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Darroch Ball and Ron Mark and Winston Peters just love playing with tin soldiers. Wheelers Corner 30 13 June 2019

Question: Is NZ First getting donations from Israel? Answer: Who knows...
Since the Israeli's believed they could buy / steal NZ passports, why should they not believe that they shouldn't buy a New Zealand political party...I mean hell they spend billions in the US to keep trump on track. 

Is Darroch Ball A Palmerston North NZ First List MP...yet another blinkered fan of of the Israeli dictator and mass murderer of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank?

Winston Peters and his Defence Minister Ron Mark are great fans of the Israeli leader who clearly loves killing innocent civillians protesting in their own country by instructing his military clowns [clones] to kill by sniper fire as they pick off unarmed protesters from behind the Israeli built barb wire fences erected to protect Israeli's as they steal more and more land while destroying homes and schools and hospitals...from the population who have lived there for thousands of years...I'm sure that Alfred Ngaro a one time Pastor and now National Party list MP will. Since he follows every word Jesus uttered,  I'm sure that Jesus must be most upset by the mass murder of the Palestinian people by the very people whom WE rescued from the NAZI mass murderers of the 1940's. Wasn't it Jesus who said from the cross, "Forgive them for they know not what the do", but the real question now days is "Should we forgive the Zionist and their attempted destruction of the Palestinian peoples? It would seem that Ron Mark, Winston and Alfred are happy with the state of affairs as they presendly stand...shocking really don't you much for respecting human life as Jesus saw it....NZ First is happy to buy weapons  from these mass murderers...well I'm not! and I really hope you are not too...

Darroch Ball thinks is OK to allow the agressive passpost thieving Israeli's to come to Palmerston and sell their weapons and buy cluster bombs trigger systems...but mind you his attitude is understandable as his New Zealand First best mate is Ron Mark [look at my medals!] famous for his wana-be a so called SAS [Eme] workshop manager...who can't even get his medals in the correct order:

Ex EME Officer MOD Ron Mark

Now have a read about NZ Firsts attitude to the murderous behaviour of The Israeli PM: Benjamin Netanyahu just a short while ago Mark and an unknown National lover of Israel were filmed as they kissed Netauvahu's arse in a cringing display of humility by NZ toward a well recognised world class killer and a very - very - very good mate of Donald [pussy grabber] Trump... I must admit as an ex soldier I was astounded by the behaviour of wee Ron Mark...

Creepy Winston Peter's words to  John Minto of the Palestine Solidarity Network were most revealing and two is an abstract from John Minto's brush with two faced film-flam operator Deputy Prime Minister Winston P:

"Your final statement that the government is “committed to building a closer relationship with Israel and with the Palestinians” is surprising because the facts of New Zealand engagement in the Middle East tell a very different story. Your government has a strong, growing relationship with the state of Israel but no practical, meaningful relationship with the victims of its apartheid policies.
Your government has welcomed an Israeli embassy in Wellington; sent a New Zealand cabinet minister to meet the Israeli Prime Minister this year; supports a visa free scheme for young Israelis to travel to New Zealand; supports a film co-production agreement with Israel; supports an aviation agreement with Israel; supports increasing trade with Israel and shortly you intend to extend this by signing up to an innovation agreement with Israel.

"You are rewarding Israeli’s most appalling behaviour – illegal under international law and in defiance of UN resolutions – with greater contact and enhanced international credibility. In effect New Zealand is helping shield Israel’s most egregious behaviour.
Alongside this you have a pretend policy of engagement with Palestinians.  
Just in the last week your government’s reported intention to purchase military equipment from Israel sums up the reality of your policy priorities much better than the “diplomatic speak” in your letter which tries to imply an even-handed approach.
These issues are too important for New Zealand to leave here. We repeat our request for you to meet with a delegation from the Palestine Solidarity Network as soon as possible to discuss a positive way forward for New Zealand in relation to the Middle East.
We look forward to a positive and timely response.
John Minto for the Palestine Solidarity Network"

PS: In my view, John Minto has more courage in his left foot than Winston has in his entire body... 

If you would like to read Winston Peters reply check out the following reference: 

The phrase “open secret” is an oxymoron, a label for information that can’t be explicitly acknowledged but is deferred to nonetheless—which, paradoxically, requires familiarity with what’s supposed to remain unknown. It’s a conspiracy of obfuscation and avoidance, an edifice of silent accommodation erected to protect someone from himself. It’s harm reduction on behalf of the fragile and the powerful. "reference Spinoff"

And this is the problem with New Zealand First's love affair with Benjamin Netanyahu and his murderous mob of terrorists and of course it is corrupting the Labour party, in the same old way that NZ First has corrupted anybody it gets into bed history proves.

It's not hard to understand why NZ First struggles to attract women to it ranks...well young women at least have better things to do with their political energy.

So Auckland City Council has now clearly agreed that climate change is both real and is an emergency and that when compared with Horizons and Palmerston North Councils represents real least the Auckland City Council recognises that climate maters are important...The two Bruce Boys at Horizons Council are both unsure what the word climate means! 

NZ First agrees that it needs to spend billions of dollars on defence so it can fight a climate war some time in the future...or use new navy ships to move people from Pacific Islands to NZ, but not Australia as their Islands are covered by the rising sea...the Australians plan is to send them all to prison camps in PNG etc. 

Yes it is a strange world we live in, one in which many of our elderly white male leaders have yet to accept that they are actually destroying our environment by their utter stupidity of spending millions of billions on their defense forces via their arms industry complex [that NZ First wants to expand]; rather than spending that money on designing the scientific and practical means of combating the ever growing destruction that man has expanded by never ending wars...that kill millions and wreck our earth. 

Seriously folks with leaders like Trump and the bunch of dictators that surround him I doubt we will reach 2030 in one piece...still in the words of Trump....this is making America Great again...prey tell me when has America ever been great...was it when they took years to join the 1st World War, or the three years it took them to assist the Russians defeat the Germans in the 2nd World War...or was it in Vietnam, where they lost, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, both illegal wars, even wee Cuba gave them a thumping.

And this is the model that NZ First loves to follow... no readers I believe that we have out grown the comic book Donald Trump, and the murderous Benjamin Netanyahu, so come on NZ First move into the twenty-first century. Re think your old fashioned militaristic views and join the real world...go back to school and get a brain...

we still consider you human...we will assist you in your much needed education. We know that behaviour change is not easy...but we will help you overcome the hurdles you face. Why because we care about ALL human beings regardless of race or colour or even religion.

Oh and one last word for wee Ron Mark: EME was never the SAS, nor was a short spell on the Israeli border...UN observers were never a part of the SAS...So show us your para wings...or admit to reality...  


Thursday, 6 June 2019

More evidence that women lead the way for change. Wheelers Courner 29 7th June 2019

 Rachael stone, Hannah Prisk, Paige Linneweever: photo WARWICK SMITH/STUFF
1. Yet again women continue to lead the charge: High school students, from left, Rachael Stone, Hannah Prisk and Paige Linneweever, talked at the Palmerston North City Library on Wednesday 5th June 2019 about the state of the environment.

While public advertising of their talk was was almost non-existent; in the public media, it is was not unexpected that the numbers attending to be small...and that was the case. And this was strange because the talk had been sponsored by the Manawatu Standard and the city library.

The three bright and intelligent high school students, Rachael, Hannah and Paige were joined by a brilliant young singing sensation...Do you know her name: [please send me a massage as I failed to write it down when I took the photo...thanks you in advance.]

Between them all it was an event well worthy of a much larger crowd...because the message they were offering was absolutely vital and of massive importance to the human race.

From my perspective [old white male] the fact that these three young woman were brave enough to stand up in public and speak out on the leading issue of the day simply says it all. 

And while I thank the Manawatu Standard and the Library a bit more advertising is needed if you want to draw a worthy crowd.

When you compare their progressive mode of thinking to that of for example the Chairperson of the Horizons District Council: Bruce Gordon and his bunch of non progressive ward councillors and their shutting down of creating community communications links. Lets hope that at this upcoming election we get a few more progressive Councillors such as Rachael Kedwell on board...

Smug Bruce Gordon...lives in an era of the stupid...
This very smug white male seems happy to ignore what he and his cohorts have done to our world, and I might add are still doing... It would seem unbelievable that in this day and age...that someone would want to go backward and ignore the advances and progress that communications have made to our ability to share in collective community decision making .

Rachael, Hannah and Paige must cringe when they read of just how backward our local government leaders have become in regard to new concepts and ideas for better and more meaningful interactions between the so-called leadership and the electors. I get the very real impression that poor old Bruce Gordon does not believe in climate change.

I stand, as I hope you do too, on the side of the younger generation with their progressive thinking rather than the efforts of smug types like Bruce Gordon and Donald Trump...who can't seem to understand the difference between truth and bull dust...wearing a tie doesn't make one intelligent...out dated ideas remain out dated ideas no matter how you dress them up...


It was good to see a growing number of Councils here in NZ and around the world are buying into the concept of declaring a climate emergency for their can only hope that Palmerston North and Horizons will muster the internal fortitude to do the same...The success of the XR [extinction rebellion] movement has swept the UK and Europe and the US.


And the treatment dished out to the worlds greatest political and public liar Donald Trump by the people of the UK was absolutely amazing... Yet Donald Trump tells us it is all false news...the people of the UK really love him.... the pictures we see on our television or on our social media platforms is all just, false news. It is really ironic that the US sends its President an anti military draft dodger [some would say a coward] to praise American non draft dodges who took part in D day...its so typical of the Hollywood bull-Shit that still prevails throughout the US collective mentality in their rewriting of history... we should never forget that the US took three years to enter the 2nd World War...

Trump says this picture is false news...yeah right.

Protesting both the individual cruelty of U.S. President Donald Trump and the globally ascendant "politics of hate" he represents, tens of thousands took to the streets in London and across the U.K. Tuesday as Trump enjoys "royal treatment" from the British government on his first official state visit.
"This protest is about Trumpism—the hatred and poverty that is spreading. Our movement is about joining the dots between hate, bigotry, and inequality." 
—Shaista Aziz
Trump claimed in a tweet Monday that he had not "seen any protests yet," but the demonstrations on Tuesday will be impossible to miss, with the 20-foot-tall Trump baby blimp flying over London and crowds of Britons pouring into the streets throughout the country.
"We are here to take on misogyny, racism, fascism, and hatred," Guardian columnist Owen Jones declared during a speech in London.
Jones emphasized this point in a column ahead of Tuesday's mass demonstrations, noting that the protests "aren't just about Trump, they're about everything he stands for."
"These protests won't simply be about Trump and the perverse reality TV show he's treated the world to," Jones wrote. "The protests will be about Trumpism: about confronting a resurgent global far right, defending the rights of women and minorities, fighting the climate emergency, opposing the threat of war, and standing against an attempt to gut the NHS and trash hard-won rights and freedoms.

These two according to Trump are best mates!!! Johnston thinks Trump is an idiot, they deserve each other...

Two Neo Lib nut cases...

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Black Knights Vs White Knights...Teachers Strike Wheelers Corner 28 30th May 2019

This week the black knights [Government Neo lib's] do battle with the White knights [Teachers and Principals] While I cast my shaddow at the bottom right hand corner

This massive chess board set up in the Square along side the Council Building clearly represents the two forces at logger heads on the issue of Education and the rewards attached to it...

Oh I hear you mutter, teachers are just stirring...after all they are paid pretty well for what they do...

Do you really believe that, when was the last time you actually talked to a teacher? Have we become so thick and ignorant, that we've forgotten how we got our education for free... 

Now if you want to be teacher, an apprentice, almost any thing that involves a university or Polly-tech means that you end up owning thousands, before you collect your first pay check...In fact the teaching profession is simply shrinking by the day...who wants to be a bloody teacher and be lumbered with all that debt...I thought education was free...alas today we've brought into the idiotic US system of a price! I wonder when Chris Hipkins and Paula Bennett plan to pay back the money they got from the state to fund their education... 

The teachers started their strike for better wages and conditions on Wednesday morning at eight am...and the hundreds of cars headed toward or comming from the Manawatu river city bridge...

beeped their horns and waved in support...

If only these same teachers / Principals etc had attended the students strike for the climate that took place a few days earlier...

So what was missing from the teachers strike were the very people they profess to be striking for... The Students... 

Their signs were well worth a read and it would appear that the motorists inthe main gave them support.

It was a pity that the very morning the minister of education, an ex student leader 'Chris Hipkins' had publically stated that nothing the teachers can do will achieve the desired goal of a better offer.

According to the line 'Hipkins' hard line that he is pushing...of take what we offer or take nothing...and I must admit that sounds so "Roger Douglas" 
which is odd comming from an ex protester like Hipkins.

But hey whats new! say one thing but do another...

Still the striking teachers and their supporters continued to make their point, supported by hundreds heading south toward Massey and Linton or heading North toward the city.

The Strikers then united in the Square.

Made a few speeches then commenced the movement around the Square
I am fully supportive of the teachers claims for a decade National ignored them as their wages and conditions were bit by bit reduced via the policies of Neo Libs like Roger Douglas,[Later knighted by the Nats, now that tells you something]

Future students and want-to-be teachers were hit with massive student bills and loans...they had no increases for seven of those ten years... and while wee Chris Hipkins is attempting to make some slight headway...austerity is still his main preached by Douglas and Prebble and our loving Ruth Richardson and her neo lib mates in the national clan.

Go to the Manawatu Standards brilliant report on the march and watch the vid it is most enlightening...

Maybe just maybe the Neo Lib's still existing in the labour party will now get the message...and be bold and fprget light fingered Roger Douglas and his anti-worker behaviour...wipe his memory...let him rot along with the Act Party and all its weird political fans, like Don Brash, Richard Prebble...Labour these days is more RIGHT than are the Nats...

Its time to change, to grow some guts, tax the god dam 1% and lighten the load of the working class...the ones who actually create the wealth...close the gap between the rich and the poor...


Friday, 24 May 2019

Students shame their elders by their courage, lets hope the teachers and principals show half the courage on the 30th of may. Wheelers Corner 27

This weeks Wheelers Corner is all in pictures...why because pictures best tell the real story of just how brave our students were in carrying out their action on behalf of those whose futures we've spent the last couple of hundred years slowly but surely destroying bit by our stupidity...

It was the first time, as I understand it, that a DIE In was used during a march around the Square...I think it was because the participants were younger....

Lucky for us...they didn't really die...but simply acted as if they did...and then after a minute or three they awoke...and stood to the relief of all present....

During this stage an OLD White male, commented to me that all they were doing were holding up the motorists...of course he never understood that unless we do something there may be NO ten or so years...

Of course if you are problems, except that most people are not rich....

This picture gives a clear view that the younger generation are really really scared that our leaders lack the courage and skill to undertake the changes required to get on to the right track that will protect OUR future and our childrens children future... After all why should they trust far we've done nothing other than to lead them astray...

Nelson has shown some courage, and a wee part of Canterbury too has moved an inch or two in the right direction... 

I searched the growd and I only saw one PNC Councillor [Brent Barrett] was brave enough to attend the protest to support Manawatu students in their wonderful stand for mother earth... 
where was the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the other invisible 14 Councillors: were they all too busy...or deaf to hear the plea, Of course I may have missed a hidden Councillor or Mayor hiding up stairs in the Council I understand it some of our Councillors are young moms, what sort of a future do they think they are leaving for the younger generation. Or is Toyota more important than our future...after we gave them hundreds of thousands for free...they are the third of forth richest motor company in the world...and we donate rates to stupid can one get. 
Go to the reference below to see Lily Thomas and her latest hand painted sign: 

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Make Friday a day of action, join our youth in the Square at noon 24th May 2019

Teachers are striking at the end of MAY: But the young students are striking on Friday the 24th May 2019...
Are teachers and principals supporting their active students...this is a key question...lets hope both teachers and particularly Principals show some leadership and assist their, socially minded students to make a stand for our environments future:
This young person protested at an earlier protest by schools a couple of months was world wide and really shook up England and parts of the EU and some locations in the fact it sent a shiver down the non-existent spine of dear Donald T...the bravest of the brave!

So on Friday at noon join the youngsters and teenagers as they show us the way to change the way we do things climate wise.
Young Lily Thomas and her T shirt and sign says it all...

If she can stand tall, then we should join with her and her the Square...and show our Council and a few of our school Principals...that actions speak louder than words...

I think the students would believe and get in behind the teachers strike if the teachers and principals got in behind the students... 

Action learning is a lot more meaningful when doing takes preference over simply talking or telling.

So make a commitment now to support your / our young people, these young people may well ask you one day..."What did you do! to prevent the destruction of our planet!!! 

What would you answer be:  

So if you've got the time and the energy regardless of your age, come down to the Square Round-about near the Council Chamber at NOON and join in the Students march for Climate change. Bring you children and friends and their children and friends...we are all in this together... 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Douglas Richardson returns to haunt our teachers. Wheelers Corner 26 May 2019

Bryan Bruce

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues. This is what he wrote in the daily blog: I quote:

"As a former teacher let me be clear I’m 100% behind our educators in their efforts to get better pay and conditions.
Shaping the lives and fostering the talents and ambitions of future New Zealanders is a tough and important job that has been underrated ever since the introduction of neoliberal economics in 1984 which wants to measure everything in terms of immediate dollar outcomes.
The cry from our Minister of Education that “ there is no more money “ is, economically speaking, just dumb.
Minister of Finance Grant Robertson is operating a neoliberal self- imposed austerity regime
Running our country is not like running a household. There are many solutions we could discuss to get the money needed. Taxing the 10% of us who own 60% of the wealth of our country in order to get them to pay their fair share would be a good start.
We could borrow the money at very low interest rates from overseas
( we have one of the lowest rates of overseas debt in the OECD ) and for goodness sake the government owns a bank! It allows private banks to print money by issuing mortgages – there WAS a time when our government was in change of that business.

So I have no sympathy for Labour finally having to deal with the misery it sowed back in 1984 when it thought trickle- down theory was such a good idea.
But the duplicity of National in trying to claim that the teachers going on strike is somehow down to mismanagement by Labour is frankly gob-smacking in its hypocrisy.
National put neoliberalism on steroids. They grossly under funded education and displayed an ignorance of modern teaching and learning practices that was, quite frankly, appalling .
No. We are here at this moment in education because learning is not a commodity . It is a gift we should give to our children and young people because they and we all benefit in the long run from their ability to make their way in a future that none of us can imagine but will determine what kind of lives we can all enjoy tomorrow.
Pay our teachers -our people makers- and pay them well. Reduce their workload. Give them our support for their strike action because they are not doing this lightly.
Oh and tell our government they need to rethink how they are running our economy.
Capital needs to be made to work for the State. Not the other way around.
Kia kaha teachers!

So said Bryan Bruce.

Now if that does not stir the blood, then there is a possibility that the reader is brain dead...and I sincerely hope you are not in that category. Bryan Bruce and his truthful and honest statements surely leads us toward acceptance that the train wrecker that was Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble and the super depressing strange lady Ruth Richardson who floated in after their departure to the ACT party. Of course the Roger Douglas evil apprentices in the form of Grant Robertson etc, still exist'll need to use all your fingers to count the neoliberalist clan that still exists in the Labour Party and especially New Zealand First. 

The real problem is that they have convinced themselves that [stealing, robbing, double dipping] from the public purse is OK these days...

Speaking of  a worthy Strike, I wonder if the teachers will support the strike below? Lets hope so!

Friday, May 24, 2019 at 12:30 PM – 3 PM

Speaking of teachers again...this from Stuff says it all...from the National party perspective: here is an intro:

"A Wairarapa school teacher was shocked by her local MP's suggestion to "look elsewhere" if she didn't like her employment circumstances.
Greytown primary school teacher Alex Southall wrote to Wairarapa MP Alastair Scott of the National Party saying it was time for action over teachers' pay and conditions.
"I was shocked by that response. I was like 'Wow, if that's how valued we really are, that's so sad'," Southall said.
Scott told Southall although he supported increased wages for teachers he believed teachers should find another job if they were not happy."

After a quick read you may decide that should you be unhappy being a teacher, you can always simply give it a miss, and grow grapes or make a bottle or two of wine...because that's want National would recommend...of course you'll need access to a few million dollars, and government start up grants from the regional development grant [Just have a chat to whats his name  again, Oh yes Shane (Blue movie) Jones] he will see you right...

But wait, if teachers give up on teaching who will look after our kids? Who will teach them to read and write? These skills don't come easily for some...In the words of John Key, "Show some guts" and let the market manage the future...the market always knows best...yeah right. I see ANZ has just put a hold on Key's Air NZ directors I suppose he'll quit and go live in Hawaii again.

So this rant naturally leads me to recommend that you support the teachers, and the youngsters who are striking for Climate Action on Friday May the 24th at 12.30 in the Square near the Council Chamber. Come along and support them...and you teachers encourage your students and their parents to attend...

2 One last plea: You may like to consider this:

This is urgent. We have under 2 weeks to stop the Minerals Forum in Dunedin, a conference promoting the expansion of the coal industry in Aotearoa.
At this point in the climate crisis, we cannot afford to further the interests of the coal industry. We must cut ties with this polluting industry and throw our full weight behind a fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy for all. Join us to stop the Minerals Forum from going ahead!

When our cities host such events, they support the social license of the coal industry. At the Minerals Forum, the coal industry will promote the expansion of our largest coal mine, Stockton, and the exploration for more underground coal deposits on the West Coast. All the while, there is no mention of a just transition for workers into sustainable, long-term jobs. As for the climate crisis, it is posed as an economic hurdle for the coal industry to “adapt without compromising their business nor the coal industry”.
Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull has a reputation as one of New Zealand’s most progressive Mayors on climate change matters. He has consistently taken a stand against the fossil fuel industry until now.
  • In 2015, he led Dunedin City Council to be the first city council in Aotearoa to implement a socially responsible investment policy and divest $1.4 million from coal, oil, and gas.
  • In 2017, as President of LGNZ (Local Government New Zealand), he was the first signatory on the Local Government Leaders' Climate Change Declaration.
  • That same year he voted along with the majority of his councillors to support a moratorium on oil and gas exploration.
We have just 11 days to urge Mayor Dave Cull to stand by his climate leadership and reject hosting the Minerals Forum in a council venue. There is no place for a coal-sponsored conference in the buildings of a city council that has divested from fossil fuels.

The statement of intent between Dunedin City Council and the venue operators, Dunedin Venues states the business should "exhibit a sense of social and environmental responsibility by having regard to the interests of the community in which it operates.” It’s obvious hosting a conference which promotes the expansion of the coal industry is at odds with this statement. Call on Mayor Dave Cull to strengthen the venue hiring policy to rule out the fossil fuel and mining industries from using the city's publicly-owned venues.
Last year, hundreds of us linked arms in peaceful resistance to the Petroleum Summit in Wellington. Only three weeks later the government announced an end to offshore oil and gas permits. In the following months, our local 350 Wellington group set out on a campaign to have the summit banned from council-owned venues. Then just last week, the Petroleum Summit opted to take its business underground, keeping the date and venue of the next Petroleum Summit a secret.
Our presence makes an impact. When we come together to take action, we raise the moral question of whether our cities and institutions should associate with the industry most responsible for the ecological collapse. We must hold these industries to account. We must continue to erode the social licence of the fossil fuel industry because, without it, they can’t keep doing business digging and burning coal.
Together we can stop the fossil fuel industry from being able to promote this out of date agenda. Together we can shut the Minerals Forum down.
Let’s do this!
Claudia and the 350 Aotearoa team
P.S. If you can make it to Dunedin, there are two events to get involved with. 
1) A coalition of local activists is planning the resistance to Stop the Minerals Forum from going ahead altogether. 
2) Coal Action Network Aotearoa is hosting a Coal in Aotearoa discussion day in Dunedin on Sunday 26th. 

Our own Donald Trump....Pony tail Key now Sir John.
Carly Thomas Peter I meant to message you. The photo of the girl in the student Strike in one of your blogs was my daughter Lily. I’m happy for you to use her name 🙂



Thursday, 9 May 2019

Lucy Gray tells it as it is....Wheelers Corner 25 11th May 2019

Lucy is a name well used in the Poems of Wordsworth and others...

The story of Lucy was both sad and tragic.

Lost in a storm...and lets not forget Lucy in the sky with diamonds...

Today we have a new kiwi special Lucy who is not planning to go away...especially to an early grave...she seeks to protect not only her future but every ones future.

Pushed there by the foolish behaviour of her elders and their elders. And the cycle of greed that over runs our world by the mega wealthy 1%

I received this email from Peter Grove:
Lucy Gray [left] makes a plea:

Peter W,

Have you seen the item in today's news that featured Lucy Gray making her point about the right for the kids to be concerned for their futures and their demands for REAL action, rather than the meaningless lip service being given to the subject that we are seeing from politicians and world leaders world-wide.

I was very pleased that she picked up on the hypocrisy of teacher organisations criticising SS4CC by making her point the teachers strike all the time for better wages. But object to the kids striking for their futures.

Peter G.

After reading the Stuff item: You can decide for yourself what you want about the issue, but some teachers and others are sadly depressing both in content and intelligence: here is an example: 

Our political leaders criticised them as "waggers" and time-wasters; they felt more could be achieved in another day spent at school rather than taking to the streets to highlight their elders' perceived shortcomings.

Principals and other school leaders have also criticised the movement. Their response has been similarly patronising.

Secondary Principals' Association president Michael Williams said any protesters would be wasting their time, that the chances of effecting any change were "probably zero".

So the teachers who went on strike were simply waggers! SPA Williams must then accept that his organisation have a zero chance of success. 
Teachers strike.

But of course not everyone is an unbiased adult. And to show how wrong Williams was and is: This from XR Manawatu

Last Friday we woke up to some good news from the UK - MP's in the House
of Commons have approved a motion to declare an environment and climate
Now we need to see the political will and legislative powers to back
this up but it is a monumental step in the right direction following
Scotland and Wales declaring climate emergencies earlier in the week.
Non-violent direct action works.

Back on that infamous day the 15th of March 2019 400 hundred plus marched around the Square in PN and around the world, not once but twice, proves the energy of our youth. It was a wonderful sight watching the young people led the protest march...
Young protester in PN.

I took this photo of this young girl / woman without getting her name, if you know her name could you simply let me know so I can contact her parents and seek permission to use her picture in the if you recognise her please let me know. 

Being the 15th of March and murder of 51 innocent individuals attending their Mosque in Christchurch, so the very first protest of the climate strike by young people rather came second in the MSM... 

This of course was only the first step as the various branches of Extinction rebellion around NZ and around the world. 

Peter Grove who sent me the note at the start of this  report has joined XR London branch and is now really wrapt up in what is happening, And Peter is in his age is no barrier to becoming active.

Like Peter G I too am no chicken 79 this year...Extinction Rebellion Manawatu is holding its AGM at Snails on: If you a member or orginal supporter

So if you feel up to it why not come along and see if you can help... Our next meeting is Monday 13th May, 7pm, Snails 103 Taonui Street. Everyone is welcome - please do join us.
Please join the Facebook group and add your voice to the local discussion.


We are healing from the shock of the 15th of March, both here and allover NZ. This item from the Manawatu Standard and covers the eforts of Andy Hickman to inter connect with the various religious communities within our society. 

Was good to see this in the 6pm slot as a top story tonight. Was this the first time the #climatecrisis has been covered in prime time news? I wonder what the general population thought watching from their couches in their living rooms. I am hoping that slowly but surely it’s getting through!