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How high can we jump. Wheelers Corner 49 1st Dec 2018

Wheelers Corner wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

Oh dear me the the USA's and its attachment followers ie: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, UK have declared that the villianist Chinese are at it again...spying on us via our own tech compampies who use 'Huawei equipment...The US tells us what to do and NZ asks 'How high do you want us to JUMP' and the US suggests we actually look and behave like Australia and jump over the moon as did the cow in the fairy tale. And it would now seem that our own [?] GCSB was first to ask the question, "How high should we jump? Well Peter G a good Wheelers Corner reader has a view on this very issue.

Peter G

I read that the panic was initiated in the US of A backed up by their
best buddies, Australia. It looks like an early shot in Trump's trade
war with China. It seems from today's news that Huawei are disputing any
possibility of the claims being made against them. The GCSB are not to
be trusted in my view and they appear to be going all the way with USA!
Just think back to the orchestrated raid on the Dot Com mansion some
years back. Would our Rozzers have had the nous to mount a helicopter
based attack with all guns blazing? I don't think so. Recall the mess
they got themselves into over the raid they initiated in the Uruweras
some time ago. While there may have been some substance to their
concerns, it seemed to end up as fanciful scheme dreamed up by wallpaper
face. Nothing ever appeared to have been proven to any degree.
Peter. G"

Speaking of finding some guts, it was great to read that the US Senate has decided to vote on the US legallity of assisting the UAE and US backed Saudi murder and stavation of the total population of Yemen...Trump rushed his top ranked aides to meet the senators one of them was the nut-case ex general who loves killing a-rabs: but even they seemed to have lost any creditability and they failed to stop them [the senate] from voting in favour of a review read this from Truthout: 

If ever we needed clear evidence of the political corruption that rules America we have it in the US President's support for the murder of a US resident ordered by the Saudi so-called crown prince. 

Still we may be lucky because one country has shown some guts in following international law and may well arrest the said the crown prince when he visits Argentina for the G20 summit meeting. 

Another hundred thousand Yemeni bite the dust says the POTUS,
Of course Trump may decide to bomb Argentina or tear gas its citizens by the use of long range drone attacks...and the evil crown prince may flee arrest...and be forced to slip back home to hide like the international war-criminal he is, as is Donald Trump who has and still is playing a massive role in the murder of Yemeni children and civilians and driving millions into starvation. 

Just imagine if the countries of world that are being forced to accept and assist the millions of refergees who have been forced out of the middle east by US supported illegal wars...acted the same way!!! Only in America is jailing children considered heroic...

Should they tear-gas those swimming ashore off the coasts of Italy, France  etc. Australia picks them up and sends them off to remote islands to be ill treated, bashed and imprisoned for years and years. So much for Australian human ethics...and a real question for us here in NZ should we treat Australians in the same manner. or should we like Argentina arrest any Australian leaders who visit NZ as war criminals because of their treatment of refugees and their strong support for US and UAE and Saudi aggression in the Middle east. Now that would take some guts on our part and would go a long way in proving to the world that we actually care about humanity world wide. But don't hold your breath...we often talk the talk but rarely walk the talk. 


Is their God the same as yours? How could God make such massive mistakes...that has led to the deaths of thousands if not millions of innocent people. 

Christmas is a time when religion rules. while it is difficult to believe in Father Christmas, when we all know FC is really Mom or Dad, we stop believing in the tooth fairy around about when we stop believing in Father Christmas.

I'm sure my God can not be the same as Tony Blair's or George Bush's or Hillary Clinton's or Theresa May's

Lastly: This from Rachael Andrews: a wonderful activist and community member.

Extinction Rebellion Aotearoa:

Kia ora whanau,Extinction Rebellion Aotearoa is underway and building momentum as I'm sure you have all picked up on. Being mindful of many people's desire to take a break from organising for the next couple of months Kirsty and I have joined the national conversation (somewhat peripherally). There is
a sense of urgency around this as a movement (obviously) and some groups
have already had public meetings so we thought we could get the ball rolling here.

We are NOT asking anything of you. That said we have scheduled a meeting for Thursday 6th Dec, 7pm @ Snails. This is just for an introduction and to see who turns up really - hoping some new people will come and want to help organise. The good thing about this is that XR UK have a great
plan already and we don't have to start from scratch. We intend to talk about the three Global aims and the targets (which we can tailor to fit what makes sense for our city...COUNCIL!!!! for example). And have a bit of a brainstorm.
So, again we are mindful that people need a break. If you have people in your contacts and networks who would be good to include at the early stage please invite them and we would love to see you - we don't expect any hands to go up for jobs!
Aroha nui,

To learn more go to: :  
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Wheelers Corner 48 24th November 2018 Them and Us.

'Connecting People who Care'

1. Check out this drawing and then seriously consider if its message applies to you.
Is NZ 'Our blessed Homeland? or what ever country you come from? Are all others especially those you consider enemies 'Their Barbarous Wastes'...
Since Donald Trump has the US gone from OBH to TBW?
I suppose it all depends on how successful your Government / Dictator / Propaganda machine functions in convincing you that your views represents the national view.

It would seem that some countries, for example Saudi Arabia and Israel can switch from one to the other, and so long as they purchase their arms from America [or Britain].  It is said that a picture can be worth a thousand words as the above picture proves.

 This picture also tells a story about society and its twists and turns.

Murdering Jews was legal in Germany in the 1930's and 40's, now murdering Palestinian civilians from Israeli soil is now legal...a double standard to suit the state.

Ethics come and go, Slavery was legal and was expensive, owners of slaves had to pay for food and they made it illegal and paid workers who then had to pay for their housing and food which saved employers heaps. And stopped a civil war in the US...

When Blacks moved into White areas the value declined; so segregation was legalised.
The New Testament introduced the concept of freeing slaves so freeing slaves was criminalized. Jesus was years ahead of his time don't you agree?

The State is in it self, a really bad judge of morality because it adjusts its self-centered morality to suit its political and economic goals whenever it feels inclined. It teaches or instructs you to love or hate according to THEIR needs and convinces you that your needs are one the same.

How could a whole Nation, Germany be taught to hate Jews and murder millions of them. How could American be taught to hate all Blacks, how can some men be so sexist and treat women so badly as done by our Defence Forces? One answer is because of the way the State manipulates our emotions and attitudes via the media and the educational processes.

So the answer is obvious we have to ignore their crap and stand up for what we believe. It's not easy but it can be done.
So can I assume, that the same State can manipulate in favour of the majority rather than the few and move in the opposite direction...where the total community, regardless of race or colour, settler or immigrant are treated equally and fairly in the eyes of the law.
Yes it can, but first it must accept that responsibility and this must be achieved at all levels, local, national and international.

One last picture for you to consider, Malcolm X, Albert Einstein,Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi all state a view on the preset Zionist Government of Israel shocking and inhuman treatment of Palestinians.

The British gave away some one else's country to appease Zionist Terrorists way back in the 1940's.

The one common factor that links the four individuals from, the USA, Britain, South Africa and India is the fact that all these individuals were persecuted in various way within their home countries.

This gave each of them a greater understanding and compassion for  what happened when they were still alive [and still is happening at this very moment] to the People of Palestine.
We should teach our children about the successful application of terrorism in action by teaching them the true historical facts about the birth of Israel.

Just think of how much we could save and share if we followed these few simple rules...[see left]

Finial word: To our military industry enhanced Mayor:
Dear Mr Smith [Honorary SAS want-to-be].

Lets next year select a Mayor who has a vision rather than one who has a dream to being a combat Officer.

This is A special message / Question to our combat ready Mayor and and his followers and timid Councillors.

"Can the Mayor of Palmerston North convert our cuy from one whoes goal is peace! to one whoes goal is war...and if this is just possible may I ask War against whom ?

It would appear that the Mayor has totally ignored the protest against selling weapons of war and has already invited back the NZDIA next year. I wonder if the Mayoual goal is to be installed as an honorary member of the SAS...

I for one have a bigger goal for my City, our City, as I believe most Councillors do, I want to welcome people here who can think for themselfves, I want Councillors with real guts who will stand up to a child like Mayor who likes to play with tin soldiers on his kitchen table as he relives battles of old...where the goodies always win.

Of course there are no winners of the last war that the Americans won. I await his public invitation for the public to attend his workshop on Council Ethics in renting the citizens peoples assets to the so called military Industrial complex based mainly in the USA.

I can well imagine our mayor as a honorary general in the US or Saudi military...A modern day Muammar Al Gatifi or a Donald Trump who failed to honour his US military commitments


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Wheeler's Corner 47 17th November 2018 Good and Evil.

"Connecting People who Care"
1. I refer to my blog as being for people who care...I suppose the important point is 'Care about what? Life and death...Peace or War...Good and Evil...Community Vs the individual and dozens if not hundreds of other factors made up of opposites.

We each will have various views on these subjects and how we express them. The perspective from which you approach each will have been strengthened or weakened by your life experience, your religious upbringing and other factors many and varied. 

Life and Death are direct opposites yet all life is followed by death, yet life is often shortened by the behaviour of the few over the majority.
The US Rifle Association for example clearly shortens thousands of peoples life's because of their mass and unrestricted sales of small arms and automatic weapons which were used to murder hundred of thousand plus over the past decade. School children and young people and black Americans seem to be the major targets. Where do you stand on gun control?

Another clear advantage in extending life revolves around wealth, the wealthy live fact no members of the Royal family seem to die until they are aged around ninety five plus. So where do you stand on fairer system of wealth distribution via a livable wage system and controlling CEO salaries or introducing a Capital gains tax?

Good Vs Evil, What is good and what is evil? That's a difficult and deep question to answer. Do I mean good for me, but if its not good for you does that make it evil, in your eyes it may well be evil.
Some examples are clearly good for some but evil for others...take Israel and Palestine, Israel stealing Palestinian land is good for Israeli settlers but really evil for Palestinians land holders. But we here in New Zealand are inclined to ignore the behaviour of the powerful, like the US and Saudi bombing in the Yemen. We are quick to forgive our so-called friends when they murder or assassinate but rarely forgive our enemies. Where do you stand on forgiveness? Can you forgive?

2016 PNCC Candidates.

Community Vs The Individual, now this is a tricky one...communities are made up of individuals...are they not one the same?
No they are not, take politicians both local and national, they love to tell us that they are a part of the communities where they live...but their behaviour often proves that they are more interested in votes...or the income that goes with the job.

They often stay silent when they feel their supporters won't agree with their behaviour if they speak out or take part in supporting progressive local or national movements that often appear within communities. The latest example was the protest about the NZDIA so-called forum [that cost tax-payers 250 to 300 thousand dollars. Twelve Councillors voted to look at the Councils staff along with the Mayoral approval that took place without council discussion...but once instructed by the Mayor all but one Councillor [Brent Barrett] backed off appearing at any protests about the issue. So their timid and compliant behaviour spoke volumes about their public and actual public or community courage.

Since Roger Douglas and the rapid growth of individualism as a key part of the Neo-liberal governing process used to transfer community ownership to private or individual ownership, now days if you are unemployed its your own fault, if your wealthy is because of your hard work. Where do you stand on Community Vs the Individual?     

The Listener published Nicky Hager's latest investigative effort into the NZ Defence Force, it is a clear and concise report backed up by sound research and constructive writing, I've said enough on the subject over the last few weeks and I would strongly recommend that you find time to read it in full.

3.  Let me end this week with a short story: The New Bomb that could save the world: I wrote it a few years ago:
"We all need a dream for dreams keep us going…energized, if you like. We also need a sense of humour. This short story is a blend of both dreams and humour. It is also for me at least a break from being so damned serious.
The other week the mayor got to sing at the Regent to raise funds for the people of Samoa. The ironic thing was that the AGM of the local housing trust was on at the same time. When the mayor put the feelers out for others to attend rather than he, he never said that it was done so that he could be free to exercise his vocal cords in a good cause.
Honest and transparent actions are key behaviour patterns that can, if used, make life easier for some, but when misused they become deadly tools. As we are now all aware, the US financial whiz-kid Mr. B. Madoff who stole millions and millions, but he was different, in that that he would only steal from those who were recommended by other investors, who were themselves being ripped off. His victims were willing victims motivated by greed.

So I want you now to imagine that it is now sometime in the near future. Lets say just before Christmas…last nights headlines in the Manawatu Standard were quickly picked up by TV and various international media outlets…the headline read…A BOMB TO END ALL BOMBS!

The Mayor of Palmerston North was stunned and lost for words [truly] so he burst into song with a rendition of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ which shocked all those present in the council chamber, both Councillors and staff.

The Deputy Mayor was somewhere else [as is normal]

Most Councillors were shocked; Cr. Chris Teo-Sherrell immediately went out and withdrew his savings from Kiwi Bank. Cr. Michael Feyen rushed off and wrote another press release on Green Heart.

The entire staff at Massey University was utterly dumbfounded, please note I said dumbfounded not dumb.

And the Fonterra corporate foundation was ecstatic…because it had brought the marketing rights, and it was about to make a killing if you’ll excuse the pun…[You see Fonterra actually owns Massey University, but don’t tell anyone]

Tucked away in his Beehive office in Wellington and while sharing a ginger-nut biscuit with Bill English. Prime Minister John Key was livid because he had sold his 50.000 shares in Fonterra just a week or so ago, in the same way as Bill English had sold his interest in his family trust to himself.

Cr. Gordon Cruden hoped and prayed that this development wouldn’t stop the bridge to nowhere from going ahead.

Cr. Anne Podd wished she was back working at Fonterra and Cr. Findlay was still trying to work out what the fuss was all about.

Mighty River Power Corporate bosses were really angry because they had planned to put wind turbines on university land.

Only Cr. Annette Nixon, Pat Kelly, Bruce Wilson and Peter Wheeler saw this as a chance for peace in the world.

The fuss was earth shattering. It’s possible implications for the future of mankind…gigantic. It could over night completely and utterly alter the balance of power across the whole universe.

A new bomb, a new awesome weapon of mass destruction, had been secretly developed by a couple of forth year Massey students and its implications have now shocked the entire world. New Zealand’s largest dairy company Fonterra had originally hired the students. Their task was to help sell diary products in ever growing amounts.

As most are aware these days when a bomb explodes it can wreak havoc and destruction. It can rip people apart and cause buildings to collapse into heaps of rubble. The blood and guts of both humans and animals are often spread in all directions. Fires start and the destruction continues until control is reestablished. And if of course the bomb is nuclear hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of humans can be reduced to ashes in a matter of seconds. A normal bomb attack like for example 911 brought huge increases in security activity. Every human-being especially if they were ‘Part’ – Arab was suspect, even part Scottish or English when mixed with Cuban were considered dangers to the freedom of the USA. Now with this new discovery a New Hope is possible. People may even stop killing each other or ripping each other off. CEO’s may halve their salaries or even more…financial advisers may become insurance agents once again. Pensioners may get enough to live on. Anything is possible!

The Massey students have created a bomb that can and will achieve exactly the same thing as any other explosive device but without any loss of life. And there is no known antidote. No way to avoid this force that if released will shatter the world as we know it.

But this bomb is different, it’s non-nuclear and will be available to any nation. You don’t have to be a hypocrite to have this bomb. You don’t need to be in the nuclear old boys club to get the bomb, a simply deposit of say one hundred million dollars and the recipe will be yours.

When this bomb explodes it releases not a pent up force of mass destruction that turns people and objects into radioactive particles that wreck the environment for a thousand plus years. In fact it does the opposite. On exploding it releases a specially designed set of chemical elements that instantly alters human thought patterns and therefore human behavioral actions. The chemical compounds are broken down into key groups and each group leads directly to change behaviour. The changes recorded at various test sights were absolutely amazing.

When compound X was released among New Zealand’s top combat troops the SAS, within minutes all aspects of violence were rejected and the entire SAS company wished to enlist at the University of Auckland’s catering wing to learn the art of creative cooking.

When a small sample of compound x was released at the New Zealand First Conference in Auckland, Winston Peters was soon rejecting his phobia about immigrants taking kiwi jobs and in fact commenced plans to double the number of immigrants in the next six months.

The only negative reaction to a release of compound x was amongst the Manawatu Rugby Team the Turbos, for it made them kinder and more gentle on the rugby field, which made it almost impossible to win, but they were wizards at the after match barbecue.

A fine sprinkle of compound x was filtered in the air at the executive morning tea at Mighty River Power corporate office. They immediately changed policy and informed the Judge that they would redesign the Wind Farm and would repay the PNCC the full cost of their presentation to the court. They also said they were sending flowers to all those opposed to the wind turbines and that they intended to reduce their charge out rates by 30%.

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Turning conscripts into heroes. Wheelers Corner 46 10 Nov 2018

"Connecting People who Care"
1. What a strange world we live in these days, one hundred years after the Ist World War we still celebrate the most idiotic war ever [all wars are idiotic]...every-one who served has become by proxy a heroic figure...we still celebrate the stupidity of Gallipolli where thousands of troops were sacrificed without any real goal or objective.
Remember this was to be the war to end all wars...yet after only twenty two years the world was at it again...just long enough to grow a new bunch of young men to go and die for King and Country...we here in NZ were so keen to prove our Englishness that we even declared war on Germany before Britain did.

The song "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" is by most accepted standards , the most successful of Eric Bogle's songs. It is a tribune to some very brave men. The ANZACS and an indictment of the stupidity that sent them there in the first place...Have a listen to the words carefully they are so meaningful:

Millions of people died in the !st WW and we gained 22 years of peace...then just as they did at Gallipolli, in 1939 they started all over again and once again slaughted millions and millions in the name of King and Country or Germany, America and etc.

After it ended we had a five year break because in 1951 the Korean conflict kicked off, because war had become a habit, and our so-called leaders had lost their respect for humanity. I'm sorry but I simply don't trust those who see war as a problem solver. War is the bloody problem! Thats the problem that needs solving if we only had the guts.

Now on ANZAC day I wear my 'White' peace poppy, because its peace I desire and actions speak louder than words. That's why I think those people who opposed the Arms sales here in Palmerston North truly represent the future... On that march I spoke to a guy standing on the footpath giving the marchers the finger, he was all done up in his best NAZI style uniform with a massive swasticker on his chest...But he also wore a face mask...I asked him "Why the mask? His answer, mind your bloody business! So I kept on walking...

Even after all these wars Americans cant get their votes to count, especially if you are black. the rigged polls etc, states with 60 million get two votes for President, the same as states with 3 million...hence they end up with Trump.

It could be said "That you have to lose not win a war to preserve democracy' when one looks at Japan and Germany today and then looks at the poverty in the US you must wonder who won the 2nd WW.

Any country that depends on its Military / Industrial complex / Police to maintain its power over its citizens is a failure in human terms. When guns govern peoples behaviour you know that the political system is a failure. Good God you are not even safe in schools or churches in the US these days.

This from the Manawatu Standard:
"Gallipolli tends to cast a long shadow over our collective memory of WWI. There are certainly important battles that have been overlooked. For example, the 1916 Battle of the Somme was New Zealand's costliest battle of the war with more than 7500 casualties. During the centenary commemorations, this battle was barely mentioned. The Sinai Palestine campaign is all but forgotten too. Our bloodiest day of the war, October 12, 1917, was at Passchendaele, where 846 New Zealanders were killed in action, with a further 138 dying of wounds in the week that followed". 

So to those who plan to go along to the Square to remember the ending of the 1st WW on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month...don't do it just to show your face, don't take part in making heroes out of conscripts. Do it in the name of peace. For my part I've grown tired of seeing war glorified and dressed up as heroic, troops stomping across the the world bringing so called peace when in fact what they bring is death and destruction. 
    Wars have never saved anyone and have destroyed all who taken part in them...this is not fiction, this is fact.
While there maybe short term gain there is always long term loss. There are no winners or losers for that matter.
The 1st WW brought the problems now faced in the Middle East, the forced creation of Israel with its racist policies being backed up by military and US support that is leading to ever greater conflict as they attempt to destroy the Palestinian people.
Remember those who died and hope they now reside in heaven rather than hell, of couse that depends on your religious views.

So to end this ode against war here is another persons view:

"Sunday is Armistice Day, commemorating the end of the First World War.
About 18,000 New Zealanders died in or because of that war.
They were among an estimated total of 40 million people, both military and civilian, who died due to the conflict
It was called the war to end all wars, but as history later showed this was not to be.
Padre James Young served on the Western Front.
He spoke in 1964 in a recording now held by Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision.

"So futile. We of 1914-18 fought a war to end war. Over and over again you would hear it from ordinary Diggers when they stopped and wondered what they were fighting for. And how utterly and completely we failed.
"Don't anyone talk to me of the glories of war. It makes me want to spit. It's so awfully, stupidly clumsy.

The horror of war has been outlined by many veterans over the years and many recorded for posterity.
"The Somme in 1916 was ghastly, hell, it was just mud, mud, mud," Mr Young said.
"And when it was wet, well it was just up to your waist. Men and mules and horses wounded and fallen and drowned in it quite easily, quite often."
About 100,000 young men left New Zealand heading to what many regarded as a great adventure and for the first-wave it was commonly believed the war would be over by Christmas 1914. Some thought they would not get there in time.
Culture and Heritage chief historian Neill Atkinson said in a country with a population of only one million at the time, the scale of the tragedy affected every family, workplace, school and club.
"The number of names on memorials tells the story and behind that of course were families, wives and parents and children and so on, so really it rippled out right through New Zealand society."

He said the toll from the First World War left gaps in society for many years.
"Where many of those people would have come back and taken up or carried on in their careers and many of them done interesting and good things in a whole lot of different fields.
"It certainly did have an effect and also those that did come back, many of them were changed, certainly carried those scars psychologically, as well and in some cases physical scars which really affected their lives and affected their families," he said.
When peace finally came many men were quite unprepared.
James Carrington wrote in his book "Soldier from the Wars Returning".
"The young soldiers had known no trade but war and had no civilian jobs to which they longed to return. I was a little scared of the new word, demobilisation."
Mr Atkinson said the First World War cast a huge shadow over the country in the 1920s, which was followed by the depression of the 1930s, and then the Second World War.
"That generation I think always carried that impact with them and of course often it was their families and sometimes their children who bore some of the impact of that too."
Peace activist Corey Anderson questions New Zealand's involvement in the First World War.
"What sort of society could we have had we not had to do that is an open question I think and there is the democratic toll along with the more extremes of patriotism."
The centenary of the Armistice will be commemorated on Sunday at 11am: The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, when the guns fell silent over the Western Front in 1918.

 Lest we forget - conscientious objectors and those who opposed imperial war.

 They were tied to poles on the battle field front line to be shot by the enemy, if that didn't work the British shot them on our behalf...

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Wheelers Corner 45 3rd Nov 2018 Mayors Fairy Tales.

"Connecting people who care'

As early as late June or July 2018 the Palmerston North Mayor was making suggestions to the NZDIA as to what they should do public relations wise to get their so-called forum acceptable to the people of Palmerston North.
Like including the words 'National Security' That was right out of PR 101...
He [Smith] knew only too well that both Wellington and Auckland both suffered from protests etc. Wellington had the good sense to reject the NZDIA bull-sh*t. But not our Mayor, for it would appear that he suddenly became very, very secretive...about this helpful behaviour to the NZDIA and was not to be shared with his deputy or Councillors. So much for team work and all that touchy stuff.
The question is why and what was he afraid of? 

In fact it would seem that most Councillors were kept in the dark over the issue until council was forced to discuss the issue. Most Councillors appeared to accept the code of silence forced upon them...their silence was most revealing and very much 'grunt' like behaviour, its sad really when some folks put votes ahead of principle, money ahead of human life. You can of course save your anger until next years local body election.

Read the leaked email below: and make your own mind up about the trust worthiness of the Mayoral behavior.

After having read the leaked email you decide if the picture below isn't suitable to represent just what the Mayor should do before next years election...

This young woman and her sign clearly represents the wishes of thousands of younger and older persons. Of course the Mayor will deny that he is violent and will swear that he is a peace loving member of our community, the only problem is that he doesn't actually prove it.
Actions speak louder than words. He will deny that NZDIA has members who make bombs for the purpose of blowing up school buses, or schools or hospitals. He like thousands of New Zealanders believe wrongly that anything our Defence Forces have done in the past has been heroic and brave...that's simply Hollywood spin.

There was nothing heroic about Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and since we are allies of the US we are still at war with Korea! after 50 years...beat that for stupidity gone mad. The last war that had a goal was the second world war and even though the US came in late [as usual] and the goal was achieved. The US got into the habit of needing a war or two to boost their national inflated ego, why must we New Zealanders do the same.
I see the President of the United States is planning to declare that the US is being invaded and this has created a small problem for him. He has no country on which he can call to bomb the invaders on the his behalf, ie Israel or Saudi Arabia are too far away, so for the first time in over two hundred years the US main land is theoretically under direct threat...and it would seem that Trump plans to dispatch 8000 troops to the boarder to combat the five thousand invading enemy force made up of unarmed men, women and children.

Trump in one of his nutty mid term election tweets even suggested that among the invaders are "many bad men, really bad men, really really bad men". Just imagine how he would react if he was confronted with the million plus who are landing on the shores of Europe as they flee the never ending American and Russian bombs in Syria and Yemen. How long will it be before the Americans set up a few concentration camps [Nazi Style] where they can rid themselves of these unarmed dangerous invaders.

Will Trump request that NZ send troops to assist him in combating this invasion by Women, children and a few unarmed men...and will NZ as is norm of the last ten years comply with that request.

This the kind of mess we've got our self into by simply following blindly instructions from big brother.
The reall problem for the US is that these people approaching the US are doing nothing illegal they are complying with US law, they are seeking asylum at the border as they are required to do.
If NZ received such a request for troops? Who should we send...a few medics to tend the wounded, or maybe the Artillery, or a few SAS to carry out US military instructions without debate.

You no doubt would have picked up by now that I'm speaking tongue in cheek...I'm sure that the present government would not be stupid enough to agree to a request for troops even though the Minister of Defence Ron Mark would disagree...

As we all know that next week the US mid-term elections takes place, and Trump has now invented a invasion, and believe it or not his nutty Defence Secretary [James Mattis ex General] Who once stated "how he enjoyed killing Arabs" in Iraq, is now demanding that the war in Yemen cease! beat that for a turn around. Let me end with these two Items about Trump...

1. left: The real purpose of his propaganda of late is to keep those few voters who are allowed to vote from considering his past sexist and racist and tax avoidance behaviour. Not to mention his five excuses for NOT carrying his military service. 

2. This explains clearly the type of person Trump is...a typical liar
and big rules his whole being [thanks to his father dishing it out to him]. So we will have to await and see if the voters buy into his bull-sh*t.

Lastly I'd like to thank all the members of Peace Action Manawatu and Peace Action Wellington and Auckland along with hundreds of locals who stood tall while protesting the yearly Defence INDUSTRY Association. What truly impressed was the energy and sincerity in their opposition to weapons and war, their task was made more difficult because of the Mayor's PR spin. Let's hope that we can at last realise and understand just what the military actually do rather than what we pretend they do, they actually rescue very few people at sea etc. I'm sure we are all awaiting the result of the inquiry on the SAS stuff - up in Afghanistan, which is now years overdue. Now that John Key and GCSB school chum, and his favorite ex-general and governor general has departed the scene we may reclaim Independence from US control, here is hoping!
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