Friday, 26 February 2016

Our new royals need a new flag...

 Are you going to give them one...
[Pictured L to R]; Queen Bronagh, Princess Stephanie, King John and wee Prince Max.  
Are they possibly New Zealand’s new Royal Family?

They maintain palaces in Auckland and Hawaii and are supplied with a State Palace in Wellington New Zealand.

The family is supported by state funding for all expenses and living costs, Princess Stephanie is also supported at a private art academy in Paris where she lives under a different name.

Prince Max has been financed into the MediaWorks network [Radio and TV private company] as a Disc Jockey style position, and is protected from work or public criticism by the company who have warned staff that no criticism of his appointment will be allowed and that if this instruction is not followed dismissal could follow. PS the English Princes at least do real jobs like in the military but in NZ we prefer strange sorts of jobs for our newly appointed royal children [Body artist and junior DJ]
This photo shows [From left to right] wee Prince Max, Queen Bronagh, body artist Princess Stephanie and ‘derivatives’ King John on the night of his election as the New Zealand Prime Minister [2008].

It was after this election victory that King John decided to cement his reign into the fabric of future New Zealand society by introducing a new flag, one that would introduce his commercial [Some would say comical] designed logo fashioned National flag.

While past New Zealand Prime Ministers are fondly remembered for introducing various socially progressive changes to our nation for example Richard Seddon gave us the women’s vote [a world first], Micky Savage and his progressive team introduced Universal Social Welfare /Health / Education system, Norman Kirk introduced improved worker rights, David Lange shocked the world with his anti-nuclear policy.

Green Party MP Gareth Hughes
While no National Party leader can be credited with introducing real and lasting progressive change to New Zealand’s society…but yet Key sees his PR act of changing of the flag design as a defining and heroic and dynamic super-human effort on his part. In his view it’s every bit as heroic and brave as the thousands of men and women who went to war in 1914 and 1935. The flag change will be his way of being remembered, our flag could be known as the Key flag... I can just see Mike Hosking and Paul Henry dripping with creepiness should key succeed in getting a change of flag… Watch this absolutely brilliant five minute speech by the Green Party MP Gareth Hughes; it says it all in language suitable for all ears. It states the truth that many don’t want to hear           

Now of course I was just taking the micky regarding the Key royal family bit, you cannot blame Stephanie or Max for being the children of John and Bronagh, children don’t get to pick their parents…but we need to remember that all behaviour is learned behaviour and we all are aware that parents are a huge influence of the learned behaviour of their off-spring.

I mean seriously folks this change of flag is all a diversion from much bigger issues like the growing numbers of children going hungry, the rise of the GCSB, the squirming up to the US via the TPPA fiasco, the collapsing nature of the Dairy industry, and the bribing of Saudi millionaires who behead, murder and even crucify their citizens…plus lash woman for being raped…because they [The Saudis] are now our new close friends.

So make sure you vote to keep the flag we have…let’s not create a false legacy for Key to take with him when he moves to US or is dumped sometime in the future. And after all he he just loves the Queen and all that Royal Family stuff, after all he brought back knighthoods and all that I find it really hard to believe anything he says...

Have a good weekend...    

Monday, 22 February 2016

A Flight in the life of Max K

Max Key via instagram
Great work if you can get it!

Just imagine if you had a sugar-daddy who funded your every whim…like getting a mod haircut, like taking your latest bird on a holiday to Hawaii, like being brought a job on a radio station as a so called DJ…and all this before you are twenty.
Others might call you a rude sexual word that’s unprintable, or a leech or a lazy idler taking advantage of a rich fat daddy who is rolling in tax-payers dollars.

Max Key a twenty year old son of John Key, is being used by his dad and his minders as a connection to young people via social media…and I might add the so called Main Stream Media to divert attention from John Key’s weird behaviours such as pulling young females pony tails, pissing in the shower, telling rape jokes, prancing dressed up wearing an all-Black uniform in a very strange fashion.

Stephanie Key.
Key’s latest pandering to helping his son Max’s rise to fame is to drag him along while flying on Air Force One visiting strange Australian internment [prison] camp masters like the present Australian Prime Minister…and other odd weirdo types like Obama.

I wonder if John Key allows his son to visit his sister Stephanie who works as a living model in a private academy in Paris, but that would just be too hard…

Max’s latest media splash has been written up by Tracy Watkins famous or infamous for her links to Peter Dunne’s official information disclosure some while back. 

This was published by Fairfax who made it an headline item on Tuesday the 23rd February 2016. It is a great example of puff writing rather than news worthy of the name.

All it proves is how Key uses our state funds for his own uses by carting his son and other equally useless baggage around with him to create a PR impression of his self importance. 

Here is her strange tale of absolutely unforgivable misuse of tax-payers hard earned cash...a great example of how the rich help the rich stay rich by avoiding using their own money to make money.

“Life on Air Force One - fine wine, nice food and lots of face time


"In his dark tee-shirt and skinny jeans Max Key stood out from the suits who occupied the rest of the "first class" cabin, the Prime Minister's most senior aides and advisers.
Take a walk down the aisle of the plane they dub "Air Force One" and you will be joining some very exclusive company.
Because while on the surface it may seem like any commercial airliner, tickets to the Prime Minister's VIP jet of choice are by invitation only.
Attention was drawn to the plane when John Key's son Max posted a picture on Instagram of him sleeping on "Air Force One" on his way over to Australia. But it's not just the prime minister and his advisers who get to travel on the plane.

The guest list for the prime minister's latest trip across the Tasman includes some of New Zealand's most powerful and richest men and women - Xero founder Rod Drury, Mainfreight's Don Braid, and rich lister Sir William Gallagher among them, along with some of the country's top lawyers, lobbyists and CEO's.
This is the power group that occupies the cabin directly behind "first class" where the prime minister and his senior staff fly. The Key family are also regular fliers. But this is the first time Max has grabbed nearly as much attention as his famous father. In his dark tee-shirt and skinny jeans Max Key stood out from the suits who occupied the rest of the "first class" cabin, the Prime Minister's most senior aides and advisers. But it was his Instagram fame that captured headlines in Australia.
One cabin back from the business delegation are media, representing most of the country's major news organisation and - like the business crowd - paying only a few hundred dollars for the privilege of being on board the prime minister's plane.
Behind them are military personnel, who occupy the back half of the "economy" cabin, some of them flown over  to protect the plane while it's parked.
This is a passenger list that can change from trip to trip, however.  The air force 757 has carried every one from World War II vets to kapa haka groups, school children, rival politicians, Pacific leaders and sporting ambassadors.
Rod Drury.

Xero's Rod Drury,  a regular on the plane they've dubbed "Air Force One".
Air Force One is not the jet's official name - that's a rip off of the US Presidential jet. Over the years it has been known by various names, including "Spud One", in honour of former prime minister Jim Bolger.
Cost is an obvious bonus of travelling with the prime minister but it is not the only attraction.
Being part of the official party usually makes for a quick passage through customs and immigration, a blessing when heading overseas with the prime minister, whose schedule is usually a hectic race from one appointment to the next.
Host governments usually provide a police motorcade to speed the prime minister's passage through rush hour traffic but media only get to tag along sometimes. The prime minister's office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade make it their business to ensure the media get to where they need to be regardless - which is where ever the prime minister happens to be.
There are other good reasons to love the Air Force VIP jet. There's the food, which tastes real, not like the usual plastic airline fare. The wine list is usually first class.
And the air crew who bring round the food trolley and do the safety demonstrations are favourites with everyone and not just because of their big smiles and old fashioned manners. In an emergency you can just tell they've got your back.
Then there are benefits of having a plane that's not hostage to the schedule, as journalists from the New Zealand Herald and Radio New Zealand found out last week. When their flight to Auckland from Wellington was cancelled and they looked like missing the departure time Key kept the plane on the tarmac for an extra 45 minutes to make sure they boarded. The journos got there with just minutes to spare before the Air Force's 5pm departure deadline ticked over.
For the business men and women who score an invitation, meanwhile, there is an even more important draw card, and that's face time with the prime minister.
Drury, who has been on a number of the Prime Minister's trips, says Key usually tries to get around every member of the delegation during the flight for some one on one time. In Sydney, the 27-strong delegation also shared a private breakfast with the Prime Minister. But during the flight, Key usually makes it down the back of the plane as well, hanging out in the aisles to talk to media, business people and air force crew.
Drury says the fact the guest list for the plane trip is so exclusive is one of the big attractions and not just for that face time with Key.
It's a small enough group to catch up with other leaders and compare notes with what's going on in their areas of business, or the economy.
"It's one of those things where you actually get to hang out with the CEO's so that's quite cool and you actually get a bit of quality time with John and some of the other ministers as well. And for us because we're such a big business in Australia as well so it's right to be there. And it's cool because New Zealand from a business-Government point of view actually has quite a good reputation, that it just really helps. A lot of the lessons we've learned we're able to apply to Australia and all the banking relationships and all those sorts of things we have go right through to the Australian parent company so it's a really worth while trip for us". [Tracy Watkins ends]

If after reading this revelation about the life of those bunch of pretend VIP's you may decide to bring them back to earth, off the bloody Air Force One, back into the real world of paying the rent, power-bill, GST etc... by working for a democracy more worthy of the name....cheers and look after yourself...

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Key waves white flag yet again.

No guts Key does his usual and caves in to and kisses the backside of his old financial Ponzi buddy Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull, the guy who sends kids into internment camps in Nauru and pays off people smugglers to dump their cargoes at sea. 

Turnbull is but, the latest leader of one of the world’s most racist governments. It’s bad enough that he [Key] creeps into the All Blacks dressing room to kiss ass, but to do it with the racist and bigot style Australian kangaroo government is an insult to all right thinking Kiwi adults.

As is pointed out in the blog below from ‘No Right Turn’, key has yet again decided to look after a few rich, while doing his normal waving of the 'white' flag for the bulk of Kiwi’s living in Australia. 

And our local media clowns traveling with him try to paint his behaviour as a success...TV One especially.

Speaking for myself, I for the life of me can’t understand why anyone would want to be a citizen of Australia, which is turning or already has turned into an absolute international disgrace. It has become a white faced, anti-humanitarian, pro-male sexist, racist collection of ex-crims and convicts exported there from the British Isles and other collapsed societies from Eastern Europe and other long forgotten past empires. 

Seriously folks, listen to 'Donald Trump' and then listen to today's Australian politicians and explain how they differ… Trump wants to build a wall…the Australians have already built one! Trump wants to ban Arabs, Australia already bans Kiwis and has already considered in law that Aborigines have no rights and in fact don’t exist…in fact they are not even allowed to use their own language in parliament…beat that for being racist. In fact one could say that Trump is an intelligent living human blob when compared to the average Australian [and it would seem] Kiwi Prime Minister…here is the blog by NRT…     

John Key is in Australia, and the Herald is trumpeting the "deal" he's made to allow kiwis there a pathway to citizenship. Except when you look at it, its not that good a deal:
Thousands of Kiwis who arrived in Australia after it tightened its immigration rules in 2001 will now be given an easier path to seek Australian citizenship under certain conditions.

If they earned A$53,000 over five consecutive years ($57,000) between 2001 and today, they will eventually be able to apply for permanent residence and eventually apply for citizenship.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a good time series of Australian median earnings, but you can get an idea of the problem by looking at household incomes and wages. On household earnings, Key's deal would exclude anyone living in the bottom 30% of households, and a lot more in higher percentiles if they are in two-income households (see table 1.2, income per week at top of selected percentiles). On wages, the threshold is set just below the 2012 average wage (which remember will be much higher than the median) - but significantly higher than the average earnings for women. So, basically, Australia will only welcome you if you're rich and male. If you're poor, or a woman who took time out of the workforce to raise a family, or if you moved to Australia as a child and haven't entered the workforce yet, you're shit out of luck, there's no possibility of citizenship or residency for you, and you're under permanent threat of deportation.

But hey, Key gets to announce another fabulous "deal" (like the TPPA, remember how great that was?), while Australia gets to keep a captive workforce of kiwi peons with no rights. Everyone's a winner! Except kiwis in Australia, who needed our government to actually stick up for them”. Blog ends.

Have a good weekend and let’s hope that the Black Caps do well in the 2nd Test in Christchurch…
I have just received this: 

The Prime Minister will comply with an ombudsman recommendation and release a text message he received from gossip columnist Rachel Glucina, he says.

The message is related to the much-publicised incident where John Key admitted he repeatedly pulled at a waitress's ponytail.
"I received an unsolicited text from a journalist, I didn't respond to that, I just simply left it and that was the end of it," he said.
"So there was no preceding conversations or discussion or anything else. I simply got it out-of-the-blue and I left it."
NewsHub has reported that the text message says: "Just interviewed the waitress. Piece of work! Massive political agenda" - Ms Glucina works for Mediaworks, the company that owns NewsHub.

Mr Key initially refused to release the message but has now said he will following an ombudsman recommendation.
"We've always worked on the principal that there is communication with journalists and actually we like to protect that if you like, in the nature of the way that journalists protect their own source," he said. [If you believe that, then you'll believe anything]

Mr Key has not said what was in the text message but would release it once all parties were notified.
The ombudsman was notified after an Official Information Act request by a blogger on No Right Turn failed to have the message released.

So yet again the PM has been caught out...telling each day passes Dirty Politics is proving more and more regard to Keys inability to be honest and to stop using black-ops style manipulation of the truth. 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mike Hosking exposed as an egotistical dummy.

Is this man an idiot or what?
Mike Hosking appears on TV Ones Seven Sharp and morning radio.
He is famous, or infamous, for his egotistical opinions on almost any subject especial those relating to John Key, money, and any other matter that takes his deep seated and ingrained prejudged points of view and can be used to justify his strange comic book intellectual wonderland.

He doesn't report the news because he is not a actual qualified journalist of any-sort and clearly journalism is not his expertise area. In fact it is absolutely unclear just what his area of expertise is.

Put simply Michael Noel James "Mike" Hosking  (born 1965) is a fifty plus year old media hair gelled creation whose personality is so disjointed that he says various and many stupid things so to maintain an impression of so-called intelligence and grown-up conversational ability...but the reality is that he simply uses the main chance to rip-off those willing to pay for his almost non-productive prattle like for example his 'pushing Sky-City case for ripping off the public of NZ as they set up the biggest NZ location for illegal money laundering ever.

In the statement above [about solo mums] Hosking pretends be an expert at understanding the cost of having a child [or two], because he did just that with his first wife...and then later undertook the role of step-fathering a further three children after his divorce and remarriage.

But sometimes his tongue gets ahead of his brain...during one of his endless rants he got stuck into solo mums and strongly suggested [as many thoughtless idiots do] that solo mums should know better. If you can't afford to be a mother why have a child he if you are rich or have a daddy that's rich, it’s OK...but if you are poor...then get a grip and make sure you use a is that for deep-seated self-educationally taught wisdom from a radio station guru who seems to believe that men have nothing to do with creating babies.

Of course at no time did he talk about his good buddy John Key who was brought-up by a solo mum on a solo mums benefit, living in a State House, or the fact that John Key got a two year stint at university to graduate as a not highly qualified accountant without parting with a cent. And who now days suggests that kids are in poverty because their parents are druggies and such like…and that poverty is a life style choice. You can have a quick look at Hosking’s back ground by going to:

You'll find it most interesting…I was attempting to put together some of Mike Hosking famous rants…but many of them are so childish and stupid that I thought it would unfair to submit you to the agony…But then I remembered Radio Hauraki extremely talented Jeremy Wells brilliant take off of Mike Hosking and his rants.     

The first is his take on Hoskings mad rant on Waitangi Day:

The second is his version of Hosking’s take on having a good Christmas:

The next is where he offers Hosking view on the TPP:

And the last covers the area of ‘hard work’ by a ranting Mike who doesn’t know what the words hard work actually means.

I hope this style of learning about a 50 year old, twice married, father of two and step father of three, unintelligent blood-sucking leech and taker of cash from outfits like, Sky City will encourage all thinking people into more socially aware behaviours and professions such as real journalism and especially investigative journalism that informs rather than insults the intelligence of our New Zealand population.