Monday, 11 September 2017

Guest Blog: The US a failing empire

Peter Grove guest blog
I have recently been thinking about the past few years of what has been befalling Stateside.
Go back to Katrina and the devastation of New Orleans. Fast forward to present day with Harvey, Irma and Jose.
Then look a little further in the past to the ascendance of the lunatic Trump. Go back further to the days of Iraq.
Both for the George Bush war and the earlier episode in Iraq lead by his father. If you recall in that war the yanks bulldozed sand into trenches where Iraqui defenders were sheltering, killing hundreds, merely trying to defend their country. 
Then fast forward to the resistance of Fallujah which was virtually razed by the military for its resistance to takeover.These are but a few of the examples of American intransigence and overwhelming exercise of military power. Then think about 9/11 and the fuss that erupted then, from the mere suspicion it was a group of middle eastern dissidents that orchestrated the twin towers episode. Everyone has been lead to believe that was the actual scenario. Never mind the strange outcome of the event. The destruction of the twin towers and the adjoining building that appeared to fall down of its own accord, with the hallmark appearance of it being a controlled demolition, as were the twin towers. The subsequent enquiry which, ever you look at it, gave all the appearance of a carefully orchestrated white wash. 
The anguish of the Yanks over that episode is still fresh in many peoples’ minds. Think back to that day and rack your mind to see just how much worse it was, in the American mind, than the unending death and destruction being dished out almost daily on other countries of the world on the false supposition that in some way they orchestrated 9/11 on their own. Take all of those events, put them all together, and wonder about them being in the form of Divine Retribution for the evil the yanks have visited around the world,in the period under consideration. 
Bear in mind the biblical admonition, as ye sow so shall ye reap, and the thought of Divine Retribution, appears to be more and more feasible. Have a think about the American Banking system’s lurch into derivatives and the oncoming world-wide financial crash looking more and more imminent day by day.We have already had a foretaste of it in the financial crash of 2008.  
Hit and Miss, the Hager book portrays how our military, was lead astray by American intervention that ended in what should have been more or less a normal patrol which ended so disastrously, and in which, 26 civilians, men women and children were killed by snipers firing from helicopters in the dead of night at the behest of our own SAS, on the authority of our very own dearly beloved, Sir Don Key Kreyp. Since when did he assume the role of a supreme military commander? It was very plain reading the book the raid was purely in retribution for the death of one of our soldiers some months prior. The subsequent denials by our own military indicate the event was something contrary to the normal rules of warfare as well as those of the Geneva Convention.
These are but a few of the horrendous episodes that can be laid fairly at the doorstep of the Yanks, with their overwhelming, Might is Right philosophy.
My opinion is that the sooner the evil empire comes crashing back down to earth and reverts to its former largely insignificant role in world affairs The better it is going to be for each and every country on earth.
There are too many unexplained episodes in recent American history, to suspect otherwise, from the whitewash of the Kennedy Assassination, to the same, surrounding 9/11. where tons of steel RSJ used in the construction of the towers were stacked neatly on site only to be shipped to India as scrap with none of the microscopic investigations the Yanks are famous for, having taken place. 
It was almost a case of the less said the better! The problem seems to be that for so long the Yanks have wallowed in their fantasy world of Hollywood they have completely lost all touch with reality. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Military a changing role.

I have often tried to justify my time in the NZ Defence Forces. At the time of enlisting in 1959 I was a nineteen-year-old who joined to become independent while seeking adventure and excitement.

The army was for me at that time a peace keeping force playing its role in creating a climate of peace rather than war as such.

I had planned, if you could call it that, to serve a five year term, but in the end I did twenty years. I started at the bottom [Private] and progressed through the ranks, I retired as a WO 1 and was later commissioned and served with the Wellington West Coast Taranaki Regt.
During my RF service I served with the NZ Regiment in Malaysia based in Teradak.
While on operations I never once felt that I was asked or did go outside of the then operating procedures. Never did I feel that my commanding officers, at whatever level, needed to lie publicly or privately about our behaviour.

Yet it was with great regret that I read NRT blog.
Blogger No Right Turn published this blog on Wednesday, September 06, 2017 and I reprint in full here:

NZDF lied to us’

Stuff has a follow-up piece from The Valley, exposing the NZDF PR machine in action. Back in 2013, when they released the findings of their inquiry into the Battle of Baghak, they also released a video of NZ soldiers in the field. They said this was to show the public what the battle was like, and to show how NZDF troops acted calmly and professionally under fire. Except that was a lie: the sound was edited. While supposedly to remove swearing, that editing completely changed the impression of what was going on:
The manipulation of the video is far more than just the removal of swearing.

Whole chunks of dialogue taken out are conversations which indicate the level of confusion at the battle site. And of the deleted parts, most of it has no swearing at all.

But actually, it's worse than that. Removing other (non-swearing) parts of the audio disguised the extent to which soldiers were confused and did not know who was where. (It's also worth noting The Valley revealed radio communications were not working properly that day).
This was a major issue during the battle, and its censoring gives, at the very least, a disingenuous picture of how things played out.
There's a name for this: propaganda. And NZDF tried to do it to us, using our money. And that's simply not acceptable in a democracy. NZDF's refusal to admit this was wrong shows how badly they need to be cleaned out, their anti-democratic commanders sacked and replaced with officers who know who they serve: the people of New Zealand. [NRT Blog ends]

Once NZ moved down the American pathway into war, our whole military ethics changed and I saw that change come about. It ate its way into our standards and our goals. We become nothing more than a unit of the American Military Forces. Malaysia and Borneo were the last events where our forces were free [in part] of American contamination.

Vietnam was the stepping stone into the true era of fighting other people’s wars and we have gone downhill ever since.

Korea a supposed United Nations action was in reality a US war where other nations were sucked in. All the other nations that took part, including the UN consider the Korean War to be over but the Americans don’t. We’ve only got to watch the behaviour of the present US President Donald Trump to see what madness still exists deeply embedded in his nation.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel are all clear examples of American contamination and failure. It would seem that the US has no desire to see wars end, because their economic welfare depends on continuing wars.
The contradictions are clear, North Korea builds an atom bomb and they are evil terrorists, the US and Israel builds the bomb and they are heroic protectors of world peace. Our Government past and present have brought into this stupidity.

To get this false message across the US uses huge amounts of state controlled    propaganda’ and today here in NZ our military forces march to that tune, our Officers and other ranks have all come under the influence of the US military dogma and have therefor lost there once independence in regard to military operational practice.

The kind of honesty expressed in the NRT blog needs to be supported by each of us individually and collectively.

Monday, 28 August 2017

I cannot tell a lie

While Bill English suffers from memory loss concerning rental income, gay marriage, and that he has never used birth control methods and that the year 2002 never existed in the National Party history book.

While Jacinda never met Tony Blair, loves children, fails to understand policy and her main weapon is her smile. And in no way is she a neoliberal and never really ever believed that Roger Douglas was a Labour Party Minister of Finance.

Then we have really old Winston Peters, an ex-Treasurer who has been sacked by three Prime Ministers, and who can’t remember just how much money he paid back to the MSD for over payment of his over 65 national super.

The picture [above] relates to American Presidents: 

Where do you think our budding and want-to-be Prime Ministers English / Ardern / Peters fit. 
Is it Washington, Nixon or Trump or is it all them.

Bill English can’t pretend to follow the Washington model, because we know he’s told lies and having six children proves immigration is not a problem to him as he has his own population increase programme. He is not quite a Nixon in that he can tell the truth at times but often one needs to question his truth. So maybe he fits more into the Trump style. You decide.

Jacinda Ardern is different from the three American Presidents; she is a woman. Therefor she is less practised at the political art of half-truth, outright lies, all those skills could appear after the election but at least she starts with clean slate. I think she is closer to Washington in so much as ‘I cannot tell a lie…yet’ but tomorrow, who knows.

Winston Peters the only minor party leader who can picture himself as being PM. He of course received his training under the master of the big lie, Rob Muldoon. Remember Muldoon was Peters’ hero model way back then when Peters was a good National Party MP. But alas they sacked him, so he created his own party, and joined National again, then he went with Labour. So maybe he fits into the Trump style and really can’t tell the difference.

The only PM I remember who clearly fits all three Presidents was John Key, Remember his ‘No new taxes’, then he raised GST. His pony tail pulling episodes [10]; his closing down the media by using the police to raid them after his cup of tea with John Banks; his illegal raid on the Kim Dotcom mansion in Auckland; his appointment of his old school buddy to the top job in the GCSB; and lastly his order to the NZDF to raid a village in Afghanistan that led to the deaths of twenty-one civilians and the later promotion of the DF Chief at the time to Governor General.

Still the American people will decide the fate of their really strange President, we never got the chance to decide the fate of our ‘Can never tell a lie PM, Never tell the truth PM, or didn’t know the difference PM because he bailed out, took a Knight Hood and is looking for American citizenship sometime in the future.

But we should not forget that sweet wee Bill English had nine years training by this ex-PM I’ve no doubt that some of his manipulative skills have found themselves deeply embedded in his brain.  

So its now over to you...yes YOU the voter to decide the fate of the nation, will you select the 'I cannot tell a lie type? Or will you prefer the 'I cannot tell the truth type? Or will you prefer the 'I don't know the difference type?

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Dunne Gone a look back to 2002

With Peter Dunne out of the picture:  will the 2017 election become a copycat of the election held in 2002, who knows but National has the very same leader Bill English. The report below is from Audrey Young NZ HERALD reporter at that time.

My view is that she may have to do so again… maybe she could just change a few names and call it square!

  AUDREY YOUNG political reporter
 Infighting continues to rage in the National Party as leader Bill English signals upheavals ahead following a devastating election result - "the worst day of my political life".
National's fortunes dived from 39 MPs to just 27. Of those, 21 are electorate MPs and six list MPs. And in 16 of the 21 electorates it won, Labour polled higher than National in the party vote.
When the caucus convenes at Parliament tomorrow, a bulk-order of 16 silver trays will be presented to outgoing MPs: six retiring and 10 defeated: Gavan Herlihy (Otago), Tony Steel (Hamilton East), and list MPs Bob Simcock, Alec Neill, Belinda Vernon, Anne Tolley, Eric Roy, Arthur Anae, Marie Hasler and Annabel Young.

Warfare between party president Michelle Boag and her detractors is still festering with her claiming that their disunity contributed to the result and that they are happy with it.
"I think it might be called very, very, very sour grapes," she said.
"These are very small numbers of people who don't like a democratic decision that went against them and have undermined the party's prospects consistently."
She said former president John Slater [the father of rightwing bogger Cameron Slater] wished Labour president Mike Williams luck on Saturday.
Mr Slater's greatest caucus supporter, Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson, called for Michelle Boag's head.
"A resignation from her would lance a very big boil and let us get on with the job of what we've got to do," he said.
"There were other factors involved with National's performance but they are trivial compared with Michelle Boag."
The main problem was that she wanted to be the "big issue", but she "never should be. People should not even really know who [the president] is."
But southern regional chairwoman Ailsa Smail told the Herald: "Williamson's the boil that needs lancing, not Michelle.
"It's unfair to blame Michelle Boag. Michelle has worked particularly hard. She's a great leader. She leads by example."
Michelle Boag would not rule resignation in - or out…
No one person was in charge of the campaign, which in itself has been a source of dissatisfaction. It was the work of a committee: Mr English, Michelle Boag, director-general Allan Johnston, deputy leader Roger Sowry, MPs Murray McCully and Simon Power, as well as Mr English's advisers Tim Grafton and Sue Foley.

Following caucus rules after an election defeat, Mr English's leadership will be put to the test tomorrow, but he is expected to be overwhelmingly confirmed. [Will this be the case in 2017?]
Annabel Young expressed concerns that many in the party are voicing.
"I don't think we had a campaign. I don't think we had a strategy.
"The only person with any campaign experience on the campaign committee was Murray McCully."
Mr English was in a brighter mood yesterday to begin what he called "the permanent campaign" than the despair he succumbed to on Saturday night.
After a series of media interviews following his concession speech, he broke down in tears and was taken by staff to a more private room to be consoled by his wife, Mary…

The test will be how bold he is with his front bench and how his old friends and fellow members of the so-called brat pack fare: Mr Sowry, Tony Ryall and Nick Smith.
* Two Auckland political scientists agreed National failed to distinguish its policies from that of Labour - but they were still surprised by the size of National's thumping…

Dr Miller said Labour had purged itself of Rogernomics, [Really] but National had struggled to distance itself from its own perceived failings.
"You have to decide what you stand for, and I feel Bill English was looking to policies they had tried in the 1990s. It was as though they hadn't repositioned themselves," Dr Miller said.
Having Don Brash in the party did not help that - voters may have seen him as being a throwback to radical economics.
The Auckland University deputy head of politics, Dr Joe Atkinson, said the party's advertising was "appalling" and its opening moves "amateurish". Dr Atkinson said Mr English improved during the campaign, but was yet to match Helen Clark.
"Bill English is a bit of a waffler, a sloganeer - up against Helen Clark with her magisterial grasp of policy detail."
Both political scientists said Michelle Boag would cop much of the blame for the defeat - whether justified or not.

Summary of the 27 July 2002 New Zealand House of Representatives election results

% of votes









other parties



informal votes

disallowed special votes

total votes cast


All of the above makes for interesting reading…right now Audrey Young must be sharpening her pencil…and we must wait and see just what eventuates on the 23rd of September 2017.