Saturday, 29 October 2016

Max the real man or Key copycat.

When does a boy become a man?
Is it when he reaches a certain age?
Could it be when he gets his first full time employment?
Maybe it’s when he first breaks free of his parents’ apron strings?
These questions have been in the public eye of late because of the behaviour of the Prime Minister’s son Max Key.
Max Key recorded himself shouting "real men ride women" at some cyclists as he drove past them in Parnell, near Key's home where he still lives with his parents.
This caused a bit of a stir…Nadine Chambers-Ross wrote an item on the subject of Max Key and women cyclists: She wrote,
“Never mind the overt sexism, or the homophobia. Never mind the blatant disregard for the law forbidding using your phone while driving. The First Son's cat call about what a "real man" rides reveals something else entirely. 
You might well wonder how a guy who has not yet cut the apron or (let's be honest) purse strings is an authority on anything, let alone what constitutes a real bloke. But Max Key has actually highlighted our national guilty pleasure: bagging cyclists.
We love discussing the fury induced by being stuck behind well-padded, bouncing lycra-clad buttocks riding two or three abreast. We're apoplectic with rage watching a cyclist switch seamlessly from a being a road user to a pedestrian the second the lights go red. We hate them so much the backs of buses must be emblazoned with images reminding us that cyclists are, in fact, human. 
I think it's high time we got over our collective loathing of cyclists – and not solely because I've reached max Max Key.
I know they can be arrogant. But perhaps they wear their arrogance like armour because they aren't afforded the arrogance implied by a tonne or two of Beemer surrounding them”. To read more go to:
Nadine’s words: ‘You might well wonder’ got me thinking a little bit deeper about Max’s strange behaviour. I’m not like Max at all, at twenty-one I had left home and was serving overseas with the army in Malaysia. Social media and Main stream media for that matter, gives a celebrity style coverage to Max simply because he is his father’s son.    
Now Max has a history of acting strange, firstly he likes to dress up as maybe a US tough guy who likes a fag or two:
Max Key loves a fag or two.
Max Key thinks "real men" smoke cigarettes and ride women, but this should not be unexpected based parental behaviour learned no doubt from his father’s examples over the years.

It can’t be easy for a teenager living in the Key mansion, financially supported to please every whim he decides on and wants. I mean the mansions so big that he would hardly be noticed unless he did something outrageous. 

His older sister was doing outrageous things in Paris in regard to undressing etc. so maybe he felt he had to follow suit.

Most normal Kiwi teenagers are too busy helping Mom and Dad in various activities around the house, like lawn mowing, gardening and other household reoccurring tasks. At least for me that was the case…I earned my pocket money in this fashion plus after school work at the local poultry farm whereas I imagine Max has his own credit card with a few thousand top up available at any given point…

Now as to the yelling out “Real men ride women not bikes”, maybe he was simply following his dad’s advice about being a ‘Real’ man:
Do you remember when Max’s dad was busy taking the mickey out of David Cunliffe for David’s apology to woman?
Max’s dad even had a ‘T’ shirt printed; I wonder if he gifted one to Max at the time…maybe Max was wearing it when shouted out the sexist and idiotic remarks. 

For Max to meekly and cheerfully heed his dad’s advice as a financially dependent son, would not be unusual, a sort of a ‘chip off the old block’ syndrome. So proving to his dad that his maleness was real was best displayed by being photographed on the beach…with a female riding him rather than he riding her…I wonder if she rides a bike. 

At this point while writing this I felt a sympathetic moment for wee Max, it must be hard for a son to accept his father’s moral standards without question. Because it’s not as if his dad’s standards were high in the sky and beyond reach.
Do you recall the Pony-gate affair, where dad without consent just loved pulling a young woman’s pony tail, it was a shocker no matter how you looked at it for it had deep sexual connotations, it was washed aside by quick PR activity and lot of help from Dad’s friends at the Herald, Cameron Slater and other somewhat shady character’s best left unnamed. 

Maybe it was this event that lead Max next to try being a woman, you should note that Max never adopted a pony tail, maybe just maybe he was letting his father know, that he couldn’t pull this young woman’s hair. A sort of a psychology 101 lesson to his dad to keep his hands off me: Maybe his dad took more notice of that than he did of his wife’s command to stop that behaviour at the local coffee bar, who knows.
Max dreams on Air Force One.
Max of course gets to accompany his dad on Air Force One, a sort of a PR clip-on and media attraction. Maybe it is proving all too much for him. But let’s not forget he is twenty-one and not in training or education so maybe he is registered as unemployed, and maybe he is also receiving an unemployed benefit, or his dad might be employing him as a political cadet of sorts, no doubt on a ninety day trial period. The possibilities are endless. Let us all hope that one day soon wee Max comes of age breaks free from his father’s odd values. States freely and openly that he his untying the chain, developing thoughts of his own…growing up in other words…and proves this by considered behaviour like treating women cyclists as human beings and closing his mouth so the wind stops blowing his tongue about.

Key family takes a selfie or two.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The British Empire was not founded on peace and good will.

Wheeler’s Corner
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  44 27th October 2016

 1. Hobson’s Pledge latest member Don Esslemont has had his money contribution acknowledged…So he will be helping fund any political party / person / thing they can find to support their yet again campaign to put Maori in their place.

The search is underway, so far the far right ACT party don’t want a bar of it, right-wing National feels the same, NZ First remembers when it held a few Maori seats so it too steers well clear of the Hobson’s Pledge gang.

Naturally the Greens and Labour find it all Ho-hum after reading the names of the founding members. I wondered what had happened to the bunch of ex-Nats, ex-Act party hacks like Allan Titford, Vincent Grey, Elizabeth Rata and maybe even Steven Franks.

Have they decided not to support Don Brash’s reincarnation? What really gets the mind active as to what they’ll come up with now that Don Brash has brought into the mix David Round, John Bell, Mike Butler and Mike McVicker and you really have to wonder if the earlier crowd has seen the light? The original mob were odd balls, Titford for example may still be in jail for all I know.

The logic behind the movement is weird and really strange because Don Esslemont along with other misguided individuals considers that Maori don’t exist! Really!

Their theory is that because there are no FULL BLOODED Maori left in NZ, or anywhere for that matter, we should cease to recognise the treaty we signed up to. But they are not anti-Maori, they even tell us that Maori belong to their group…as Don Esslemont would say…part-Maori…

They can’t have it both ways… It says more about their utter confusion and childlike behaviour than anything else. I wonder if all the young people in the PR picture have signed up with Hobsons Pledge. I doubt it because they don’t live here, they live in the US. And we all know the way they treat their African Americans and Native Americans. “It’s One law for all” they say…yeah right. Tell that to the US police forces.

I think Don Esslemont likes to belong to groups such as these because it gives him a sense of belonging…and being a self-proclaimed academic of sorts, not a qualified one, but an imagined one, but most of all it gives him [and others] a sense of importance as they pretend that their forbears were somehow honourable people.

Still that is his right and I would fight for his right to protest for his strange moral beliefs. No doubt he will organise and lead a protest march around the Square here in Palmerston North by the thousands who belong to Hobson’s Pledge. Now let’s return to reality and the real world here in New Zealand. 

Now let’s have a look at the lead character in the wonderful and meaningful cartoon below, he is very real and exists to this day: In this city and everywhere, this is absolutely the character that’s visible in our communities.
Governor Hobson said ‘We are all one people’ but he never really meant it as history proves. Just as the brits said they loved the Africans, the Indians of India, the Aborigines’ of Australia and Malaya etc.

Hobson was a product of his period. The brits didn’t even love their own people, they shipped them off shore or hung them for stealing a loaf of bread, they murdered the Irish and the Scots, while pretending to love their German bred so-called royal family. It was a very cruel world back then. The only way to beat them back then was to kick the brits in the arse, the American settlers did it, the Maori did it which led to the treaty, the Aborigines failed and were slaughtered in their thousands, the Irish gave the Poms a real whipping and the Indians in India did it later by non-violent means.

The British Empire was not founded on peace and good will. It was based as are most empires on power and cruelty, absolute corruption and treachery. We in New Zealand have a chance to lead the world in healing the wounds we caused to our indigenous people, to fix the wrongs and importantly to share the power. The secret is the process and the desired outcomes:

The Treaty in 1840 was the first step, the formalising of the treaty by the introduction of the Waitangi Tribunal process which was the ways and means for correcting the wrongs and starting the process of returning land appropriated to its rightful owners.

Other countries have tackled this change in different ways many have used violence to force the colonialists out, the British Empire slowly but surely collapsed as did the French, Dutch, German and Russian Empires.

The present US Empire too is facing collapse under the weight of its own lies and the treatment it dishes out to Black African Americans and those who have fought its wars in Vietnam and the Middle East and are now sleeping on the streets, when the richest country in the world, has the greatest poverty per head of population in the world you know something is wrong, when it becomes the most imprisoned this is simply another indicator. But more recently when the people of the US have to choose between Trump the idiot or Clinton the murderer, at least those who are allowed to vote have…I know it’s too late for democracy as we understand it for it has been appropriated by the few…and the remainder are slaves by other new names, workers the poor etc.         
2. The people of the US seem to be among the most ignorant societies in the world, even with the latest technologies available they can’t find a way to break free from the grip and rigid control of those with money who control the main stream media.  

Both Republicans and Democrats are devoid of actual democracy that can actually allow people to have a choice. You may not realise it but the crowd who owns the rights to run the presidential addresses on TV is a privately owned Company owned by the Republican and Democratic parties…

Yes its true they’ve privatised the electioneering process. It’s so bad that Hillary Clinton ordered the media, and they obeyed, to tell lies about Bernie Sanders…Now Donald Trump’s latest rant is that he won’t accept the result unless he wins…

What’s he going to do, tell his mates in the KKK and the American Gun Association to go to war and take over the white house…get the twenty plus gun happy generals to call out the troops?
Peter J Wheeler

Friday, 21 October 2016

Government Lies and Media Appeasement astounds.

This blog looks at two of the latest lies spun by the government for political ends…this behaviour of misinformation and propaganda has become common place today.
It represents a new low for the standard of both government and media behaviour here in New Zealand. It appears that our population is willing to accept a standard of journalism that is equal to if not worse than the scandal rags of the USA Australia and the UK  

The latest big lie is from the lips of John Key, for it would appear that he knows the state of family affairs of Hekia Parata better that she does. This in itself is not unusual because if you recall he understood the reaction of young woman whose pony tail he attacked a number of time [up to ten] even after she and his wife ordered him not to do so.

So, while not in the same league as Donald Trump’s pussy touching etc. It’s close enough to warrant careful watching for future consideration…his love of All Black dressing rooms must also lead to serious consideration of Mr Keys leanings. OK lets now look at his latest Faux par excellence:
Hekia Parata
1.     Education Minister Hekia Parata says the Prime Minister’s suggestion that her husband’s ill-health played a part in her shock decision to retire from politics is wrong.
Parata is married to Sir Wira Gardiner, former director of the Waitangi Tribunal, with whom she has two daughters of university age.
This morning, Key told More FM that Sir Wira’s ill-health may have played a role in Parata’s decision – contradicting Parata, who yesterday said she and her close family were in good health.
As was first pointed exclusively out by The Daily Blog, the reason why Hekia and Key are at odds over why she will resign is because Key publicly needs the reason to be her husband’s health, and not the real reason.
National are eyeing up the possibility of a fourth term with real hunger. The privatisation agenda that has been implemented within social services will take on a whole new level if they get re-elected. They are eying up radical changes within education that were so extreme Hekia couldn’t contemplate trying to force them through. Watch for David Seymour to become the next Education Minister if National wins in 2017.
2. Let us now look at a second issue where the lies being told are far more serious [Well the young woman with the pony tail might disagree] because these lies could lead to both our military and political leaders being considered mass murderers on the world stage. The reason in my view for the government taking this line is obvious: Appeasement.
When Hillary Clinton and Obama declared the Russian bombing in Syria criminal [NZ supported that view in the UN.] we were assisting the US in bombing in Iraq and indirectly the Saudi and Americans bombing in Yemen where they are killing thousands.

We have known for some time that John Key has not been truthful to NZers about the true involvement of SAS forces in Iraq.
The pretence has been we are training/guarding trainers. Protecting trainers and training people sounds nice to middle NZ. The reality however is far more grim
It’s apparently a pack of lies…
Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee has denied claims in international media that New Zealand special forces are calling in airstrikes in northern Iraq, “or involved in any other combat operations” in the country.
The Guardian is reporting: “British, Australian and New Zealand SAS are all active in northern Iraq, along with US forces, where they have been calling in airstrikes to support both Kurdish and Iraqi advances. Their role at the front line has not been well documented, however.”
However a spokesperson for Brownlee released a statement saying: “I am not going to discuss operational details, however it is incorrect to say we have SAS calling in air strikes, or involved in any other combat operations in Iraq.
“As the Prime Minister has said publicly the Government has ruled out sending SAS, or any troops into combat roles in Iraq.
“We have also been clear that special forces could be deployed for short periods – for example, to provide advice on issues like force protection or to help with high profile visits, as they have many time before.”
…that loophole allows anything and of course this has been released while it’s a Friday before a long weekend so absolutely no one is going to be even remotely aware that NZ SAS are helping guide in air strikes. So have we been involved in any of the air strikes that have killed civilians?
Are our troops committing war crimes?
Who are we hitting?
Why has the Government lied?
Why is this being released on a bloody Friday before Labour weekend?
Is there a sick juxtaposition between NZers basking at the bach on the beach feeling good in the Sun and our country secretly bombing people in a war we aren’t even informed of?
The term Sleepy Hobbits just doesn’t even begin to actually cover what we’ve become. Comatose Hobbits seems far closer to the actual truth.
Earlier this year, I asked award winning journalist Jon Stephenson on Waatea 5th Estate if our soldiers were involved in targeting for air and drone strikes and he said based on the level of deception in Afghanistan yes we were.
It’s not the first time the NZDF and the Government have manipulated our media – there is an incredibly long history of them doing this in NZ!
This is beyond a joke.
We need a new media folks. We were talking about this 6 months ago. The Daily Blog is a amateur blogger site, and I say amateur because we barely cover the costs and time we sink into this site to critique the mainstream media.
We need to be fully funded, so this is my decision and plan for you all to think about over Labour Weekend. I am keen to talk to any of our readers about setting up an online crowd funding venture to take TDB to the next level so that in 2017 we actually have a media outlet that is challenging this current level of pro Government propaganda.
If you are interested, contact me on our contact links (they have been rest so you can use them far easier). I can’t believe that we are only getting this into the mainstream now, we can’t rely on a media who think Paul Holmes flirting with an Actress from Sex in the City is anything other than grotesque.
We have the highest suicide rates, 1 in every 100 NZers is homeless, there is a housing crisis and inequality is growing. The Canary in the UK has managed to step up – we need to as well. With the Newspaper monopoly coming, it’s only going to get worse.
Have a great Labour Weekend – but if this touches a nerve, contact me and let’s work to build something else.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Diverting attention from Marama Davidson quest for peace in Gaza.

wheelerscornernz recommends that you read this wonderfully powerful and well researched blog on the subject of Israel and Palestine. 

Right now the government is doing everything in its power to divert attention away from Marama Davidson's brave trip to Gaza…as an MP she has shown more GUTS than the PM has in ten years…unless you consider pulling non-consenting young  female pony tails gutsy?

"Why Is Israel Paying Cameron Slater To Come To Israel And Did They Pay For David Farrar’s Trip Too?
For those of you wanting to turn this into an anti-Semite thing here is my statement of intent:
  • I support A Jewish Voice For Peace in their attempts to bring a solution to the hideous situation the Gazans are finding themselves in while under siege from Israel.
  • I support the many thousands of people who are demonstrating in Israel for their Government to stop the bombardments of Gaza.
  • I am a staunch supporter of all Semites. Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Libyan and the other people’s speaking Semitic languages who are trampled on, shot at and whose cultures and countries are destroyed by the US/NATO war machine.
  • I am a supporter of all Jews celebrating Judaism as a peaceful religion who oppose the state of Israel as a secular abomination in direct violation of their religious believes.
  • I support those intellectuals of Jewish descent who speak out against the madness of Netanyahu and his Likud party such as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein to name but a few of the many many Jews who recognize the madness for what it is!
Shalom to all of those brave people daring to speak out against the madmen ruling Israel. I dare to speak out because you do too!
So go ahead give it your best shot. I know I am not alone in condemning Israel’s Government for their murderous rampage in Gaza and the genocide on the Gaza people they are attempting and we are letting them succeeding at, because we are too damn scared to speak out for fear of being called anti-Semite. 

All we can do right here, right now is call our government to task and that is what I am trying to do here.

David Farrar is centre.
A couple of years or so ago I actually visited David Farrar’s site a couple of times in the hope of getting some stuff on John Key out and I have to give it to David Farrar that he did not censor me.
While doing so I was reading some of his postings and I found that David Farrar had made a most interesting journey. In November 2009 it seems David Farrar visited Israel. Now at the time I thought well, he is Jewish and Israel is a country that for many Jews is very important and that is all. However it struck me as quite extraordinary that David Farrar from little old New Zealand did not only get a private tour of the Knesset but also had meetings with the mayor of Jerusalem and other hoi pelloi. He appeared ot have been traveling with a group representing Young Likud. The Likud party being the same party currently bombing the shit out of the Gaza people

But then something happened that made me kind of change my perspective.
Nicky Hager’s book came out and trusts the spotlight on Cameron Slater and what do you know? According to Cameron Slater is in Israel at this very moment upon invitation of Israel’s government, the same group of Journalists.
Cameron Slater.
government bombing the shit out of the Gaza people, as part of a
No doubt to get his talking points from the Likud government to take back to New Zealand and his sleaze bucket blog.

And there you have it; both Cameron Slater and David Farrar have close ties to the Likud party which is killing the people of Gaza in the thousands with indiscriminate bombardments.

Both David Farrar and Cameron Slater, and I urge you to check for yourself on their blogs, have been rabid supporters of Israel the Likud party and its Genocidal policies with regards to the Palestinians and while David Farrar is Jewish, Cameron Slater identifies, according to his wiki blurb, as a Seventh Day Adventist making this not a an anti-Semite issue but one concerning the political independence of New Zealand’s foreign policies.

What we have here are the two biggest blogs owned by the two people John Key relies most on to do his dirty work as illustrated by the ample evidence produced in Nicky Hager’s book, closely aligned to the Likud party indulging in virulent pro-Israel anti Palestine Propaganda.

John Key himself identifying as a Jew if not a religious one (which according to many religious Jews is not an option as Judaism is a religion not a race) as our Prime Minister supported for his nastier work such as smearing opponents and other corruptible deviousness destroying our democracy by two people closely associated to the Likud party (in fact being paid to travel to Israel by the same party while committing war crimes according to our MSM)
Key Slater images.

John Key has shown on several occasions, such as walking out of the UN council when Ahmadinejad was speaking, that he fully supports Israel’s politics and the combination of the two most powerful political bloggers propagandizing Israel’s criminal policies outside of the MSM and John Key as the Prime Minister make for a very powerful pro-Israel lobby in a country which could do with a more neutral or even critical stance on what Israel is doing in GAZA and the West bank.

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