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  29th January 2016

This week: 1. Are letters to the Editor a thing of the past?

Does your local newspaper become more than useless when it selectively decides not to publish letters to the editor on a topic of currant and topical interest?
I would suggest when it fails to publish in an attempt to keep the public uninformed because of politically contrived reasons.
The 1st letter below was sent over eight days [plus] ago, and has not been published. That could be called an error. But when combined with the second letter which has not yet been published one could be forgiven for thinking that the Fairfax owned Manawatu Standard is following a nationwide pattern of downplaying the opposition to the TPPA, which according to the latest online polls is supported by around 60 to 80%. 

Unpublished letter one: Is this letter so shocking that it deserves being ignored or censored?

Our government seems hell-bent on giving away our functions as a free and independent nation in international trading – without consulting the citizenry – as it proceeds to host the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal (TTPA) early next month. The process also seems to encompass plans to ensure that NZ voters have no power: thousands of informed citizens - concerned that 'the deal' will allow foreign corporations to dictate disadvantageous trading policies to us and put our economy at risk – have lodged protests and found themselves ignored, essentially disenfranchised!

Do these circumstances point to some plan designed to obtain enhanced status for its MPs seeking benefits from foreign interests ( – think Hawaii!) by nullifying NZ debates? Our former PN mayor (now PN National list MP) has been quoted by Manawatu Standard reporter Georgia Forrester, January 16, as stating that debate about the TTPA was “unfounded protest.” “Some of it is just politically motivated.” Does he see a great political future for himself, now that he wants to dictate policy from Wellington?

The TTPA - Free protests will be in evidence everywhere in the next few weeks. One gets the impression that our National representatives don't give a damn. If “Politically Motivated” protests are ineffectual, what will we have to do to get our so-called representatives to take notice?

Name, address etc. was supplied.
[I’ve kept the name and address secret so as to ensure that the police don’t visit the writer as appears to happening elsewhere around the counntry]

Letter Two:

Editor MS

 According to Fairfax NZ [Manawatu Standard] report Monday 25th January 2016:
“Prime Minister John Key has defended his Government's support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in a fiery speech to Ratana followers.
I found it hard to accept that stupid statement especially since I can find nothing that would support the word ‘Fiery’.

Key's speech came after others at the annual Ratana Church celebrations expressed misgivings about the free trade deal and urged the Government to delay its signing, set down for February 4 in Auckland, until it is discussed more thoroughly with Kiwis.
Fears of a sizeable protest from anti-TPPA protesters at the event did not materialise, but several speeches made reference to the deal and how it could affect New Zealanders.

Here yet again the reporter created an illusion by stating:
After fielding criticism, Key responded with an impassioned address about his support for Maori which drew heckles from some in the crowd.

The word ‘impassioned’ simply creates a so-called sincere feeling or emotion by Key…yet the report does no such thing.
Key said his Government had improved the condition of Housing New Zealand homes in Ratana, and had improved the living conditions of both Maori and New Zealand as a whole.

This as is well understood by those who take an active interest in housing was simply crap of the highest order. Key went on to push the PR line that:
"This is a country that has the third-highest employment rate in the OECD; this is a country where wages are rising [Really], where the crime rate is falling [Really], where health outcomes are getting better [Says who].

Key defended the secrecy around TPPA negotiations, saying "every single free trade agreement negotiated by any government, with Labour or National", had been negotiated in confidence.

This of course is the big lie…in fact if you tell this massive fib enough times some people might actually believe it to be true…The PM then had the audacity to state:

Maori needed to "stand up for your young people" by supporting the deal and the economic benefits it would bring to New Zealand.

"Stand up for your young people; because your young people deserve a chance to get a job, your economy deserves a chance to succeed.

The TPPA text was "absolutely crystal clear" about the economic benefits for Kiwis and the clauses that were in place to protect New Zealand, Key said.

The only problem was nothing in the news item related to the text that describes the benefits that Key considers so obvious. So we could ask what benefits are obvious. Perhaps Jono Naylor could tell us about the benefits on Friday the 29th January 2016 at 11am when people are assembling at his electorate office at 45 King St.

Peter Wheeler
29d West Street PN

[I’m happy to reveal my contact details so that the police can visit me at any time to discuss my action plans regarding the TPPA, as I understand it NZ has no laws that ban protests etc. 

Peter J Wheeler

CAUTION: This message and any accompanying data are intended to be received only by the individual or entity identified and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and subject to copyright Thank you.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Is Key the John Wayne, Donald Trump of NZ Politics

Draft dodger John Wayne:

I was looking for someone to compare John Key with… and just yesterday I found two great examples: John Wayne, the American racist and draft dodger and Hollywood actor along with Mr Weirdo Donald Trump. This from Truthout:

Last week, a media scrum covered the endorsement of Donald Trump by John Wayne's daughter, Aissa Wayne. The press event was held at the John Wayne Museum in his hometown of Winterset, Iowa, just two weeks before the caucuses in that state.
In a campaign based on Trump's agile celebrity branding of himself, akin to a political Kardashian, the endorsement by John Wayne's daughter was another masterful move, invoking images of the "golden age" of white Hollywood male virility. Yet Wayne never enlisted in the military during World War II. His image as a war hero is purely derived from his acting performances of valour and flinty cowboy stoicism filmed on Hollywood sets.

Well, John Key has a similar background, he has a Hollywood style bunch of psychopaths working for him creating a false background of financial intelligence, yet this same caring guy, couldn’t even remember what his views were on the Springboks tour, in the seventies…likewise key was too busy to consider spending anytime with our military defending our interests etc. Hell no that could be dangerous. Now of course he just loves our troops that he sends them to fight Obama’s illegal wars.

Key sees himself as a cardboard celebrity hero rather than a real one, just as John Wayne did as he avoids military service. Of course Trump too had a rich man’s aversion to military service, Truthout says:     

“Of course, Wayne rose to fame by playing a symbol of power and strength in the movies, not by being one in real life. Similarly, Trump has taken his own tough-guy persona from his hit TV show, "The Apprentice," and made it his persona on the campaign trail.

An article on the website Neatorama examined Wayne's lucrative Hollywood years spent primarily in southern California, when not punctuated by vacations and filming in other locations. The recounting of Wayne's self-indulgent war years concluded: "From all the evidence, it just simply looks like a case of a man preferring to be a Hollywood movie star millionaire to being a $21.00 a month GI, risking his life in some foxhole or in a plane, overseas."
Similarly, Donald Trump chose not to serve in Vietnam. TheSmokingGun website discovered in 2011 that Trump's claim that he had received a high lottery number (the system used for drafting soldiers based on date of birth during most of the Vietnam War) wasn't true:
Despite Donald Trump’s claim this week that he avoided serving in the Vietnam War solely due to a high draft number, Selective Service records show that the purported presidential aspirant actually received a series of student deferments while in college and then topped those off with a medical deferment after graduation that helped spare him from fighting for his country....

Key is not dissimilar; he refuses to discuss some of the shadowy outfits he worked for as he misused the system created by Roger Douglas. He refuses to discuss his Ponzi style behaviour in relation to the financial collapse of countries like Spain, Ireland, and Iceland etc.
Key steers well clear of discussions around the bursting of the housing bubble in the US.
Now he loves to create a cardboard impression of a deep thinking boy financial wonder whiz-kid. Truthout continue:

Asked about the last of his five deferments, Trump said that his disqualifying medical condition was a bone spur in one of his feet (he could not remember which one). It is unknown on which golf course the injury was sustained.

Key has similar memory loss of various aspects of his past…He can’t remember how he voted in Parliament on the drinking age, on increasing GST, on if he pees in the shower, or even if he enjoys pulling pony tails. He can’t remember in what companies he has shares. He can’t remember if he knew the guy he illegally appointed as boss of the GCSB. Truthout went on saying:

“With Trump at [Aissa Wayne's] side, she told reporters, "The reason I am here to support Mr. Trump is because America needs help, and we need a strong leader, and we need someone like Mr. Trump with leadership qualities, someone with courage, someone who is strong like John Wayne."
Key - Hosking joined in the middle?
New Zealand’s equivalent to Aissa Wayne is without doubt Mike Hosking firstly and secondly Paul Henry. Truthout suggests that;

Neither Wayne nor Trump is larger than life. They are examples of "stars" who know how to embellish images into "larger than life" brands regardless of their personal failings. Wayne was masterful at depicting hardened heroes on celluloid, but avoided military service at a time when GIs were in fierce combat in WW II. Trump intuitively understands and manipulates the need for celebrity sensationalism on television - and has been a wily user of twitter to launch tawdry news bite grenades that the corporate media then broadcast eagerly.

Key naturally does the same…pretends to be what he is not, he is a paper image that secretly rests solely on his ability to buy what he wants using your money…he brought Hollywood favour using tax-papers money, he did the same with Sky City, did the same with the Saudi so-called business man who he bribed. He brought off Whale-Oil and especially the Auckland branch / Division of the National Party to ensure that he got a seat he couldn’t lose, not for him the hard work of pounding the street in search of votes…

I think that Donald Trump John Wayne and John Key are all tarred with the same brush…the brush of bullshit and image creation, because all three are really nothing more than con-artists of the highest order. I think John Key actually believes that because he creeps and crawls into the All Blacks dressing room holding a bottle of Tui makes him an All Black…when all it makes him is an idiot…[Does anyone know if he ever played rugby or cricket or anything for that matter?]  

Friday, 22 January 2016

Keeping Truth out of the News is vital

Stuff Newspapers and on-line news reaches a new low standard of so-called gutter journalism…read:

On the very day that NZ Maori voiced their serious and realistic concerns about Key signing away New Zealanders sovereign rights without debate or permission…

And while the main stream Media ignores Key’s submissive and gutless serf like behaviour to outgoing use of ‘extra-judicial killing machine use’ by hopeless and corrupted US President Obama.

Yet what we get as news is a direct steal from the pages of face book by one of our so-called leading media outlets…If I didn’t know it to be a fact…I’d say you must be kidding…I mean really a half-naked young woman takes preference over news of national importance. I mean it is absolutely unbelievable that trained [I think] journalists could produce such tripe and get paid for doing so. No wonder newspaper sales are dropping at a rapid rate. What person would want to be a journalist working under these conditions...

I mean this is the sort of Steven Joyce style crap dished out on a daily basis as Joyce attempts to defend Keys weird behaviour. How has our overseas owned corporate media developed such an over-powering capture of the PM Office media spinners…

The woman involved lives in Perth Australia, so our media could well be endangering this 32 year old…for the Australian government might decide that since the NZ media are publishing her story that she must be a secret NZ Citizen…and if that’s the case they may have to send her off to one their many illegal prison camps such as ‘Christmas Island’…and I wouldn’t wish punishment like that on even my worst enemy…but will our Australian owned media make that a headline…no way bro that would upset our PM. I know he told us that all those Kiwi's held on Christmas Island were murderers and rapists or child molesters...because the Australian PM told him so...we later found out he did not and that Key was yet again telling big fibs.

Still we should now expect to read about more leaks from the police on how they are preparing to protect Obama on his royal golfing tour to NZ during which he may oversee the signing of the TPPA deal…of course if we don’t sign we may well get a visit from a few drones targeting a few of the protesting leaders. Any deaths by drones will simply be collateral damage and will not be investigated…

I'm told that the rumour of the event being held at Sky City is correct, because it has a special deal with the Government and Police to maintain its leading position as NZ's top illegal money laundering location in the South Pacific.

If Key wants a riot, then I'm sure the police and the overseas media will organise one for him. 

A little history of the TPPA coruption.

The birth of the corruption now known as the TPPA

“Where have all the labour heroes gone? Long-time passing,
Where have all the labour party members gone;
Gone for knighthoods everyone, When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Roger Douglas / Peter Talley / John Key types] Yes it’s true that real people and their present or future welfare plays no part in accumulating excess and unnecessary wealth, crushing them is simply part of the standard process of growing fat off the efforts of others. Today these despicable types have become pretend heroes who are adored by the media. This is obvious when one considers the rise of the ‘Yes people mob, like Mike Hosking’s or Paul Henry and especially the creepy behaviour of Key in regard to pony tails and All Black dressing rooms. When did all this media manipulation start on a massive scale? Some would correctly suggest that David Lange’s handpicked Roger Douglas financial weirdo could have earned this dishonour.   
Yes it is true that sometimes open betrayal is the most profitable route for those who hunger for more personal wealth. [The

Roger Douglas
Roger Douglas cunningly but openly betrayed his so-called political party; he robbed the poor and rewarded the manipulating selfish few. One of those whom Douglas hugely assisted was John Key, the son of an immigrant welfare beneficiary and recipient of a State house and a family benefit.
Douglas opened up the NZ Financial markets and this allowed Key to manipulate the buying and selling of the NZ currency with a huge capital and tax free gain for Keys employer who in turn handed over huge bonus payments to Key.
Key [ a State funded qualified accountant] was in seven-heaven, all his dreams of unearned wealth came true, and to prove how grateful he was, wait for it…a few years later he knighted Roger Douglas. And that greedy and actual secret mobster became a financial mobster, like key.
He, [Douglas that is] created the super right-wing bunch of nutters later known as the ACT party.

And so New Zealand was set onto a downward path of ever declining security for the great bulk of its population as we started the massive selloff of the New Zealand way of life that we had with a great deal of struggle had designed, fought for and introduced from around 1935.

Douglas started the mad rush toward human hell by privatising anything that moved, Ruth Richardson with her “mother of all budgets” continued the brutal, planned and stupidly wasteful oppression of those on low wages or benefits.

When that bunch of right-wing neoliberalists were dumped yet another new bunch of so-called left-wing neoliberalists under Helen Clark continued with the individual wealth making behaviour taking the population even further and more quickly down the path toward greater inequality and ultimately poverty. The gap between the haves and the have-nots became not so much as a gap but an ever deepening crevasse. Helen Clark and her bunch never ever cancelled the inhuman cuts made by mad Ruth Richardson.

So in truth it mattered little if you voted National, Labour or even for the ACT drones, or believe it or not if you voted for fancy haired Peter Dunne, what you got was a weirdo bunch of neoliberalist want-to-be-rich-or-richer idiots who thought mostly about themselves rather than the nation as a whole.

Put simply the general so-called middle-class willingly accepted the public relations clap-trap that a one-sided partnership between the money and employer classes and a bribe prone   government [be it Labour or National] was the best that we as a country could hope for.

Now we could spend hours debating which of the above past or present leaders were and still are in some cases most responsible for the corruption, back stabbing, and self-seeking bunch of nitwits we sometimes referred to as our government. But that of course would simply prolong the stupid situation that presently exists around the TPPA so-called debate.

Think about the process:

Helen Clark supported by her undercover neoliberals seeks a TPPA style [trade?] agreement.
The United States reaches the conclusion that it needs to be a part of this arrangement because it is vital to their policing of the world. It concludes that it can’t keep being at war forever and using its military as the major weapon to control other governments / countries law making as they attempt to look after their separate citizens. The US sees the TPPA style of deal as the best means of economic control.

This is vital because China is becoming a direct danger to the US’s world domination [dictatorship]. Couple this with the US military ability to use drones to take out any opposition or activity that impedes military progress. It also needs a handover of judicial and local [law making] control to enable control by mainly its corporate bodies who are answerable to no one but themselves.

It is these corporates with the power to sue governments including the NZ Government which is so concerning to a huge majority of Kiwi individuals.

The problem is that all our media ownership [TV3, all our print media including our local weekly give-aways plus our massive number of commercial radio outlets] here are owned and controlled from overseas by the very corporations who are deciding the content of the TPPA. The bulk of the so-called agreement is not about free trade or even fair trade, it is about control by corporations increasing their copy-write laws, exclusive work place control and of course the control and manipulation of medical services and medication and treatment.
Well many thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Kiwi’s are sick of being misled, bulls***** to, lied to and ignored by the media…

Do you hear the people sing? That moving song from Les Misérables. Have a listen to that moving song:

These people protesting are not [as suggested by List MP, recent National Party new comer and nose in the pig feeder Jono Naylor] a rent a crowd. But are everyday caring people with a social conscience: Something difficult for him to understand: