along to the GLOBE on SUNDAY the 14th October 2018 at 2.30, its free, but you may like to make a donation...