Thursday, 31 October 2013

Police Justice fair to all Yeah Right.

Award winner Mihingarangi Forbes

Timothy Morrison, right, you’ve never heard of him, unless of course you follow Maori Televisions’ award winning current affairs programme ‘Native Affairs

No he is not a journalist presenter like the brilliant Mihingarangi Forbes, nor is he is a producer or cameraman…he was the subject of an item that had all the qualities of a second rate detective yarn and of yet again another police stuff up. I must admit this is becoming a habit we could do without.

Here was a man who for 26 years had not been in trouble with the police, here was a man who was in the middle of becoming a much needed and vital Para-Medic, and here was a man who worked for the Salvation Army supervising at a hostel.

On July the 28th 2012 the hostel he was supervising was vandalized by a drunken man, glass was smashed and damaged done. Timothy Morrison after checking the welfare of those in the hostel then pursued the vandal and was attacked by that same person, who in turn was knocked or slipped to the ground.

Timothy could have left the scene, but he didn’t after all he was training to be a qualified Para Medic, so using his cell phone he called for an ambulance which duly arrived and took him to the hospital. A couple of days later the vandal died…and the police after a very superficial investigation in their wisdom charged Timothy Morrison with Man-Slaughter.

And so began his nightmare, a nightmare that still haunts him to this very day.

Timothy Morrison was partway through his training to be a qualified Para-Medic, which he hoped would lead to a job that paid enough for him and his son to live on and that then he could give up the midnight shift and the Salvation Army Hostel… Once charged by the police, his training ceased and his job at the hostel ended and his only income was the benefit of around 220 dollars.

So naturally he couldn’t afford a lawyer so one was appointed and funded by legal aid, after the police decided to go to trial his lawyer was made the offer that Timothy would sentenced to three and a half years if he pleaded guilty.

Like any person would, he considered the offer, after all the police hadn’t believed him up to this point why would they do so at a trial. So he decided to stay firm and he refused their weird offer. Thank God he did.

Why did the police via the legal system make this offer, now that’s the real question that needs asking, but will it ever be answered? We can guess of course, after all what else, can we do…

Firstly Timothy is Maori and that automatically triggers the Polices natural bias, we are all fully aware of the institutional racism that permeates our police force.

Secondly Timothy had a record from some 26 years ago…and we all know that once a crim always a crim… especially if that crim is Maori…yeah right

A trial date was set and eight days were allocated…but it was all over in two and the question must be asked why?

Firstly the charge sheet used did not relate to Timothy Morrison, the photo was of someone else, the past criminal record didn't relate to him, but more telling was some close circuit TV footage that showed the victim assaulting a petrol station worker in exactly the same fashion as Timothy had said he had attacked him.

Timothy was found not guilty and rightly so… but wait there is more… just remember that at this point Timothy is innocent and not guilty of any offense.

Timothy has been ordered to pay eight thousand dollars for his legal aid and if he hasn’t paid it by early next year he get 8% added on to bill… beat that for justice, Judith Collins style.

Justice Minister Judith Collins and Deputy Justice Minister Chester Borrows were both asked to appear but both were too busy or had better things to do. The Police were asked to appear but declined but they did send a letter that simply said what they did was within the law. The Maori Party MP Pita Sharples was invited but he too declined. Only Labour Justice spokesperson Andrew Little was willing to appear on the show.

It is worth pointing out that the police are often found guilty of breaking the law, [Kim Dotcom Raid] jailing innocent people [far too many to name] gang rape, drug dealing, assault and other such crimes, but alas they rarely if ever get charged why because they have ‘No criminal intent’, and if you believe that then you really must be blind in both eyes.

This item on Maori Televisions Native Affairs proves yet again that they are the only public television network worthy of the name. If you’d like to watch the Native Affairs programme go to:

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Luigi Wewege Young Nats Man of the Year.

Luigi Wewege, Bevan Chuang , John Palino. Two have fled the country 

John Key supports the Auckland Branch of the National Party youth branch in its recommendation to put forward Luigi Wewege as NZ’s National Party Youth hero for 2013.

The award is based on his performance in organising the Len Brown affair plus his fantastic back ground and CV. Also his enlightened approach in persuading fellow young Nats to participate in sharing their natural physical ability in the cause of John Keys dynamic future New Zealand was highly rated.

“His CV is a clear example of what all young Nats should aim for”, said John Key in commenting on Luigi Wewege’s nomination. “It is not dissimilar to my own CV and look at me I made Prime Minister”, added Key with a look of positive pride. Key handed out a copy of Luigi Wewege’s CV, the great bulk of which was blacked out, and this was because much of it was commercially sensitive, said Mr. Key.

The Herald on Sunday obtained a copy of Wewege's 2011 CV in which he claims membership of nearly a dozen global associations spanning science, humanitarian and leadership initiatives.
He also claims to have been executive director of a tyre company while an undergraduate in the United States.
One achievement listed was the "creation of the KwaMashu Township initiative" with Westville Golf Academy, near Durban in his native South Africa.

African National Congress staff in KwaMashu had never heard of the initiative, and could not locate any evidence of its existence.
It has also emerged Wewege was fired from a job with a volunteer organisation soon after arriving in New Zealand after clashing with staff.
A director of a respected Auckland-based charity said Wewege was asked to leave the volunteer organisation, which asked not to be named to protect its reputation.
"He came to us with some big talk involving an organisation he had been involved with in the States. It wasn't that he did anything extremely bad; he just didn't really do anything. "He had an argument with a couple of volunteers. We asked him to step down and he did."

Of course not all Young Nats agreed with the nomination, even his old supporter/lover Bevan Chuang, disagrees with his nomination.

One young Nat Hamish Price said he warned Palino against the idea of Wewege writing policy.
"I said Luigi has a reputation for having issues with women, young women in particular.
"That has been evident in the National Party: he was pulled aside and spoken to about it, his behaviour didn't change and he was shunted out as a result."

Wewege has gone to ground since the Len Brown scandal broke and did not respond to calls.

However, a former girlfriend, TV beautician Angela Stone, said he had a good heart. "He's already said to me, 'Look Ange, this is not what it's appearing like,' and I do trust him. He has a good heart.

There are strong rumours that Luigi Wewege has slipped out of the country to San Francisco and that his one-way ticket was supplied by John Palino or John Key and when and if he does return he will take up a position with the GCSB. It is felt that his skills will be highly valued by the secret spy organisation.

Ian Fletcher Key's school mate.
The Head of the GCSB Ian Fletcher said “That his [Luigi Wewege] international skills and knowledge of how to turn common folk into active, even proactive agents for the State will be certain to lead to better protection from terrorists for all of us”.

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Friday, 25 October 2013

The political scene is changing.

Sometime ago I wrote these words:

They [National] are already accepting that they have no support parties to assist them [National] next year. They know that the ACT party as such is dead in the water with Banks awaiting trial for fraud. While Dunne betrayed them by leaking information to Fairfax reporter during the GCSB stuff up. The Maori Party is dying a natural death because of its blind obedience to the National agenda of Asset Sales, beneficiary bashing, and future mining.
Now Key is no slug when it comes to manipulation of the media, he knows the above is true so his strategy will revolve around not needing support parties as such, but he will seek to buy support via other means, not win support via policy adaption, but by buying with cash his support required.  

A couple of weeks later in response to a blog on thedailyblog site a reader wrote the following:

“Well put Martin and well done TDB for an apt prediction re Key & the Conservatives.
Given the fowl scratching left overs coalition partners, in the motley form of Dunne, Banks and the Maori Party – Key has been making “nice” utterances about Colin Craig and his Conservative Party recently. However at the last election one of the Craig party’s policies was NO ASSET SALES! And he was most adamant on that one!
Somehow given how the political trend is going at the moment, I don’t think Key will be in a position to form anything, because Labour will be the power broker calling the shots next year, post election. At least they have a good coalition partner in the Greens, whose political star is rising”.

At the same time the No Right Turn blog said the following:

The Solicitor-General has taken over the case against John Banks. As I said earlier, I am not sure we can be confident in their independence; even if we rule out explicit political intervention, most prosecutors will probably see vigorous pursuit of a conviction (which could lead to the Government falling and an election) as a career-limiting move, or they'll simply take an easy plea-bargain rather than going all the way. We need to watch them like hawks to make sure they pursue the case with appropriate vigour, rather than cutting some shady backroom deal to let Banks (and the government) off.

...Except that we can't. Because everything they do will be protected by legal professional privilege, effectively excluding it from the coverage of the OIA. Meaning that we have no way of effectively overseeing them and ensuring they actually do their job in this case. They can't even be held to account through Parliament, because the Attorney-General does not have Ministerial responsibility for law officer functions (and that's a Good Thing).

This isn't a good situation to be in. No transparency and no accountability means there can be no trust. If the charges are dropped, or even if Banks is acquitted, it will look like a political stitch-up. And we all lose from that. After their initial refusal, it would have been better for the government to stay out of it.

Since NZ has had a MMP system of electing governments political parties have needed to be strategic in their approach to elections.

For example the Nat’s had a perfect partner in the ACT party in that it was ultra right while National was simply far right and secondly the ACT party leadership was ex National party members or sacked right wing Labour party members.

They also played to the weakness [Money] of a one man United Future party led by Peter Dunne. John Key had cups of tea with both John Banks and Peter Dunne to cement their support. Each of their seats could have been won by National, but that would only have given National two more seats but that would not have got them over the line and the 51 percent needed to govern on their own.

What they planned for was for the Act Party to bring with them more than one member. So the Nats were happy to give up two seats in the hope to gain four or five via their support parties.

They fell into the trap of believing the main stream media polls that they would gain more than 50% of the vote. Its history now that they didn’t succeed. They gained 47% Act gained 1% and United Future below 1% giving them around 49%, so they went into begging mode and approached the Maori Party with offers of Cabinet positions and all the perks related to that, they also watered down their policy of removing the Maori seats, and upping the settlement of various Treaty of Waitangi Claims, the Maori party took the bait; and were hooked.

But this time around [2014] that strategy has turned to custard, the ACT party leader could be in jail or be convicted of a crime with a sentence of two years, which will ban him from being in Parliament. They [The Nats] have as good as accused United Future’s Peter Dunne of leaking confidential information about the GCSB affair to the Fairfax media group and sacked him from his ministerial position. 

And the Maori Party has in some respects seen the light and is preparing to abandon their relationship in an effort to remain in existence at all. They have, just a week ago approached the Mana Movement to talk about their Maori Party future. Mana is happy to listen to their woes but so long as they remain with the Nats their future looks grim. After all that was one of the reasons Mana left the Maori party in the first place.

So the Nats have to seek other avenues to achieve their goal of a third term. One Avenue was the New Zealand first party but there is a problem, John Key has stated publicly that he would never work with Winston Peters and with Winston Peters so opposed to asset sales that there seems only one area of possible but unlikely agreement that is the raising of the retirement age, both are against than move.

My view is that Winston Peters and NZ First will achieve the five percent to enter parliament without an electorate seat. So he has no need for that fatal cup of tea with John Key.

Well what’s left, nothing in the present parliamentary line up, so what’s outside?

Colin Craig and his Conservative Party it would seem is the Nats only possible partner but to achieve a forced marriage between Colin Craig the Conservative boss and John Key there would have be a same sex marriage between them…and Colin Craig is dead against same sex marriages. 

He is also against asset sales so John Key is stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

This has never stopped from buying a way out from any dilemma in the past…he brought his seat in Parliament…he brought the new boss of the GCSB…he brought John Banks and Peter Dunne, all with tax payers money I might add. 

But just but, Colin Craig might be a different kettle of fish, because some consider him a right wing Christian style leader, who is anti same sex marriage [which Key supports] he is pro-smacking but more importantly seems to believe that lying is a sin. 

All of these factors, plus the fact that he is a fairly wealthy chap could make him unsusceptible to possible bribes and pressures that Key well knows how to use.

So next year’s election is going to be an interesting event, we should expect a lot of dirty stories to appear about some of the key players. The Len Brown revelations are just the beginning, a practice run for the far and ultra right. It was simply a trailer for the main event, so folks keep your eyes open and your brain clear.     

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Conflicts of interest and SkyCity grow

The SkyCity deal is looking shadier by the day…The Green Party has revealed that a submitter to the select committee hearing on the government bill and which he supported was in fact the National Party MP Sam lotu-Iiga’s electorate chairman.

This was a shocking revelation because Sam Lotu-liga was and still is; a member of that committee, and its normal for any MP in that position to declare a conflict of interest, but it would appear that this does not apply to the National Party.

The Nats have a record of allowing their MP’s and those MP’s from their support parties, for example John Banks not to declare conflicts of interest. 

When in fact John Banks received $15.000 dollars from SkyCity for his Mayoral campaign which he kept secret and for which he is now awaiting trial. 

The PM is happy to have him vote on the SkyCity casino bill even though this is obviously a huge conflict of interest.

While I suppose no money was concerned in relation to MP Sam Lotu-liga or Seamus Donegan his electorate chairman, at least I hope not but it was still a shady arrangement...but wait there is more.

There was another twist to this episode, Mr. Seamus Donegan clearly created the impression to the committee that he was representing the ‘Catholic Peace and Justice Commission’ and that was simply not true…the Catholic Peace and Justice Commission opposes the SkyCity Casino Bill…and I know that they are far too community aware to support such a shoddy and demeaning bill, because of its dramatic and ongoing effect in the worrying and growing problem gambling area.

In Parliament MP Sam Lotu-liga stated that he ‘never asked Mr. Seamus Donegan a question at the select committee, well done Sam…but why did you not point out that Seamus Donegan was not representing the Catholic Peace and Justice Commission and thereby abet him with his possible willful pretence. Was it because he was simply stating what you wanted him to state in support of the SkyCity Casino bill?

The public are getting very nervous about this shady deal that was hatched by John Key and Steven Joyce. It’s a deal that lasts for thirty years and is worth 400 million dollars…

Queenstown wants a convention centre; Wellington wants to update its convention Centre, there are empty convention centres all around NZ and none are making a profit and this trend is worldwide. Who in their right mind would travel half way around the world for a convention when today most conferences are carried out by teleconferencing, which is more economically acceptable to more and more organisations and individuals.   

Below is the Greens Press Release on the issue:

National MP must explain SkyCity contradiction
Tuesday, 22 October 2013, 6:59 pm
Press Release: Green Party
22 October 2013

National MP must explain SkyCity contradiction
The Green Party is raising serious questions about contradictory evidence provided to a parliamentary select committee by National Party MP Sam Lotu-Iiga’s electorate chairman in relation to the SkyCity Convention Centre deal.

The concerns focus on evidence given by Lotu-Iiga’s electorate chairman Seamus Donegan to the commerce select committee in which he misrepresented the views of the Catholic Peace and Justice Commission over the SkyCity deal and the impact of problem gambling in casinos versus other venues.

In addition neither Mr Donegan nor Lotu-Iiga declared their political relationship to the committee.

“Sam Lotu-Iiga is politically and morally conflicted as questions emerge concerning his electorate chair’s involvement in the political spin concerning the SkyCity deal,” said Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei.

“Neither Mr Lotu-Iiga, nor Mr Donegan disclosed their political relationship during the select committee meeting or after. Members of the committee did not know their political connection.

“It is normal for political relationships to be disclosed. It is all the more relevant given that Mr Donegan’s testimony was contradictory to the actual position of the Catholic Peace and Justice Commission. That raises serious questions.

“Sam Lotu-Iiga’s electorate chairman gave the impression to the public, and to the select committee that the church approved of the deal. That was a major misrepresentation of their real view.

“The evidence Mr Donegan gave around the supposed safety of casino gambling was wrong. Department of Internal Affairs officials have told the Government that casino gambling is at least as harmful as gambling conducted in pubs and clubs.

“This Bill could live or die on the vote of Mr Lotu-Iiga and of John Banks, both of whom are now seriously conflicted by their involvement with the casino and the backroom political spinning around this Bill.

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Chuang Brown Timing the Key

Cameron Slater a hero or a fool?

Local Government regulations state that ‘If a mayoral candidate resigns before the final count, and if that candidate is leading then the candidate who comes second wins the election.

Now think about that in relation to the revelations made by Cameron Slater about Len Brown and then consider the timing. 

The Len Brown scandal was released before the final count and if Len Brown had resigned then the second place getter John Palino would have been declared the winner.

That I think was the plot, it was well thought out and implemented, no Cameron Slater didn’t do the planning, he simply is too dumb to develop such a strategy, he was as normal simply a willing pawn, he saw scandal and couldn’t resist seeing his name in lights.

The real creator[s] of the plot were without doubt two or three people, the first is a strange fellow named Luigi Wewege a South African / Italian import aged 28. He was an adviser to John Palino along with Slater’s dad John Slater a past National Party President who is well practiced in plots of this nature.

Like John Banks [only smarter] John Palino attempted to stay above the plot while allowing it to proceed.

The plot went something like this: Key goal...

Get some dirt on Len Brown.

Luigi Wewege offers up ex-girl friend Bevan Chuang who he knows is close to Len Brown.

Failed Truth and Herald on Sunday reporter is selected to put together the details and plan for a release of those lurid details between the election night and the issuing of the final figures. He was Stephen Cook who now claims to have naked images of Bevan Chuang that he will make public…hence the reason for calling him a reporter rather than a journalist, he also suggested she make a porn movie…a real deep fellow is our Stephen Cook.

Now they all realised that no respectful news outlet would publish the story so they selected Cameron Slater most likely because [Paul Henry wasn’t available] and other blog sites were too honest to publish such sick material.  

Everything depended on that Len Brown resigned before the final count figures were published. But Len Brown might have been a very naughty boy with a willing Ms Chuang but he’s not dumb and he went to ground until the final count and wrecked their cunning plan.

So now we have the backlash, the fallout that has come back to bite the bums of the strange bunch of National Party and Palino sycophants.  

What gives this version of what occurred some credence is the fact that Palino met with Chuang in a car park late at night [10pm] and according to Chuang where Palino suggested that they had to get Brown before the end of the week? That was when the final result would be confirmed.  

So who are the winners and losers in this sordid and gutter like debacle; The big winner was John Banks he was off the front pages and his fraud case put on the back burner, 

The other individual to win was Cameron Slater whose blog lived up to expectations of being the sleaziest blog site ever.

The biggest looser was the New Zealand political scene: Corrupted by these US Italian style political games. 

Of course Len Brown will suffer, but that was of his own making and he sure does'nt need our sympathy or even empathy, unless of course you have been in his position and if that’s true I would recommend a quick change of behaviour.

Here ends the lesson.     

Friday, 18 October 2013

A new honest PM has arisen Yeah Right

The National Party I think would be shocked by the latest poll from Roy Morgan, that shows clearly that Labour, the Greens, and Mana could govern the country, and would win an election should one be held tomorrow:

A new poll records another boost for a future Labour-Greens coalition.
The latest Roy Morgan sees a 1 per cent rise in support for a potential alliance between the two parties.
Support for the Labour party was unchanged (37 per cent) from the last poll a fortnight ago. The Greens rose to 12.5 per cent - up 1 per cent.
National was down slightly - 0.5 per cent - to 41.5 per cent. Its coalition parties were largely unchanged: the Maori Party was on 1.5 per cent (up 0.5 per cent), ACT 0.5 per cent (unchanged) and United Future 0 per cent (down 0.5 per cent).
The last Roy Morgan poll, held in the wake of the election of new Labour leader David Cunliffe, saw that party registering its highest popularity since Helen Clark was prime minister.
Pollster Garry Morgan said a Labour/Greens ticket would win easily if an election were held today.
He said Cunliffe has "re-invigorated" Labour, which sat just 4.5 per cent behind National.
NZ First rose slightly to 5 per cent; the Conservative Party (0.5 per cent) took a 1.5 per cent hit. Mana was unchanged on 0.5 per cent.
Roy Morgan polled 839 voters between September 30 and October 13.
Confidence in the government also fell with 55 per cent (down 4 per cent) saying New Zealand is heading in the right direction, compared to 31 per cent (up 1.5 per cent) who listed the wrong direction.

They [National] are already accepting that they have no support parties to assist them [National] next year. They know that the ACT party as such is dead in the water with Banks awaiting trial for fraud. While Dunne betrayed them by leaking information to Fairfax reporter during the GCSB stuff up. The Maori Party is dying a natural death because of its blind obedience to the National agenda of Asset Sales, beneficiary bashing, and future mining.

Now Key is no slug when it comes to manipulation of the media, he knows the above is true so his strategy will revolve around not needing support parties as such, but he will seek to buy support via other means, not win support via policy adaption, but by buying with cash his support required.

Here is what No Right Turn wrote on his blog:

Prime Minister John Key has indicated he will abandon election-year game-playing such as the Epsom cup of tea stunt, and instead will be more explicit with voters about whether he wants them to vote strategically in some electorates next year.

Asked whether Act leader John Banks could expect another "cup of tea" in election year after being told he must face trial over donations returns from his unsuccessful 2010 Auckland mayoralty campaign, Mr Key said it was too early to say.

He then indicated he intended to abandon such stunts and instead set out a clear position on coalition partners well in advance, including possibly openly endorsing candidates from other parties in some seats.

He said decisions would be made over the next year, but National intended to be clear with voters about its coalition options.

I don't have a problem with parties saying "we want to work with this person", or with them refusing to contest a seat or standing in name only if it advantages them. But I do want them to be open and honest that that is what they are doing, so that voters can judge both the relationship and the tactic. Key's announcement is a positive step towards such honesty and it is good to see.

Key is already being successful when No Right Turn wrote his last paragraph above, for it assumes that Key and National has a desire to be open and honest. 

Key will say and do what ever it takes to win, he has no interest in being open and honest and his record thus far absolutely proves that fact. 

Did he sack John Banks when the police report eighteen months ago said clearly that Banks lied and the only thing stopping him from appearing in front of a judge was the fact that the time for a prosecution had expired. Key never even bothered to read the report...according to him that is...yet other lie.

Did he own up the fact that the Police, GCSB, broke the law, no he did not. 

Did he admit that after have a meal with Sky City boss that he suddenly stopped all the other bids for building a convention centre in Auckland, no he did not. 

John Key wants us all to forget his past dirty tricks, to forget his manipulation, forget that National refused to make changes to the present MMP voting system, ones that would have stopped the buying of support by the National party…they clearly did not support democracy and honesty.

During the press conference and public relations exercise used by No Right Turn above here is what they also wrote: [from the Herald]

The cup of tea incident involving Mr Key and Mr Banks - aimed at sending a message to Epsom voters that Mr Key wanted them to vote for Mr Banks - was one of the defining features of the 2011 campaign, partly because of the fallout after a reporter's voice recorder was found on the table and the contents of the pair's conversation was later leaked.

The cup of tea became a way of signaling voters in an electorate that two parties could work together, but Mr Key's change of stance may indicate it has had its day now voters are more aware of strategic voting. 

Options National will be assessing include whether it can get Mr Banks back into Parliament, whether it should give Conservative Party leader Colin Craig a clear run in a safe National electorate, or whether it can help boost the Conservatives' chances of getting more than 5 per cent of the vote.

Mr Banks resigned as a minister this week after he was committed for trial over donations from SkyCity and Kim Dotcom in the 2010 Auckland mayoral campaign which was declared as anonymous.

So you decide, has Key suddenly found a willingness for honesty, openness and transparency. Or is he responding to the polls of late that suggest he is a goner...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A tale of two Mayors, Banks and Brown

News Release
15 October 2013
Statement from Mayor Len Brown
“I don’t intend to comment on the highly personalised allegations made on a blog site this afternoon.
“But I do confirm that I had a relationship with a woman that lasted around two years.
“I told my wife previously, and she and I are working through the issues privately. We are looking to protect our children as best we can.
“These are matters of an entirely personal nature and I ask that the media respect my family’s privacy.”
Brown confirmed the woman was not a council employee but served on a council advisory board and stood in this year’s election for a local board.

Chinese and American style politics hits Auckland City. Cameron Slater, the son of the right-wing campaign manager [and ex-National party President] of losing mayoral candidate an ex US multimillionaire import named John Palino reveals all, shock horror it could get the ‘Truth’ back on the printing press.

Maybe both he and the woman involved were so disappointed with the result of the election that they simply had to go public with the behavior of Len Brown.

While I don’t know Len Brown, nor the woman involved I would suggest that Cameron Slater is well known as a sleaze bag. His blog is famous for its errors and its low level scandal tripe on an ongoing basis.

This three month wonder [Slater] editor of ‘Truth’ that once infamous weekly once owned by a couple of imported brothel owners.

It would appear [based on her own statements] that the woman involved was more upset about not being paid than anything else, while I have nothing against those in the legal prostitution industry, and I suppose it is possible to fall in love or be attracted by a well performing sexual woman who knows how to create the right climate.

Married men should of course know better but judging by the number of divorces etc these days many don’t.

In no way am I making excuses either for Brown or his willing partner, I mean surely she knew he was married, I mean the affair lasted two years…and it is obvious that she was a willing partner. 

What people do behind closed doors is surely private especially when both are consenting adults.
Nor should we expect once the affair fell into Whaleoils slippery and grubby hands that it wouldn’t become public. That’s what Slater is all about.

I guess now we will have some low-life prying into John Palinos' background and family life in an attempt to find connections to the Mafia or the American criminal or financial fraternity as they are both intertwined these days. 

With a name like Palino which sure sounds Italian anything is possible. And of course the independent [unemployed] ex-Herald reporter whom some foolishly call a journalist could have a field day investigating Palino, but the true question is would Cam Slater publish it?

Anyway it sounds as if Brown will fight to hang on to his job and with a salary like that, he can do little else, at least in the short term. If born again evangelists’ and Pastors can have multi sexual affairs and keep their congregations’ happy so be it. Maybe Len should become a political evangelist. 

Part Two:

2.30pm Wednesday 16th October 2013:
John Banks that model of honesty and man of the people is to go before a judge to plead his case. 

This deeply honest yeah-right, and forthright ACT Party leader that was gifted the seat of Epsom over a cup of tea by the Prime Minister who is well practiced at giving wealthy millionaires free gifts: [Hollywood, Peter Jackson, and Sky City etc.]  At last has been brought to account.

Banks forgetfulness is well known, remember; he couldn’t even remember his ride in Kim Dotcoms' helicopter, or lunching with him, or telling him to put his donation to his mayoral fund in two lots of twenty-five thousand dollars so that he wouldn’t have to declare it. 

The same wee chap took $15.000 in a brown envelope from the boss of Sky City Casino and now it is Banks sole vote that will enable Sky City to make around four hundred million dollars extra over the next thirty years…[boy is that some pay-back]

Yes without his vote National via John Key and Steven Joyce couldn’t get the bill passed in Parliament. The irony is that the very same boss of Sky City will have to testify in court about John Banks.

Even at this late stage John Key still heaps false and empty praise on John Banks…he is a wonderful Minister, honest, hardworking and diligent so says John Key, yes the very same John Key, who couldn’t remember who Kim Dotcom was, even though Dotcom lived in the PM’s electorate.

I don’t know which is the worse, Len Brown and his infatuation with a willing participant in an attempt to relive his youth . 

Or John Banks and his crazy desire to rip off the citizens of Auckland and later New Zealand via fraud and manipulation. Was it for power reasons known only to himself, after all he didn’t need the money and he did lose the mayoralty to Len Brown now that’s what I call ironic…

What says you.  

Here ends the lesson.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Judith Collins has her pants in a twist

This from the Scoop web site got me thinking about Justice, Courts and the Death Penalty…:

“In the wake of the Privy Council decision on Mark Lundy, even Justice Minister Judith Collins has reportedly rejected the need for an independent body empowered to investigate contentious cases. This is all too typical pig-headedness on her part. Arthur Allen Thomas, David Bain, Rex Haig, David Dougherty and now Lundy…almost every major criminal case in New Zealand seems to have left large numbers of people with the feeling that our justice system regularly gets it wrong, and can’t be relied on to either (a) convict the right person or (b) manage the proceedings of justice in a way that instills confidence that the ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ standard has been properly met.[quote ends]

Justice Minister Crusher Collins has had a memory failure yet again…The names Arthur Allen Thomas, David Bain, Rex Haig, and David Dougherty don’t ring a bell in her empty head. And now Lundy…Mark that is, has flashed on to her radar…and that’s a big problem because it sort of proves that our police simply watch too much TV, where the cops are always heroic and correct and never wrong and where evidence just appears out of the blue, if you’ll excuse the pun…and the good guys always get their man.

When in fact they are both, [wrong or right] most of the time, especially it would seem, when proving people guilty of murder and such like. In Judith Collin’s blinkered eyes, evidence wasn’t planted by a now deceased detective and his mates, why because a top policeman praised the detective concerned while he was buried with full Police honours when many among the mourners and the public knew exactly what the Detective had illegally done.

Recently [three or four years ago] a young Maori was convicted of rape and murder, while the real killer remained at large continuing with his raping etc. A few months ago six top detectives went to their boss and said that they felt strongly that he was wrongly convicted…but as yet Judith Collins or the police bosses have refused to reopen the case…

This is clear evidence of how morally bankrupt the minister is in upholding justice. The police even admit that the so-called confession obtained was most likely forced rather than freely given. Oh the police finally caught the rapist after he had attacked many more victims over a two year period. Beat that for a mighty stuff up.

According to Crusher Collins this represents good team work, pride in ones unit so to speak and the key responsibility seems to be:never admit that mistakes are possible and have been made. 

That she would suggest this approach represents failure of the highest order, and politically that it is dangerous to ones political health especially if you have your eye on being Prime Minister.So instead of taking action she sits on her hands and grins that now well known smirk.

So that leads to erratic and idiotic behaviour that shuts down rather than revealing possible criminal and atrocious behaviour: like planting evidence to secure a heroic conviction. The new police cry seems to be ‘That we’ve got our man’, not that we’ve got the right man! And Judith baby calls that justice.

We are just lucky that the death penalty is not in favour these days because if it were then Arthur Allen Thomas, David Bain, Rex Haig, David Dougherty and now Mark Lundy…could well be dead.

As Judith Crusher Collins would and will, no doubt point out to the cabinet she unfortunately is a member of, ‘Just think of how much money we could save if we had the death penalty', and I’m sure the Sensible Sentencing Trust and its august leader would whole heartily agree with her, for they would appear to be of a like mind, in fact it is hard to tell the difference between that organisation and Judith Crusher Collins
No wonder ‘The Vote’ on TV 3 found that more citizens mistrust the police than trust them.

We need to do two things as quickly as possible. 1, Dump the minister and 2. Educate the Police.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hekia Parata awaits her orders.

Victory by 156 primary school kids over a John Key adored Minister of Education Hekia Parata has led directly to many other schools considering taking action to correct the Minister’s invalid and ongoing bad behaviour.

Christchurch schools facing forced closure in the city’s education shake-up are reconsidering their legal options after a High Court judge declared one merger unlawful.

When I was at school smacking was still permitted, and a pupil who disobeyed the rules often felt the heavy hand of the teacher. But it would seem that nowadays Ministers of Education, well ones named Parata, can get away with shocking behaviour because her head master is named John Key and he runs a sloppy but profit charter school.

It would seem that Parata is the teachers pet, for whenever she is caught out breaking long standing school rules he simply smiles and softly pats her on the head and says ‘well done for being so assertive’ and she curtsies while giving her biggest childlike colgate toothpaste gleaming and sparkling smile and utters ‘Thank you sire’, John Key holds out his hand and she gently kisses that self same hand and skips off and joins her class mates in the playground nicknamed Cabinet, John E and Jerry B and Steven J,  Judith C as they bully the smaller kids like John B and Peter D. It is of cause at the new charter school known as ‘Privileged Brats KFC Learning Centre for future leaders’ in the heart of Wellington.

While Phillipstown School, a decile 1 primary school with 163 pupils, may yet face closure, the community has welcomed the ruling as a major win. Justice John Fogarty declared that the Ministry of Education’s consultation process failed to meet the requirements of the Education Act in two respects. First, the importance of the cost of Phillipstown continuing on its current site was mistakenly played down. Second, the financial information Education minister Hekia Parata relied on was not reasonably broken down and explained in a manner that would have enabled a critique.

‘‘These failures of process mean that the minister has not lawfully merged Phillipstown with Woolston,’’ Justice Fogarty said.
‘Her decision is declared unlawful and is not valid. ’’It was the second time a Parata decision to close a school had been overturned by the High Court. Her decision to close Nelson’s Salisbury School, subject to a judicial review in December, was also deemed unlawful.

Now just imagine if you or I broke the law in such a manner would, we be lucky enough to have a smiling and understand, caring bundle of wisdom to protect our backsides.

Just imagine for one minute that Ms Parata was a simple but hard working public servant who was on an individual contract, as most seem to be now days…I’m sure that Head Master John Key would have named her publicly and said that what she did or failed to do was completely out of line, and was not up to the high standard of behaviour that he expects of his pupils [ministers]. He would no doubt add that she not only did it once, but twice.

He would also I’m sure remind us all, that when a past pupil Nick Smith failed to adhere to his stiff rules he was dumped and was brought back only when he had begged and pleaded that he simply couldn’t live on the unemployment benefit. It has been reported that others are now considering laying complaints against the dictatorial behaviour of his favorite class room pet Hekia Parata.

Branston Intermediate School Principal Jennifer O’Leary said she felt ‘‘sick’’ that she had not taken further action to prevent her own school from being closed. 

The Hornby School was set to close at the end of the year, with most pupils expected to go to Hornby High School. O’Leary said it was too early to say whether the court’s decision would prompt Branston to appeal too, but she would be speaking to the school’s board of trustees to determine their next move. ‘‘My initial reaction is if the consultation was illegal in Phillipstown’s respect and the costings were illegal in their respect then it would be the same for all the schools because the consultation was the same for each school.’’ 

There now needed to be some ‘‘political pressure’’ on the Ministry of Education and Parata to cancel all of the proposed closures and mergers, she said.

Parata has so far given no hint of whether she will appeal against the Phillipstown merger decision, resume consultation or concede defeat. This normal Key at the time of writing is out of the country being patted on the head by best mates and their financial whiz-kids.

Parata refused to front for interviews yesterday, and her press secretary, Florence Aiono, said she was also unlikely to do so today.

Prime Minister John Key said he still had ‘‘absolute confidence’’ in Parata despite the second bungled school closure. ‘‘We face court action all the time as the Government; the truth is the Government does lots and lots of things and in a democracy people have absolutely the right to challenge the decision. Many of them go our way, some of them go against us.’’ He rejected suggestions Parata had botched the process. This is true in some cases other than those relating to the GCSB, selling state assets, the Police, and anything to with John Banks.

Phillipstown School’s lawyer, Mai Chen, said if Parata opted to continue consultation based on the merger idea she would need to be very clear about why, then provides all the relevant information so the community could respond.