Saturday, 21 January 2017

NZ Women lead the way to Washington

These women got an idea…they worked together far, far, better than most men and converted their ideas and dreams into reality.
They coordinated, collaborated and organised in the proven best ways possible. 

They didn’t rely on MSM to report their activities, after all Trump and his cronies and the rest of the 1% own all the media.

They designed dynamic posters like this one, they printed it off and using social media rather than MSM they sent it to be considered by the rest of the worlds right thinking women. 

Thousands of other women accepted their plight in regard to the arrival of a ‘pussy’ grabbing, thrice married, uneducated ‘daddies’ boy who has never done a hard day’s work in his life, has lived off his Daddy and avoided military service via legal manipulation and outright lies. Oh and he pays stuff all tax

This led to other highly brilliant women, coming up with cartoons like this. What it clearly expounds and that women can and do learn from their children.

The message is simple older people need to listen to younger people…I mean really listen.

These women were so successful that millions of willing supporters took to the streets across the entire world to express their solidarity with each other.

Here in New Zealand the women rallied and gathered together in wonderful solidarity, these thousands assembled in Wellington to express their understanding of the predicament that the US now finds itself. Governed by billionaires and nut case ex-generals whom can’t wait to start even further wars.

These thousands gathered together in Auckland to show that they too understood the fear that American women face while being led by obviously demented idiot…these people understand that American has been at constant war with world since world war two ended,

To prove how bias our main stream media is have a look at the Video of the protest march in Auckland being shown…and they call it a few hundred, and refer to the fact that a few right-wingers turned up to support Trump.  

Right at this very moment the Women’s March on Washington in protest at the Donald Trumps of the US and the world is in full swing. The message was clear…Women matter, Black lives matter, truth matters and the hundreds of thousands present representing themselves and millions of others. They showed by their wonderful speeches that standing up and speaking out is a vital part of organising a movement that can and will bring change.
I have watched wrapt and engrossed in the emotion radiated by the many women speakers at the Washington gathering. Their words were the words of pure emotion of both power and modesty…not for them the boastfulness of billionaire Donald Trump, the weird attitude of the millionaire Bob Jones’s attack on beggars.
Not for them an attack on the weak, bluster of KKK style racism, there were no ravings of the ‘Hobsons Pledge’ mob.
The march on Washington was an indicator of a new approach by the masses to change the world’s style of leadership based on fear and hate. Donald Trump was a step back in history, back to the age of Hitler, Clinton too represents the past. But these women clearly offered a new way forward…a community answer to the hate, murder both legal and illegal. To the world they sent the message of hope, not bull shit promises, they explained the hard work ahead…rats don’t die easily.
The battle for freedom in the US, freedom from slavery, freedom from legal oppression by police and the military elite is underway. These few obey their orders and carry out the criminal extra-judicious orders of the unelected corrupt US cabinet led by a man who sees himself as Hitler-like and makes states from the comic book ‘Batman’ during his acceptance speech.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Rosemary McLeod a true journalist.

Earlier this week I published a blog on the subject of poverty and greed, well this morning while at the ‘Eyes on Broadway’ having my eyes checked, I picked up the Dominion and read Rosemary McLeod’s opinion piece on the subject of NZ’s billionaires.

Her brilliant comments about stupid Steven Joyce and his idiotic comments were just so true and to the point.Yes honesty amongst some journalists may still exist...
Where have all our so called investigative reporters gone…do any still exist. Here is what she wrote and as weird as it may sound the Dominion actually published it, uncut I presume.   

OPINION: Your definition of obscenity may be what Donald Trump is accused of getting up to in a hotel in Russia. Mine is about the money he's worth, which is more obscene than any random combination of adult orifices could be.

I don't hold with billionaires. The news this week that two New Zealanders are worth as much as the poorest 30 per cent of adults here is, then, not thrilling news to me. We're told that Graeme Hart is worth $9 billion and Richard Chandler $3.8 billion, and Finance Minister Steven Joyce seems to think that's a good thing. Just so long as everyone gets the chance to get that rich, he says, there's nothing to worry about; besides which, lots of people are motivated by such trailblazers.

Oh really. Tell that to the families living in cars and garages while landlords hike up rents. Tell it to sick kids in poor families who can't get them to the doctor, and to all the kids who go without food. You don't hear billionaires offering solutions to that. You hear about their superyachts, and the pretty girlfriends they woo with their wallets.
Graeme Hart

We are right in fashion with our economic dysfunction, as if that's a comfort. Eight billionaires now have as much combined wealth as the poorer half of the whole world, Oxfam says. Its British chief executive, Mark Goldring, calls that beyond grotesque, and that's an understatement.

Yes, some people will be motivated by the sight of an ugly superyacht moored in their harbour, and will aspire to own something even bigger and uglier. Half of them will be rewarded with jail sentences, and the other half are likely to have been well educated, well fed, and comfortably housed from birth, with family money to back them if they stumble, and good connections to jolly them along if they falter. They will not be among the one in five New Zealanders who live in poverty, and are as likely to get rich as I, who don't play chess, am to become a grand master.

The Harts and Chandlers of this world are not an inspiration to the bottom 30 per cent. They neither know nor care about them. They'd like simple things like a job with fair pay that can support their family, and a home to call their own, but they have a fat chance of that, with home ownership shrinking at an alarming rate while property values soar.
Richard Chandler

The moderately rich farm the less rich as tenants, who live in their investments without the benefit of rent control, and with minimal security of tenure. If that's emulating billionaires it shows how socially irresponsible the rich are.

As Oxfam says in its report this week, big businesses are "structured to dodge taxes, drive down workers' wages and squeeze producers instead of contributing to an economy that benefits everyone".
I'm old enough to remember trade unions, and belonged to one. Now the only unions I notice footing it with employers are white collar – police, junior doctors, and teachers. Meanwhile, people on welfare who can't work face ritual humiliations to get an income that Hart and Chandler would fritter away over a single lunch, call it work, and write off to expenses. And Joyce suggests they're role models.

Hart and Chandler are immune to our social problems because they live overseas. Their nostrils never recoil from the smell of poverty because they never get close enough. They could never spend their wealth if they worked at it full-time for the rest of their lives.

A few very rich people – Bill Gates, Warren  Buffett – willingly share their riches. The rest call avoiding tax good business practice. I've heard Donald Trump, another billionaire, on that theme, and can only marvel at the suckers who voted for him believing that somehow his wealth will trickle down on them.

There is no trickle down. It does not happen. The very rich are too mean to share their sandwiches, let alone their dollars, as my family's experience with the merely moderately well-off would suggest.
My great-grandmother was a dairy maid on a colonial station. She had no diamonds. Her daughter, my grandmother, was a servant to various families, one of which memorably gave her a set of weird white Wedgewood stuff of no discernible use as a parting gift. It had "rejected wedding present" written all over it. As for my mother, who worked as a housekeeper for a while, I remember her being given a pair of white slip-on shoes that the daughter of one house had grown out of. Such largesse, and they were too small for either of us

We all saw a wonderful example of the wealthy donating other peoples money when John Key donated $13.7 million dollars to the Clinton Trust the only problem was…it was NZ tax-payers hard earned cash. Couple that will his five million dollar gift to Hollywood, who in turned backed the Democratic Party push for Hillary Clinton. No wonder Key slid out of the PM's job once his donation was revealed.


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Poverty you can have an effect.

Introduction: One can spend hours and hours looking into the subject of poverty, one can speculate on the causes and reasons for poverty. Be they economic, financial or social they affect billions throughout the world and hundreds of thousands here in NZ.

The Greens and others suggest that ‘Poverty and especially Child poverty is a major issue but others disagree: They consider that poverty in real terms simply does not exist here in NZ. Below are the comments made by an unnamed reply to a blog on the issue of the greens approach to poverty, it is an interesting insight into the blindness that exists with many of our citizens and especially older white folks:

In trying to align themselves with the NZ ‘Poverty Industry’ they are doing themselves, this country and the billions of people around the world in genuine poverty a huge disservice, and making a complete mockery of the word poverty. To then try and make money for their own political purposes is hypocrisy of the highest order.

The problem in NZ is the definition of ‘poverty’ – currently this seems to be if you live in a household with less than 50% or 60% of median disposable income. This is how all these ‘magical’ figures of 270,000 children ‘living in poverty’ in NZ suddenly appear.

Even those with an elementary understanding of Statistics and Mathematics must realize that by this definition we will always have 270,000 children ‘living in poverty’. We could be the richest nation in the world, with the highest living standards (oh that's right we nearly are) – and by these definitions we would still have the same number of children ‘living in poverty’.
If you are interested in these definitions have a look at
Let’s have a look at a little of the detail of what ‘living in poverty’ is from this well-meaning web site:
Deprivation in this table is:
went without music or dance
involvement in sport had to be limited
unable to pay for school trip
lack of friends at a birthday party
lack of one weeks holiday away from home last year
lack of computer
lack of internet access
You see – this is deprivation and poverty in New Zealand, for which the Greens want to fleece the gullible and stupid for money to run endless political campaigns on. A problem that by definition can never go away.
This is a gross insult to the real poor in the world – children that living in developing world slums, that are coerced into forced labour at age 5 or less, sold into prostitution before puberty, are lucky to eat twice a week….the list goes on.
In NZ – I am a child in deprivation if I don’t have a computer or internet access. It surely seems to be a huge problem. [signed Ross]

But not all agreed with the above, by clearly pointing out the half-truths spouted in defence of doing nothing and pretending the problem doesn’t exist, or if it does that nothing need be done. This is typical neoliberalist propaganda at its worst. Poverty matters because it leads to various social and community upheaval that later we all [other than the wealthy] have to pay for via our taxes and reduced or overloaded social services.   

bsprout said…
Ross, I think there must be some sort of conspiracy because the Children’s Commissioner, Health professionals, University academics, mainstream television, the New Zealand Institute (supported by the Business Round table), most political parties and schools are all saying that we have a huge problem with child poverty. Yet despite this you are suggesting that they are all “pretending”. Can you please share the institutions, organisations or researches that are providing the information you are using to expose this conspiracy. I would be grateful if you could provide links like I have done below to prove that what your claim isn’t just something that you have just invented by yourself.
By the way, Ross, you were very selective with what you chose as some of the indicators for poverty and should have also included:
-Sharing a bed
-Continuing to wear worn out clothing and shoes
-Serious health problems
-Not being able to afford meat or fresh vegetables regularly
-having to live in a house that is difficult to keep warm and has major issues with dampness.

The Ross’s of this world obviously live very sheltered existences, technological changes have given us a new insight into poverty and its effects on health and education, housing and life in general. What technology has not done for many over forty or fifty is bring about meaningful attitude change about where the blame is laid for poverty as it now actually exists. 

Politically we can seriously consider the human ramifications of doing nothing if we continue to vote the way we do. I believe we need to reconsider our position regarding poverty and the ever growing gap between the rich and poor. This year is the year for action.

If you can meet with others and discuss the issue, join community and maybe church groupings, that’s a first step. Try were possible to forget being judgmental, forget the blame game and instead step onto the doing machine every little bit helps and your help is vital.