Sunday, 20 March 2016

State Pays for Running mouth PM's cock-up yet again.

Yet again the State [You and I] rescue the PM after he flips his lid and attempts to use the Police to dish out the dirt...This is the very latest failure by the PM to show some guts and act like a real man...

Dirty Politics author Nicky Hagar received tax-payers cash after the police and Key fell face down in the mud...while Hagar scored a brilliant try.

Jon Stevenson the well known reporter had the military guys spending thousands of tax-payers hard earned they and Key were shown to be 5th grade players...and Stevenson scored between the posts... 

And Now Bradley Ambrose leaves Key siting on his bum on his own goal-line as Bradley sweetly pots a goal... No world cup for the PM...sad that don't you think. 

Key and Banks stunt back-fires...

Prime Minister and Bradley Ambrose settle over infamous 'teapot tapes' video
Last updated 14:44, March 21 2016

This from FAIRFAX NZ

In 2012 police announced they would not lay charges over the "teapot tape" saga and said freelance cameraman Bradley Ambrose would receive a warning.
Prime Minister John Key and journalist Bradley Ambrose have settled over defamation proceedings surrounding the infamous "teapot tapes" of the 2011 election. 

The deal involves a cash payment from Key [note this is not paid by Key but by the PM’s Office, why does the MSM not make this clear?] toward costs incurred by Ambrose in the lengthy battle. Ambrose had recorded a private conversation between John Key and former ACT Party leader John Banks at an Auckland cafe a couple of weeks before the 2011 general election. This became known as the "teapot tapes" saga.

The Prime Minister has accepted that journalist Bradley Ambrose did not deliberately record the conversation between himself and John Banks at this photo-op in 2011, or otherwise behave improperly. Ambrose also accepts that Key believed that the conversation had been deliberately recorded at the time Key made his statements.
Ambrose has maintained the microphone was left by mistake. He claimed Key made defamatory comments about him on multiple occasions since the incident, believing Ambrose recorded the conversation on purpose.
Bradley Ambrose has victory...
The Prime Minister's office confirmed a cash payment would be paid to Ambrose as part of the settlement. 
Cameraman Bradley Ambrose has settled with the Prime Minister over comments John Key made about him in the wake of the 2011 teapot tapes scandal.
"A small payment towards Mr Ambrose's costs will be made from the Parliamentary leaders budget.

"The exact sum is confidential, but it is a pragmatic payment in the context of what it would have cost to defend in Court," a spokeswoman said.

The settlement stops short of the PM offering an apology for comments made about Ambrose, but both sides have accepted each other's explanations. 
The Prime Minister's office has confirmed a small cash payment toward Ambrose's court costs had been made from his Leader's Budget. 
Earlier this morning, Ambrose cryptically commented that his cup of tea was tasting more pleasant. 
Calls to Ambrose were not immediately answered.
Most recently, the saga was back in the spotlight earlier this month when Former journalist Greg Treadwell started the Givealittle page towards Ambrose's fight to clear his name.
He said Ambrose needed a total of $38,000 to be able to bring the case to court. It's yet not clear what will happen to the $8000 already donated. 
An agreed statement between Key and Ambrose reads: 

"In the days following the meeting between Hon John Banks and Rt Hon John Key at the Urban CafĂ© in Newmarket on the 11th of November 2011, Mr Key made a number of comments in the media to the effect that Mr Ambrose had deliberately recorded the conversation between Mr Key and Mr Banks, and compared Mr Ambrose's conduct to the News of the World.
"These comments caused harm to Mr Ambrose personally and professionally.
"The comments reflected Mr Key's honestly held views at that time.
"Mr Key and Mr Ambrose have met to discuss the events of that day.  Mr Key now accepts that Mr Ambrose did not deliberately record the conversation, or otherwise behave improperly.
"Mr Ambrose now accepts that Mr Key believed that the conversation had been deliberately recorded at the time Mr Key made his statements.
"The proceeding relating to these statements has been settled."
Teapot Tapes - the timeline:
November 11, 2011: Prime Minister John Key meets John Banks, the ACT Party's Epsom candidate, at a central Auckland cafe over a cup of tea to provide a tactical endorsement ahead of the election. Freelance cameraman Bradley Ambrose leaves a recording device on the table, capturing the conversation between Key and Banks, and retrieves it after their meeting finishes.

November 13, 2011: Key blasts the "News of the World tactics" used to obtain the recording, claiming the act was deliberate after the Herald on Sunday reveals it has obtained a copy of the recording. Ambrose says the microphone was left on the table by mistake.

November 14, 2011: Key lays a formal complaint with police against Ambrose over the recording, after taking legal advice.

November 24, 2011: Police raid TV3 to collect information related to the "teapot tapes" meeting.

January 2012: Key is forced to change his phone number after a copy of the recording is leaked online.
March 2012: Police announce that Ambrose will not face charges, after he pens a "letter of regret" to Key. The PM says he feels "totally vindicated", but Ambrose stands by his claim that the recording was an accident.

December 2014: Ambrose files defamation papers against Key, claiming $1.25 million in damages

March 2015: A two-week High Court trial for Ambrose's defamation case is set down for February 2016.

March 4, 2016: A crowdfunding campaign is launched to help Ambrose with legal costs for the case, raising more than $8000.

March 21, 2016: Key's office announces that he and Ambrose have settled the case in an "agreed statement", with the PM making a cash payment towards Ambrose's costs. The settlement stops short of the PM offering an apology for comments made about Ambrose, but both sides have accepted each other's explanations.

No Right Turn published this on the subject:

Monday, March 21, 2016

Why are we paying for John Key's mistake?

Remember the Teapot Tape scandal? John Key had his police raid newsrooms just days before an election in an effort to intimidate them into not publishing information he didn't want made public. Then he defamed Bradley Ambrose, accusing him of deliberately recording the conversation and comparing him to News of the World journalists. Now, he's settled the resulting defamation suit. But the kicker? We're paying for it:

The problem? Leader's office funding must be used for "Parliamentary purposes". The Speaker's Directions give examples, including policy development, communications, ICT, and helping members in "discharging their responsibilities as legislators and elected representatives". Settling defamation suits stemming from comments made in a personal capacity as a candidate does not seem to fall within that. But even if it is "within the rules" (as politicians love to say), its certainly not what the public expects this money to be used for.

Bluntly, John Key defamed Bradley Ambrose. He should be paying the expenses for that himself, not stealing from the taxpayer to do it. His refusal to bear the costs himself is just another way to deny responsibility, and it makes him a thief.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

TPPA's Road-show SEAN PLUNKET tongue flaps.

Hair pulling PM Key and Bully-boy chubby Sean Plunket once again form a tag team.

Keys good buddy over-weight Sean Plunket was yet again back in the news via his so-called chairmanship of the TPPA Christchurch TPPA road-show… Check out this:

This simply proves what a twit he is…and always has been...his behaviour is well known in the media world, so how he was hired to do the M/Cs job with the TPPA Roadshow is astounding but we should have expected it after the PM has to pay him in some form or other...its not unlike bribing the Saudi Arabian millionaire with tax-pays money [12 million dollars and rising], or gifting a fortune to Sky City or donating the Hollywood, or kissing Obama's backside...

After viewing the above I remembered that I wrote a blog a while ago about the same idiot and his good mate Key when they attempted to have a go at yet another woman who was in the public news at the time: Plunket hasn’t changed or developed any manners and his tongue is still two minutes ahead of his brain…here is my blog from back then [January 2015]. History repeats itself especially when bullshit is involved...


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Universal Basic Income is the future.

Wheelers Corner Guest blogger Peter Grove 0ffers a way forward; The question is will the powers that be accept the challenge...or will they keep their heads in the sand as is normal.
Guest Blogger Peter Grove.
"The UBI concept is gaining favour in a great many countries. With increasing automation in industry where robots are replacing human labour, more and more people, are being thrown out of work. Many in the repetitive assembly industries lack good educational skills, and possibly trade training. 
Their replacement by machines is an absolute disaster for them and their families. I notice with the advent of Driverless cars, there are now moves in South Australia and New South Wales toward Driverless trains. There was a news item in our papers in recent weeks lauding the virtues of Driverless trucks. The trucks can work day and night, there are no meal stops or the compulsory requirement for drivers to take breaks after set times behind the wheel.. and, best of all. In the eyes of their employers NO bothersome wages to be calculated and distributed each week.
It means the profits gained from these advances must be returned to the workers displaced, by way of a Universal Basic Income. Of course there will be howls of indignation from the exceedingly greedy few at the top. It means that Government must change tack
with meaningful laws to extract this largely undeserved wealth for redistribution among those who are without work, through no fault of their own. Moves in the countries mentioned, Canada and Finland, are among the growing numbers of countries taking up the calls for a UBI indicates it will be a population wide exercise with entire populations eligible for the basic income.
We have seen earlier, during the panic resulting from earlier oil shocks, recommendations of how to survive the various crises predicted to occur from Fortress mentality and armed responses to predatory incursions on private properties to hermit like existences alone out in the wilds and living off the land with all the drawbacks of such activities. Others decided their route to salvation involved the hoarding of precious metals as a hedge against monetary collapse. A moment’s thought indicates the futility of such actions. You can have all the gold in the world, How much of it can you eat to sustain yourself when food supplies break down? Monetary collapse, seemingly becoming more imminent day by day, will be a phenomenon to which there will be very few well understood responses.
I have seen suggestions from fellow New Zealanders, that to stave off the effects of such a crash, a stockpile of shoes would be the answer, ‘because every one needs shoes!’ Another of the same ilk proposed stock piling pallet loads of Baked Beans, for sale to the impoverished and starving!
See, Renegade ‘Another economic crash is coming’. This country is not in the clear with the World Debt Clock indicating our indebtedness is at $117 Billion  and increasing by $179/second with interest charges. What does this say about the economic stewardship of NZ by the present government?
Peter G.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Tea Party that had nothing to do with freedom.

If you believe in fair play, if you believe in honesty, if you believe in democracy, if you believe in community and social norms…then you will support ‘Bradley Ambrose’ in his quest to sue the PM…put simply the PM called for the press [media] to attend his PR cup of tea with John Banks the failed Act MP and ex-mayor of Auckland.
When the idiotic event was accidentally recorded, and the public learned how stupid and unintelligent the conversation was…Key panicked called in the police…and tried his best, assisted by the police to shut down the massive leak of childlike stupidity and political ignorance...  

As usual he expected the media to obey his dictatorial edict…but in Bradley Ambrose he was confronted with a journalist with real integrity and a embeded belief in reporting what was actually said…rather than Key’s later doctored PR version. 

Please read the blog below…and if you can help in any way please do so…

Seriously folks if Bradley Ambrose fails…who will be next on the PM’s hit list…remember on his side he has key members of the Police, GCSB, SIS, Cameron Slater, Jason Ede, etc. and he is aided and abetted by Mike Hosking, Paul Henry, TV3 and TV One, etc. none of which these days contain any journalists of great or proven integrity as they once did. 

While Bradley has only you and I, and his proven honesty and integrity to combat Keys misuse of public funds to defend his absolutely outrageous claims… I strongly recommend that you check out the reference below…  

  The nasty look on Keys face in the photo above taken at the public event where the press were invited says it all...seeing that face would you let him near your daughter if she had a pony-tail...and was this the same cafe where he pulled a pony tail of a Waitress.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Flags Pony Tails and all that stuff.

Protesters outside PNGHS Thursday 3rd March 2016 [photo wheeler]

Prime Minister John Key was in his absolute seventh heaven when he visited PNGHS and was confronted by pony tails of the highest order…it seemed that every woman wanted to put on display their pony tail for his royal inspection and expert consideration.

Even a female police Officer acting as a security officer was flapping her pony tail about. Some teachers too were putting on a startling display of their very touchable hair locks…and any observer would have agreed that light fingered Key did well to keep his hands in his pockets. He was aided by his dolefully obeisant escort list MP 'Jono Naylor' who stayed close and ready to leap on the PM if he suddenly failed to resist that perpetual and often poorly controlled mad emotional urge or inclination he has, to stroke the ever tempting free flowing golden locks of some poor innocent PNGHS student / teacher or even policewoman or waitress.

It was also noticeable that his GCSB protection team kept him well clear of the temptation that dragged him into the shady [shoddy] world of Auckland waitresses tantalizing and beguiling flowing pony tail attractions.

According to the Manawatu Standard       

“Chants of "don't change the flag" and "hide your ponytails girls" could be heard from protesters during Prime Minister John Key's visit to Palmerston North Girls' High School. 

Key visited the school on Thursday morning to speak to the female students about leadership, following their dreams and working hard. 

The small crowd of protesters gathered outside the high school gates with the New Zealand flag, anti-TPPA banners and a selection of chants. 

Protester TeAo Pritchard said some of the protesters gathered to show the Prime Minister their disgust in the government signing the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement. 

Others wanted show their support for the New Zealand flag, coinciding with the start of the voting period for the flag referendum.

Pritchard said the millions of dollars spent on the flag referendum should be spent on helping Kiwi children in need of food and education.

"This flag referendum is a waste of money and it's money that our children need." 

Protesters were at their most vocal as Key was welcomed onto school grounds.

Protester Sue Pugmire said it was a way to share Kiwi voices on matters which directly impacted the public.

"It's about democracy. It's about people being able to give opinions and have a say."

Pritchard said the biggest thing was raising public awareness about important issues which people knew little about.

She has organised fortnightly workshops to allow people to come together in discussion.

At a press conference Key said he hoped New Zealanders would vote in the referendum. 

"It's a one in a generation chance to choose. If you don't chance the flag and that's the majority view, I'll absolutely respect that. But you won't easily get another chance to do that." 

Key spoke to the Palmerston North Girls' High students at an assembly and gave them advice on working hard to achieve their goals. 

He also appeared in selfies with many of the students and spoke to head girl Amber Joseph about her future ambitions at university”. MS report ends.

It would seem that Palmerston North Girls High school came out of the PM’s PR visit unscathed, and unharmed. And this was good news especially for those with pony tails.

It would appear that the PM never works in Parliament on a Thursday instead he does PR visits, all other MP's are required to work on a normal working day which Thursday is when parliament is sitting...what a great job, three day working week and every third week spent in Hawaii...