Thursday, 12 June 2014

Your local Bobby strikes again.

Way back in 2011 a policeman in a fit of anger attacked a person, somebody considered that he committed a crime, [gee what’s new] the police took three and a half years to complete an investigation…three and a half years…[imagine what would happen to you if YOU took three and a half years to answer a question put to you by the police]. The so-called Lawyer who carried out the investigation found the bullying cop guilty and recommended that he be disciplined. But alas a minor player in the police top brass decided otherwise…and don’t be supprised that the guilty offender is about to be or has been promoted. That’s normal police behaviour…think about it…the cop who planted false evidence against Allan Arthur Thomas was later praised during a eulogy…And the top cop was awarded with an honour on Queens Birthday, for what? Anyway I digress… Below are two blogs that tell of the latest police white wash… The first is by NO RIGHT TURN and the second by Tim Selwyn.  You decide if the police are treated like the rest of us when we break the law.
“Back in 2011, a Whakatane police officer attempted to arrest a man who had fled from a traffic stop. When he resisted, he was pepper sprayed and beaten, after which the officer retrieved a taser from his vehicle and tasered him twice while he was lying on the ground.

Today, the Independent Police Conduct Authority released its report into the incident, finding that the police officer used excessive force by beating and tasering the man. Despite this, they recommend that merely that he face disciplinary proceedings. If you or I had done the same, we'd be looking at prosecution and five years’ imprisonment for assault with a weapon.

But what really takes the cake is the police's response to the report: basically a "fuck you". They are "satisfied his actions were not the result of any ill will or malicious intent" and claim that they "initiated remedial action through the employment process some time ago" and as a result they can't do anything more. That’s "remedial action"? ‘Extra taser training’. Break the law, bring the police into disrepute, and they protect you and teach you how to do it better.

Once again, its clear that the police cannot hold their own to account, and that the IPCA won't do it either. Which means that if we want justice and equality under the law, we're left with Graham McCready's solution: private prosecution.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Pagani Fox News Fan for sale

New Zealand’s dippiest commentator Josie Pagani proves yet again how out of her depth she is: Her swimming ability extents only to a paddling pool rather than an Olympic sized pool.
Josie Pagani out of her depth
 Her request on Q and A [TV One] that poor old but good looking David Cunliffe should do a deal with master manipulator John Key and cancel the ‘Coat-tailing’ principle before the upcoming election is childlike and simple minded. It’s also idiotic and nutty.
Josie Pagani, a Fox News style self-professed political semi-expert is unaware that John Key and his hit lady Judith Collins just love the ‘Coat-tail rule’ and told the country that even though the public voted by a margin of 78% to 22% to toss out the practice of coat tailing they were going to keep it. By doing that they [Collins and Key] once again gave the country the fingers just as they did with asset sales.
Now I know you might find it hard to believe but Wee Josie was once a Labour Party Candidate for Rangitikei where she was wiped out by none other than Parliaments richest land owner Ian…what’s his name…Mckelvie, who in three years has asked a half dozen patsy questions, and given a few five minute mutterings. No one knew her before the election in two thousand and eleven and to be honest no one knew her after the election. But our balanced and unbiased yeah right… MSM media, like TV One saw her as a pretend ‘Left-wing’ commentator and have groomed her to sit alongside Mathew Hooton that National Party hack used on TV One, Radio NZ’, 9 to noon, as well as the afternoon panel with Jim Mora from 4pm to five.
The real problem is if you ask anyone in the Labour Party who Josie Pagani is, most simply say WHO? She is the unknown Michele Bachmann of the NZ Media one step below Mathew Hooton, David Farrar, and Paul Henry. She is something that no right thinking parent would want her child to aspire to…