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Part Two Mike Dixon-McIvor vs ACC

My hero of the week 75 year old Mike Dixon-McIvor has continued his one-sided battle with NZ most aggressive and repressive state controlled organisation the ACC.

Paula Rebstock ACC's hit woman.
Mikes guts might just pay off…he may yet beat Nationals ACC’s iron fisted board chairwoman Paula Rebstock specially appointed hit person put in place to prepare  ACC for voter bribes in election year 2014. This is the woman who voted against helping the families at Pike River…

The plan was simple, create a mythical financial problem [Nick Smith was in charge of that until he was caught out helping out a good friend and was sacked].

Up the charges, and put your own selected and highly rewarded doctors to refuse payments in place and when the claimants are forced to appeal, use your own controlled appeal board members to hear that appeal.

To read more about that nasty and degrading period go to:

Mike Dixon-McIvor, A true Kiwi Hero.
Mike has not given up the fight, and so far all the cheap bribery attempts by ACC to wriggle snake like out of their self inflicted wounds have been rejected by this brave and enduring Kiwi battler. This from TV 3 News:

He's spent the past 27 days on a hunger strike outside ACC headquarters in Wellington, but 75-year-old Mike Dixon-McIver could soon be going home.

The corporation's agreed to enter arbitration with him to end a six-year battle, but there's just one more thing he's waiting for before he does.

After ACC unsuccessfully prosecuted him for fraud in 2007, Mr Dixon-McIver has been fighting for damages and it has cost him his health and his income.

"They have to be seen to meet the consequences of their actions above an apology," he says.

He picketed ACC in May this year, and it agreed to enter mediation, offering him $90,000 in compensation. But he refused.

"It wouldn't even cover seven years of lost income," he says.

It's been a long month for wife Jolene, who has watched her husband lose 12kg.

"[I've] mainly worried about his health because he's a diabetic, and also his drinking hydration levels, we've had a few really bad days," she says.

Arbitration will see a judge decide the outcome of this saga, and the decision will be legally binding on both parties.

ACC says its continuing discussions with Mr Dixon-McIver, and there could be a resolution to arbitration in about three months.

He says he's prepared to go home tonight if ACC gives him the $90,000 too, but it refused.

"Well they offered it in the first place and that was supposed to be as a sign of good faith - if they withdraw it now, then we're back to the bad faith," he says.

Bad faith, that will see his hunger strike continue a little longer.

3 News

Read more:

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Now here is a battler hero.

A 74 year old hero takes on ACC: Mike Dixon-McIvor.

An embattled ACC advocate has "declared war" on the corporation, launching an around-the-clock picket of its head office.

After more than 20 years of acting as an ACC advocate, Mike Dixon-McIver has spent the past six years locked in a battle with the corporation after it tried to prosecute him for fraud.

That case was thrown out and a judge awarded Mr Dixon-McIver, of Upper Hutt, full legal costs. But the corporation has refused to go to mediation to discuss damages.

This has infuriated Mr Dixon-McIver, who addressed a crowd of supporters at 12pm from atop a cherry picker parked outside ACC's Aitken St office.

He plans to camp outside the office until ACC agrees to his terms.

"Until they do I'll be sleeping on this footpath and I'll be available to give anyone help and advice, 24 hours a day."

Mr Dixon-McIver then tried to deliver a written notice of his picket to the office, but was barred from entering the premises by security.

His plans to throw a barbecue for supporters were scuppered after he was unable to get a permit, so he served hotdogs out of the boot of his car instead.

After several months of talks, ACC broke off contact about a mediation meeting after Mr Dixon-McIver delivered a starting figure for damages and losses of $4.69m.

The fraud charges against him were laid in 2007 and stem from advice he provided to a client in 2003 about how to fill out reimbursement forms for his home-help services.

The charges were dismissed in November 2008 by Judge Michael Behrens, who believed Mr Dixon-McIver was motivated by good intentions.

Soon after the decision, Mr Dixon-McIver suffered a breakdown that left him severely depressed and unable to work.

The couple survived "on the smell of an oily rag" as they tried to deal with the fallout, he said.

"He was so traumatised by it all, he could hardly work for the first six months, he was so frightened and ashamed," his wife said.

In 2010, struggling under mounting debt, he was declared bankrupt, and in November 2011 applied to the court for costs against ACC.

In January, Judge Behrens delivered his decision, making the rare order for ACC to pay full legal costs of $13,000 to Mr Dixon-McIver, as he was "without blame".

"It was an extraordinary allegation, given Mr Dixon-McIver's occupation," the judge said.

He also said of ACC investigator Timothy Trask: "My impression is that Mr Trask was for some reason blinded by his wish to proceed against Mr Dixon-McIver before he had examined the evidence with more care."

However, he also noted there was no evidence of malicious intent on ACC's behalf.

ACC spokesman Glenn Donovan said in a statement it accepted Judge Behrens' criticism of the decision to prosecute.

The corporation would be happy to sit down to mediation with Mr Dixon-McIver and address his concerns, but his excessive monetary expectations meant this would be unproductive.

Human rights lawyer Michael Bott, who represented Mr Dixon-McIver in his initial proceedings, said ACC had "bullied and bludgeoned" him.

"Really, if the department had any ounce of decency, they should look at what they did to Mr Dixon-McIver. They made his life a living hell."
Ad Feedback


An advocate is someone who can be nominated to speak to the corporation on behalf of a claimant.

Often they are part of an independent organisation, but some individuals act on their own as private advocates.

An advocate has good knowledge about the workings of ACC and can assist people if they encounter problems during their claim process.


2003: ACC claimant Colin Shingleton approaches Mike Dixon-McIver for advice about how to fill out his home-help reimbursement forms.

2006: Mr Shingleton's landlady, Sharron Alexander, is charged with fraud, with the Ministry of Social Development alleging she was receiving money from Mr Shingleton's ACC payments as well as the domestic purposes benefit.

She is convicted but the decision is overturned on appeal.

2007: Fraud charges are laid by ACC against Mr Dixon-McIver, Mr Shingleton and Ms Alexander.

Nov 2008: Judge Michael Behrens throws out all charges before the trial starts. Soon after the decision, Mr Dixon-McIver has a mental breakdown and is unable to work.

2010: He is declared bankrupt after using $10,000 earmarked for tax payments to pay his lawyer.

Dec 2011: Mr Dixon-McIver files an application for costs against ACC.

Jan 2013: Judge Behrens awards Mr Dixon-McIver his full costs of $13,000, stating he was ''without blame''. ACC has paid the costs.

May 2013: ACC sends a letter to Mr Dixon-McIver, stating it will not meet to discuss damages as there was ''no merit'' in the claim. For more detail go to:

Saturday, 23 November 2013

One Law For All Hero...yeah right.

Heroes come in various shapes and sizes…some weird political parties invent heroes to push their strange and twisted policies.

One law for all has been a battle cry of racists for years and years and some people actually believe their own rhetoric on this issue. Naturally the law must be their law, which goes without saying.

They even made a hero of someone who had created a myth around his so-called efforts to beat back the mass attack by devilish Maori and Iwi on his farm up North.

He was valiant and heroic as he fought to protect himself and his family from the cowardly and unrelenting onslaught by these part Maori as he attempted to save the nation, while at the same time supporting ‘One law for all’.

Established in June, 1 Law 4 All has policies of abolishing the Waitangi Tribunal and removing all race-based seats and positions in central and local government. 

1 Law 4 All, party president Tom Johnson needed a hero, one he could hold up as a shining example of heroic proportions to help sell their new political party and its dream of consigning to the rubbish heap, the Waitangi Tribunal and removing all race-based seats and positions in central and local government.

And Tom Johnson felt they had found their hero,

One other person agreed with Tom Johnson and that was a long-time friend of Johnson’s hero controversial author Martin Doutre. He wrote a book, Ancient Celtic New Zealand, which claimed Maori were not the first to inhabit New Zealand; rather a band of Celts made their way from Europe to New Zealand 5000 years ago but were killed off by Maori.

So who was this hero who had fought the good fight, stood tall in the name of justice, freedom and liberty.

His name was Allan Titford, a former Northland farmer Titford, who last month unsuccessfully ran for mayor of the Far North District Council. And who was on Wednesday sentenced to 24 years jail on 39 charges, three of them involving sexual violation.

But alas the court was wrong says: ‘An injustice had been done’, Doutre said.
Doutre had known Titford since 1998 and toured with him in 2009 on the Treaty 2U road show disputing the validity of Treaty of Waitangi claims.

This from 2008: [TV3]

The Crown Law Office is reinvestigating a Northland land dispute which looked as though it was resolved more than a decade ago.

In 1995 farmer Alan Titford was persuaded to accept $3.25 million in compensation for his farm, which was bought from him and handed back to Maori.
But now he has returned to the land at Maunganui Bluff to protest.

For the first time in 22 years, Alan Titford and his family can return to their farm without the threat of arrest. After a two-hour meeting this morning, police allowed the Titfords to return to their Aranga Coast farm.
It was here 22 years ago where tensions boiled over, and some of the wounds are still raw.
It began when the Waitangi Tribunal recommended burial sites on the farm be returned to local Maori Te Roroa.
The claim sparked violent and bitter conflict, and the Titford's house burned down in mysterious circumstances.

In 1995, the Titfords signed over the farm and moved to Australia.
A spokesman for Mr Titford says the agreement for the sale of the land was tampered with, and will be checked by the Crown Law Office.
Today Mr Titford is a happier man. He says it is the first time his story has been believed.


Titford was on Wednesday sentenced to 24 years jail on 39 charges, three of them involving sexual violation. Some hero!

Titford was a poster boy for the party's policies after he fought a high-profile land battle over his farm at Maunganui Bluff, near Dargaville.

His case was still on the party's website today, in the form of a blog post by Mike Butler.
Butler likened Titford's dispute with the Waitangi Tribunal and local iwi as "just like the Deep South in the United States, with the white farmer treated like a pre-civil rights black."

Butler said Titford was the victim of abuse at the hands of land claimants and that they had burned his house down. So much for Mr. Butler’s opinion!

Titford was found guilty of arson in relation to the incident.

Following that news and the stories from court of Titford's treatment of his wife, 1 Law 4 All party president Tom Johnson said they would be reviewing the place of the post on the website.

"We are in the process of revamping the website, completely unrelated to this.
"I haven't talked to the other members but I imagine that [removing the content] would be the likelihood.

"As a party we don't condone criminal activity at all." Yeah right
One person who was standing by Titford was long-time friend and controversial author Martin Doutre.

More than 400 people voted for mayoral candidate Allan Titford to become top dog of the Far North.
What they probably didn't know is that they were giving their vote to a convicted rapist, abuser and fraudster who was already in prison.

Name suppression, put in place to protect Titford's victim, also protected his mayoral aspirations by default.
By the day of the 2013 local government elections, a jury had already found Titford guilty of 39 charges - including the systematic abuse of his wife and children.
But that fact was kept secret from voters who likely only knew the Northland farmer for his high-profile land ownership battle against the Crown and his official mayoral candidate spiel.

Note these ironic words from the One Law for All supporter…hero.

"I know what it is like to deal with corruption and red tape," Titford's candidate profile read.
"I am anti corruption at all levels. We all need a system with business experience and brains to promote growth not dictatorship and decline."

Titford has now been sentenced to 24 years' imprisonment - one of New Zealand's longest terms for these types of crimes.

His name suppression was in place throughout his trial to protect his wife, Susan, who he raped and physically abused.

Victims of sexual crime are automatically given name suppression.

Susan waived her right to keep her identity secret at his sentencing on Thursday, effectively outing him to the community - and to the 414 residents who gave him their vote.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

One Hundred and eleven thousand petition delivered.

What is different about this picture?
Look carefully at this picture, what stands out? Look extra close and think again, have you found the answer…

Well there are, or could be many answers to the question posed.

One could be that there is only one male present.

Another could be that there are no National Party MP’s present.

The large print on the box containing one hundred and eleven thousand signatures says “Stop failing rape survivors” a message clearly understandable by even the thickest MP male of female.

The woman holding the child is my hero of the year Jessie Hume, she rocked the nation by successfully collecting a one hundred and eleven thousand petition in just over a week. Yet the police couldn’t carry out an investigation in over two and a half years. If only they had the willpower and drive, energy and know how of this Mother spent in mobilising, investigating, compiling data they may then catch the odd male sexual offenders. [Even after they publish their identities on Face Book etc.

But the offenders couldn’t be policemen because they just don’t seem able to get anyone to testify against their own…and they certainly can’t put together a case against anyone with police connections.

The following is a TV3 News online report on the petition being handed over at Parliament

MPs have today received a petition with 110,000 signatures calling for more action to be taken for the alleged victims of the Roast Busters group.

The petition, which also asks for more support services for victims of rape and sexual assault, was delivered to Parliament this afternoon.

Green Party women's spokeswoman Jan Logie says the petition shows it is time the Government to "create a better future" for victims of sexual violence.

"Our shared outrage at the lack of justice for recent victims of sexual abuse can be harnessed to create real change for all victims. The solutions we need are secure funding for education and support services, and a stronger justice system."

Petition organiser Jessie Hume believes the Government hasn't taken the Roast Busters case seriously.

Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Karyn Malthus, who is leading Operation Clover, says police are making "steady progress" in their investigations.

"We are currently focused on speaking to a number of girls. This is a very delicate and careful process and at this time our priority is the privacy, health and well-being of the girls, their families and caregivers."

A number of those police are interested in speaking to are currently sitting exams and police are working around those schedules, she says. TV3 report ends.

Operation Clover…is a holding operation, and the weak police excuse of the victims having exams is effecting police progress is so obviously false and is nothing more than a public relations holding pattern employed while the nations anger dies down. When the exams are over, they’ll have to wait for the results to be received.

Why don’t the police simply go and pick up the boys. Take them into custody, search their homes; remove their computers, smart phones I Pads or whatever. The girls concerned were underage. Don't the police know the law...firstly they stop the offending, then they collect the evidence.

It was suggested to me that this, blame the victim is simply a part of New Zealand male culture. That is rubbish, it’s not my culture... and I’m male and a New Zealander. 

But maybe that weak excuse is why so many males fail to stand up and be counted, why so many of our policemen hide and protect their mates. It takes them not weeks or even months but god damn years to arrest their own sexual wrong doers…in it has just been revealed that they paid one of their own…wait for it…for two years before the put him in court…and he has pleaded guilty...

As males we should demand that our police are swept clean of those who, won’t, or can’t do the job we pay them for, be they commissioners, detectives or on the beat cops. And we can’t achieve that, and then we should only recruit and promote women…

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Jessie Hume...a hero if ever there was one.

I attended the protest in the Square at two PM on Saturday; I waited until Monday to take a look at all the various blogs relating to the subject. Not just about the protest itself but the compelling and powerful driving force behind it.

On Monday I had my answer…and her name was Jessie Hume

It sounds just an ordinary name amongst the millions of names that exist here in New Zealand. But the actual fact is…it isn’t.

It’s a name that we can now clearly associate with energy, drive, clear goals and directions, honesty and transparency. 

It’s a name we should not forget; instead we should emulate the behaviour that grew from that name.

Here is her blog in full, not only does it touch the heart but it shows the way forward for all of us, no matter our age…thank you Jessie.

Last week will be one of the more memorable ones for me. I started a petition that gained over 100,000 signatures in a week. Then I collaborated with a spontaneously formed national collective to organise marches across the country.

Thousands flooded onto streets to stand up against rape. For the first time mainstream media sources managed to meaningfully expand upon the idea of rape culture and introduce terms such as “victim blaming” to the collective consciousness. If you’re still not sure what it means, “rape culture” refers to a culture that unwittingly enables and normalises rape. Some say little can be done about it, yet that’s not actually true. Ask Kim McGregor or Louise Nicholas, there are plenty of ways. TOAH-NNEST carried out and delivered a detailed analysis of issues to the government in ’09 and it was almost entirely ignored. Instead more and more money was stripped from survivor support programmes across the country, decreasing general responsiveness.

If you want to know why we are in this position now, that’s at least one good reason why.

People have asked me many times if I was surprised at the response and the answer is “not at all”. I think it reflects the unmet need of our communities. When one in four women and one in eight men are affected by sexual violence in this country – people of colour and transgender people most of all – to me that isn’t just a small social problem, it’s a national health crisis.

As the week progressed the endless barrage of public gaffes got worse; starting with our own Prime Minister telling seeming serial gang rapists to “grow up”, to police saying no one had come forward, then it turned out someone had come forward, and then that turned into four ignored complaints, progressing with victim blaming radio DJs and culminating with Wellington lawyer Keith Jefferies telling a jury that “all she had to do was close her legs” regarding the rape of a woman by now-convicted rapist George Jason Pule. All of this just a few weeks after Central District Superintendent Russell Gibson made the comments in a letter to a rapist’s wife that a 10 year old girl was a “willing party” in her own rape.

Consequently we have heard Police Commissioner Pete Marshall accept that mistakes were made, but he didn’t reckon that reflected any generalised cultural malaise. Well Pete, 100,000 New Zealanders disagree with you, and I’m one of them. Auckland Barrister Catriona MacClennan put it best this week when she wrote the following:

“Here is a list of actions the police could have taken in response to the Roast Busters’ activities:

1. Conduct a full investigation, rather than simply monitoring the situation.

2. Contact Facebook and arrange for the page to be removed so the girls did not continue to be re-victimised in cyberspace for two years.

3. Act on the complaint laid by the 13-year-old woman two years ago and lay charges.

4. Have Police Youth Aid visit the boys to warn them about their behaviour and explain the law.

5. Visit the boys’ parents and speak to them.

6. Visit the school and speak to the principal and have him or her speak to students to explain the law and the proper way to treat young women.

7. Publicise the Roast Busters’ activity two years ago to put a stop to it.

8. Meet young women in the local area to warn them about what was happening and teach them to keep themselves safe.

9. Meet the parents of young women.

10. Obtain search warrants and search the boys’ homes to check what evidence there is.

Members of the public do not have the same level of detail as the police about the Roast Busters situation.

But some charges the police could investigate laying are:

• Section 128 Crimes Act 1961 – sexual violation.

• Section 134 Crimes Act 1961 – sexual conduct with young person under 16.

• Section 135 Crimes Act 1961 – indecent assault.

• Section 194 Crimes Act 1961 – assault on a child.

• Section 197 Crimes Act 1961 – disabling (stupefying).

• Section 208 Crimes Act 1961 – detention without consent with intent to have sexual connection.

• Section 216G – making an intimate visual recording (if pictures were taken).

• Section 160 Sale of Liquor Act 1989; – purchasing or acquiring liquor with the intention of supplying it to a person under 18.”

Now I’m no lawyer but as I understand it rape cases are built using corroboration. When a girl is told it’s just her word against theirs and that nothing can be done, that’s not quite true. It is the job of the police to build such cases by conducting a broad spread of interviews, and it can be about how she acted immediately after, who she told, if their stories corroborate hers, and other witness details about people’s movements at the time. It’s not just medical examinations – as useful as they may be. This is a legal, legitimate way of prosecuting such cases. Many of these issues have been identified in reviews of police practices and it’s our job right now to ask why these have not been implemented.

I have to say it: police are people too, they are family members and they are people in our community, and as individuals they have as much need as any of us to see these changes made. So I want to ask police to speak up too. I want them to ask “What can we do better?” and then listen and respond when replies are given. In a country where only one in every ten rape complaints see it to court, if the police do not get with the program here it seems like they are actively enabling rape to proliferate. They become instead of a support service a barrier that reduces rape reporting and allows attackers to keep attacking. This is a time for contrition and contemplation, not defensiveness.

But I don’t just want to get at the police here. As I mentioned before rape support services have taken such severe cuts that we may remember Wellington Rape Crisis was forced to take PR reparative guilt-money from Hell Pizza who encouraged people to commit sexual assaults for purposes of humour.

Something is seriously wrong here. And that thing is that we have allowed rape culture to proliferate. Well, no more.

If you haven’t already, sign the petition. If you haven’t already, write to your MP. If you haven’t already, write to John Key.

Talk about this issue, keep it current and let’s ensure they act upon what we have to say. People are desperate for real changes. Next year is election year and it seems remiss of any party to sit on their haunches and not make addressing rape culture a key point of policy. And not just for strategy’s sake, but for people’s sake and both for our sake and for their sake.

Some bug bears:

Please use the word “survivor”, not “victim”. It is preferred.

When you say survivors have a responsibility to come forward (or pressure them to do so) remember, that they should only be asked to do so when our services make it easy for them – ideally, those services would be specialised services for dealing with sexual violence. It is a heavy burden for any survivor to bear – while they are trying to recover – that it now their charge to prevent recidivism. I thought that was everyone else’s job. We need to find ways of making the whole thing less re-traumatising for them.

Jessie Hume

Protest Organizer

- See more at:

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Patrick Gower; Keys public persona gone mad.

Ever heard of a wee chap named Patrick Gower, he is employed by TV 3, at least I think he is; sometimes I think he actually works for John Key.  

Or John Banks even, because the tales he tells are in the mode of John Banks, John Key and others of a like ilk.

His on screen presence is highlighted by his strange stance and hand positioning, like he is protecting his tummy from an attack by unseen monsters or its upset and rumbling.

Then when at last this strange image speaks it reveals dry and arid tones as it renders its version of its self proclaimed dynamic and world shattering news… that will, once heard, wreak havoc amongst the political forces that gather on the left of centre, waiting keenly to take over from the mad money maker. His words become understandable:.

“Labour leader David Cunliffe is facing bad news on the policy front, with the latest 3 News-Reid Research poll finding his idea of a state-owned insurer has flopped”.

Pausing for a deep breath of fresh air, he adjusts his hands as instructed and continues with his tale of doom and woe for poor David Cunliffe and his newly revealed policy.

“His big policy to get the public on board is a Kiwibank-style insurance company called "KiwiAssure", which Prime Minister John Key describes as "a dog".

Without realising it he contradicts himself and adds in almost the same puff of wind:

“And a majority of voters don't think much of it as well, with 49 percent saying no, they don't want a state insurer. Those saying yes total 42 percent.”

But Mr Cunliffe isn't worried by the poll, and states:

"When you look at the splits by party vote, supporters of all parties except National by clear majority support KiwiAssure, so it's only tribal by National Party voters to oppose it," he says. "It's politics."

Flash back to John Keys [He’s overseas drinking G and T’s with a mass murderer]

Mr Key says it would be unnecessary spending.
"We don't have a broken insurance market," he says. "I don't think it would be a good use of taxpayers' money."

Mr Cunliffe has been out in Christchurch with victims of its insurance market, and says the policy is no flop.
"[People] want to see a New Zealand insurance company with high service standards where the profits stay right here in New Zealand," he says.

Gower states: The poll shows Labour supporters are also split on the idea, with 58 percent supporting the idea of a government insurer, while 34 percent say no, they aren't so keen. [Yeah right…only nearly 60% are…that’s keen.

"This is early days," says Mr Cunliffe. "It's only been in the market a couple of weeks; there will be a lot of people who don't know about it."

Gower has no retort for that so he ends with this endearing bit of rubbish on which to build his non-existent case:

So David Cunliffe's first big policy is a fizzer. It may be worthy in Christchurch, but it hasn't hit a nerve elsewhere. It was his first big opportunity - now it's gone – and he will want a much bigger hit next time”.

First I thought it might be just me…you know leaning to the left a bit, as I often do, so I checked out a few comments on Gowers beat up: Here are just a few:

Great policy Cunliffe *thumbs up*.

I'm really surprised and rather suspicious - after the mess the private insurers have made especially. Sure EQC has been hopeless but it's Kiwibank not EQC culture that will dominate and hopefully this penny will drop eventually (And EQC get overhauled)

The same should be said of any parties’ policies, what does National have that is universally supported? Asset Sales, Nope around 70 % are against and have been in the majority of polls released.

Political Parties don't have policies that appeal to a wide spectrum of kiwis... what they do have is a range of policies... so far labours policies look set to benefit those on the bottom… right up to those in the middle... which is a bulk of the countries voters.
What does Key have? Yet more of the same universally unsupported policies.

With the promise to Kiwis that he will be desperate enough to get into bed with a fundamentalist nut job like Craig?
When you look at the last Political poll released by TV3 it shows labour with 32 % party support... so given the result of this poll if Labour can get the 42% who said they support the policy to vote for it on Election Day then they will be government.
National can’t even get 42% support on its asset sales program.
So I don't really think this is a case of a policy flopping... because more people in this poll support the policy than those who say that they would vote for the party.
In anyone's books that has to be a good result.
32% party support... 42% policy support, well done Labour... all this shows is that the policy appeals to more than just their own voters.

Yes, although you make sense, you wont see that sort of common sense and factual reporting. You will see one sided biased stories and reports like this....they will only increase in number come next ready for it...

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Pike River Miners get ZIP...

Ideal chap to run a coal mine, or country, or a money laundering business.

I’ve never heard such a bunch of sanctimonious claptrap as I heard tonight…

in our very own parliament debating chamber when a bunch of National Party backbencher hacks pretended to care about the dead miners of Pike River.

As they were doing so, their esteemed leader was singing songs with a bunch school kids and then taking off for a few meals and wine with a murdering dictator who is hosting the Commonwealth Leaders Conference. 

And Key cares stuff all about the miners families and who proved how shallow his caring goes just the day before this sham debate.

This same rat-bag John Key who only the day before had told the Pike River miners families that the Government will offer them ‘zip’ as compensation for the massive failure of the Labour Department in ensuring health and safety was being carried out at the jerry built mine.

During the debate the Nats put up back bench idiots like Cam Calder, Mark Mitchell, Mike Sabin, have you ever heard of that bunch, 

I was really surprised that Ian McKelvie was not amongst them, being Nationals most wealthy farmer, Landlord, and Palmerston North Business owner whose only role in Parliament is to ask patsy questions and shout John Key Gin and tonics…but obviously he was up in Taupo checking out his summer house.

The fact is the government was praising itself on tightening up the Health and Safety laws relating to mining. They’ve made some startling changes, for example they’ve increased the number of mining inspectors from two…now wait for it…to three! And they are even planning to make one of them…the boss. 

Here is what David Cunliffe had to say about the PM hands off attitude…would you want the PM as your kindly rich uncle?

“It is morally repugnant that the Government has chosen to walk away from its responsibility to compensate the families of the men killed at Pike River, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe.
“In deciding not to pay those families a cent John Key and his Cabinet colleagues are cheating them of their legitimate court-ordered compensation.
“Mr Key says he has ‘great sympathy’ for the families. That sympathy, however, comes with a ‘but’.
“It shouldn’t and he knows it.
“A report into the mine explosion found systemic failures by several government departments contributed to the deaths of the 29 miners.
“Two of the shareholders in Pike River Coal were also Crown agencies – ACC and the New Zealand Superannuation Fund.
“There is nothing stopping the Prime Minister making a couple of quick phone calls to the Chairs of those boards and setting expectations about a pay-out in some shape or form.
“He should also be calling other significant shareholders and telling them in no uncertain terms to fulfill their moral obligations.
“If Mr Key can’t organise his Government to honour the lives of the dead miners then he does not deserve to be Prime Minister,” David Cunliffe said.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ghost Busters vs Roast Busters

Ghost Busters was a very popular movie…comedy or whatever…the heroes braved the unknown and saved the damsels in distress…from Gasper and his mates. Well so the story goes.

Roast Busters are a completely different kettle of fish and their self-made role was not to save damsels in distress but to put underage damsels into distress. 

Not very heroic is that don’t you think? One could even call it gutless and cowardly if one was to be polite.

According to the Police it is certainly not against the law, morally wrong yes, but not against the law, says the Police Commissioner and his underlings. And it’s especially not illegal because one of the wee lads is the son of a God-damn police officer. And we all know that Police Officers and their kids can do no wrong…yeah right.

Allan Arthur Thomas and the planting of false evidence was just a mistake, Brad Shipton and other top police bosses didn’t run a rape club and lord it over powerless woman no that was all a massive mistake. Police are heroes you know like Ghost Busters, friendly Gasper's one and all.

After this last week if you believe that then you’ll believe anything…

There is a part of the police force that is rotten to the core, not the entire police force, firstly because many women are employed in the police force and they don’t go round raping men. And there are honest and trusty policemen too, but they all seem to be on the beat and not the ones in charge and such like.

The police never had any intention of arresting the members of the Roast Busters gang of budding habitual rapists. Why because a son of a policeman was involved, and if they arrested one most likely that rat would rat on the cops son. Now that would throw a real spanner in the works...

Radio Live's Willie and John supreme idiots.
Even when a victim was brave enough to come forward the police did their utmost to muddy the waters and indirectly blame the victim which has been New Zealand's standard practice for the last hundred years.

This attitude is normal practice and it starts at the top; when the Prime Minister suggests that the Roast Busters are just a bunch of naughty teenaged boys, boasting and showing off their wee willies and when idiots like John Tamihere and Willie Jackson let the wind blow their tongues around as they attempt to get on side with a few red necked males and their ex-police rapist friend who works closely with John T. 

John and Willie should be sacked from Radio Live and never invited back on any media including Maori TV until they simply grow up and stop acting like spoilt brats. They need a long and meaningful lesson in humility and humbleness.

Will the Roast Busters be brought to justice, will they pay the price for their disgusting behaviour, I doubt it, John Key will say that he feels comfortable with the police behaviour, he may even change the law so they can’t be touched as he did with the Dotcom case when the police broke the law in a dozen different ways.

He may even offer the policeman’s son a position on the Nats Auckland Youth Branch to replace Luigi Wewege so long as he keeps his mouth shut tight.

The Police Commissioner who is due to retire at the end of the year, will no doubt get a knighthood and be offered various seats on various boards, like Mighty River Power, Air New Zealand and such like, so as to fill in his time when he is not relaxing on the golf course.