Friday, 30 March 2012

Are pokie machine trusts a health risk?

Submission on PNCC Gambling Venue Policy:

I got excited when I saw that the Manfeild Charitable Trust was appearing at this meeting…because I thought they were going to tell us that they had at long last a plan to pay back the millions they owe this council and perhaps even a little of the millions they owe the district council…but alas I was wrong…for based on their submission they are here to drain more money from our city and Fielding…to keep their ‘Charitable trust’ alive. And that’s about as chartable as most pokie machine trusts…

The various gambling trusts that are here today…and we must ask why…well it’s not in the interest of the community…because for them to put money into the community, they must first rip it out of the community…and they do that via pokie machines in the main. Ask yourself who is paying their wages; they are not doing what they do for love…so you need to ask, who are the real owners of these trusts and who will gain if you accept their plea. If you answer those questions you will come to realise why these big guns are here today.

Of course they put some money back…but not because they want to…but because they have to by law…Oh they will tell you about how some money goes to needy causes and will stress the number of poor and needy they help…but what they won’t stress is the amount they rip out of communities. They have in the past threatened to remove, reduce or stop funding to groups who oppose their desired goals.

Community groups are like all New Zealanders under great financial pressure, prices and costs are rising, wages and incomes at least for most is static, if you look closely at who spends on the pokie machines you’ll see that is those on lower incomes who seek a big win to clear or ease their financial woes. But of course they don’t, or at least 99.9% don’t and they can’t, the machines won’t allow it, they geared to take not give. If they did these pokie trusts would not exist…and that’s a fact.

Even the Government is these days acting like the pokie trusts…giving Sky City 300 to 500 more pokies, changing the law to suit Sky City…this is black mail on a massive scale and this is what the Gambling trusts are asking you to do here in our region. You have a chance today to reverse this corrosive bleeding by lowering the number of machines and gambling sites.

You must not be blackmailed, in the past you have kept the line in that you have limited the growth by having a cap on the number of machines. Sooner or later you are going to have to take back your independence fully and lower the numbers in a controlled and measured manner…you cannot keep robbing Peter to pay Paul just a tiny fraction of what’s been ripped out of the local community…I hope you take this opportunity by rejecting the plea for maintaining the status quo and lower the number of machines by installing a sinking lid policy.

If pokies were an answer to funding communities why are not pokie machines in Doctors surgeries or in our schools or even council offices…answer because pokies are dangerous to your health.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Barack Obama meets John Key in South Korea

An eavesdropper special…

“Nice to see you again”, said BO
“Thank you kind sir”, answered JK
“There is no need to call me sir” said BO as he tapped JK on the head.
“Oh but I want to, your a fine chap”, whispered JK.
“Well if you really want to I suppose I can’t stop you”, said BO as he adjusted JK’s tie.
“So what’s new sir”, said JK nodding his head.
“Well I was most surprised to see you here, I was really only joking when I invited you”, said BO.
“Really, you were only joking, you mean NZ spent all this money getting me and my twenty person security team, ten advisers, eight public relations experts here… and you were joking”, whimpered JK.
“Yes I’m sorry about that but I didn’t think you’d take it seriously after all New Zealand has no nuclear industry so why would you be interested in protecting something you haven’t got from a terrorist attack you haven’t even got terrorists”, said BO thinking this guy is a bit slow.
“Oh your wrong there sir, we have terrorists who just love to toss petrol bombs at trees and who are planning to take over the country”, said JK with some eagerness.
“Really, you have a CIA group operating in New Zealand I didn’t know that, they never tell me what they are doing these days”, said BO showing a little interest now.
“No sir, not the CIA, a bunch of natives wanting independence and if they can’t get it democratically they plan to take over by force”, muttered JK while looking at his shoes.
 “Gosh, I never knew that, do you need our help, our military maybe, a couple of thousand Navy Seals, they are really good at knocking off enemies of the State”, said BO adding “and about how many terrorist have you got in New Zeeland”.
Well we had seventeen, then we had thirteen, but now it’s four” uttered JK still looking at his shoes.
“And they are natives”, inquired BO.
“Well two are, the other two are Swiss and German”, said JK meekly.
“The German isn’t that Dotcom guy that we’ve ordered you to handover to us so we can protect Microsoft and other US small businesses from his greedy fingers”, asked BO.
“Oh no, he lives in my electorate and beside that fact he’s too rich to be a terrorist”, said JK smiling [some would say smirking].
At this point my tape recorder was forcibly switched off by one of the PM’s security policemen, who informed me that the conversation between JK and BO was a private conversation and that I couldn’t publish it…if I did I would be arrested and after three years I might get a trial…so that’s it folks…   

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Is New Zealand a police decide

A Police State, yes or no..

Every now and then something happens that leads one to consider carefully what is happening to our communities, our country and our democratic processes. I firmly believe that the message below from Author Anne Hunt of Foxton is worthy of wide public exposure because it exposes the widening gap between the powers that exist and the use of those powers in a context that leads to both the mistrust and misuse of those powers. What Anne Hunt has written is in fact an open letter to Labour MP and ex-minister of Police Annette King who just yesterday made a public statement which included the words “We don’t want to live in an police state, do we”, quote ends. It is at least in my mind a worthy letter.

From: Anne Hunt
Sent: Monday, 26 March 2012 8:30 a.m.
Subject: David Collins/police state
Please circulate urgently...

“No, Annette King, you are wrong - we do live in a police state.
You know me well, Annette, because we worked together on Foxton’s tourist development back in the 1980’s.
I am not only a Horowhenua District Councillor; I am also the author of a number of books, including Broken Silence which the Courts tried to ban.

Phil Taueki. 

Last night, the police visited my home trying to find my partner, Phil Taueki, because there is a warrant out for his arrest.
This evening, I myself risk arrest if I turn up to deliver the chairman’s report at the AGM of a literacy organisation of which I am the duly-elected chairperson.
Mr Taueki and I have been actively trying to get Lake Horowhenua cleaned up after years of neglect by the Lake Domain Board responsible for looking after the lake which is owned in fee simple estate by Mr Taueki’s iwi, Mua-Upoko. Mr Taueki is a direct descendent of a Treaty signatory.
In 1905 when the Crown seized control of the lake, it was in pristine condition and a bountiful kai basket. The Crown neither leases the property, nor has it paid the owners any compensation for the use of the property as a public recreation reserve.
These days it is so polluted that a NIWA scientist recently claimed that it so toxic a mouthful could be enough to kill a child. The introduction of a single weed would cause irreversible damage.
Levin’s stormwater drains into the lake, and the town’s wastewater system periodically overflows into the lake. The council has no resource consent for the stormwater, and the wastewater one expired in 2008. An application for renewal has been placed on hold by Horizons.
The mayor frequently calls on me to resign from council, and I am excluded from even being notified of meetings I have a right to attend.
The mayor has trespassed Mr Taueki from the council building.
The mayor gave evidence on oath about a Lake Accord, even though at least two of the key stakeholders (the Horowhenua District Council and the Lake Trustees) have never discussed this accord, let alone sanctioned it.
The reason for the warrant for Mr Taueki’s arrest is that he wanted to check whether a building on his land had toilets. On oath in the
Maori Land Court
last week, Mr Taueki had said there were no toilets in the Rowing Club building, but the Mayor testified on oath that there were.  As a member of the Lake Domain Board since 2004, the Mayor has supported the continued occupation of this building by the Rowing Club.
There are no toilet facilities in the Rowing Club.
Following this inspection, Mr Taueki left for a meeting, but his companion who was taking photographs for a forthcoming court case, was arrested by the police on a charge of burglary. His camera was confiscated, and as there was an image of Mr Taueki in this building, the police have issued a warrant for his arrest on a technical breach of his bail conditions.
The last time he was arrested for a breach of his bail conditions had been on Armistice Day when he was attending a ceremony at the Foxton RSA, where he is a member. Five police officers arrived, and in the presence of the Mayor and MP Nathan Guy, he was led away in handcuffs. He has yet to be charged with any offence, and is unlikely to be, because he was not in breach of his bail, as the police claimed. All the police will say now, is that they were acting under instructions.
It is easy to trace where those instructions came from.
Ironically, the Rowing Club member who called the police last Friday claimed he was an owner of the building. When told by a Lake Trustee that the
Maori Land Court
had just established that Mua-Upoko owned this building and that their lease had expired in 2007, he threatened to burn it down.
This threat was made in the presence of police officers who couldn’t be bothered recording this comment until the Lake Trustee asked that it be recorded.
By contrast, it has become common knowledge that anybody wanting to use the lake without the required permit or ignore the by-laws need only to mention the word ‘Taueki’ for the police to come rushing down in full force to arrest him, throw him into jail and prolong his bail conditions.
It is not unusual for the arrest to be no more than an excuse to remove Mr Taueki from the lake, so that people can launch unwashed boats onto the lake with impunity, defecate on his land due to the lack of toilet facilities and use motorised boats which are prohibited except for rescue purposes.
Annette, you may well remember the book I wrote back in the 1980’s entitled The Foxton Murder.
I have studied Mr Taueki’s cases. They are a travesty of justice.
I hold in safekeeping court documents that would disturb anybody who has any rudimentary knowledge of police procedures.
I became Mr Taueki’s McKenzie friend when he faced a charge of wilful trespass, after four police raided his home at 1am on a cold wintry morning and ejected him from his home without allowing him to gather up his belongings or make arrangements for the welfare of his elderly dogs. He protested that the trespass charge was unlawful, and the Judge agreed, tossing out the charge before we’d even finishing examining the prosecution’s first witness.
But for those eight weeks before the case came to trial, he was denied the right to return to his home.
The current bail conditions relate to allegations from the same complainant, and again Mr Taueki risks arrest standing on his own land or visiting his family urupa when his beloved Mum was buried last October.
Annette, you claim we don’t live in a police state.
You are wrong!
I am now anxiously awaiting a phone call to advise that Mr Taueki has been apprehended by the police and in jail, where he will no longer be able to upset the authorities by exposing the injustices his family have incurred over the past century or so. 

You can contact Anne Hunt at  

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

90 day rule...for some that is...

Smirky has just been informed that
under the 90 day rule he has lost his job...yeah right. 

The 90 day law does not apply to politicians: Did you know that Smirky our PM never attends Parliament on Thursdays, he in fact starts on a Tuesday and ends on Wednesday, every other MP is expended to attend...but they are not multi-millionaires so stiff cheese. The story of the 90 day rip-off is now starting to wreck the possible future careers on heaps of our young this...

Hi, Peter
Here's the piece I telephoned you about...
New Zealanders who desperately seek work - while unfortunately being called lazy - have been finding that the new “90 Day Law” can be a horrendous trap. It allows employers to “try out” employees, and is an example of misplaced political genius. After nearly three months workers can be “let go” go” without explanation. The law was supposed to motivate employers to use NZ natives (!) rather than give the work to overseas labour. But now our workers are experiencing demoralizing exploitation - and discovering they’re even less employable (if that’s possible) when unable to explain their dismissal.
How would you feel if you were a young New Zealander- and employment offices kept no statistics? At least you might be consoled knowing that your situation was the result of employer greed rather than your inadequacies! But then, how desperate would you become when you realized that having this unexplained event on your c.v. would make you unemployable - perhaps forever?
This scenario is based almost completely upon a circumstance I witnessed played out in the past months. It is now essential that a call for action to be undertaken in Parliament to repeal of the 90 Day Law so that further harm will not be done to our most vulnerable - our unemployed New Zealanders. Accompanying the repeal, revisions of procedures must be initiated to involve the Employment Courts in providing compensation for employees who suffered exploitation consequent to the implementation of the 90 Day Law.
If the 90 Day Law is not repealed (and if there is no action taken to bring justice to those whose lives have suffered because of its imposition), who knows what amount of harm will accrue?
Rae Charles 06)323 7305
Contact: Gordon McShean, 242A Tremaine Ave., Palmerston North 4412, Ph. 06) 354 6416

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Talley's AFFCO. Oceania Rest Homes. POA lock out...grow...

But not if you belong to a union...
says AFFCO boss who has 300 million in the bank. 

Workers assembled at The Leisure Centre in Palmerston North on Monday at 5.30pm to share their views on the spate of lock-outs now taking place up and down NZ.

Meat Workers, Care Givers and Nursing staff and Port Workers are the workers having their wages lowered or their working conditions changed without discussion.

Strangely one of the Auckland Port Management advisors is an ex trade union official who once taught at Massey University Rod Campbell, who keeps advising the POA Board that they can sack their staff at will and hire new staff via contractors. This is really odd coming from a guy who considered himself a leftie…and is now no doubt making big bucks and could well be a member of the Act party.

Waireka Rest home Halls Rd Pahiatua, Chiswick Park Maxwells Line and
Manor Rest Home Botanical Rd
, Palmerston North are all owned by what is most likely the worst care worker employer in the country, Oceania Group
Their 1500 care workers [across NZ] get paid only 11 cents over the minimum wage [$13.61 per hour] and many of these workers are fully qualified. The company concerned is owned by an Australian Bank and has shipped huge profits overseas at a rapid rate yet has failed to pass on increases due to workers…and considering that they have already received the money to increase wages to workers from the government they don’t. This is theft…but the government doesn’t seem to give a hoot.

Just yesterday Oceania failed to appear for mediation with the striking staff. They seem totally ignorant of what fair play means and see themselves above the law. In this respect they make good mates of Talley’s AFFCO boss who also ignores ‘good faith bargaining’…

Talley’s AFFCO owner since 2010 is worth around 300 million and it’s not hard to see how he made his money…he pinched it from his a workforce, yet the present strikes and lockouts is not about money…its about control, Talley’s wants a non-union compliant workforce, did you know that the
union asked to put a notice on the staff notice board seeking donations for the Christchurch earthquake fund…they were refused, beat that. Also during one set of discussions in relation to a collective agreement the Talley management team said, and I quote “ You can have any agreement you want…so long has it doesn’t have the word ‘Agreement’ in it…beat that for a load of crap.
Around 250 attended the gathering and heard about those being directly effected by the employers lockout in the case of Talley’s AFFCO and the Auckland Port Workers and the rolling stop work actions by Oceania rest homes. They offered to help each other and sought help and support from the rest of us. Their fight is our fight because as their rights are eaten into, our rights are also gobbled up in the mad push for higher and higher profit. Based on the clear evidence and behaviour, of Talley’s AFFCO in that they offer a thousand dollars plus higher wages to workers who won’t join the union. Their actions when laid alongside the POA desire to only employ non union casual labour shows a route to lower wages and conditions and therefore unfairness.

Shearer Vs Key...Shearer by a nose...

Drifter David Shearer. 

Last Thursday we had two political speeches, the first from David Shearer [Drifter] and later that same day from John Key [Smirky]. Both speeches could have a direct effect on our region to a lesser or greater degree.

Firstly lets look at what Shearer [Drifter] had to say… well he actually said very little, but it will have an effect because it would appear that the first five thousand dollars earned becoming tax free has gone, like wise GST on fruit and vegetables will remain. Since Palmerston North has a majority of citizens on fixed incomes or lower than average rates of pay there must be a growing feeling of despair that Labour as represented by Drifter Shearer is no longer a party for the 99%. It would seem that the Greens and Mana are filling that ever expanding vacuum left over from the last twenty years or so and by the destruction and havoc splashed about by Roger Douglas and his bunch of cronies, who left Labour and created the ACT party and later the mayhem by Nationals Ruth R who gave us the Mother of all budgets.
In fact after listening to Drifter I got the feeling that maybe he has no idea just where the labour Party is going. I think he has yet to learn that you have to know where you wish to go so that you’ll know when you get there. In many respects he is like the Palmerston North railway station…an effigy and monument of a failed system looking for a role in life. Lets all hope that he finds some real directions soon and changes from being a drifter into a driver.
That brings us to Smirky Key, who really had little to say because it all had been drip-fed over the week before he finally took to the stage. The promise of a strong public service was swept aside with a quick smirk, three thousand already gone and a further few thousand over the next year or so. Palmerston is full of public servants of one sort or another, the military, education / learning / student sectors takes up a huge number of our working population. These groups have little room for optimism about the future. Smirky said nothing about the courts findings over his attempted sale of our farms to China, or the huge majority against selling off of State Assets. Smirky still hasn’t accepted that we own them. Whereas he did once… in fact he thought that selling assets we own, to use his words, “was dumb and stupid and wasn’t a part of his agenda”…yeah right.

Friday, 16 March 2012

The making of the Prime Minister...Judas or JC...the facts.

Hi Peter,
You really shouldn't believe every rumour emanating from parliament. I have it on good authority that John Key is to play the leading role in parliament's version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Eric. True…I shouldn’t…
The TV 3 re-run of John Key [Smirky] telling the PSA conference that there was little chance of asset sales under his watch…yeah right… and that, public servants jobs were secure. He stated clearly in that TV clip “that selling state assets was just plain dumb”.

Of course at that time he was trying to convince everyone that he was Mr. Nice Guy and that he wasn’t the nasty rich back stabber who sunk the blade deep between the shoulders of hard working National MP Brian Neeson so as to get into parliament. Not for him the hard work of rising through the ranks. This from Eugene Bingham: published in the NZ Herald.

How did Smirky get into Parliament?
“Ambition had driven him [Key] to enter politics but having made the decision to leave his corporate career; he faced the grind of earning a seat in Parliament.

Key could have pressed for a list spot. But he was shrewder than that. In the 2002 election, the tide was definitely going out on National and there were no guarantees anyone on the list would make it. And, besides, think how it would have looked: a multi-millionaire swoops back into the country from overseas and swans into Parliament. He was smarter than that. He was prepared to fight. And what a fight he had.

·         The battle to win the National candidacy for the Helensville electorate has gone down as one of the messiest scraps in the party's history. In the process, long-serving MP Brian Neeson was cast aside, loyal party members felt they were ridden over roughshod, and there were accusations of rule-breaking.

What really happened when Key won the West?

By late 2001, Key had made his decision to run for Parliament; it was just a question of how. He was still working at investment bank Merrill Lynch, but had been talking to National officials about wanting to have a serious tilt at entering Parliament in the 2002 elections.
Key ruled out taking a list position - a wise decision, given what happened: Allan Peachey and Guy Salmon were among the high-profile list hopefuls who didn't make it in 2002 - and so turned to what seat he might contest.
Beverley Revell, a registered nurse who was the deputy regional chair and Neeson's former electorate chairwoman, meet Key. The Helensville electorate had been created through boundary changes to the adjacent Waitakere seat, where Neeson was MP. The new seat was a more blue-ribbon patch. Revell had been Neeson's electorate chairwoman, but the pair had fallen out several months earlier over internal party matters. Revell and Key met at a cafe in an Orakei garden centre.

Revell… thought Key worked in advertising. It wasn't until she said that he worked for Merrill Lynch that her husband told her how much Key was probably worth.
Revell took control of running his campaign, delaying confirmation of his candidacy until the last minute to keep Neeson guessing. 

National Party president John Slater invited Key to a traditional New Year's brunch held at his Pauanui holiday home in the first days of 1999. Key arrived with a bottle of Stonyridge Larose (recommended price $200)”. Item ends.

Nats biggest ever loser Bill English
So no hard toil, no fund raising, selling raffle tickets, becoming a chairperson etc…for Smirky he preferred using wriggle methods and stabbing a fellow party member and amble into parliament…once there he only had to knock off Bill English the guy who led the Nats to their worst ever defeat [22% of the vote]. So I can well imagine him playing Judas rather than Jesus in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, Jesus just wasn't that sort of guy...he was the guy that tossed the money lenders out of the temple can you imagine John Key doing he would have invited them to buy the temple! 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Whale / Snake has died at last

Slater...Whale Oil...would you buy a used car from this guy.

They call his blog Whale [Snake]-Oil and it’s a most suitable name…The Author is one Mr. Slater once again a most suitable name…
He is right-wing and a great fan of Smirky Keys, the man who made his millions from ripping-off the greedy financial markets that have now collapsed all around the world.  

Slater greatly enjoys writing about people’s families and the ills that sometimes befall them. He plays with truth as he spins his political bull-sh.., he simply drips envy and greed.

Depression is a part of his scene, self-inflicted and expanded it reaches into his style of blog…some would call it hate speech while others would call it simply a lack of intelligence and ability.

But overall he has a role to play and that is as evidence of how low one can go in the world of blogging. No other blogger has reached his standard of low life, he has been tried and convicted before and still not learned the lesson.

Normally that behaviour normally goes away on reaching adulthood, but alas sometimes it lingers on into middle age and even longer.

It might be best to simply imagine Mr. Slater as a aged snake charmer playing his flute as he sits in front of his snake basket and hopes the snake his only friend will arise…sadly his snake has died and Mr. Slater is unaware of that fact, for he has lost his sense of smell…the only smell that surrounds our Mr. Slater is deeply embedded in his mind, in his ego…in his stupidity. Its rank and vile because his pet snake has been dead for some years now but he thinks it's still asleep.

With his last blog Mr. Slater better know as Snake oil is now dead and the stench will be blown away in the wind as will his memory.   

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Industrial Action aplenty in land of milk and honey...

5000 protest in Auckland

It seems as if the community around us is being torn asunder by employers who are demanding their employees take lower wages while the employers increase their profit margins and CEO salaries.

Our wonderful Care Givers are being paid just slightly above the minimum wage $13.50 per hour and the Nats are even planning to lower young peoples wages even lower by reintroducing youth rates under their rip-off deal with ex-Nats Minister of Police and Acts sole MP John Banks.

Meat Workers have been locked out because they won’t accept lower wages and changed working conditions. Port workers have been sacked in mass because they refuse to accept less pay and conditions…

how would you like it if your boss told you that from now on you’ll work only when the boss gives you a call at anytime during the day or night…and if he doesn’t call then you get no pay…how would you feel if you lost your sickness pay, your annual holiday and public holidays because they’ve made you a contractor rather than an employee. How would you pay the mortgage, the powerbill or your rates bill if these rules applied to you?

Of course you may say that it will never happen to you…yeah right. Tell that to the Telecom call centre staff, to the Telecom service staff…to Post Office staff and to the thousands of casual staff picked up by labour supply contractors that now exist in our own city.

Change Artist Peter Dunne [over] 

Did Defence staff expect to be laid off in mass…but it is happening now. And it will continue so long as we have MP’s like Peter Dunne [a political change artist second to none] and John Banks [who wears a Nats logo tattooed on his backside] backing this new style National Party employment policy imported directly from the US. It can happen to you if you sit idle on the side lines and pretend that you are exempt from the greedy hands of those who would continue to turn this country of ours into a below the poverty line low waged economy.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Dotcom Saga...A new Peter Jackson movie...

Brave Kiwi SIS agent shows pensioner how to
defend herself against evil Mr. Dotcom. 

The Dotcom Saga

The Bourne Supremacy movie hit the small screen on Saturday night via TV3. There were car chases and murders aplenty. They [the enemy] were bumped off, in Paris, London, India and Russia. It was never explained just why they were all murdered other than some hints about someone ripping off the CIA / US of millions of dollars.

The lead actor was as you may know was Matt Damon whose role was that of a highly trained US CIA assassin whose job it was to bump off enemies of the state…anywhere in the world when required. He is slim and trim and can climb up drain pipes, leap from moving trains, drive like a rally driver, and is a dead-eyed dick with a high powered rifle…etc.

I been informed that the next Damon action movie is going to be about how the FBI, NZ police and SIS successfully captured the worlds biggest website rip-off artist, the nasty German entrepreneur Mr. Dotcom who smuggled himself into New Zealand via his private jet piloted by two beautiful woman loaned to him by the Israeli secret service using stolen NZ passports. He even got formal consent from the FBI who always works hand-in-glove with Israeli illegal passport teams. He was so successful that he even brought ten million dollars worth of NZ Government bonds secretly without the governments knowledge..

The hero of this dramatic episode in NZ’s international effort to help the US stamp out mega uploading by companies other than YouTube, Google and a half a dozen other US owned mega-up loaders is firstly Matt Damon who plays the role of an FBI agent attached to our SIS/Police SWAT squad. The NZ hero is a young woman SIS agent who all on her own, flies a helicopter on to the lawn of the villains hideaway in the PMs electorate in Auckland while her boy friend, a young handsome police constable, who just happens to be the local chairperson of the young Nats in Auckland, leads a squad of armed police larger than that which captured the town of Ruatoki in the Urewera ranges some six or seven years ago. It is hoped that Lucy Lawless will play the leading role.

It has been reliably reported that Sir Peter Jackson [of Hobbits fame] will direct the movie and that John Key the PM will enact a new law so that real live Israeli actors can play specific key roles, I’ve also been informed that the three Israeli involved are the same three agents that were arrested for stealing passports here in NZ and were convicted and returned to Israel where they were promoted and given medals.

The NZ PM has also agreed that all local actors working on the film will be treated as individual contractors, and that the government will donate three million dollars via special funding etc.

The date of the release of the Film will depend on Mr. Dotcom being convicted of the many crimes he has been charged with. The various US legal authorities have assured the PM that Mr. Dotcom will be convicted and that the trial is merely a formality and that in the rare event that he is not found guilty that they will keep him in prison for his own protection.

It was not confirmed that Steven Joyce will play the NZ Police Commissioner as it would appear that Judith Collins and Paula Bennett are also vying for the role…

The film is due for release in late 2012.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

When Retreat isn't Retreat...According to Smirky.

NZ Defence in full Retreat. 

The word ‘retreat’ is not a word that military people use a lot; in fact they generally replace it with ‘Tactical withdrawal’ or repositioning of defence structures or anything other than retreat.

The political bosses of the military right now are in full retreat over their idiotic plans to slash spending on key elements of our defence forces.

Firstly the actual soldiers, sailors and airmen who man our frontline forces don’t get a say in the so-called policy decisions made by the Minister of Defence and his boss Smirky the PM. So they played no part in deciding to Civillianise [Is there such a word] 500 plus positions in the defence forces.

This ding-a-ling stupidity was a Public Relations stunt to reduce wages by taking people out of uniform and cutting their wages by up to a third as well as removing the need to house or fit them out thereby saving even more money.

Well those service men and women still brave enough to remain in the forces saw the light and realised that they were already being poorly paid, in many cases just above the minimum wage and that their bosses were also simply and blindly following US military policy rather than a New Zealand driven strategic defence plan, rightly decided to depart the scene. In fact 900 decided to walk away in the last eighteen months.

In fact the situation is so bad that the defence forces are recruiting flat out in the UK to replace the skills drain now taking place. This at a time when we have 165,000 unemployed!

Where the US goes...We go. 

The latest news from the egg-heads in Defence is that they will have to drop the ‘Civilianisation’ programme because it has totally backfired and that they are now in full chaotic retreat…even while Smirky is running around the country telling anyone who will listen how he loves our fighting men and woman as they carry out international crimes against humanity on behalf of the US as it fights its illegal war on terrorism all around the world.

Whereas the clear evidence is he doesn’t give a hoot based on his desire to reduce wages and conditions for the very people who are putting their lives at risk so as to, not defeat terrorism, [The US has decided that that war will never end] but to gain a so-call free trade deal with the US. We should all be ashamed of his smirky and creepy un-NZ behaviour.  

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Found: An active Councillor...

SPECIAL REPORT; A Real Man of the people…

Palmerston North is more than wind turbines. 

On the 6th of March 2010 something remarkable and new took place in our city of Palmerston North.
A city councillor really got off his bum, did some serious thinking, designed a suggested transport plan, talked to those involved and then had the fortitude to stand up and present a case for serious deliberation.
He wasn’t simply going with flow, or presenting himself as figure head for one group only, he didn’t simply appear as a enthusiast of the poor and he stated clearly both sides of a discussion we all need to have.

At his 12.15 [lunch] session 35 to forty citizens listened and then shared their views with him as he sought to educate both himself and those around him.

His later session at 5.15 where 40 to 45 were present and were treated to the same honest presentation which was free of public relations B/S. There was a further session to start at 7.15. [I could not be present] All these sessions were held at our wonderful library in the heart of our city.

This councillor who got off his backside posed these questions…
  • Want to save thousands of dollars a year?
  • Want to maintain your independence even when you don't want to drive anymore?
  • Want to reduce the time you spend ferrying kids about?
  • Want your children to grow up independent and able to get themselves about?
  • Want safer roads?
  • Want a more socially connected community?
  • Want to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Want PN to become a more sustainable city?

Chris Teo-Sherrell

This proactive city councillor was Councillor Chris Teo-Sherrell the very person who the editor of the Manawatu Standard once called a terrorist [and the paper suggested I was his little helper?].
Where were the other councillor’s hiding? I did notice a couple of them at the session I attended [Baty & Utikere]… But where were the others? There will be more on this issue in later editions.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Can you name the mayor and other thoughts...

The Mayor of Palmerston North [do you know his name?] says that he is in favour of cleaning up our river, and it would now seem the Nat’s too have decided that they too favour this course of action. It’s good political rhetoric to be in favour of cleaning up rivers especially after Smirky tried to tell the world that our clean green image was 100% and the best in the world. We all know that a BBC programme proved the stupidity of Smirky’s idiotic bluff and he had to back peddle at a rapid rate. Now it would appear that our Mayor [have you thought what his name is yet?] has fallen into the same hole that Smirky did because while he supports, in theory at least, cleaning up the river he keeps pumping crap into it. By now most thinking people accept that doing is more meaningful than talking but I’m wondering when our mostly unknown local politicians are actually going to collectively tell the truth about the state of our river and what they have been pumping into it. But don’t hold your breath because councillors are not very talkative. [Have you thought of the name of our mayor yet…you have! Great now can you name five councillors?

Speaking of Mayor’s, well an ex-mayor in this case, I see that McKelvie asked a patsy question in parliament the other day. It would appear that his major role in Parliament representing the good folk of Rangitikei is to be one of the many droopy back-benchers that Ministers instruct to ask them good news questions.

This role is well suited to Mr. McKelvie because it is generally accepted that the patsy questions are actually written by the minister and require no input from the questioner other than to mouth the words at the right time.

And for that the MP works three days a week, gets free travel and every three weeks gets a couple of weeks holiday at home, goes fishing, plays golf or on the odd occasion feeds the cows.   
This is the guy who is selling out the MDC to the PNCC so as to get the funds to keep the Manfeild Park trust in money by pretending they are a charitable trust, still what is new they’ve been doing it for years in conjunction with the PNCC.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...Is God the blame?

Summer is now over [if it ever arrived] and if you saw the sun you were lucky. It seems that rain, wind and storms are the norm now days. Who can we blame for this change of weather patterns, it can’t be climate change brought on by man, at least according to the corporates who own the world’s oil and mining operations and fund our very vocal climate change deniers. So it must be Gods work and not the combined efforts of the financial whiz kids that abound. Surely God is not as greedy as are our corporate owners.
It’s funny in so many respects how we thank God for the good aspects of life but fail to recognise that he also must be responsible for the negative happenings as well.
Was he the blame for the Christchurch earthquake that killed 129 people? Even our own PM who has stated publicly that he doesn’t believe in God and has a Jewish background, thanked ‘God’ for those who survived the disaster that was Christchurch at his latest address to the crowds at the anniversary of the earthquake.

On each day Parliament sits the speaker [God bless him] reads a prayer to God seeking guidance and saying that each member will put aside his private interest…the question is do they put aside private interests? The evidence based on the number of MP’s sacked or caught out telling fibs would cast doubt on the ‘private interest bit’. Surely the good and bad that they do is the work of the very same God. Who knows I don’t.

What about the guilty findings against; the directors of Lombard Finance Group because of their lack of diligence that saw clients lose 120 million dollars, when the company built on Ponzi sand collapsed on a sweeping tide of greed and creative accounting, approved by the powers that be.

Was that also the fault of God, if so what was the lesson we were meant to learn. Remember the biblical tale of when Jesus entered the temple and tossed all the money lenders out…according to that story of wrath and damnation on the greedy and corrupt financial whiz kids of the day Jesus made a big hit by that action.

Just imagine if that was to happen now days outfits like Merrill Lynch and the many other stomach worms that make up our corrupt money sector would find themselves out on the street begging for state handouts…come to think about it, isn’t that just what they are doing these days by the receipt of bale outs from the Smirky’s [Key] of this world. Clearly South Canterbury Finance was our very own corrupt example, it cost us around a billion dollars.