Wednesday, 29 October 2014


The police have sent a strong message today. In fact they’ve been sending a strong message for a while; a message that our government supports. “You can literally get away with rape in this country.  If you rape someone, officials will do essentially nothing.” - See more at:  [Jessie Hume]

The Roast Busters scandal was not a crime…you can confess to rape…and not pay any price…police admit a amazing blunder yet again…it seems nothing changes.

Today the police took the final step, they waited until the election was over, no doubt on the possible instructions of the Minister of Justice with the support of the Minister of Police.

Today they gave the go ahead to the group of young men, that should they so desire, the right to become policemen and follow in the footsteps of the father of one of the men who were supposedly investigated on rape charges is now a career path.

I say supposedly because after three years and a bucket full of excuses and failures, of blotched questioning and half-arsed school yard style inquiries they [the police] have finally decided that the time is right to inform the public, yet again, that their efforts are simply so bankrupt of what could be termed ‘police effectiveness’ that they have been forced after three years to throw in the towel and admit defeat. 

So the young men go scot-free while their victims suffer.

The police have stated that they are planning to introduce a training programme in schools to help young women who are attacked by the type of creature’s they’ve now released from investigation.

All male police should be made to read the statement below, give copies to their male children and attend annual classes on understanding sexual behaviour norms. 

And they should be forced to  inform younger New Zealanders about another famous rape case stuffed up [if you will excuse the pun] by the police investigating their own criminals:

“Louise Nicholas as a school girl aged thirteen was lured into the Police Station at Murupara and raped by the officer in charge. After two trials the perpetrator was acquitted in a third. The rest of her story is well time worn and needs no repeating here, other than it was simply disgusting that three grown men, Police officers all, one of whom, was an assistant commissioner, would set upon her five years later and perform a series of repeated pack rapes. Subsequent events showed she was not the only young woman subjected to their unwanted attentions.

I suppose we can only hope that the police will one day 'Get it right and that they will grow out of their mis-guided belief that they must protect their own crims... 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Are we now a US state?

According to American news media and especially Fox news and its Republican nutcase owners America and therefore the entire free world; is under great threat from American self-defined enemies; and using the words of "Truthout":

“George W. Bush was right and the Iraq War was good so let's have another one because we're all going to be killed by those undocumented ISIS fighters who hate our freedom and have weapons of mass destruction and are in Texas right now with the Ebola they brought across the border and did I mention they’re going to kill us all if we don't die of Ebola first?

That's basically the gist of television "journalism" these days, the distilled essence of manufactured hysteria combined with utterly predictable blowback. When you gut medical preparedness at home, diseases have a way of erupting, and when you spend ten years indiscriminately dropping bombs abroad, the victims have a way of punching back… but hey, it's great for political campaigns, TV ratings and advertising dollars, right?

The people spreading this bad noise - politicians and "news" media entities alike - are being well-paid to do so. It furthers their combined agenda to have you climbing the walls in fear. If we do collapse as a society, it will not be because of Ebola or ISIS or immigrants or anything else. The virus that will end us is stupidity compounded by manufactured fear compounded by the deranged priorities of those who seek to terrorize you and then laugh all the way to the bank. [Truthout ends]

Not only are the Americans demanding that we buy into this propaganda spin but that we also put New Zealanders at risk of being killed as they carry out the instructions of a nation that cares little about the lives of its own people.
To our Prime Minister the Americans are heroes after all they invented Wall Street which in turn he used to make millions of dollars ripping off investors in his crazy Ponzi like derivatives schemes that have all ended up on the scrap heap leaving hundreds of thousands of people broke and in debt while his masters were all bailed out by tax payers. 

Of course he had jumped ship carrying a big bag of loot and brought himself the leadership of the National Party using good mates like Cameron Slater and his father and Michelle Boag and various other rat-bags like John Banks [awaiting prison time] Simon Lusk all of whom he now claims he’s never heard off, nor communicated with [as Prime Minister]. John Key makes George W Bush look honest and intelligent. This once again from Truthout with add-ins from me, underlined]

So you can now expect to hear that ‘Ebola’ is being carried into the US [and New Zealand] by members of ISIS sneaking over our borders - but climate change is not a real threat.
And that America’s foreign policy [which is also ours] is carried out for the good of all mankind and that President Obama is too hard on Wall Street and too soft on immigrants and Muslims (because he’s secretly a socialist and a friend of Nicky Hager).

And there’s no racism or sexism in the US worth speaking about - except against white people and men.

None of the above is true. But you wouldn’t know it from watching the news or reading most corporate media publications.

Sometimes, it seems the more blatant the inaccuracies and misrepresentation, the louder it gets pumped out - as if mainstream media outlets are competing to see who can tell the most lies. 

The truth is, today’s media environment is hyper-competitive. Those in media who aren’t anchored by principles, who care only about staying in business and turning a profit, will stoop to anything: whether its advertisements disguised as news stories, misleading headlines, or just straight-up out-and-out falsehoods. The facts and the public interest don’t matter. [Truthout ends]

The picture below tells the story of US crap-in-action here in good old Hobbit land:

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Arming police see what has happened in the US

Greg O'Connor.

Greg O’Connor
Is a Senior Sergeant in Police, seconded full time to the Association National Office; Elected to the position in 1995, Greg is the longest serving President in the Association's history. Following the Police Association's 2013 Annual Conference, Greg was reappointed for a further term through to 2016.

Greg is now days not really a policeman but the full time Union Boss with a compulsory membership dished up to him on a plate by the Police Department.

Since 1995 Greg O’Connor has wanted the police armed while on the beat, he succeeded in getting guns in cars and from the moment that happened crimes involving weapons went up and also did violence by police.

Well Greg O’Connor is back pushing his favorite hobby horse of arming the individual policemen and woman. Does Greg not read the newspapers or watch the news especially regarding the police in the United States. Over there police kill any time they like, are rarely held responsible and so long as the victim is Black or Muslim or better still both, the chances are the police involved will be rewarded rather than investigated. The Police have a sad record of behaviour so perhaps a quick review of their more publicly known stuff-ups would be in order. This from a Wheeler’s Corner reader:  

 “I have long held concerns about our Police Force. It seems there is a culture of dishonesty and win at all cost within the force. Individual officers are generally unfailingly polite and helpful. But they are also an active part of the overall culture.
A review of previous situations where there has been considerable doubt about the outcomes may be in order.
The first outstanding case was that of Arthur Allen Thomas, in 1970. He set out helping with the investigation into the murders of Jeannette and Harvey Crewe not thinking for one moment police would manufacture evidence to secure his conviction for the crime.
1993 saw David Dougherty put away for three and a half years for the rape of an eleven year old. Subsequently on DNA evidence it was proven Dougherty could not have been the offender and he was released with a substantial financial compensation.
In 1994 came the unprecedented three trials of John Barlow who was convicted of the murder of Gene and Eugene Thomas after the first trials resulted in hung juries. 'If at first you don't succeed, Try, try, and try again!
Building on those successes, came the trial of Scott Watson in 1998 convicted on specious grounds and denial of evidence given by the operator of the water taxi in Marlborough sounds that the boat that all the fuss was about was in fact a two masted ketch, and certainly not the Blade belonging to Scott.
Fast forward to 2001; this was the year when Louise Nicholas as a school girl aged thirteen was lured into the Police Station at Murupara and raped by the officer in charge. After two trials the perpetrator was acquitted in a third. The rest of her story is well time worn and needs no repeating here, other than it was simply disgusting that three grown men, Police officers all one of whom, was an assistant commissioner, would set upon her five years later and perform a series of repeated pack rapes. Subsequent events showed she was not the only young woman subjected to their unwanted attentions.
Wayne Idour, a former policeman is another name that springs to mind, He was the subject of a revealing expose, published in NZ Herald in 2006 for numerous dirty tricks as a policeman and later as a private investigator
The entire subject is completely unsavory. If the general public can't trust the police, who can they trust?

To prove how bad things are in the US just read below and you’ll learn what is required for individuals so as to avoid being shot or beaten up by police. Pretending that if you have nothing to hide, means that you are safe from harassment is just crap. Have a read, it’s long but well worth the effort to see what arming police has done in that neck of the woods,

"The reality that African-American and other minorities must realize is that depending on the time of day, or the mood of the officer you encounter, you could end up justifiably shot by the police. If not shot, then you might get roughed up a little bit and sent on your way. If that happens consider yourself lucky because it could have been much worse. With the worldwide attention being paid to the recent events in Ferguson and little to none being paid to the other instances that have happened before and after it, it’s time to give a guideline, or lifeline if you will to the people who need it the most.
How this will work is, I will give you a rule and then apply that rule so that you understand exactly when and how it should be applied so that there is no confusion. We don’t need you out there hesitating on the next traffic stop or stop and frisk because the results, well, you know what they could be. Before we get started we need to clear up a few misconceptions about how to avoid becoming a target. If you believe that doing nothing wrong can save you from being targeted then you need to stop believing that. Stop thinking in terms of right and wrong, instead, factor in if you look like you’re doing or have done something wrong. That look is a judgment call and we know the track record of those judges of character. That look as Charles Belk found out has little to do with how you’re dressed. One might argue that if you’re dressed too nice, in too nice of a neighbourhood, that might cause problems too.
The next thing you have to realize going forward is that it doesn't matter what school you went to. It doesn't matter how many culturally diverse friends you have. It does matter what kind of car you drive but it doesn't matter what you do for a living. Unless you plan to carry around a framed diploma of your highest completed level of education, a pay stub, a passport, 2 bills with proof of address on it and a notary public in the backseat to sign the statement you've just made to the police about everything you just presented, what you've accomplished doesn't mean a thing. The only thing that matters is the now. So throw all of the “This can’t be about me because I..” talk out of the window. This is information you need too.
1. Do exactly what the police tell you to do but don’t do it too fast or too slow.
This one requires some practice and you might need a partner to do it right. When you are stopped in any fashion be it on the street, or in a car the police will give you clear commands. Get over the fact that you may or may not have been doing anything to get their attention, that’s irrelevant, you have it now. You need to focus on doing what they tell you in a synchronized manner so that they won’t perceive your actions as threatening. To practice this, you will need a stop watch and someone giving you the most likely commands that you will receive. For starters, have your partners ask you for your license, registration and proof of insurance and then start the stop watch. The correct response time to this command is the amount of time it takes the reporter in the field to answer the question asked by the news anchors in the studio. After your partner gives the command, put your hand up to an imaginary ear piece (only do this in practice, do not do this in real life situations, this is just to get you familiar with the speed you need to respond) count 1 don’t shoot me, 2 don’t shoot me, 3 don’t shoot me and then proceed to comply with the orders. You should practice this twice before leaving the house just to be crisp and ready. If you move too quickly you might startle the officer and they’ll have no choice but to rely on training and use an escalation of force because of imminent danger. If you move too slowly then that could be interpreted as disobeying an order and again relying on training must mean you have something to hide or you’re a trouble maker and they know what to do with trouble makers.
2. Whatever you’re carrying is a weapon.
This is just a fact of life when dealing with the police. If you are eating a sandwich drop it immediately. If you have a soda can or bottle then you better slowly discard it before guns are drawn and you’re in a standoff, too late to do anything. Cell phones, wallets, gameboys, laptops, fanny packs and cigarettes can all be considered weapons that could easily be mistaken for a gun or knife and thus making the force used justifiable by the police. Assume that you are James Bond and MacGyver able to make that peppermint you have in your hand into a nuclear weapon because that is what they see when you hold it.
3. If you do not have anything in your hand then you must also realize that your hand is also a lethal weapon.
Every single minority in this country has their hands registered as lethal weapons. I know that you did not know this but judging how the police respond to unarmed black men it must be true. So when you have your hands up and open in the air, to the police you’re getting ready to attack. If you have your hands to your side then you are getting ready to execute a death grip and must be met with a proper deterrent. Understand that even if you are simply walking past and get confronted by someone else and forced to defend yourself, the perceived threat will more than likely be you.
4. If you are asked to get out of the car, automatically put your hands behind your head.
This is in case your license, proof of insurance and the notary public was not good enough. If you are asked to get out of the car by the police this is exactly how it should be done. The first thing you need to realize is that they are not asking you to get out so they can get to know you better. They are not asking you to get out of the car so that they can shake your hand and commend you on doing so well in life. They are more than likely going to handcuff you while they do whatever it is they’re going to do. Cut the middle man out of the situation. Get out of the car slowly. Move at the exact speed that a cartoon character would tip toe in any given situation. Skip the formality of being asked to put your hands behind your back and in one slow steady motion turn around facing the car and put your hands behind your back. If you’re unlucky and get a cop already on edge who loves giving commands this might backfire but research shows most will be pleasantly surprised as if you were reading their mind. Speed is also crucial here. Don’t move fast, it might look like you’re about to run from them and you know what happens next. If you do it too slow, then they will wait and take you to jail because obviously you’re high.
5. Questions you need to be prepared to answer.
Each encounter might vary but most will go something like this. The 1st question if you’re driving will be, if you know why you were pulled over. Play this cool, this is just like every other motorist that gets pulled over. The next question is where you need to be prepared and not caught off guard, thus admitting your guilt through some cosmic vibes you give off that police can pick up on. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you are driving, they will likely ask if this is your car. If it isn’t your car, shit… If it is your car don’t be offended. Calmly answer that it is and move on. Another question you might encounter is asking if you have any warrants for your arrest. Whether you’ve ever been arrested or not, you probably have been to police officers so answer honestly. If you do, shit… if you don’t just answer truthfully. That question applies whether you’re walking, driving, or sitting down in your own house. Have you been drinking will come up. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3am or 10am it will be asked and you need to be prepared to answer. The last question you’ll surely encounter is one that is designed to check on your well-being as a concerned friend. Where are you going? It should not matter where you are going but it absolutely does to the police. Even if you’re going to the store to get some milk answer quickly because if you answer quickly it automatically means you’re telling the truth. It may not make sense to you but it does not have to, this is how you play the game and keep yourself from unintentionally threatening the police with the possibility of you heading somewhere you don’t belong.
6. The correct volume to speak and accent to have when answering questions asked by the police.
You’re wondering how can this help? It makes a world of difference. If you sound like Laverne Hooks from Police Academy the officer could become incredibly frustrated because they can’t understand you. If you sound like Samuel Jackson in Die Hard 3, you could be looked at as defiant and therefore threatening, making lethal force necessary. The accent you have makes a big impact as well. If you have a southern drawl, unfortunately this means that you’re up to something. If you have a heavy east coast accent, unfortunately this means you’re up to something. If you sound like you’re from the west coast, unfortunately this means you’re up to something. If you have an island accent or an accent like someone from Europe or Africa then this ultimately means that you’re up to something. It’s a tough spot to be in. For women, the best volume, tone and accent to speak in is the calm Claire Huxtable or the Calm Jessica Pearson. strong, but not too strong, polite but not nervous and most of all graceful. You need to put their minds at ease. Any other tone of voice means that more than likely there is a body in the trunk and you’re trying to hurry up and get to Home Depot to buy acid and other things needed to dispose of it. For men there is only one correct voice to use and that is the calm Braxton P. Hartnabrig. Aha! No voice can soothe like Braxton’s. It isn’t threatening. It isn’t too strong. It quivers just enough so that the police can feel as if they are in charge and all of your words will be enunciated to perfection. It is the absolute best choice to use in order to get through the encounter as smoothly as possible.
7. Good answer vs bad answer.
Now, that you know what to do, and how to do it. You know what you should have and shouldn’t. You also know what questions to expect and the proper tone of voice and accent to answer them in, it’s time to go over what’s a good answer and what’s a bad answer. Your answer will save your life. The key to a good answer is that it must never sound like a question. Questions mean that you feel you have a right to ask the officer something as if you’re a peer. Questions, question authority and it’s never good to question an officer’s authority. Questions mean that you have something to hide since you didn’t give a direct answer. If you have something to hide it is the officer’s job, well, it’s the officer’s civic duty to get to the bottom of it at all costs. Direct answers that bend to the will of the officer is good. Anything else is extremely bad and can set things off that end up with you being on the wrong end of justifiable force.
In conclusion, the threat you pose is real people. You could be a terrorist or a thug. You could be on your way to ruining someone else’s day even if you’re just simply walking to the store or out enjoying the sun. You could be gathering people up to join a group that is planning to overthrow the government, like voters. There is no telling what you’re up to so the officers out to protect the communities have no choice but to engage you and figure out if you’re one of the good ones. Even if you feel you’re one of the good ones they still need to keep verifying your good status every now and again, don’t worry it’s just part of the protocol.
The only way to ensure a safer encounter is to understand why it is happening and to be prepared when it does. These 7 keys when executed to perfection, wait, that phrase might not be appropriate right here. These 7 keys when followed correctly will drop your chances of being harmed and or shot by the police a whopping 2%. You just can’t do any better than that. Remember your training and good luck.
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Win a holiday for four in Hawaii.

Wheelers Corner is fully supporting the National Party Goal of locating and rewarding a couple of heroic [social?] workers who have over the last six years worked really hard to achieve the covert goals issued by the PM’s Department back in 2008.
Now that the 2014 election is over and National is firmly in control of New Zealand’s humble and meek population it can up its search for some of its missing and very important individuals who could continue to play a vital and leading role in expanding the ever growing need for our secret services [GCSB, SIS, Five Eyes, etc.] to be able to maintain their covert activities to stop the growth of groups, such as the Islamic State and its NZ Branch.
Nicky Hager.

Here are two of the key players who went missing during the pre-election period and especially after the release of the Nicky Hager book ‘Dirty Politics’.
These individuals were, with the help of the governments ‘Black Op’s team’, the key players in changing the way the masses were controlled and manipulated, especially the media. Now that the election is over the public would like them to come out of hiding so that they can be publicly reward and even knighted.  

Most wanted and top of the list is:
Simon Lusk

Simon Lusk, he was last seen heading off from his home on a ‘hunting’ trip into the deep dark depths of the Hawkes-Bay region. His four-wheel drive Range-Rover was known to be loaded to the hilt with half a dozen hunting rifles, sleeping bags, a mobile toilet, a lap-top computer and a few cartons of Tui. A tent with a huge photograph of John Key shaking hands with Obama embossed onto the canvas was also seen to have been packed along with various CD’s of an adult nature.  
The Prime Minister says that Simon Lusk was and still is a vital player in the war against terrorism here in NZ. Simon has over the last few years gathered around him various individuals who understand the manner by which individuals have used IS terrorist methods to achieve political objectives. Cameron Slater, Kelvin Davis, Stewart Nash, Jamie Lee-Ross and Paul Goldsmith plus other less known minor players like now discarded Judith Collins all agree that Simon Lusk was a key financial broker and action-man in the PR spin operation to get those of a ultra-right-wing gender into power which is of course is very closely aligned to the Islamic-State mode of operations.
The NZ Police are uncertain if all the weapons being carried by Lusk are legally registered and licenced but the PM has assured them that he is most comfortable about the situation, and that they should simply keep their eyes on Nicky Hager as he is a far more dangerous threat to the peace and tranquillity of NZ.
So naturally the police along with the GCSB will look the other way regarding the legality of Lusk’s weapons of mass destruction.

Second on the list is that strange ex-Prime Ministers Departmental ‘Black-Op’s’ agent and computer hacker Jason Ede.
Jason Ede

He went into hiding in early September when he was named as the National Party employee who when working directly out of the PM’s office broke into the Labour Party’s computer hard drive and stole their membership records.
At first the PM in line with his normal practice couldn’t remember just who Jason Ede actually was, in the same way as he had never heard of Kim Dotcom, but when it was pointed out to the PM that he worked in the office next door to the PM for over four years the PM was force to concede that…he might have possibly met him.
Sadly for the PM Jason Ede came out from under the rock for a couple of hours and decided to formally resign from his job [title unknown] with the National Party, this was vital if he was to prove he was unemployed so that he could receive a benefit.
But the day after getting his back-pay and bonus cheque from the National Party President he went into hiding again and hasn’t been seen since. When the police were approached by Ede’s friends who reported him as missing, they naturally went to the PM for advice [as they do for all things political these days]

I have been informed via very senior police sources [Wheelers Corner Eavesdropper] that the police were told that the PM was comfortable with the present state of affairs and that the police should mainly concern themselves with the situation of Nicky Hager and his family since the public are feeling so hostile toward the left-wing conspiracy theorist writer who had disclosed untruths about Jason Ede and the National Party dirty tricks operations. 

In fact John Key, Obama’s best mate, has inferred that Nicky Hager may have close links to the Islamic State terrorists…the police are taking this very seriously and are putting a couple of hundred staff on investigating this possible connection between IS and a mad conspiracy theorist and investigative author and journalist, who is rated one of the top rated investigative journalist in the world. 

They hope to report to the PM once their Five Eyes friends have checked out Nick Hager and his families phone calls, emails, and toilet habits.

So if you can help locate Simon Lusk or Jason Ede please do so just send your information to this blog site or to John Key at and be in to win a free 14 day holiday in Hawaii for four, a possible knighthood and even employment in the Beehive's 'Black-Ops' team. 

The holiday for four is sponsored by a unnamed Chinese millionaire with close connections to milk exports and Judith Collins.