Saturday, 31 October 2015

The All Blacks won can we now get back to normal.

Audrey Young
The Herald’s chief political reporter and National Party clone, Audrey Young is at it again…she makes headlines out of John Key predicting the RWC final score…big deal. [Audrey’s comments in italics]

Prime Minister John Key is predicting a win to the All Blacks of 27 to 12 against Australia in the Rugby World Cup final - although it should be remembered that his prediction a week ago was that the All Blacks would be playing Argentina in the final.
Mr Key is a familiar post-match face in the All Blacks' dressing room.

Key of course has to justify the massive tax-payer cost for funding him, his wife plus possibly son Max along with the Minister of Sport etc. to London for a week of rugby watching…now some may consider that spending tens if not hundreds of thousands of our hard earned tax money for the sake of a few photo opportunities in the AB’s changing room is OK, but I can think of better ways of spending that money, where it would actually help real people. Maybe just maybe what attracts the PM to the All-Blacks dressing room is the length of some All-Black’s hair… Ma’a Nonu for example has a wonderful head full of flowing locks, even better than that young waitress in Auckland who was teased heaps of times by a fixated and over excited sexually driven PM…

To make it look as if he is working and not just holidaying DonKey is once again calling on the Queen to pat her wee dogs, I think he might be targeting a Knighthood hood. Now this is strange, remember this the guy who is spending 26 million dollars to change our flag…which would give most the impression that he wants to break the historic links with English royalty…he also reintroduced ‘Knighthoods’ and then tossed out Knighthoods to his good mate Roger Douglas and a few other strange people…sweet Audrey wrote:

Mr Key said that in his meeting with Teresa May [UK Home Secretary] he will be asking that New Zealand's strong historical links with Britain be taken into account in any future restrictions on foreigners to work there. [Beat that for hypocritical behaviour]
And on his last encounter with the Queen, Mr Key and his family were guests for the weekend at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.
It will be Mr Key's fifth audience with the Queen in Britain.

It would appear that pee-wee in the shower John K just loves visiting the Queen, here is a list of his known past visits to his Queen 

• 25 November 2008 at Buckingham Palace
• 26 April 2011 at Windsor Castle
• 7 June 2012 at Buckingham Palace
• 22 September 2013 at Balmoral Castle
• 30 October 2015 at Windsor Castle

I want to hold your hand Key at 2011 RWC Auckland
Key has a long history of leaping on the band-wagon of winners, do you remember this snap shot of him invading others moments of glory it proves my point: Pictured Key attempts to be first to shake Richie McCaw hand after winning the last rugby world cup in Auckland.
TV 3 [as can be expected] was quick to give the PM a media boost when they informed us how yesterday he talked rugby with the Queen…gee she must have been over-joyed…

His PR team deserves praise for their ability to slip Key into situations that keep his face in the news and it seems as if a Knighthood is Richie McCaw’s, all he has to do is but ask, because it appears as if, the Queen has agreed to give Key’s buddy Richie a Knighthood on the word of the publicity seeking PM anytime he asks… I can picture Key inviting the Queen to his mansions in Hawaii or Auckland…and while she is there she will no doubt agree to a change of the flag. Speaking of the flag…

New Zealand's proposition to dump its flag is likely to be discussed when Prime Minister John Key and the Queen meet at Windsor Castle.
Mr Key was due to meet the monarch on Friday afternoon (local time), and told reporters he expected the possible flag change to come up.
However, he clearly did not believe it was a controversial topic, saying the Queen's position was that it was an issue for New Zealanders.
"That's the view the royal family's always taken when countries have raised a variety of constitutional matters, including some that have gone republic," Mr Key said.
"She's supportive of New Zealanders having a process if that's what they want to go through. I don't think you could say she would offer a view of whether they should do it or not."
Mr Key noted that he had previously raised the issue with the Queen, so he was likely to explain the referendum process the county was now taking Mr Key said.
The Prime Minister will head to Twickenham on Saturday for the Rugby World Cup final before flying out of London that night.

The big day has arrived, in London the PM’s hairdresser is putting the finishing touches to his few remaining strands, his manicurist has finished painting his finger nails with the silver-fern and the limo idles outside of the 1st class hotel. He and his GCSB and SIS support team board the limo and head off to Twickenham.

By now we all know the result… a great win by the AB’s…

Did having Key as a extra ‘Water-boy’ make any difference; I’ll leave you to decide.

Thank God it’s all over; maybe the media can now fixate on other things for a little while…    

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Occupy WINZ office in your area.

I didn’t write this…it was written by Bomber Bradbury of The Daily Blog: but it expresses exactly my present feelings. 
He asks the question: Is it time for a new mass civil disobedience movement to create momentum against the National Party of NZ?
 Answer: Yes.
This Government and their mainstream media enablers continue to govern because of an unholy alliance between crony corporate welfare benefactors,  property bubble seduced middle classes and the negative egalitarian anti-intellectual sleepy hobbits who uncritically view the world with vacant aspiration.
A plague on all their investment properties.

The poor, Maori, Environmentalists, Gen X and Y are all being destroyed by John Key and his Government.
Do we allow the poor to continue living as tenants in their own nation?
Do we shrug at the 305 000 kids in poverty?

Do we accept the draconian way in which welfare is being limited so the Government can manufacture a surplus while they borrow billions in tax cuts for the rich?

Do we accept a do nothing approach to global warming when the planet is on track for a dangerous and catastrophic climate change?

Do we accept a generational theft on a level never seen before in politics as Gen Y and X continue to be drowned in debt while other generations get subsidised from cradle to grave?

Do we accept a system that continues to prejudice Maori?

Do we accept the poor and sick to be lower class citizens?

Do we accept a corrupt global economics set to once again meltdown?

Do we accept a Government spying on its own citizens for America?
Do we accept allowing our Government to be usurped by transnational corporations via a Forced Trade deal like the TPPA?

I say no more.
Progressive change in this country has only ever occurred when people are prepared to step up and fight. Our political ‘opposition’ is full of people wanting to work with John Key – I say that you can’t work with anyone who abuses political power in the manner John Key and his mass surveillance state have established.

You can’t work with a Government who colludes with the Secret Intelligence Services to smear political opponents.
You can’t work with a Government that manipulates and lies in conjunction with far right hate bloggers.
You can’t work with a Government hell bent on silencing critical voices in the media.
You can’t work with a Government that hates Unions and the poor with the passion they do.
All you can do is resist and fight.

I think no department highlights the Governments contempt for us as citizens better than WINZ. This department cuts off the poor from welfare by raising thresholds, they terrify and bully beneficiaries and they are the sharp end of policy aimed at punishing the poor.
So how can we fight back when almost the entire political spectrum of opposition wants to work with Key?

We fight on our own.

Imagine if throughout the country at different times, spontaneously, environmentalists, beneficiaries, the poor, Gen X and Y and Maori all converged on WINZ Offices throughout NZ and occupied outside them. That every cell group organise and then take to social media with #occupyWINZ. That we call for a real benefit to live on, that we call for serious momentum on climate change, affordable houses and jobs with dignity. That we occupy the outside of as many WINZ Offices as we can for as long as we can and start shutting them down. That we take a stand and use social media to promote the protests.

Share this post around, pass it to friends – if all those NZers being impacted negatively by this Government made a stand, they couldn’t keep pretending there are no issues? What do you have to lose if you are Maori other than a system that is biased against you? What do you have to lose if you are Gen X or Y other than that debt cycle that locks you out of home ownership. What do you have to lose if you are a beneficiary who is already being traumatised by WINZ? What do you have to lose as an environmentalist other than forcing the Government to listen?

The more people join and start occupying their own local WINZ Office, the bigger the movement becomes.
The reality is that this Government won’t do a damned thing and the media will remain deaf dumb and blind unless we are prepared to fight.

Turning up with tents, sleeping bags and occupying outside the local WINZ office handing out information to beneficiaries on how the Government is hurting them and updating your protest action on social media could cause a momentum to force change. Shutting down WINZ Offices until they start looking after the poor rather than bully and punish them would force the Government to address the real concerns of those on the bottom of society, and while we have their attention allow us to take them to task for intergenerational theft and climate change denial.

Bernard Hickey makes the case for an uprising here
Only in 2029 would the enormity of what happened to the nation’s finances in the previous 30 years have dawned on voters in their 30s, 40s and 50s.
Only 49 per cent of those aged 18-29 voted in 2014. By 2029, that proportion will be much higher. When they look back over those decades of political decisions leading up to 2029, what will they see?
They will have seen a raft of policies stretching from the 1980s onwards that repeatedly blocked the building of new houses and infrastructure, particularly public transport.
They will have seen the dismantling of free tertiary education by a generation that benefited from it. They will have seen the results of a superannuation set-up that loaded the costs on to the workers of 2015-2030, not on the retirees.
That’s because contributions to Super were turned off in 2009 and not turned back on until 2023. That will have cost more than $121b by 2029.
Superannuation spending will have risen from $9.9b this year to $23.4b by 2029, and Treasury is forecasting a rise to $100b by 2060. That’s on top of a surge in health costs as the population aged and got fatter.
By 2029, taxpaying voters in their 30, 40s and 50s will be facing massive pressures on public finances, potentially forcing tax increases and cuts in social spending without changes to the pension and health settings.
It will be too late to extend the retirement age by then, but there will be a big push to means test superannuation and health spending for the aged.
The unfair link of Super to wages, rather than price inflation, will be revisited.
There will be talk of widening taxes on capital and land to hoover up some of the wealth those retirees held in property.
The inevitable results of climate change will be clear for all to see.

 …we could wait until 2029 or we could start fighting now". Martyn Bradbury ends here:
Please share this message...check out the WINZ offices nearest you and consider making a plan of is time to stop talking and doing...

Here is a list of every street address of every WINZ Office in NZ.
Street address:
68-72 Normanby Street
Kaikohe Community Link
Street address:
7 Memorial Avenue
Kaitaia Community Link
Street address:
Shops 1, 2 + 3
34-36 Commerce St
Kamo Community Link
Street Address
424 Kamo Road
Kawakawa Community Link
Street address:
62 Gillies Street
Street address:
Keri Centre
Fairway Drive
Street address:
Shop 6, Onerahi Mall
116 Onerahi Road
Whangarei Community Link
Street address:
Walton Plaza
3-5 Albert Street
Albany Community Link
Street address:
44 Corinthian Drive
Avondale Community Link
Street address:
44-48 Rosebank Road
Birkenhead Community Link
Street address:
87 Birkenhead Avenue
Browns Bay
Street address:
97 Clyde Road
Street address:
Clendon Shopping Centre
Corner Palmers Road and Roscommon Road
Street address:
1 Peach Road
Glenmall Community Link
Street address:
20 Oates Road
Grey Lynn Community Link
Street address:
562 Richmond Road
Street address:
34-38 Commercial Road
Highland Park Community Link
Street address:
491 Pakuranga Road
Hunters Corner Community Link
Street address:
139 Great South Road
Mangere Community Link
Street address:
93 Mascot Avenue
Manukau Community Link
Street address:
18 Amersham Way
Manukau City
Manurewa Community Link
Street address:
12 Selwyn Road
Mount Albert Community Link
Street address:
Shop 2 and 3
945a New North Road
Mount Eden Community Link
Street address:
191 – 193 Dominion Rd
New Lynn Community Link
Street address:
5-9 Hugh Brown Drive
Onehunga Community Link
Street address:
201-211 Onehunga Mall
Street address:
27 Florence Ave
Otahuhu Community Link
Street address:
4 Fairburn Road
Street address:
52-60 Lovegrove Crescent
Papakura Community Link
Street address:
20-22 Queen Street
Papatoetoe Community Link
Street address:
17 Shirley Road
Pukekohe Community Link
Street address:
9 – 11 Tobin Street
Queen Street Community Link
Street address:
Level 3
450 Queen Street
Street address:
519 Lake Road
Tamaki Community Link
Street address:
Unit 1
40 – 42 Mayfair Place
Glen Innes
Auckland 1072
Three Kings Community Link
Street address:
Three Kings Plaza 536
Mt Albert Road
Waiheke Island Community Link
Street address:
Shop 1
116 Ocean View Road
Waitakere Community Link
Street address:
36-44 Sel Peacock Drive
Waitakere Outreach Community Link
Street address:
4 Pioneer Street
Waiuku Community Link
Street address:
57B Queen Street
Warkworth Community Link
Street address:
Winscombe Mall
37 Queen Street
Westgate Community Link
Street address:
22-24 Cabernet Crescent
Auckland 0614
Street address:
69 Duke Street
Dinsdale Community Link
Street address:
Shop 14
Dinsdale Shopping Centre
Five Cross Roads Community Link
Street address:
3 Fifth Avenue
Street address:
Glenview Shopping Centre
Ohaupo Road
Hamilton Central Community Link
Street address:
317 Victoria Street
Hamilton East Community Link
Street address:
126 Grey Street
Hamilton Outreach
Street address:
468 Anglesea Street
Huntly Community Link
Street address:
160 Main Street
Matamata Community Link
Street address:
78 Arawa Street
Street address:
239 Thames Street
Ngaruawahia Community Link
Street address:
Corner Newcastle and Gallileo Street
Paeroa Community Link
Street address:
Corner Te Aroha and Rotokohu Roads
Te Awamutu Community Link
Street address:
105 Sloane Street
Thames Community Link
Street address:
646 Pollen Street
Waihi Community Link
8am – 5.00pm daily except Wed 9.30am – 5.00pm
Street address:
16 Seddon Street
Street address:
53 Courtney Road
Gate Pa
Street address:
Tarawera Mall
Plunket Street
Mt. Maunganui
Street address:
9 Owens Place
Street address:
41 Pine Drive
Street address:
93 Church Street
Rotorua Community Link
Street address:
Ground floor
1207 Pukuatua Street
Rotorua 3010
Taupo Community Link (Heartlands)
Street address:
77 Heuheu Street
Street address:
Corner Durham Street and Springs Street
Te Puke
Street address:
99 Jellicoe Street
Tokoroa Community Link
Street address:
8-10 Torphin Crescent
Turangi Community Link
Street address:
Ohuanga Road
Whakatane Community Link
Street address:
24 Pyne Street
Flaxmere Community Link
Street address:
8 Swansea Road
Street address:
Tangata Rite Building
Lowe Street
Hastings Community Link
Street address:
506 Eastbourne Street West
Hastings 4122
Street address:
Kaiti Mall
Wainui Road
Street address:
Working age clients – Ground Floor,
Vautier House, corner Dalton and Vautier Street
Street address:
32 Barry Avenue
Taradale Community Link
Street address:
15 Lee Road
Street address:
1 Marlborough Street
Wairoa Community Link
Street address:
236 Marine Parade
Hawera Community Link
Street address:
Unit 1, 15 Union Street
Street address:
238-248 Broadway
New Plymouth Community Link
Street address:
Duncan Dovico House
Gill Street
Street address:
65-67 Miranda Street
Stratford 4332
Street address:
58 Tui Street
Street address:
Meredith House
Marae Street
Te Kuiti Community Link
Street address:
45 Taupiri Street
Street address:
25 Queen Street
Street address:
133 Wicksteed Street
Whanganui 4500
Dannevirke Community Link
Street address:
79 High Street
Feilding Community Link
Street address:
110-114 Manchester Street
Street address:
Corner Wharf and Main Streets
Horowhenua Community Link
Street address:
Corner Salisbury & Durham Streets
Kapiti Coastlands
Street address:
Coastlands Shopping Complex
Rimu Road
Street address:
84 Mill Street
Palmerston North Main Street
Street address:
521 Main Street
Wairarapa / Masterton Community Link
Street address:
49-51 Lincoln Road
Street address:
33-39 Johnsonville Road
Kilbirnie Community Link
Street address:
32-34 Bay Road
Lower Hutt / Lower Hutt Super
Street address:
317-327 High Street
Naenae Community Link
Street address:
2 Vogel Street
Newtown Community Link
Street address:
94-96 Riddiford Street
Porirua Community Link
Street address:
4 Lydney Place
Upper Hutt / Upper Hutt Super
Street address:
162-164 Main Street
Wainuiomata Community Link
Street address:
Shop 6, The Mall
Wellington / Wellington Super
Street address:
Ground Floor
Freemason House
195 Willis Street
Blenheim Community Link
Street address:
Riverview House
3 Alfred Street
Greymouth Community Link
Street address:
112-116 Mackay Street
Greymouth 7805
Street address:
Heartlands Centre
49 Tancred Street
Hokitika 7810
Street address:
Heartlands Centre
Unit 3
78 Beach Road
Motueka Community Link
Street address:
236 High Street
Moteuka 7120
Nelson City
Street address:
Level 1, 22 Bridge Street
Nelson 7010
Richmond Community Link
Street address:
275-279 Queen Street
Richmond 7020
Stoke Community Link
Street address:
Central Mall
Corner Songer Road and Main Road Stoke
Street and Postal address:
Heartlands Centre
65B Commercial Street
Street address:
50-52 Russell Street
Street address:
25 Shands Road
Kaiapoi Community Link
Street address:
Unit 9
The Crossings
77 Hilton Street
Linwood Community Link
Street address:
154 Aldwins Road
New Brighton
Street Address
26 Beresford Street
New Brighton
Street address:
7 Winston Avenue
Street address:
4 High Street
Riccarton / Riccarton Super
Street address:
76-78 Riccarton Road
Street address:
203-205 Hills Road
Street Address:
39 Durham Street
Street address:
57 Tarbert Street
Street address:
Corner George Street and Charlotte Street

Dunedin Community Link
Street address:
Corner Cumberland, Castle Street and St Andrews Street
Dunedin South
Street address:
127 Hillside Road
Gore Community Link
Street address:
24 Traford Street
Invercargill Community Link
Street address:
33 Gala Street
Street address:
22 Factory Road
Oamaru Community Link
Street address:
23 Coquet Street
Queenstown Community Link
Street address:
Ground Floor, Building 11,
Remarkables Park Town Centre
Timaru Community Link
Street address:
14 Strathallan Street

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