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Death Penalty to be sped up...more innocent people will die.Green Challenge for Mayoral spot. Wheelers Corner 40 17th August 2019

Renee Dingwell, Teanau Tuiono and Brent Barrett add a touch of Green.
Local News Headlines...
1. Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith is standing again...but this time the Greens are putting forward a candidate to oppose Smiths do nothing attitude and that person is Teanau Tuiono.
Education consultant and international environmental activist Teanau Tuiono has announced he is running for the Palmerston North City Council mayoralty as a Green Party candidate.
Speaking from the steps of the city chambers as he handed in his nomination papers, alongside Green Party City Council candidates Brent Barrett and Renee Dingwall, Tuiono says, “Our city needs a strong community voice for people and the environment at the head of the council table.

We need to take the impacts and causes of climate change seriously, and do the work now to plan for our future. Unlike some coastal communities our city is under-prepared for the challenges and changes to come.“

“As Mayor I will stand up to tackle the climate crisis, putting a local plan in place so the climate changes expected in the next 10, 20, 30 years are prepared for, and the consultation and conversations get underway now.

Together with Brent Barrett and Renee Dingwall, I will stand up for a more open and inclusive democracy within our city council - we need a values-led approach to our decision making, and to shine the light onto all council decisions, including those to support arms-trading events from city-run venues.

“I will stand up for Māori representation ensuring that the voices of tangata whenua are heard at the governance table acknowledging the importance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
It’s time for change to tackle the immediate challenges we have socially and environmentally and I encourage people of all parties and none to stand with me."

Supporting Tuiono, local Green Party Councillor Brent Barrett says, “Teanau is a familiar face on the streets of Palmerston North and is known as a passionate community organiser with strong connections with many of our diverse communities that call Palmerston North home. 
He is recognised internationally and at home as a serious advocate for environmental change, and expects to run a well-supported grassroots campaign.

Short bio:

Tuiono lives within the city boundaries in Pohongina. He works as an education consultant and was the most recent ‘Activist in Residence at CARE: The Center for Culture-Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation at Massey University.

He has extensive experience working at the United Nations particularly at the intersection of indigenous rights and the environment. He was based in Paris for a number of years working at UNESCO and worked for the International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change during the Paris Climate Treaty negotiations. 

Earlier this year he was invited to speak at the High-Level event on Culture and Sustainable Development by the President of the UN General Assembly in New York.

He stood for the Green Party in the 2017 General Election in South Auckland and was a high ranked list candidate.

Teanau is married with four children.

The following is the MS item in Saturdays paper...

2. Killing the guilty and the innocent is now US policy once again:

It has been reported that Donald Trump [Frumpf] keeps a book about Adolf Hitler in his bedside cabinet, and he studies it nightly so we can expect little else but Hitler like behaviour from copy-cat dictator Trump::

While the rest of the progressive and humane free world has removed the death penalty, the good old USA wants to make America Great Again by reintroducing it...under the big tough President Donald Trump, the man who ran away and hid behind his mothers apron strings to avoid his military service [a real hero is our dear Donald]. 
Even Adolf H fought for his country in the First WW. and then murdered millions of Jews, but Time magazine thought he was just great...just as wee Donald does too...

Read the item below and learn just how many innocent people have been convicted under the death penalty and were then found to be innocent decades on 'read more' below to learn just how bad this extremely racist law has been for citizens of the US [and others] when tried by the US legal or military system.

It certainly appears that hundreds of innocent prisioners have been killed in error...and Trump and his henchmen want to speed up that killing...the man is an absolute idiot.

"On July 25, in a surprise announcement, U.S. Attorney General William Barr said that the federal government would be resuming executions, with five scheduled in the coming months. This overturns an effective moratorium on the federal death penalty that has lasted over 16 years. “Punishment must be swift,” Barr said. This from Democracy Now:

Just a week later, President Donald Trump exploited the mass killings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, by demanding not an assault weapons ban, but that capital punishment “be delivered quickly, decisively and without years of needless delay.” Needless delay? Since 1973, over 160 wrongfully convicted people have been freed from death row.
In fact, the death penalty is rapidly losing favour in the United States. Twenty-one states and the District of Columbia have banned executions, while four more states have formal moratoriums in place. Around the world, 106 countries have outlawed ... Read More →

3. Is Trump the president of Israel?

JERUSALEM — Under intense pressure from President Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government on Thursday barred two members of the United States Congress from entering Israel for an official visit, reversing a previous decision to admit two of the president’s most outspoken critics.

But on Friday, Israel said that one of the congresswomen, Representative Rashida Tlaib, could enter on humanitarian grounds so that she could see her 90-year-old grandmother, after she promised to “not promote boycotts” during her stay.

By enlisting a foreign power to take action against two American citizens, let alone elected members of Congress, Mr. Trump crossed a line that other presidents have not, in effect exporting his partisan battles beyond the country’s borders. And he demonstrated the lengths that he will go to to target his domestic opponents, in this case two of the congresswomen of colour he has sought to make the face of the Democratic Party heading into his re-election campaign.

[Israel Says Rashida Tlaib Can Visit to See Her Grandmother]

In initially blocking the visits of the two Democratic congresswomen — Representatives Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota — who are both Muslim, Mr. Netanyahu cited their support for boycotting Israel, acceding to the wishes of the American president, who declared on Twitter shortly before Israel’s announcement that letting them in would “show great weakness.”

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ANZ Australian owned bank rips off NZ wheelers Corner 39 10th August 2019

Old habits die hard: Behaviour learned over many years often repeats itself, as this latest case of the ANZ board chairpersons behaviour proves: 

This report [from Stuff] shows clearly that old habits die hard. 

Especially when they concern past normal behaviour of John Key [Now Sir John believe or not]. 

Spending other peoples money is Oh so easy when you hold positions of power...of course every day Joe blogs like you and I are rarely in a position to do such favours for our business mates.

So here is the latest story of greed Vs need, by the Australian owned New Zealand Bank [NZ Branch] here in good old Kiwi its mates great deals...well until they were caught out by the banking watchdog!!! This from Stuff who now and then then reports on some really important stuff concerning the hanky-panky of millionaires rigging the books and such like.

"Employee morale is at a low ebb at ANZ NZ following the departure of the bank’s CEO, David Hisco, and the disclosure by Stuff of the lavish benefits he enjoyed during his tenure.
Through a recent staff survey, ANZ found that “overall trust” in senior leadership at the bank has fallen to 49 per cent. And only 60 per cent of bank employees said they feel able to raise issues and concerns within ANZ “without fear of negative consequences”.

That measure fell from 86 per cent before Hisco’s departure.

Staff satisfaction also dropped to 69 per cent from 83 per cent, while 71 per cent of employees said they would recommend the bank as a place to work to friends and family, down from 87 per cent previously.

* ANZ needs a new broom for a boss, not a continuation from the dark days of banking
* Did fear of reprisal stop ANZ acting on whistleblower tip?
* How did ANZ lose money on a house in the hottest housing market in memory?

ANZ distributed the results of the “My Voice” survey to staff by email last week; a source within the bank shared them with Stuff, but requested anonymity fearing reprisal. ANZ has warned staff against speaking to the press.

ANZ spokesman Stefan Herrick said the company held the survey following Hisco’s departure in order to “find out the mood of people after the leadership change”. He called the results “disappointing but not surprising considering what’s happened”.

David Hisco's "non monetary benefits," averaged $441,116 a year, for a total of $3.35 million across his eight full financial years in ANZ New Zealand's top job. 

David Hisco [left] wife Deborah Walsh [middle]

In the internal email to all ANZ NZ staff, acting CEO Antonia Watson also called the results disappointing, and asked employees to be open with their concerns.
In June, the bank announced Hisco’s departure; chairman Sir John Key said Hisco had misrepresented tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of personal bills as business expenses, including wine cellaring and chauffeur-driven cars.
In making the announcement with acting CEO Antonia Watson at his side (Hisco was already off work on medical leave), Key said Hisco’s actions fell short of the standard of integrity required by the bank.
But subsequent revelations by Stuff quickly revealed that Key and Watson had given only a very partial accounting of the benefits Hisco enjoyed as ANZ NZ’s top banker.

A company owned by ANZ NZ purchased this $7.5m St Heliers home for former chief executive David Hisco. It then sold the house to his wife at a huge loss.
For example, in 2017, the bank sold Hisco’s wife, Deborah Walsh, the six bedroom Auckland mansion Hisco had previously rented from ANZ and expensed as a benefit of employment.

The sale price was close to $4 million less than the home’s rateable value, and it was not disclosed to shareholders and regulators as a related party transaction.
ANZ had also spent more than $500,000 renovating the home in 2015 and 2016, and it footed more than $100,000 annually in maintenance costs.

Acting CEO Antonia Watson has refused to answer questions about the sale, though she knew the details. In 2017, she was a director of Arawata Assets, ANZ’s wholly owned real estate holding company which sold 269 St. Heliers Bay Road to Walsh.

Sir John Key, pictured with acting ANZ chief executive Antonia Watson. Key didn't mention that Hisco's business expense account, reported by the bank as "non monetary benefits" topped A$464,577 in 2018.
The source who leaked the survey results said employees see ANZ executives as hypocritical. “They knew what was going on with Hisco even as they were enforcing integrity for everyone else,” the source said.

The staffer said that both Felicity Evans, former general manager of human resources and Watson, then head of retail and business banking, were enthusiastic enforcers of ANZ’s “culture of integrity,” and took a strict line with middle managers on such breaches as company credit card use for personal spending.

Evans left the bank in 2018; she was a director of Arawata in 2017 when the St Heliers house was sold.
Annis O’Brien was also a director of Arawata in 2017 and remains on the bank’s executive team.

Antonia Watson is understood to be in the running for the permanent CEO position. ANZ said it expects to announce Hisco’s replacement in late September or October.

Australian-based ANZ has the largest share of the lending market in New Zealand. Following recent events, the New Zealand regulator, the Reserve Bank, requested it commission two independent reviews of its operations.

ANZ has confirmed that one of those reviews will consider how the bank conducted the sale of 269 St Heliers Bay Rd. It has not undertaken to make the results public or to share them with staff.

The second review will consider separate issues surrounding ANZ’s “persistent failure” to properly calculate how much capital it is required to keep on hand to mitigate against risks taken in its lending. To read the item in full go to:j

To finish up this subject here are some words from the: 350 Aotearoa team:

"On the surface, ANZ claims to be environmentally responsible and committed to climate action. But behind closed doors, it’s propping up the industry most responsible for climate breakdown.

With so many scandals remunerating among customers and officials, Sir John Key has promoted the bank’s values, vying for the people’s trust: He said;

“[David Hisco’s] departure demonstrates that when people do not do the right thing we hold them to account no matter their status or position in the organisation. This culture of strong values is one I, and the ANZ New Zealand board believe is important.”

Well John, we’re here to hold ANZ to account. It’s clear a bank that has created an architecture of deceit and denial around its association with the fossil fuel industry cannot be trusted.
Peter, you and I both value a safe and just planet to live on, a clean energy future, and investment in the livelihoods of future generations and those most affected by climate breakdown. ANZs facade of empty climate policies to cover up its alliance with the fossil fuel industry is not something to be proud of.
I’ll call out ANZ’s greenwash and share the video online.
Ngā mihi nui,
Claudia, on behalf of the 350 Aotearoa team.
P.S. If you’re not on Facebook, watch and share the video on YouTube here.

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Wheelers Corner 38 4th August 2019 Rigging elections is now normal behaviour.

Yeah Right says ANZ bank chairperson.

The National Party has for years misused the MMP system by selling off a seat to a now useless ACT far it has cost hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to keep ACTs one vote in parliament. But as a tactic it has failed in real terms. Especially since the ACT party can not muster more than 1 percent.

Strangely the Labour party, who has willingly rushed to  accept as its structure, the corupt and smelly dregs of NZ liberalism for reasons best known only to itself, but yet still seems happy to condemn the Nats for their twisted behaviour, while at the same time they realise only too fully that if NZ First and the Green don't reach 5% then Labour could well be a one term government...unless they adapt and organise to ensure the greatest chance of victory in 2020. Its so obvious that even the thickest follower of the NZ political scene accepts this fact.

The Daily Blog has laid out the path toward victory in the reference below:

After reading that, you don't have to be a political whiz kid to realise that Labour, the Greens and NZ First need to look carefully at what electorate seats could lead to both NZ First and The Greens being represented in Parliament. The National Party has never hesitated in buying the Act Party off...and even Peter Dunne...of United Future fame.

TDB suggests the seats of 'North-land and Wellington Central', would do the trick...and I'm inclined to agree... 

Here is what TDB actually said [just a reminder] and I quote:

"How do we ensure a second term for this Labour, NZ First and Green Party Government?
To beat a behemoth like National requires using MMP to the letter of the law.
Labour have got to gift two electorates, one to NZ First and one to the Greens.
As an insurance policy against NZ First and the Greens slipping below 5%, Labour needs to cut a deal for them while clearly signalling before the election that they intend to jointly seek a second term.
Labour stands down Willow-Jean Prime in Northland to allow Winston/Shane to run uncontested to guarantee a NZ First win. Prime gets a high list position as compensation and NZ First gain an electorate. In the 2017 election the combined total of Labour + NZ First candidate vote was 6000 more than the National candidate so this is actually very doable.
In Wellington Central Labour needs to stand aside to give James Shaw the electorate so that the Greens have a guaranteed electorate. Again, the combined Labour + Green candidate vote in 2017 was 16 000 votes higher than the National candidate.
To date, the Left have hated the idea of using MMP the way the Right use it. That’s because the Right like to win while the Left likes to loose and whinge about how unfair it is that they lost.
Matt McCarten shaped the 2017 Labour strategy by eliminating National’s two coalition partners so that NZ First was likely to negotiate with Labour + Greens. In 2020, National’s only strategy to victory is pushing Greens and NZ First under 5%.
By cementing into place this Government with electorate deals, National’s strategy fails because even if Greens and NZ First both slide under 5%, with guaranteed electorates they still get representation sub 5% and can add to Labour to gain the Parliamentary majority.
The broad Left need to work together and use MMP to defeat National or this could be a one term Government". quote ends.

In the US they just cancel out the black vote by rigging the electoral system and taking gifts from the corporations and by appointing judges that will carryout the POTUS illegal election wishes. To make illegal legal, the POTUS just appoints his best mates as judges, so far Trump has appointed some of the most racist and twisted people possible as SC judges.

Here in NZ the National Party destroyed the Maori Vote so that route is now closed off for them, the ACT party appears to have slid back into the dark swampland of never-never-land. 

If Labour and its partners reach some sort of arrangement then the National Party will have little hope of ever becoming the government...So perhaps the Greens conference will come to grips with the reality of our political scene, and perhaps NZ First will plan for a future without Winston... 

James shaw a greens co-leader opened the 2019 AGM meeting held in freezing Dunedin over the weekend...his leading selling point was the greens leading edge out of all the political parties regarding the implentimation of at least some proactive behaviour regarding climate change and all that goes with it. 

Without any doubt the greens have introduced some back bone to the Labour Party and even the NZ First Party regarding this vital issue. Our young people have reconised as the most important issue of the day. And are taking action to get their so-called elders to recognise the importance of doing some thing NOW. The National Party seems more concerned about the price of fact when one looks carefully at what National did in the last nine years in office...the reality is that they did nothing. Labour until it changed its leader also did noth in real terms...but once they realised that they could not become the government without the support of the Greens firstly and the NZ First party secondly they offered a sort of change that could satisfy the Greens. Well the facts are now clear...its only by keeping the Nats and their policy of greed before need out of government.

New Zealand can not take the risk of letting the Nats crawl back into power and thereby put what good steps we have taken over the past year and a half. National will only discuss their wallets...nothing else matters to them...look back at every thing the Key Government did. Did it help our health services, education goals, mental health services, and so on. God help us but the Nats think Donald Trump has a brain...and hey whats a war or two these days.

The younger generation is showing us the way to combat years and years of neglect and massive greed in regard to ensuring our survival and the survival of our children and grand children.  A future that can be free from war, free from greed and offer hope rather that the racism pushed by the US and China as they try to out tax each other, Both China and the US hate the concept of free elections...China makes sure people cant vote, while the US makes sure only Republican votes count.

We here need to work within the rules of our political system to ensure that we achieve the result that leads to our long term goals of creating a society based in equality and fairness, one in which the wealthy pay their fair share in income tax and capital gains tax. And most importantly we have to pay a living wage. 

Simon Bridges the non builder of various bridges up north...sits on 6% equal with "China's" best friend Judith Collins who is also on 6%...

Ardern is on 41% 

but the Nats are still polling 46 % and could accidently become the Government [God help us] again!

So come on Labour do the right thing...and shut the door on them.

If you have time read this about the US Republican plan to make sure people's votes don't count...its absolutely shocking no matter how you look at it...make america great again by allowing their votes to that would be a worthy goal...It is a long read but its a most valuable insight into the manipulation of peoples voting can actually lose your voting rights by getting a parking ticket...America invented the term: Rigged election.

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The Truth about Baltimore...

Published on


As The Baltimore Sun wrote, it’s better to have a few rats than to be one.
Trump’s use of Baltimore’s dysfunction is the finest expression yet of this man’s limitless racism. (Photo: Edwin Remsberg/VWPics/AP Images)
Trump’s use of Baltimore’s dysfunction is the finest expression yet of this man’s limitless racism. (Photo: Edwin Remsberg/VWPics/AP Images)
Representative Elijah Cummings and Baltimore are the latest collateral damage in Donald Trump’s scorched-earth re-election campaign. The president of the United States, ignorant of the rat traps scattered around the White House and the 78 health violations at Mar-a-Lago, over the weekend repeatedly demonized Charm City, birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner, as a “rat and rodent infested mess.”
A man unfit to serve as president of the United States remains at the top of the Grand Old Party’s presidential ticket, as Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Mick Mulvaney, and Rick Scott, who position themselves as honorable men, shake hands with the devil in their quest for permanent Republican power.
This president’s tenure may just be the greatest travesty ever visited upon this country, a travesty that could go on for years if Americans continue to ignore that the United States is flirting with disaster.
Using Twitter as the dissemination vehicle for the inflammatory language of infestation demonizing African Americans recalls history’s most notorious regimes in Nazi Germany, Cambodia, Serbia, and Rwanda, all of which used similar juxtapositions in the mass media to incite violent paroxysms.
Trump’s use of Baltimore’s dysfunction is the finest expression yet of this man’s limitless racism. Using Twitter as the dissemination vehicle for the inflammatory language of infestation demonizing African Americans recalls history’s most notorious regimes in Nazi GermanyCambodiaSerbia, and Rwanda, all of which used similar juxtapositions in the mass media to incite violent paroxysms that swept away social bonds that had been pre-ripped by expert propagandists— like the people advising this president.
The pathologies of Baltimore have been dissected by people far better equipped to handle that job than the current occupant of the White House, from Ta-Nehisi Coates to Alec MacGillis. As The Baltimore Sun proclaimed in an editorial for the ages: “Better to have a few rats than to be one.”
Blaming an American city for high crime rates is racist ducking and weaving of the finest kind. There are well-documented reasons for the torturous conditions that grip certain African American neighborhoods. There are other factors, also well documented, that have been unleashed in this country, where the NRA blocks minimal gun regulations, where police can’t stanch the flow of illegal weapons, where children travel to school and sit in classrooms fearing shooters, and where public celebrations become killing fields.
All Trump’s Sturm und Drang overshadows Cummings’s succinct condemnation of the “government-sponsored child abuse” at the Mexican border, crafted by administration officials and executed by government employees who are just doing their jobs in the detention facilities. No doubt fatigued by 45’s tweets and summer heat waves, not enough people are raising the alarm about American citizens who are being deported or detained, with one young Texan being informed that he had “no rights.”
Congressional Republicans, complicit every one of them, will continue to stand off to the side and croak about how the people Trump attacks are the real racists and the existential perils posed by brown people who risk their lives to walk here in order to find work and escape death back home. Yet black people know well that the ancient and deadly fault lines of white racism still course through their communities and the American body politic. Anyone who thinks these despicable policies are going to be neatly walled off in the Southwest may want to keep an eye on places like Baltimore.

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Wheelers Corner 36 26th July 2019. Boris Johnson Trumps new best mate.

Simon Bridges calls Boris Johnson a Buffoon then back peddles like mad, maybe he should stick with selling second hand cars... any way have a look, its worth noting how dear Winston Peters also thinks Boris is an OK know really bright and all that stuff.

Well the fact is that, we now have two really strange leaders in the world, western world that is, the latest is Boris Johnson a brit born in New York to English patents, he was educated in the UK and grew up as spolt toff...

He is now the latest UK Prime Mimister and believe me he makes the present US President look smart...really he does...Donald Trump thinks Boris is a really good guy and not at all like that strange woman PM who has just resigned....

But the people of the UK don’t have any love for dear sweet racist, bigoted and incompetent cocaine user Boris Johnson. Check this out to see if Peters and Bridges know what they are talking about... 

All ready the world media has starting to produce some interesting views of Trump and Johnson. Here is just a couple.

Trump is on the left and Johnson on the right, don’t they make a loverly pair, they could almost be twins but the reality is that Trump is much older [20 years plus] than Johnson, and richer and less well educated [I think]

But I do think, blue suits them don’t you think. Its nice to see that Johnson has not dyed his hair pink, or yellow yet...regardless they both suit the female role...and I can just imagine them playing with their dolls, trump touching their pussies and Johnson watching in gleeful delight...awaiting his turn...

Here they are as males, as in
Tweedledee and Tweedledum mode...

They have common factors...more than one wife [Trump 3 and Johnson two] for example...

one can read and one can hardly decide which... 

Johnson once called Trump an idiot...and Trump considers Johnson a bit backward because he doesn't tweet at least a dozen times a day.

We in New Zealand have met Boris but as yet Donald has steered well clear of us...I think he is frightened by our local Maori population...because he believes Acts "Don" Brash's fairy tales about Maori still being cannibals...and so on. I think the 'T' shirts are really cute and being the build they are the braces are really needed to keep their pants up.

I think it is good to take the mickey out of our so called politicians...after all they leave themselves open to a joke or two...  But seriously folks they are a matched pair, both lie on a daily basis, both are dangerous to world peace, both believe climate change is false news. Both believe only the rich have untouchable rights.

Both love starting wars and never finishing them... they are a right wing dream team, pro white, pro men, anti people of colour, anti women, still the chances are Boris won't stay PM for long, I think the British voters along with the rest of the UK will replace him in double quick time [at least I hope so] It will be harder to get rid of Trump so long as FOX news publishs his bull-shit non stop. But America heads daily towards a explosive revolution at their next election...but the way the Republicans manipulate the election process...most democratic votes won't count, or even be counted for that matter. America is becoming most undemocratic. 

2. Manawatu District Council CEO claims climate change is no emergency, well for the Manawatu District, some how he believes. 

This from the Manawatu Standard:

"Manawatū District hasn't followed the lead of some New Zealand councils to declare a climate-change emergency.
The council declined to make such a declaration at a meeting on Thursday and is instead urging ratepayers to air their views on how climate change should be tackled. 
Councillors believed the series of declarations was simply a statement to society that the status quo wouldn't do and it would be meaningless unless backed by solid action. 
Richard Templer, [pictured] the council's chief executive, said it didn't need to make a tokenistic proclamation to show it was serious about the environment.

It is serious and not funny to have hugely over paid CEO's tell us that they know best about what an emergency is and what it isn't. 

What gives these over paid and over rated CEO's of weak kneed councils many of whom have proven without any doubt, that they can't manage or maintain our vital water quality, enforce rules to manage our wider environment, including roads etc. which leads to the loss of fish life in the streams around the Manawatu...but they are not all the same: check this out:

I see that Extinction Rebellion as part of their wider mission of educating the public and that includes various council CEO's from Palmerston North, Manawatu District Council and Manawatu Regional Council [Horizons] on this Friday morning placed small heaps of coal around the Square with signs suggesting that we leave coal in the ground rather than mining it.

The same of course is also true for oil and gas extraction...I wonder if our dear sweet and charming Richard Templer is planing to reduce the use of coal throughout the Manawatu district Council area and how and bring back the eels to our streams... 


Have a look at this map, the blue flags represents American Military bases throughout the world.

It shows clearly why Donald Trump can get away with his over the top threats to anyone who disagrees with his version of what is needed.

We must never forget that Trump too does not believe in climate change, and he believes in killing innocent people and displacing millions as he attempts to control the movement of oil throughout the world.

A very real question that we could all ask is "What would happen if the US was forced to close its over seas military bases and return the millions of troop back to the USA...would that put the Presidents power base at risk...and one last point just consider how much pollution the US spreads around the world without cost to itself...

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Peter Thiel thinks Trump is under threat. Wheelers Corner 35 18th July 2019

To read a little more about how this super rich ex German / US / and now Kiwi citizen. 

How he  gained Citizenship in a weird fashion, check out the reference below...I'm sure you will find it most interesting...They say money talks and this simply proves that statement to be correct.

Peter Thiel. Is or was:

A German born, / US citizen / NZ citizen [after only 12 days visiting NZ over a five year period]

So much for his love of the United States and wee Donald Trump...

I suppose he is also super pro-Jewish and super-Republican and once was just the most-est in Trumps baby mind.

Born: 11 October 1967 (age 51 years), Frankfurt, Germany
Net worth: 2.5 billion USD (2019)

He [Thiel] has just published how he thinks Elizabeth Warren is the bigest threat to Donald Trumps re election. Please go to reference below to read more:

Donald Trump as we all know justs loves telling falsehoods, for example he states that he is not racist... is NOT racist, he always repeats his lies... in fact according to him he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body!!!! yeah right... 

He [Trump] is such an honest wee chap, he won't even share his tax returns...anyway to read a little about his racism etc. Go to :

now have a quick look at: 

With leaders like Trump its no wonder that people have lost faith in political leaders...seriously folks Trump has pubicly stated that Republicians are the dumbest voters:

I've published this picture before and its simply amazing how people get in touch stating this is all false news...well it its was published by Peoples Magazine in 1998.

The other fact that Trump never talks about is that he was once a paid up member of the Democratic party...

And he has a thing about women of colour holding elected positions in the US.

He tells them to go back home, but three of the women were born in the US...and you have to be a citizen to beable to stand for election.

Thank God Trump is not a Kiwi or he would be telling Maori to go back home to Hawaii or to some such place...the man is a racist
 fool at best... 

Of course we here in NZ have our share of those who refuse to accept the damage we are doing to our world both environmentally and socially. Farmers in particular are being protected from the consequences of their failure to control their farm waste that is polutting our rivers and streams. 

Some one suggested the other day that most farmers simply want to earn enough to pay the bills etc. I accept that, just as workers want to do the same. 

The big difference between the two groups, is that workers get laid off, when things go wrong, and need to go on to the dole...whereas farmers seem to be happy to accept being given government hand outs...while continuing putting yet more cows on their farms knowing only too well that is a root cause of our polluted rivers etc. And Horizons goes out of itsway to ignore their behaviour. 

Farmers like owners of the big gas tanks are just one bunch of polluters that appear to getaway with murder when it comes to anti-climate individual change management.

When will we ever learn, that we can not remain as greedy as we are if we are to counter the worst effects of that greed on our environment upon which life depends...

The government is trying to bring a balance between gas guzzlers and EV's but its a real pity that every time suggestions are made about balancing farm earnings with meaningful farm practice change, the government backs off...its almost as if Roger Douglas is still with us, and John Key is not the head of the NZ Branch of the ANZ,  The cartoon below says it all about government courage in regard to finance and farming changes...

I've just added this discussion between two cockies and a petrol station owner, it makes interesting reading:  

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Cricket a game for the Gods...can we win the world cup.

Wheeler's Corner 34 13th July 2019

I was laid up for a few days with the flu which kept me bed bound for a few days...but I managed to stay awake to watch the Black Caps beat India...and what a game it was...spread over two nights, for a nutty cricket lover it was sheer joy to watch.

And now that the sand-paper kids [The Australian cricket team] have been chopped up and spat out by the England team, its to be New Zealand Vs. England at Lords on Sunday 14th of July starting at nine pm. 

And if you haven’t got sky, you can watch it live on Prime for free...

Naturally I’m supporting Captain Kate Williamson and all the team, I’m especially happy that we are playing England rather than Australia, so no worry about under-arm bowling, or sandpaper playing havoc illegally with the ball...but we should remain alert...

India was and still is a very good cricket team, who have normally produced the goods when required. And I’ve no doubr that their fans were really disapointed by their loss to NZ’s Black Caps.

That’s the joy of cricket for it can be unpredictable at times and at times players go long periods as they seek form with bat or ball, but Martin Guptill is a wonderful and effective fielder...and his run out of MS Dhoni in the semi-final was amazing and brilliant in all respects...its this kind of reaction to difficult situations that makes the Black Caps so dangerous in one-off games...lets hope that this skill continues against England. Any way I’ll be up watching the game on Sunday and keeping my fingers crossed. I’m not bold enough to predict a result, that is simply too difficult for types like me. Naturally I hope we will win, but if we don’t lets praise the winner, so long as they don’t attempt to cheat.

I think and hope that this Sundays game will be well worth a look, and remember its free to air on Prime...

I just loved the way the USA Woman’s World Cup winning Soccer team took the stupid PR message from dear sweet Donald Tump, 

who up until they become the World Champions yet again, then decided to invite them to the White House, 

but he fails to support equal pay for men and women in the US soccer world... 

I doubt they'd accept the PR offer to visit the White House, after all what normal human being wants to have their pussy attacked by the famous white house oaf. 

Read the above; to get a clear picture of what women in the US have to put up with the male first attitudinal behaviour that exists these days...and Trump uses it to corrupt society, of course he fails to concede that his attitude is both dated and really really old fashioned. 

And that most adult people are laughing at him with his weird behaviour....just as are the young people...and after all we must never forget that Trump believes that Republican voters are the dumbest voters ever...and will always believe his long as they are published by FOX NEWS....

This week is a short version of my wheeler's corner...but the effects of the flu is slowly departing the scene...thank heaven. And I should become more active... but I'd like you to meet Renee Dingwell, 

Who is running for council...take a bit of paper write her name on it RENEE DINGWALL and attach it to your fridge door, and put her name as number one on your voting papers when they arrive. If you want to converse with Renee simply go to:

Renee Dingwall [Green Party] City Council candidate with Brent Barrett, both have been together visiting various sites around the city talking to people. 

She is really dynamic and full of vigor and energy, just what our city needs in this day and age.

No only that, she actually believes in what she says...

A Trump free trader! War or a decide.