Tuesday, 30 July 2019

The Truth about Baltimore...

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As The Baltimore Sun wrote, it’s better to have a few rats than to be one.
Trump’s use of Baltimore’s dysfunction is the finest expression yet of this man’s limitless racism. (Photo: Edwin Remsberg/VWPics/AP Images)
Trump’s use of Baltimore’s dysfunction is the finest expression yet of this man’s limitless racism. (Photo: Edwin Remsberg/VWPics/AP Images)
Representative Elijah Cummings and Baltimore are the latest collateral damage in Donald Trump’s scorched-earth re-election campaign. The president of the United States, ignorant of the rat traps scattered around the White House and the 78 health violations at Mar-a-Lago, over the weekend repeatedly demonized Charm City, birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner, as a “rat and rodent infested mess.”
A man unfit to serve as president of the United States remains at the top of the Grand Old Party’s presidential ticket, as Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Mick Mulvaney, and Rick Scott, who position themselves as honorable men, shake hands with the devil in their quest for permanent Republican power.
This president’s tenure may just be the greatest travesty ever visited upon this country, a travesty that could go on for years if Americans continue to ignore that the United States is flirting with disaster.
Using Twitter as the dissemination vehicle for the inflammatory language of infestation demonizing African Americans recalls history’s most notorious regimes in Nazi Germany, Cambodia, Serbia, and Rwanda, all of which used similar juxtapositions in the mass media to incite violent paroxysms.
Trump’s use of Baltimore’s dysfunction is the finest expression yet of this man’s limitless racism. Using Twitter as the dissemination vehicle for the inflammatory language of infestation demonizing African Americans recalls history’s most notorious regimes in Nazi GermanyCambodiaSerbia, and Rwanda, all of which used similar juxtapositions in the mass media to incite violent paroxysms that swept away social bonds that had been pre-ripped by expert propagandists— like the people advising this president.
The pathologies of Baltimore have been dissected by people far better equipped to handle that job than the current occupant of the White House, from Ta-Nehisi Coates to Alec MacGillis. As The Baltimore Sun proclaimed in an editorial for the ages: “Better to have a few rats than to be one.”
Blaming an American city for high crime rates is racist ducking and weaving of the finest kind. There are well-documented reasons for the torturous conditions that grip certain African American neighborhoods. There are other factors, also well documented, that have been unleashed in this country, where the NRA blocks minimal gun regulations, where police can’t stanch the flow of illegal weapons, where children travel to school and sit in classrooms fearing shooters, and where public celebrations become killing fields.
All Trump’s Sturm und Drang overshadows Cummings’s succinct condemnation of the “government-sponsored child abuse” at the Mexican border, crafted by administration officials and executed by government employees who are just doing their jobs in the detention facilities. No doubt fatigued by 45’s tweets and summer heat waves, not enough people are raising the alarm about American citizens who are being deported or detained, with one young Texan being informed that he had “no rights.”
Congressional Republicans, complicit every one of them, will continue to stand off to the side and croak about how the people Trump attacks are the real racists and the existential perils posed by brown people who risk their lives to walk here in order to find work and escape death back home. Yet black people know well that the ancient and deadly fault lines of white racism still course through their communities and the American body politic. Anyone who thinks these despicable policies are going to be neatly walled off in the Southwest may want to keep an eye on places like Baltimore.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Wheelers Corner 36 26th July 2019. Boris Johnson Trumps new best mate.

Simon Bridges calls Boris Johnson a Buffoon then back peddles like mad, maybe he should stick with selling second hand cars... any way have a look, its worth noting how dear Winston Peters also thinks Boris is an OK guy...you know really bright and all that stuff.


Well the fact is that, we now have two really strange leaders in the world, western world that is, the latest is Boris Johnson a brit born in New York to English patents, he was educated in the UK and grew up as spolt toff...

He is now the latest UK Prime Mimister and believe me he makes the present US President look smart...really he does...Donald Trump thinks Boris is a really good guy and not at all like that strange woman PM who has just resigned....

But the people of the UK don’t have any love for dear sweet racist, bigoted and incompetent cocaine user Boris Johnson. Check this out to see if Peters and Bridges know what they are talking about...


All ready the world media has starting to produce some interesting views of Trump and Johnson. Here is just a couple.

Trump is on the left and Johnson on the right, don’t they make a loverly pair, they could almost be twins but the reality is that Trump is much older [20 years plus] than Johnson, and richer and less well educated [I think]

But I do think, blue suits them don’t you think. Its nice to see that Johnson has not dyed his hair pink, or yellow yet...regardless they both suit the female role...and I can just imagine them playing with their dolls, trump touching their pussies and Johnson watching in gleeful delight...awaiting his turn...

Here they are as males, as in
Tweedledee and Tweedledum mode...

They have common factors...more than one wife [Trump 3 and Johnson two] for example...

one can read and one can hardly ...you decide which... 

Johnson once called Trump an idiot...and Trump considers Johnson a bit backward because he doesn't tweet at least a dozen times a day.

We in New Zealand have met Boris but as yet Donald has steered well clear of us...I think he is frightened by our local Maori population...because he believes Acts "Don" Brash's fairy tales about Maori still being cannibals...and so on. I think the 'T' shirts are really cute and being the build they are the braces are really needed to keep their pants up.

I think it is good to take the mickey out of our so called politicians...after all they leave themselves open to a joke or two...  But seriously folks they are a matched pair, both lie on a daily basis, both are dangerous to world peace, both believe climate change is false news. Both believe only the rich have untouchable rights.

Both love starting wars and never finishing them... they are a right wing dream team, pro white, pro men, anti people of colour, anti women, still the chances are Boris won't stay PM for long, I think the British voters along with the rest of the UK will replace him in double quick time [at least I hope so] It will be harder to get rid of Trump so long as FOX news publishs his bull-shit non stop. But America heads daily towards a explosive revolution at their next election...but the way the Republicans manipulate the election process...most democratic votes won't count, or even be counted for that matter. America is becoming most undemocratic. 

2. Manawatu District Council CEO claims climate change is no emergency, well for the Manawatu District, some how he believes.


This from the Manawatu Standard:

"Manawatū District hasn't followed the lead of some New Zealand councils to declare a climate-change emergency.
The council declined to make such a declaration at a meeting on Thursday and is instead urging ratepayers to air their views on how climate change should be tackled. 
Councillors believed the series of declarations was simply a statement to society that the status quo wouldn't do and it would be meaningless unless backed by solid action. 
Richard Templer, [pictured] the council's chief executive, said it didn't need to make a tokenistic proclamation to show it was serious about the environment.

It is serious and not funny to have hugely over paid CEO's tell us that they know best about what an emergency is and what it isn't. 

What gives these over paid and over rated CEO's of weak kneed councils many of whom have proven without any doubt, that they can't manage or maintain our vital water quality, enforce rules to manage our wider environment, including roads etc. which leads to the loss of fish life in the streams around the Manawatu...but they are not all the same: check this out:

I see that Extinction Rebellion as part of their wider mission of educating the public and that includes various council CEO's from Palmerston North, Manawatu District Council and Manawatu Regional Council [Horizons] on this Friday morning placed small heaps of coal around the Square with signs suggesting that we leave coal in the ground rather than mining it.

The same of course is also true for oil and gas extraction...I wonder if our dear sweet and charming Richard Templer is planing to reduce the use of coal throughout the Manawatu district Council area and how and bring back the eels to our streams... 


Have a look at this map, the blue flags represents American Military bases throughout the world.

It shows clearly why Donald Trump can get away with his over the top threats to anyone who disagrees with his version of what is needed.

We must never forget that Trump too does not believe in climate change, and he believes in killing innocent people and displacing millions as he attempts to control the movement of oil throughout the world.

A very real question that we could all ask is "What would happen if the US was forced to close its over seas military bases and return the millions of troop back to the USA...would that put the Presidents power base at risk...and one last point just consider how much pollution the US spreads around the world without cost to itself...

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Peter Thiel thinks Trump is under threat. Wheelers Corner 35 18th July 2019

To read a little more about how this super rich ex German / US / and now Kiwi citizen. 

How he  gained Citizenship in a weird fashion, check out the reference below...I'm sure you will find it most interesting...They say money talks and this simply proves that statement to be correct.

Peter Thiel. Is or was:

A German born, / US citizen / NZ citizen [after only 12 days visiting NZ over a five year period]

So much for his love of the United States and wee Donald Trump...

I suppose he is also super pro-Jewish and super-Republican and once was just the most-est in Trumps baby mind.

Born: 11 October 1967 (age 51 years), Frankfurt, Germany
Net worth: 2.5 billion USD (2019)

He [Thiel] has just published how he thinks Elizabeth Warren is the bigest threat to Donald Trumps re election. Please go to reference below to read more:

Donald Trump as we all know justs loves telling falsehoods, for example he states that he is not racist... is NOT racist, he always repeats his lies... in fact according to him he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body!!!! yeah right... 

He [Trump] is such an honest wee chap, he won't even share his tax returns...anyway to read a little about his racism etc. Go to : 


now have a quick look at:


With leaders like Trump its no wonder that people have lost faith in political leaders...seriously folks Trump has pubicly stated that Republicians are the dumbest voters:

I've published this picture before and its simply amazing how people get in touch stating this is all false news...well it its not...it was published by Peoples Magazine in 1998.

The other fact that Trump never talks about is that he was once a paid up member of the Democratic party...

And he has a thing about women of colour holding elected positions in the US.

He tells them to go back home, but three of the women were born in the US...and you have to be a citizen to beable to stand for election.

Thank God Trump is not a Kiwi or he would be telling Maori to go back home to Hawaii or to some such place...the man is a racist
 fool at best... 

Of course we here in NZ have our share of those who refuse to accept the damage we are doing to our world both environmentally and socially. Farmers in particular are being protected from the consequences of their failure to control their farm waste that is polutting our rivers and streams. 

Some one suggested the other day that most farmers simply want to earn enough to pay the bills etc. I accept that, just as workers want to do the same. 

The big difference between the two groups, is that workers get laid off, when things go wrong, and need to go on to the dole...whereas farmers seem to be happy to accept being given government hand outs...while continuing putting yet more cows on their farms knowing only too well that is a root cause of our polluted rivers etc. And Horizons goes out of itsway to ignore their behaviour. 

Farmers like owners of the big gas tanks are just one bunch of polluters that appear to getaway with murder when it comes to anti-climate individual change management.

When will we ever learn, that we can not remain as greedy as we are if we are to counter the worst effects of that greed on our environment upon which life depends...

The government is trying to bring a balance between gas guzzlers and EV's but its a real pity that every time suggestions are made about balancing farm earnings with meaningful farm practice change, the government backs off...its almost as if Roger Douglas is still with us, and John Key is not the head of the NZ Branch of the ANZ,  The cartoon below says it all about government courage in regard to finance and farming changes...

I've just added this discussion between two cockies and a petrol station owner, it makes interesting reading: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2019/07/18/filling-up/  

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Cricket a game for the Gods...can we win the world cup.

Wheeler's Corner 34 13th July 2019

I was laid up for a few days with the flu which kept me bed bound for a few days...but I managed to stay awake to watch the Black Caps beat India...and what a game it was...spread over two nights, for a nutty cricket lover it was sheer joy to watch.

And now that the sand-paper kids [The Australian cricket team] have been chopped up and spat out by the England team, its to be New Zealand Vs. England at Lords on Sunday 14th of July starting at nine pm. 

And if you haven’t got sky, you can watch it live on Prime for free...

Naturally I’m supporting Captain Kate Williamson and all the team, I’m especially happy that we are playing England rather than Australia, so no worry about under-arm bowling, or sandpaper playing havoc illegally with the ball...but we should remain alert...

India was and still is a very good cricket team, who have normally produced the goods when required. And I’ve no doubr that their fans were really disapointed by their loss to NZ’s Black Caps.

That’s the joy of cricket for it can be unpredictable at times and at times players go long periods as they seek form with bat or ball, but Martin Guptill is a wonderful and effective fielder...and his run out of MS Dhoni in the semi-final was amazing and brilliant in all respects...its this kind of reaction to difficult situations that makes the Black Caps so dangerous in one-off games...lets hope that this skill continues against England. Any way I’ll be up watching the game on Sunday and keeping my fingers crossed. I’m not bold enough to predict a result, that is simply too difficult for types like me. Naturally I hope we will win, but if we don’t lets praise the winner, so long as they don’t attempt to cheat.

I think and hope that this Sundays game will be well worth a look, and remember its free to air on Prime...

I just loved the way the USA Woman’s World Cup winning Soccer team took the stupid PR message from dear sweet Donald Tump, 

who up until they become the World Champions yet again, then decided to invite them to the White House, 

but he fails to support equal pay for men and women in the US soccer world... 

I doubt they'd accept the PR offer to visit the White House, after all what normal human being wants to have their pussy attacked by the famous white house oaf.


Read the above; to get a clear picture of what women in the US have to put up with the male first attitudinal behaviour that exists these days...and Trump uses it to corrupt society, of course he fails to concede that his attitude is both dated and really really old fashioned. 

And that most adult people are laughing at him with his weird behaviour....just as are the young people...and after all we must never forget that Trump believes that Republican voters are the dumbest voters ever...and will always believe his lies...so long as they are published by FOX NEWS....

This week is a short version of my wheeler's corner...but the effects of the flu is slowly departing the scene...thank heaven. And I should become more active... but I'd like you to meet Renee Dingwell, 

Who is running for council...take a bit of paper write her name on it RENEE DINGWALL and attach it to your fridge door, and put her name as number one on your voting papers when they arrive. If you want to converse with Renee simply go to:

Renee Dingwall [Green Party] City Council candidate with Brent Barrett, both have been together visiting various sites around the city talking to people. 

She is really dynamic and full of vigor and energy, just what our city needs in this day and age.

No only that, she actually believes in what she says... 


A Trump free trader! War or a holiday...you decide.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Wheelers Corner 33 5th July 2019...A new world vision of hope from the US.

Could this woman, Marianne Williamson [pictured] be the next president of the USA...could she team up with Bernie Sanders...what a wonderful team that could be...

Liz Remmerswaal Hughes sent me this link...it was absolutely perfect. For it fitted my present frame of mind:

While Trump was / is busy pushing his tin tanks and tin soldiers, while his dream making plans to destroy North Korea using atomic bombs and drones [killing millions] if they don't obey his idiotic dictatorial dreams. Designing his war plans with Iran...and continuing his war dreams in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen, and anyone else who disagrees with his mentally retarded vision of the future.

A certain Marianne Williamson is putting her name forward to be the next POTUSA, Oh dear me, she is the direct opposite to Donald Trump, firstly she is a woman, and not a pussy grabber...secondly she can read and write, thirdly she is in favour of peace, fourthly she doesn't tell massive lies...and lastly she is human...and not just a TV image.

Please take the time to read the item that Liz sent...it worth every minute of your time. Marianne Williamson refers to our own Prime Minister during the discussion...