Saturday, 30 August 2014

Collins crushed by new email.

Judith Collins has given up the ghost…removed her battle-axe…and waved the white flag…ditched her fellow muck-raker buddy Cameron Slater who had just returned to NZ after doing his PR deal with Israeli news-media.     

This is the full text of the email released by the Prime Minister today and which led to the resignation of Judith Collins as Justice Minister. It dates from 2011.

This is from the NZ Herald, which is most ironic when you consider the help its reporters and editorial staff have given Judith Collins, Cameron Slater and a bunch of other National party psychopathic idiots like Simon Lusk, Paul Henry, Mike Hoskins etc. 

From Cam Slater

To mark {redacted] Carrick

“OK guys here is an update on the state of play on Adam Feeley.
Today is the 4th straight day of headlines and additional revelations about Adam Feeley
I am maintaining daily communications with Jared Savage at the Herald and he is passing information directly to me that the Herald can't run and so are feeding me to run on the blog. in the meantime I also have additional information flowing in via my tip line. That information will be drip fed into the media or via my blog.
Herald articles
Fran O'Sullivan: More than a storm in a champagne flute
Editorial: SFOs bubbly an error of judgment
SFO bubby celebrations vindictive: Petricevic
Ex-SFO chief decries champagne incident
Cathy can outline her contact with Fran O'Sullivan separately. Basically though the Herald and other media are now picking up our lines that this situation is like "Caesar's Wife" where the SFO must be beyond reproach. If he nicked a bottle of wine what else has he nicked or hidden from receivers and liquidators?
So far the Herald has been running NBR to publish on Friday. Cathy will be chatting with Jock Anderson and I will cover Matt Nippert.
Our (Cathy's) nickname for Feeley (Five Fingers Feeley) has stuck. journalists ringing me actually use to describe Feeley now in phone conversations.
I also spoke at length with the Minister responsible today (Judith Collins). She is gunning for Feeley. Any information that we can provide her on his background is appreciated. I have outlined for her a coming blog post about the massive staff turnover and she has added that to the review of the State Services Commissioner. She is using the review of these events to go on a trawl looking for anything else. It is my opinion that Feeley's position is untenable.
I have also arranged with Matthew Hooton for iPredict ( the prediction markets to have a new stock released so people can invest on the probability of Adam Feeley getting the sack before Christmas or leaving. These stocks [Email cuts off]

The email refers to former SFO chief executive Adam Feeley to the State Services Commission for celebrating the laying of charges against failed company Bridgecorp with a bottle of champagne recovered from Bridgecorp's former headquarters in 2010.
The commission found that this was ill-advised and poor judgement.

Mr Feeley was also criticised for distributing a biography of deceased failed businessman Allan Hubbard at a staff Christmas party.

In Mr Slater's email, released by Mr Key, Mr Slater says that he was speaking to Ms Collins, who was "gunning for" Mr Feeley.

The email also mentions New Zealand Herald journalists who were running stories on the matter at the time. The emails is sent to to multiple people including Carrick Graham, a public relations professional who is a central figure in Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics.


Two big stories the NZ Herald broke regarding Adam Feeley in 2011 were independent of Whale Oil, and sourced from other contacts. It was good journalism, and in the public interest.
Reporters will have conversations with contacts from all sides of the political spectrum every day - it's our job to be fully aware of the source and their motivation, verify the information, and present it in a fair, accurate and balanced manner.
Whale Oil was one of a number of people Jared Savage spoke to as the issue rolled on, to find out what he knew. Some information would have been shared, but none of it, in our view, pivotal or relevant to our inquiries.

Friday, 22 August 2014

How many last chances can Judith and the PM get?

"We are witnessing something never seen before: this is the dirtiest campaign in New Zealand political history.

Yes, politics has always been gutter, but this is a new low. This is hacking, stealing and fear. This is about a group of bloggers and political operatives dealing to opponents with brutal tactics and blackmail. The Mafia would be impressed.

Where will it stop? What do the hackers now want? What is the ideal outcome?
Utu doesn’t look pretty. No one really knows who is behind what. Is the group Anonymous now involved? Who knows?
This is what we do know:
John Key employed a ‘black-ops’ man Jason Ede in his office. His job was to communicate with right-wing bloggers. That’s code for dish dirt on opponents and take them out. It’s ugly.
The PM now can’t answer any questions regarding Ede and that’s simply not good enough. The Prime Minister suddenly looks in trouble.
Ede needs to be sacked, but Key can’t do that can he because he knew what was going on and endorsed it. Key is also defending a National Party staffer’s role in accessing the Labour Party computer. Key should be condemning this behaviour; it doesn’t matter if the door was open, you don’t walk into that house.
Key needs a better defence than to just be in denial about all this, so much of it has clearly happened. His defence is now part of the weakness.
And if he doesn’t sign off SIS Official Information Act requests as the Minister, then who does? Isn’t that his job? Surely he’s not so hands off he suddenly doesn’t know anything about anything. It doesn’t work like that in the PM’s office. They are told everything.
And then there’s Justice Minister Judith Collins. She should be sacked. She should not be a Minister.
Collins released, to Whaleoil, the name of a public servant she thought was behind leaking details on Bill English’s housing allowance controversy. She was passing laws against cyber-bullying and then engaging in it as a central player. She was sending Whaleoil late night texts. She has been outed as an evil, mean and central player in the black-ops game.
When former Labour Party Minister David Benson-Pope got a public servant sacked, the partner of one of John Key's trusted right-hand men, he lied about it. He was caught out and Helen Clark sacked him. He was a nasty piece of work and he was found out.
Why does Key continue to back Collins? Because he knew what she was up to? Her behaviour does not meet the standards to be a Minister. She should be gone and I make no apologies for my hard stance. Key needs to ask some hard questions of her and punish her.
That he can’t and won’t suggests he’s in on the game, too. Of course all sides play dirty games, I’ve said that for a long time. Right now, however, National’s house of horrors is on show. The Prime Minister needs to take some action, admit some errors and accept what some of his people were up to – because this is a new form of ugly – and his defence is brittle, if not already broken".

Now who wrote the above, was it Nicky Hagar? No, Was it the Standard Blog site? No it was not. Was it the Daily Blog site? No it was not. Was it some crazy left wing nutter the equivalent to the gutter blogger Cameron Slater of the now infamous right-wing dirt machine know as the Whale-oil blog? No because there is no equivalent bog-hole blog on the left that can't write a single sentance without the F or C word embedded in it. Well someone wrote it...true but who...

And the truth is it was Duncan Garner one of the 'Radio Live' team of right-wing broadcasters or so-called commentators all of whom were once good friends of John Key and adored by those strange people who listen relentlessly to talk-back radio.  

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The interview that proves JK is a liar.

This from RNZ...

The Prime Minister is standing by his minister Judith Collins, who is under fire following the release of the book Dirty Politics. John Key told Morning Report it was a smear campaign.
Nicky Hager's book, released last week, claimed senior National Party members and staff were involved in feeding embarrassing and potentially damaging information on political opponents to right-wing bloggers.
The minister has admitted she passed to Cameron Slater the name of a public servant, who the blogger then said was the source of a leak to the Labour Party. The leak had allowed Labour MPs to question Finance Minister Bill English in Parliament about his accommodation allowance in 2009.

Mr Key told Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme he hasn't asked Ms Collins about the matter.
"At the end of the day we're five weeks out from an election, people can see that Nicky Hager's made a whole lot of things up in his book, (they) can see he can't back a lot of them up," he said.
"People can see this is a smear campaign by Nicky Hager."

Listen to this interview and decide if KEY is a liar!

Asked whether it was appropriate for the Justice Minister to pass on the name of a public servant who was then severely sanctioned on a website, he said he did not know all the details.
"What I do know, is that it is a series of selective pieces of information, many of which can't be backed up."
Ms Collins is also facing pressure to stand down as a minister over whether she leaked confidential ACC information to Mr Slater. She has strenuously denied those allegations.
Mr Key was asked if he was happy to associate himself with Mr Slater. "At the end of the day he's not my guy, Cameron Slater ... anyone who knows Cameron Slater knows that he's a force unto himself."
The prime minister said that, whether he liked it or not, social media was now part of the media network and he had to deal with it.
He is also standing by former staff member Jason Ede, now working for the National Party, for accessing a Labour Party website that was meant to be secure.

'No knowledge of OIA request'

The book also alleged the Prime Minister's office tipped off Mr Slater about the contents of classified SIS documents and how to request them in order to smear the then-Labour leader Phil Goff.
The book raises questions about how Mr Slater so quickly got a copy of a briefing given to Mr Goff early in 2011 from the Security Intelligence Service. It says Mr Key or his office must have been involved.
Mr Key said the Official Information Act (OIA) request did not come across his desk and did not sign off on it.
"I knew there were requests, I would have known because generally they say there's a series of requests into the SIS or the GCSB but they often sign off on, well they always sign off on, things on their own timetable. We've got slightly better processes now, so they'll tell me."

Dotcom not linked to Hagar book - Harre

Internet Party leader Laila Harre has rejected suggestions that party founder Kim Dotcom is linked to information used as the basis for Mr Hager's book.
Listen to Laila Harre on Morning Report ( 8 min 20 sec )
The book is largely based on material hacked from Cameron Slater's Whaleoil website, and Mr Slater believes Kim Dotcom was the source. Both Nicky Hager and Mr Dotcom have denied that.
Ms Harre told Morning Report the situation was clear. "Nicky Hager and Cameron Slater are the two people whose evidence is out here on this source of the hacking. Who do you believe? Nicky Hager has said that the origins of the information had no association whatsoever to do with Kim Dotcom."
Meanwhile, the Internet Party leader is demanding the Prime Minister remove any responsibility Justice Minister Judith Collins has for the Electoral Commission.
Ms Harre said it was untenable for Ms Collins to remain responsible for the commission when she is so deeply involved in activities outlined in the book.

The interview proves beyond doubt that Key is a liar... he was completely rattled and proves that without his bully boys Slater and Collins he is nothing more that a hack ex-finance rip-off artist. Bring on the election.  

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Investigative journalism at its best.

Nicky Hagar has done it again…stunned the main stream media by proving that investigative journalism can be found if one looks hard enough…right now it can’t be found in the MSM published by our overseas owned daily papers. The Herald has completely been taken over by right wing corporations. These same corporations have taken over our Television screens as well, and the state owned TVNZ has become simply a copy cat in the race to the bottom of the heap, with programmes like ‘Seven Sharp’ bringing all the gutter style tripe in the style of the lowest common denominator talk back radio show idiotic clap-trap.
So the work of Nicki Hager stands out, something worthy of being read. Some thing that, could lead one to, form a balanced opinion, on the behaviour of the government and especially at election time. The Prime Minister naturally will condemn Nicky Hager’s work as the work of a conspiracy theorist… that of cause is a natural reactive response while he searches for a way out of his dilemma and he will no doubt turn to the very people named in the book to help him create a cover story to explain his very real and damaging situation.
People like Paul Henry, a failed broadcaster and badly beaten, National Party Candidate has already set up a straw man to knock down…by using, of all things a speed reader to give his views on the book…naturally and predictably this speed-reader found that the book not worthy of purchase. So we can all sleep tight knowing that the Prime Minister is absolutely wonderful, honest, trustworthy, open handed and God like…exactly the qualities’ that a money trader requires to make 60 to 70 million dollars in five or six years… A career that publicly and rightly, earned Key the nickname of the ‘Smiling assassin’. If you believe Paul Henry’s child like defence of the PM you deserve to be hoodwinked.
Now a good friend dropped a copy of the Nicky Hager book ‘Dirty Politics’ off to me on Thursday at our usual lunch gathering. Its published by craig potton publishing. The book is available from Bruce McKenzie bookshop in the library building in George St in Palmerston North. And I’m continuing to write this blog after a quick read. Its not a long book 166 pages including the subject index. It is stunning to say the least. Nicky Hager never ceases to amaze me with his ability to get to the meat of the issue without wasting words. This book follows that wonderful trend, it is concise and easily understood and if I was the PM or Judith [Crusher] Collins or especially Cameron Slater I’d start looking for other employment. No matter how you dress up their behaviour all three plus other are guilty of serious misconduct and most certainly broke the law as we all understand it.

This from Vicky Buck in Christchurch: Just so you get a flavour of the revolting language and thought process that becomes very clear in Nicky Hager's book out today ---here's Cameron Slater talking about Christchurch - all of us (!!!pp26 - 27)
“The place is fucked.. They should just board it up and close it down "
His mate Peter Smith replied " A real tragedy, but it will fuck Labour for the election "
Slater : yep . Blessings
Peter Smith "What I can't believed is how we have to bail out these useless pricks on the South Island again . I said to someone today National should let them rot, after all they are useless scum Labour voters especially in areas where the earthquake hit - well hopefully more scum Labour voters will piss off to Australia - at least the fucking uninsured get nothing "
Slater replies : those suburbs are hard core Labour - the owners will be Nat voters though and the voters tenants , so the houses are gone and the scum are gone too and so they should get nothing"
Yuk, Yuk and Yuk!!!

Another blogger wrote this about Judith Collins that strange Chinese millionaire loving Minister of ACC and Justice. She is talked about in the book and is Cameron Slater’s best buddy and she is most likely even closer than Key…hence the reason why Key can’t sack her.

 “There has been some very dodgy dealings going on at the very highest levels and Minister Collins has been implicated in events that have yet to be adequately explained,
1.      Who leaked Bronwyn Pullar’s name to the NZ Herald?
2.      Who leaked Ms Pullar’s information to a certain right-wing blogger?
3.      What was right-wing activist, and National Party apparatchik, Simon Lusk’s involvement in this issue?
4.      Did Collins know that the report from ACC contained falsehoods?
5.      If the answer to #4 is in the affirmative, when did she become aware of the falsehoods?
6.      Why has Minister Collins not called for an investigation into the authors of the report?
Instead of acting decisively to get to the bottom of this extraordinary matter, Collins’ reaction has been to… issue defamation lawsuits against Labour MPs Andrew Little and Trevor Mallard!? How does suing MPs, who are asking hard questions, help clear up this murky affair?
It is clear to even the most partisan National supporter that ACC’s management was out of control and engaging in dubious activities. At the very least,  the Police complaint laid by ACC against Bronwyn Pullar appears to constitute an offence of wasting Police time”. Quote ends.

So if you can get a copy of the book and have a read...what ever you do don't simply accept the words coming from paid clones like: Mike Hosking, Mathew Hooten, Clair Robinson, David Farrar, Duncan Garner and Patrick Gower all of whom are psychopathic Nat supporters and members of the Cameron Slater fan club.