Thursday, 31 January 2013

I'm with you school...says Hekia Parata.

Hekia Parata, Nationals Queen of Communications:

What a minister of education we’ve got and she just loves giving the rich money and taking it off the poor.

Her latest example of super communication skills is her backdoor handout to now state integrated  Whanganui Collegiate private school while kicking Christchurch public schools in the guts. Whanganui’s other High Schools and Colleges have empty spaces and this move to spend millions more to keep the fees for private students down while making the tax payer fund private fee paying students from wealthy families is stunning in its absolute impudence and stupidity. If ever there was a clear example of taking from the poor and giving to the rich, this is it.

Perhaps this is the reason why John Key kept her on as a Minister when the rest of NZ wanted her dumped. This from the Greens Catherine Delahunty:  

Hekia Parata’s decision to more than triple the amount of money it gives to newly integrated Whanganui Collegiate while closing schools in Christchurch is yet another example of it privileging the privileged while everyday New Zealanders suffer, the Green Party said today.

Catherine Delahunty. 

“Hekia Parata is claiming demographics mean she has to close schools in Christchurch, but she agreed to integrate Whanganui Collegiate despite 1400 places already being spare at other high schools in the area,” said Green Party education spokesperson Catherine Delahunty.

“The decision to hand out more cash to Whanganui Collegiate is a slap in the face for Christchurch students, parents and teachers who are desperately trying to save the schools that helped them through the traumatic experiences of the last two and a half years.

“Both the Ministry of Education and Treasury repeatedly told the Government not to let Whanganui Collegiate become a state integrated school, but Hekia Parata failed to listen.

“The Ministry of Education warned that this decision could hurt other schools in Whanganui. This is yet another example of Hekia Parata’s failure to care about the impacts of her decisions on anyone other than the National Party’s rich mates,” Ms Delahunty said.

It’s hard not to agree with Catherine Delahunty on this issue. The governments roll over to Whanganui Collegiate shareholders makes a mockery of their so called desire for New Zealanders to tighten their belts. It’s simply yet another step down the track of Charter Schools, where the State pays while others profit. Hekia Parata should be ashamed of herself as should her sole supporter John Key and her God-Father Steven Joyce the Minister for everything but the master of none:

Whanganui Collegiate School now has the highest fee charges for any NZ State Funded integrated School: $22000.00 per year for a live in student and $12000 for a day student.

So Whanganui now not only has a bad smell floating across the city but it has the stink of a backroom subsidy to an elitist private school that’s polluting its educational activities.  


Many many years ago while playing rugby for Tech against Collegiate a Mother of my opposing hooker tried to hit me over the head with her umbrella, she missed thank heaven but ever since then I've had a thing about Collegiate. Oh by the way...we lost the game as I recall.  

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Charter School Funding Solved

Charter school funding plan revealed.

According to my insider in the PM’s Department the PM has set up a special committee to solve the many woes that exist in the education sector and especially the ACT / National policy of introducing Charter Schools in 2013.

The Minister of Education Hekia Parata assisted by her associate ministers, John Banks, Nikki Kaye, Pita Sharples, and enforcer in chief and Sky City’s apprentice and Hekia Parata’s godfather and mentor Steven Joyce have been called to a special meeting to discuss how Charter Schools can supplement, for their boards and owners, a new revenue source so as to increase their profit margins.

After deep and meaningful discussions with Sky City the Government is planning to allow Pokie Machines to be installed in Charter Schools at the rate of one machine per class room or one machine for every sixteen pupils. The logic for this progressive and enterprising plan is to assist private companies [owners of Charter Schools] to fund their charter schools and thereby assist the country achieve a surplus by 2014.

It was recommended by both the Prime Minister and Finance Minister and Sky City [as expert advisers on educational matters]. In a press release a spokesperson for both Key and English stated;

“This new innovative approach to teaching students at an early stage about the development and operation of both the financial and stock market via pokie machine use will prepare them for key positions in later life. By introducing the skills of investing and reinvesting their profits back into the market with much greater sense of urgency and will allow them to practice their basic mathematics so as to prepare themselves for a bright future that is around the bend. In fact Wall Street or the London stock exchange may well become a feasible goal for young Maori from Whanganui”.

“To assist Charter Boards and their owners increase their profit margins further it has been recommended that Charter Schools receive a dollar for dollar grant from the government for every dollar raised via pokies. The Pokie machines will be supplied by ‘Sky City’ Educational Enterprises Ltd”, said Steven Joyce.

Hekia Parata said ‘She felt sure that the whole country will be willing and pleased to assist in teaching our young people and especially young Maori the fine skills of using pokie machines and with hard work she had no doubt many young people will finish up like our wonderful Prime Minister who had masterminded the art of winning recognition as the worlds greatest pokie player.

The Charter School benefit committee [all of those named above, plus the CEO of Sky City] is hoping that once the finial details of the ‘transfer funding’ to Charter School Boards and their owners bill has been introduced and was bringing the level of financial return required for Charter School owners, that the pokie learning educational practice scheme will be introduced to public schools at the same ratio of one per class room or one to 38 pupils. A new element to university teacher training in State Schools will be the operational factors of using Pokie machines as teacher aids. This aspect of training will not apply to teaching staff in Charter Schools because they are not required to be trained teachers, and receive their training direct from Sky City.

Hekia Parata was quoted as saying, “That once the new and wonderful Pokie Machine mathematics training scheme was enacted in Charter Schools there would be a new revenue inflow that would help grow the economy” she went on to say, “There was plenty of operational set up cash available because thousands of teachers and educational staff in the public sector are not being paid, leaving a surplus that can be paid to Charter Schools.

A Sky City educational spokesperson and Mafia Don, Vincent Noccia speaking from Auckland said, “This was the most enlightened move in the education sector since 1840 and that Sky City would willingly donate 2% of his schools pokie profits to charitable organisations like John Bank’s election fund”.

John Banks when approached outside the meeting room stated, “That he remembers nothing about the meeting and still denies taking money from Sky City or Kim Dotcom”…

Steven Joyce was not available because he was still in discussions with Vincent Noccia.

The PM was away in Hawaii or the US watching his lad play baseball.

Further comment from Hekia Parata was not possible as all future releases were to be made by Steven Joyce via Mediaworks.  

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Smiling Assassin strikes again

Gang Boss picks his A and B Teams. 

Money mover and gang boss John Key has named his A and B teams and there are no real surprises, his friends and both his present and future enemies remain close, where he can keep an eye on them.

Not for him the stab in the back on a dark night some time in the future for he remembers fully how he became leader of the National Party, so bringing back Nick Smith was vital. No doubt Bronwyn Puller’s close relationship with Nick Smith and their connection to King Maker and a past National Party President [Michele Boag] swayed John Key’s strange decision to back ACC’s biggest liability Smith.

But without doubt as his past record proves, he’ll jump ship before any coup occurs and head back to Wall Street where his real friends live, work and rip off the world. So Deputy PM Bill English may yet get another shot at leadership unless Judith Collins out bids him and Steven Joyce who also has eye on the top prize goes and works for Sky City.

John Key needed to put out a strong PR image to match his now infamous image of being the Hollywood styled ‘silent assassin’ that gained him bigger and bigger bonuses in his shady past life. I also think his fainting [Out of Body experience] episode in Christchurch after a long Hawaii holiday shook him up a bit and called for a show of what the main stream media called strength rather than cunning. Wasn’t it wonderful to see how our under funded public health system rushed to his assistance and had him treated by three specialists and he didn’t have to wait four to five hours in the waiting room. Tony Ryall will bask in this episode for years to come

The two ministers [Wilkinson, Heatley] he sneakily dumped or assassinated were no threat to him; Kate Wilkinson had been honourable and took the fall for the PM’s failed promises regarding the Pike River stuff up. So she was clearly a dangerous and heavy chain around the PM’s neck. Nick Smith waited silent till he was caught red handed and forced to resigned, but only after he was promised that he would be reinstated as soon as possible if he did. There was little honour in his behaviour. If Kate Wilkinson resigned her Christchurch seat and Labour regained that seat Key’s disgraceful behavior may backfire…only time will tell.

Once Labour launched its affordable housing policy it was quickly realised by Key that Phil Heatley would have to go and like Kate Wilkinson, Phil Heatley will go to the back benches and like twenty other back benches will be forced to ask a patsy question or two each month and keep their mouths shut and their brains in neutral.

He did not dump brain dead John Banks [ACT] who is possibly the most dishonest minister of recent times, nor did he give Hekia Parata the squeeze, she and her husband [Wira Gardiner] are just too involved in National Party internal politics. Key’s rich mate Steven Joyce well known as a Sky City insider has been given the task to baby sit and clean up part of the mess that has followed the strange act of making Hekia Parata a minister in the first place; he is going to solve all the NovoPay problems, most likely he will buy them off as he did Mediaworks, Sky City and teachers will likely get a pokie machine in every class room, to teach math of course.

So here is the smiling assassin, millionaire and part time PM has selected his wretched favourite A and B team, for the next year at least.   

The A Team:

1 John Key

Prime Minister
Minister of Tourism
Minister Responsible for Ministerial Services
Minister in Charge of the NZ Security Intelligence Service
Minister Responsible for the GCSB

2 Bill English
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Finance

3 Gerry Brownlee
Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery
Minister of Transport
Leader of the House
Minister Responsible for the Earthquake Commission

4 Steven Joyce
Minister for Economic Development
Minister of Science and Innovation
Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment
Associate Minister of Finance

5 Judith Collins
Minister of Justice
Minister for ACC
Minister for Ethnic Affairs

6 Tony Ryall
Minister of Health
Minister for State-Owned Enterprises

7 Hekia Parata
Minister of Education
Minister of Pacific Island Affairs
8 Christopher Finlayson
Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations
Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage
Associate Minister of Maori Affairs

9 Paula Bennett
Minister for Social Development
Associate Minister of Housing

10 Jonathan Coleman
Minister of Defence
Minister of State Services
Associate Minister of Finance

11 Murray McCully
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister for Sport and Recreation

12 Anne Tolley
Minister of Police
Minister of Corrections
Deputy Leader of the House

13 Nick Smith
Minister of Conservation
Minister of Housing

14 Tim Groser
Minister of Trade
Minister for Climate Change Issues5
Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs

15 Amy Adams
Minister for the Environment
Minister for Communications and Information Technology
Associate Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery

16 Nathan Guy
Minister for Primary Industries
Minister for Racing

17 Craig Foss
Minister of Commerce
Minister of Consumer Affairs
Minister of Broadcasting
Associate Minister for ACC

18 Chris Tremain
Minister of Internal Affairs
Minister of Local Government
Associate Minister of Tourism

19 Simon Bridges
Minister of Energy and Resources
Minister of Labour
Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues

20 Nikki Kaye
Minister for Food Safety
Minister of Civil Defence
Minister of Youth Affairs
Associate Minister of Education
Associate Minister of Immigration

The B team:


21 Maurice Williamson
Minister for Building and Construction
Minister of Customs
Minister for Land Information
Minister of Statistics

22 Jo Goodhew
Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector
Minister for Senior Citizens
Minister of Women’s Affairs
Associate Minister of Health
Associate Minister for Primary Industries

23 Chester Borrows
Minister for Courts
Associate Minister of Justice
Associate Minister for Social Development

24 Michael Woodhouse
Minister of Immigration
Minister of Veterans’ Affairs
Associate Minister of Transport


Peter Dunne (UnitedFuture)
Minister of Revenue
Associate Minister of Conservation
Associate Minister of Health

John Banks (ACT)
Minister for Regulatory Reform
Minister for Small Business
Associate Minister of Commerce
Associate Minister of Education

Pita Sharples (Maori Party)
Minister of Maori Affairs
Associate Minister of Corrections
Associate Minister of Education

Tariana Turia (Maori Party)
Minister for Whanau Ora
Minister for Disability Issues
Associate Minister of Health
Associate Minister of Housing
Associate Minister for Social Development
Associate Minister for Tertiary
Education, Skills and Employment

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Where next for Garth McVicar

Garth McVicar's Dream for NZ. 

Is Garth McVicar Mad or what?

Garth McVicar has moved the ‘Sensible Sentencing Trust’ in a new direction, a direction that has taken it straight into the camp of the homophobic world of the anti-gay block.

This rabid hater of selected criminals has now added those who believe that same sex marriage is ok to his ever growing list of who to hate.

But dear Garth is most selective or he has had a memory breakdown, a not unusual event for rightwing lobbyists. I wonder if his old mate and Act Party naughty boy and I might add lawyer David Garrett helped him with his submission. Is David still a paid up member of the ‘Sensible Sentencing Trust and Garth’s dear and trusty friend.

You may remember David Garrett, he was the list MP who stood on the stage in Palmerston North with Garth McVicar and preached the gospel, imported not from the bible but direct from the US in favour of ‘Three Strikes and you are out’ movement.

At that time David Garrett had a secret, David was a as yet undiscovered criminal, in fact he was a budding terrorist, for he stole the identity of a dead baby and proceeded to illegally obtain a passport. The question still remains for what purpose…

This is the sort of character that Garth McVicar attracts to his side, honest individuals who have secrets to hide and maybe secret ambitions of a covert nature.

Garth had this to say according to his submission on the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill that is currently before a select committee, which will report to Parliament on February 28 and if passed could see gay marriage legal by May next year.  
That changing the law to allow same-sex marriage will be yet another erosion of basic morals and values in society which have led to an escalation of child abuse, domestic violence, and an ever-increasing prison population and:

"The marriage amendment bill will not benefit society at all and will ultimately have a detrimental effect on crime at all levels,"

"Furthermore, the bill represents a further decay and erosion of the traditional family that society has been founded on." He said while much good work has been done recently to reduce crime and ensure better treatment of victims, the bill had the ability to destroy that good work.

Crime will rise if gay couples are allowed to marry

This from the Sunday Times:

The committee has received over 20,000 submissions on the bill.
Green MP Kevin Hague, who sits on the select committee, said after reading the vast majority of submissions, McVicar's was the only one linking crime to gay marriage.
"Although it echoes a number of submissions that say marriage has been the same way for a long time and that if you tamper with it there will be lots of unforeseen circumstances," Hague said.
He said he had not read any evidence to suggest that allowing gay people to marry would create a dysfunctional society or increase crime. "I suspect that underlying this submission is a prejudice against gay people. If you break the argument down, it is manifestly nonsensical."

Criminologist Dr James Oleson, from Auckland University, an expert in deviance, said he was not familiar with any research that would suggest homosexuals would be responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime.
For McVicar's argument to be plausible, he said, it would have to be proved that allowing homosexuals to marry degraded morality, and that this produced more crime. "But I'm not sure that's true." The more common drivers of crime were economic issues, alcohol, drugs, education and employment and family dysfunction, Oleson said.

So after reading this blog, where next for Garth McVicar, rumour has it that his next goal is an attack on marriage, yes three marriages and your out! I’m told he plans such a law. According to his mind, one divorce equals a mistake, two equals a self induced accident, but three equals a unforgivable crime and those involved should be imprisoned for life because they are a threat to society. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Turitea Wind farm consent illegal

Nick Smith 

Want to be a judge…sure can.

When is a judge not a judge? Good question and one that can be easily answered you would think. When his or her warrant has expired, if you gave that answer you get a tick.

But the reality is that according to the Government and especially sacked Minister Nick Smith you can remain a judge as long as you damn-well please if your name is Kenderdine and you are in charge of the environment consent process for the Turitea Wind Farm.

In fact you can even change the title you use anytime you like: but wait there is more if you do a good job and push the consent process through quicker than usual, even though you are not actually entitled to do so you’ll be rewarded with the chairmanship of other government appointed boards [This has already taken place].

The government of course wants to add value to Mighty River Power’s market possibilities and an approved process for building the wind farm adds value. So the minister of Justice is faced with this legal dilemma. Does she confirm that the hearing and decision process was legal or illegal, and therefore cancel it and thereby lower the value to MRP [a government owned company] and one of the PM’s money making schemes. Since she has her eye firmly on the top spot in the not too distant future, what should she do?

Below is the letter sent to Judith Collins and one can only hope she acts as she did in the case of the David Bain report where she pounded the Canadian High Court Appeal Judge over his report…and he was a real expert hired by the our government.

Judith Collins

Hon. J. Collins
Minister of Justice
13 December 2012

Dear Hon. J. Collins

Ref. Errors in the Final Draft and Decision, Turitea wind farm.

I applaud your identifying errors of fact in the Bain Report. I know this has become a political hot potato; however the corrupt Turitea Final Decision, riddled with deliberate errors, is in a class of its own. I have attached to this email a brief summary of a selection of these egregious errors. The exposure of these errors, but not limited to the total number of errors, can be found online at
The revelation that Kenderdine, who as Environment Judge chaired the Board of Inquiry and who fraudulently approved the Turitea wind farm, was not a judge at all for the 13 months and 5 days prior to the issuance of the consent, simply beggar’s belief.
Her warrant to make any legal binding decision was permanently revoked on the 6th August 2010. All the key players including your former Cabinet colleague, Nick Smith, knew this perfectly well. The Ministry for the Environment website still falsely claims Kenderdine as a judge in the release of the Final Decision.
That a judge and Board of Inquiry Commissioners have immunity from prosecution is unacceptable.
Kenderdine, however, is now just a member of the public who in both the Draft and Final Decisions passed herself off as an Environment Judge and signed off as such. This is common fraud which makes the Helen Clarke saga over signing a painting for charity she did not produce, pale into insignificance.
Kenderdine has taken payments totaling approximately $500,000 for the period she was masquerading as a judge. Under these circumstances a prosecution is in order. New Zealanders already angry about benefit fraud will certainly approve. Natural justice demands that:
 Kenderdine be held accountable.
 The Final Decision is withdrawn and the consent for the wind farm torn up.

There is potential for fraud on investors in Mighty River Power’s imminent sell off. The Government must take swift action to restore its credibility.
Yours sincerely

Go to: to read the Minister of the Environments three line reply:

Below is a detailed list of evidence relating to the behaviour of a judge, retired judge or just plain member of the public on which the writers base their substantive claim for reversing the go decision: I have not read any headlines on this in our main stream media so it would seem, one would have thought this would be news especially in PN 

Complaint to the Serious Fraud Office re fraudulent and corrupt behaviour exhibited by Shonagh Kenderdine acting as Chair of The Board of Inquiry for Turitea Wind Farm

1. Shonagh Kenderdine presided as the judge chairing the Turitea Call In and presented a legally binding Final Decision which was only able to be challenged on a point of law. It
is in this context that we are lodging this extremely serious complaint.

2. Shonagh Kenderdine permanently ceased to be a judge when her warrant issued by the Governor General was irrevocably withdrawn on 6th August 2010.

3. Attorney General, Christopher Finlayson, two weeks later, [on 20th August 2010] announced Kenderdine’s appointment as Chair of the Historic Places Trust.

He twice correctly describes Kenderdine as a “former judge.”

4. Six months and five days after ceasing to be a judge, Kenderdine then produced a draft Decision. She signed off as an Environment Judge.
The following extract titled “Invitation for comments” is from the Draft Decision. Note Kenderdine signs off as Environment Judge. She was no longer a judge with the authority to chair the Board of Inquiry and make a binding decision.

5. One year and one month after Kenderdine ceased to be a judge she signed off the Final Decision

6. Kenderdine has fraudulently passed herself off as a judge, twice signing public documents as a judge, and has illegally, without a warrant, issued a “legally binding consent” for the Turitea wind farm.

7. Full details of this corrupt and fraudulent fiasco, including all relevant documents, can be accessed on the following two websites:

As we understand it under current law a judge cannot be pursued for a faulty judgment, however Kenderdine was not a judge when the fraudulent consent was issued in the Final Decision, thus judicial immunity and privilege do not apply.

This fraud must be dealt with urgently before Mighty River Power is offered to investors.
Yours sincerely

John Adams,   Paul Stichbury,  

2 January 2013


Monday, 14 January 2013

Hobbits Job's and free Money for Mates

Thanks for the 67 million Kiwis I love you John 

Hobbit Farce exposed.

So once again the National / Act / Maori Party and Peter Dunne have been found out spinning a web of half truths and damn right lies to justify handing over 67 million of tax payers money to overseas interests.

This coupled with the obvious half truths about asset sales proves yet again that Wall Street training, manipulation and self interest, is hardly a qualification for running our country.

Subsidising billionaire’s profits and Knighting short Hobbits is hardly in New Zealand best interest. It is made even worse by the fact that John Key did his usual spin in suggesting he saved thousands of jobs for NZ by changing the law to lower wage rates…when the only thing he did was to ensure that Warner Brothers made millions out of you the tax payers. The evidence was clear; the Hobbit production was never going to be moved elsewhere. The first film has already grossed one billion dollars and a large chunk of that has gone tax free straight into the pockets of Warner Brothers and Peter Jackson’s companies. Will they now pay back some of the gains to the real Hobbits biggest investors here in NZ, the NZ Tax payer.

Like hell they will for they have become used to paying little or no tax and being subsidised by the public, the Americans are famous for this behaviour, and John Key will always follow American practice, and we should expect nothing less, Wall Street taught him, the Bank of America gave him the nod. So the question is obvious, “Who is running NZ now days”.

The Hobbit movie here in Zealand should have free entry for all Kiwis because they have already paid 67 million to make the movie…or Peter Jackson should donate at least five million to reducing child poverty, to prove that he had NZ’s interests at heart when he assisted Warner Brothers con the Government into the huge subsidy it handed over to them and changing our laws to lower wages and salaries for those in the industry.

Below is a press release from Winston Peters which clearly shows how Key is willing to spend your money on his behalf, not your behalf, you just pay for no gain…  

Monday, 14 January 2013, 9:49 am
Press Release: New Zealand First Party 
Rt Hon Winston Peters
New Zealand First Leader
14 January 2013

Warner Brothers Hobbit Deal a $67 Million dollar Farce

‘New Zealand First’ has obtained documents from the Prime Minister’s office that show nobody has any idea how many jobs have been created by the $67 million state subsidy for Warner Brothers and The Hobbit movies.

Rt Hon Winston Peters says that now the first movie has grossed more than $1 billion, Warner Brothers should repay the $67 million subsidy the movie moguls sucked from Kiwi taxpayers.

“The Government claims that filming The Hobbit in New Zealand created an extra 3000 jobs and this was value for money to taxpayers but documents (attached) from John Key’s office show this figure was plucked out of thin air.

“Questions have to be answered about how many of these jobs existed prior to filming, how many of them will exist once the final film has premiered, and how many of these jobs actually went to New Zealanders.

“There is no doubt now that the deal with the movie industry was more about lining pockets than creating jobs.”

Mr Peters says that struggling Kiwis who are being laid off work every week are right to ask the Government when they can expect the flow on effects of the $67 million to reach them.

“Local industries would also be right to ask the Prime Minister how the film industry fat cats deserve millions of dollars in tax breaks because they are on a ‘worldwide playing field’, yet somehow that same logic does not apply to our manufacturing industry.

“Warner Brothers should now do the decent thing and pay back the subsidies so local industries that create long term jobs get a fair deal,” says Mr Peters.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Propaganda big and small

Dr Joseph Goebbels:
Was the German Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment in the 1930’s and 1940’s and it was he who gave propaganda a bad name, and from his time on governments other than China don’t have a Minister using that title. But that does not mean that propaganda has not continued to be used in various shapes and forms right up to the present day.

For example Israel uses propaganda principles of which Goebbels would have been proud and with great expertise and financial backing and this is ironic when one considers how Goebbels targeted Germany and then Europe’s Jews and drove them into ghettos, and in only a few short years had Germans and others willingly mass murdering Jewish people in numbers numbering up to seven million without blinking an eye.

The Israeli Government is still using typical propaganda techniques to justify locking Palestinians into ghettos in the West Bank and else where in the occupied territories, land which they stole, and they have successfully convinced the world that the Palestinians have no country and that they should simply accept living as refugees in enclaves surrounded by mad Zionist religious fanatics who have built a New style Berlin wall. One could go further and call where the Palestinians live, concentration camps and the Israeli army and security teams Gestapo, but perhaps that is still to come.

Recently a New Zealand Citizen received a spam email from an Israeli business man:

From: Fried Electric []
Sent: Thursday, 3 January 2013 9:57 p.m.
To: Mailing List Recipients
Subject: Fried Electric Produce laboratory equipment for a variety of market sectors

Dear Distributor  
Fried Electric is a well established company located in the Northern city of Haifa, Israel, with over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of laboratory equipment.

we specialize in the design of Magnetic Stirrers, Hotplates, Immersion Thermostats / Circulators and Thermostatic Water Baths, all with proven performance and sustainability.
By controlling the entire production process from design to manufacture we guarantee that products are of highest standard and at competitive prices.
We produce laboratory equipment for a variety of market sectors.
These include major research institutes (such as the Weizmann Institute of Science, and the Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology), hospitals, food and pharmaceutical industry.
The low cost of the products makes them ideally suited for use in schools and academic institutes as well.
Our products are also distributed through dealers in the USA, Europe, Asia,South America and Africa
We will be happy to consult you with your needs and provide you with laboratory equipment of the highest quality. 
Best Regards, 
Fried Electric

He replied as follows:

Dear Fried Electric
I’m opposed to the ongoing tyranny over Palestinians by successive Zionist Israeli governments.
Therefore, I boycott products from Israel or subsidiary companies domiciled elsewhere (e.g. Johnson & Johnson, et al).

You have sent me SPAM and I wonder how you obtained my address and why you might assume I’m a distributor of laboratory equipment… Be that as it may, stop sending more of your marketing material.

There is nothing from Israel that I want, except to see the people there join the international campaign to end the oppression of their neighbours and return all land seized by continual invasion spanning more than four decades.
New Zealand

Well it would seem that Israeli propaganda is alive and well in the Israeli business world for this response was sent:

From: Reuven Bookstein [] On Behalf Of mfried
Sent: Friday, 4 January 2013 6:28 p.m.
To: xxxx
Subject: RE: Fried Electric Produce laboratory equipment for a variety of market sectors

Dear xxx
If you learn more about the history and the problem you will change your mind we all want that any person in earth will live safe free have job and enjoy
You should learn more before any comment like that.
I wish you happy New Year to you and your family and we all wish for global piece in the all world.
I invite you to come to Israel and see with your own eyes.
Fried Electric

Now our New Zealand spam receiver sent this response:

Dear Reuven Bookstein at Fried Electrical
Your reply is arrogant and presumes ignorance in others. There is a body of facts gleaned from the continuum of history which easily nullifies your flippant response. On the other hand, one might speculate on how much time you have spent in the illegal settlements or alongside Palestinians being bombarded by Israel...
It would be wise to consider international opposition to destabilising expansionist/apartheid-like Israel policies – a global movement that is neither new nor whimsical trend. And that movement is having successes...

For example, in New Zealand there exists a very vigorous movement that has exerted pressure consistently over many years. Without the presence of this local movement it would be difficult to imagine the following decision of 12 December 2012 having eventuated.

New Zealand divests from Israeli Arms Company Elbit Systems and companies of Israeli settlement-builder Lev Leviev. The New Zealand Superannuation Fund, which invests money on behalf of New Zealand’s government, announced on 12 December [2012] that it is divesting from Israeli military company Elbit Systems and Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev’s company, Africa Israel, and its construction subsidiary Danya Cebus over their construction of Israeli settlements.

It’s obvious that you have views as deeply-seated as mine on this matter. I doubt whether either is going to influence the other, Reuven, and in bidding you farewell, I’m making it clear that the company you represent is not welcome here.
New Zealand

The above communication between an Israeli business and a New Zealand simply verifies how successful propaganda has been inside Israel, but it also proves from a New Zealand perspective how meaningful and important it is to respond to the sender of the spam email. You may like to do so...the email address is above.

I believe we should all respond in a like manner to combat propaganda from what ever source; below is letter to the editor from myself about New Zealand propaganda published in our local paper.         

Manawatu Standard

A media myth

How often do you have to tell a lie before it becomes fact or even a myth? Is there really an answer to that question?

Take for example the editorial in the Manawatu Standard by Michael Commings on Saturday January 5th. He makes two claims, the first that National has a mandate for Assets sales and secondly that National was elected comfortably. Both are wrong in fact. But hey if you keep repeating the above, National Party supporters may in the end believe the lie, for that’s what it is.

Mandate in this case suggests a majority in favour of asset sales; well let’s look at the facts:

Before the election the following parties were opposed to the asset sales: Labour, the Greens, NZ First, Maori Party, Mana Movement were absolutely opposed and the United Future Party opposed the immensity of the sales and wanted a referendum.

For the sales were National and the Act Party.

The Labour, Green, NZ First, Maori, Mana and United Future received more votes than National Act, in fact Act was decimated.

So no mandate was received for the asset sales and that is a proven fact: now to the second fib, opinion, myth.

The National victory was anything but comfortable, in fact if the Act Party had not been bribed, and Peter Dunne and the Maori party had not opted for Ministerial positions thereby ignoring principle, National would not have been able to govern. The use of the word comfortably is not so much an outright lie as it is self justification and public relations spin backed up and supported by the main stream media, or what’s left of it.

It has also been proven that voters voted for National for reasons other than asset sales. Issues like aligning our wages to Australia, creating jobs, getting into surplus etc, were also a part of Nationals brighter future. Thousands of National Party voters have signed the petition against assets sales.

The editor needs to ask himself, could National lose the next election if the Asset sales should not go ahead as he suggests but rather because National has failed to achieve fully or in part its other promises, such as jobs, better education, health etc.

Facts can be denied but they can not be ignored.

Peter Wheeler

Monday, 7 January 2013

Last Eavesdropper report on Hawaii.

It's top secret 

Last Eavesdropper Report from Hawaii

This from Young Willies last days in Hawaii protecting the PM from the vast number of terrorists and fans. In this report he tells of the last day of his duty before returning to New Zealand by tourist class on Air New Zealand. With his departure my Eavesdropper linkage was broken for the timebeing. Willie flew back to NZ by tourist class because the Diplomatic protection Squad was way over budget, here is his last report:

The Blackhawk chopper landed outback of the mansion on the tennis court near the swimming pool. The PM John Key climbed on board carrying his lunch bag that had been put together by his wife. The lunch consisted of peanut butter sandwiches, his favourite sandwich filling. The Blackhawk would fly him to an unnamed US Air base in Hawaii from where he would be transported by a private jet to Washington. Once there his mission was to join with President Obama in developing a strategy to get the US into surplus by 2014 – 15.

Our team of diplomatic security agents would end their protection task at the unknown Air Base, it would be taken over by a special group of US security agents, the same team that helped organise the Kim Dotcom mansion raid.

I managed to covertly record the PM’s conversation with his wife before his pre-dawn take off in the Blackhawk helicopter. I feel that I should share it with you so you can fully understand the intense pressure our PM is under as he performs these difficult tasks on behalf of the nation and the world.

“You remembered to pack your medication, did you John”, said Bronagh.
“Yes”, said John as he combed his thinning hair.
“And you ate all your weetbix and stewed fruit, that’s good, and you’ve been to the toilet one last time”, she said as she handed him his lunch bag,
“Yes dear and thanks for all your help, I don’t know where I would be without your help, and your peanut butter sandwiches are fabulous”, he said kindly.
“Now you wont forget to say hallo to that lovely Mrs. Obama will you dear, she is such a nice person and so attractive too and she was so nice to me when we last visited”, she said.
“I’ll do that never fear, now you won’t say a word about this secret trip will you dear, remember its not just secret, its top secret. It’s so secret even I’m not meant to know about it”, he said sounding a little bit ‘James Bond like.
“That’s silly John, how can you not know about it? Oh I don’t understand all this secret stuff”, she uttered.

Just at that moment this six foot four Afro-American entered the room dressed in full air combat gear with two monster handguns strapped to his waist and said, “Hi PM Buddy I’m your pilot and I’m ready to rumble, the Pres is eagerly awaiting your invaluable advice on how to kick butt and get the good old US of A back on track, financially that is, so lets move shall we”…

The PM left the room and Bronagh slumped into her chair and said, “Oh dear me I thought for a moment that that tall man was a terrorist, thank heaven he is on our side”.

Well there it is Chief Eavesdropper, that’s my last report on my Hawaii call of duty…Oh one last thing, I never saw a terrorist, or a fan on the entire trip.