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31 29th July 2018 Promoter decides on profit.

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31 29th July 2018

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.
1 . Well first they were coming, then they were not, but now it would seem they are coming.
Who are these visitors, well they are two strange Canadians, a male and a female. Presently they are stirring up trouble in Australia, causing riots of sorts and incurring large bills for various communities, so much so that they are being presented with massive bills [60.000 Australian dollars] for the cost of their protection thus far.
Will we here in New Zealand be forced to spend the same massive amounts of money to accommodate their publicity stunts here. For publicity stunt artists is what they are! The question really is ‘What is so attractive here in NZ for these two odd persons? I would suggest the big factor is money…or fame or infamy depending on your view, being a celebrity these days is a big deal.
And it would seem to me, after reading the reference below that the obvious link between these two strange beings and their present activities is financial gain. I think they and their friends in the so-call ‘Free Speech club’ led by Don Brash and his Act Party failure team are privatising the free speech arena.

It would be interesting for some real investigative journalism to take place so as to find out just who is paying the bills… travel and accommodation and such like. Their backers must have profit in mind or is it nothing more than a publicity stunt to create a tax free profit for the agents working on behalf of god knows who? Are they asking 70 to eighty dollars per attendee just so we can view a new ‘T’ shirt worn by wee Lauren Southern with the words ‘I’m proud of being white’ or maybe Stefan Molyneux wearing a black ‘T’ shirt with the words ‘Black means a lower IQ’ printed in white capitals.
Well we will just have to wait to find out, the venue at which they will be speaking at this point is a secret, but it will have to be some place that is allowed to charge an entry fee, a place that can can be protected by the police along with some private security company being available to protect the individuals involved.

I’m told that the promoters will be selling tickets without informing the buyers to the event [if one can call it that] of the actual location...this naturally would lead to a very selective group of attendee’s. Firstly money or wealth could be a key factor, secondly transportation could become a key factor. Still we've never seen Don Brash and his crowd ever make it easy to attend their so-called public meetings or debates. 
Here in Palmerston North they never held one public meeting where the issue of Maori Wards could be discussed, instead they [He] attempted to disrupt the supporters of Maori Wards organised supporters meetings. 

What will those opposed to the strange concepts being pushed by a couple of globe trotting Canadians organize in opposition to the racist and bigoted message being pumped out by their financial backers? No doubt planning is taking place to organise a suitable reception for these weird individuals.

2. Blog of the week: This blog is very timely, the NZ produced film about Helen Kelly is about to be released. The blog author is the former editor of NORML News, Chris Fowlie is president of the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, manager of The Hempstore, and court-recognised expert witness for serious cannabis charges.

Here is what he wrote:

"With three bills before Parliament this year, and patients continuing to suffer, it’s clear we need cross-party support for enduring sensible solutions.
Changes to the Government’s medicinal cannabis bill don’t go far enough for most patients.
The National Party’s proposed new bill could mean only expensive pharmaceutical-style products are available.
The Green Party’s bill was defeated earlier this year.
Parliament should work together and put the needs of patients first. Both bills now on offer are better than the status quo, but neither deliver what patients really want.
In the red black and green corner, the Government bill creates an exemption for terminally ill people to obtain and use cannabis, removes cannabidiol (CBD) from the Misuse of Drugs Act, and allows new standards for cultivating, manufacturing and distributing medicinal cannabis products.
Amendments to the bill announced today include:
  • Allowing licences for commercial production, first proposed by NORML and PharmaCann
  • Permitting limited promotion of cannabis-based medicines, such as providing information to health practitioners
  • Removing CBD and all non-psychoactive cannabinoids from the Misuse of Drugs Act, potentially lowering costs for patients and increasing the range of available products
  • Repealing the defence for terminal patients after 5 years
Although the report says 99 percent of submitters supported the intent of the bill, it was also widely criticised for doing too little, and for taking too long.
Submissions were overwhelmingly in favour of allowing medicinal cannabis use for chronic pain and other conditions, allowing patients or caregivers to grow their own, and for products to be more affordable and widely available.
In the blue corner we have the National bill, also announced today, which would create a different medicinal cannabis scheme.
  • Doctor-issued Patient ID cards would be used at pharmacies to obtain cannabis-based medicines
  • No “loose leaf”: medical cannabis products would be restricted to “liquids and pills” and regulated like pharmaceuticals by Medsafe
  • Products would be given a five-year window to perform clinical trials and other tests needed to gain consent as medicines
  • There would be no provision for compassionate access, or any exemptions for terminal patients
  • National would prohibits any advertising, ban anyone with a criminal record from working in the industry, and prevent producers from being within 5km of a residential area or 1km of sensitive sites such as schools and wahi tapu
National’s new-found support for medicinal cannabis mirrors the surging support shown in recent opinion polls.
The latest poll, released this week by the New Zealand Drug Foundation, found 87 per cent support for allowing medicinal cannabis for chronic pain relief.
The poll confirmed a significant upward trend for public support of cannabis law reform.
The National Party’s bill marks an incredible shift from just a year ago, and shows how the strong public support is getting through.
There are merits to National’s proposed scheme, but regulating medicinal cannabis like pharmaceuticals could keep products unaffordable – forcing patients to continue turning to the black market.
As well as pharmaceutical products, we need cheaper, food-grade cannabis products to be available here, as they are in other countries.
And while National’s proposals could allow local producers to overtake Australia by bringing products immediately to market, their restrictions could also hobble our budding industry before it’s even begun.
It’s also important to remember that as a private member’s bill it might never be drawn, whereas the Government bill will pass. That’s a certainty.
There will also be a referendum soon that we can confidently expect will make cannabis legal for all adults.
Parliament now has an opportunity to improve the Bill, and it’s great to see National apparently calling for the same thing.
The Government could even adopt the best aspects of what National is calling for as a Supplementary Order Paper, and put it before the House with their bill.
Both bills have good aspects. Parliament should work together to do what is best for patients.
  • Patients will be holding a rally supporting sensible solutions. NORML and Auckland Patients Group present “Pots for Patients”, 2pm on Saturday 4th August. Queen Street, opposite Aotea Square.
Thanks to TDB:

3. A group has been formed to oppose a possible EXPO arms sale here in Palmerston North. It's name is 'Peace Action Manawatu' they are setting in train a series of events to highlight this unwanted and climate damaging event.
If you would like to assist in anyway please contact me and I'll let you know about future possible activities and how you can help. I believe that we can not allow overseas arms makers and their cooperate backers to use locally owned public facilities for the purpose of selling military weapons here in our fair city. The security costs and social environmental costs are simply to high for us. We can put the money to much better use, one that protects life rather than destroys it. Peace rather than war is my view and I'm sure that's the majority view in NZ.

Their products which are hugely destructive and massively expensive are simply too higher price to pay. If you agree please contact me and I will put you in the loop.

One last word: from Truthout:
"The fight for press freedom is intensifying. Setting a dangerous precedent, just yesterday a reporter representing five major news outlets was blocked from attending an open press event because the White House didn't like the questions she was asking".

Well that's it for this week, it was nice to see the sun, I hope you are well and keeping warm, and never forget you are among the most important people in the world.

Peter J Wheeler

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Donald Trumps vist to Europe etc.

Wheeler's Corner NZ 30 22nd July 2018
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1. Best blog of the week

This blog was first published by the Daily Blog site is from the pen of Dr. Liz Gordon whom I knew when she lived in Palmerston North.
She in her wonderful style represents clearly my views on the past weeks news relating to Donald Trump. While she has a sister living in London as I do a daughter, and it would seem, they both were touched by the 'Trump' unwelcome visit to that fair city

Dr Liz Gordon began her working life as a university lecturer at Massey and the Canterbury universities. She spent six years as an Alliance MP, before starting her own research company, Pukeko Research.  Her work is in the fields of justice, law, education and sociology (poverty and inequality). She is the president of Pillars, a charity that works for the children of prisoners, a prison volunteer, and is on the board of several other organisations. Her mission is to see New Zealand freed from the shackles of neo-liberalism before she dies (hopefully well before!).

Putin and Trump carryout their 'manly' roles.

The media is alive this week with the fall-out from Donald Trump’s visit to Europe. The snubs, the diplomatic faux-pas, the treatment of Theresa May, and NATO, and everyone (except Vlad-the-Lad). So much news to report, so many issues.  Oh yes, and then the Great Reversal, where Trump said he said ‘would’ but meant ‘wouldn’t’. His performance at that press conference was odd; while he lies all the time, this time you could hear the lie in his voice.

All of this is conveyed to us in a breathless and exasperated voice by the media. Am I the only person who found the whole thing quite entertaining? I must admit I have had a lot of fun listening to all the shenanigans this week.  When Trump stirs things up, it reveals deeper truths about him but also about the institutions he is mocking.
Let’s start with Theresa May and the infamous Sun interview. Theatrically, I would put this as an Oscar Wilde moment – a comedy of manners, or rather mannerisms.  Trump told the Sun that Boris Johnson would make a great Prime Minister and criticised Theresa May on Brexit. Next morning, he accused the Sun of ‘fake news’, then apologised to Theresa May (who in turn blamed it on the media – fake news).  The fact that he was recorded saying every word was completely ignored (but I am sure not forgotten) by both parties.

It is not surprising that the media started reaching for their copies of George Orwell’s 1984 (though actually I have always preferred Animal Farm as a story of when truth becomes lies and vice versa). Doublethink is among us. Anyway, it is no stretch to see the dialogue written into a Wilde play and enacted in the chintz drawing room of a fine house (Chequers, perhaps?).
And there is the mystery of why he grabbed May’s hand when descending a few steps to the press conference.  Were his aging knees playing up? Did he think her aging knees were playing up? Or was this a show of comity for the press?  Perhaps all of the above?
If the May affair was a Wilde-ish comedy of errors, the session with the Queen comes straight out of Shakespeare. Trump behaved throughout as if the whole production – Windsor castle, an aging monarch, the furry hats of the Beefeaters, tea and the private audience had all been created just for him. He was not the guest, but the owner of the event.  
He showed this in particular by his various breaches of protocol.
Perhaps the most shocking was when he stood poised to inspect the furry brigade and forced the Queen to walk around him, which is not in the meet-the-Queen rulebook.  The thing that was funny was that he did not even notice. I’m not a monarchist but you have to give the old girl marks for aplomb. She shuffled calmly around the Trump statue and indicated to him where he should go.  The Queen might have said:

Avaunt! be gone! thou hast set me on the rack:
I swear ’tis better to be much abused
Than but to know’t a little.
Or perhaps she might have had Trump clapped up in the Tower (I wonder whether anyone would have tried to rescue him).  Rudolf Hess was the last state prisoner to be held in the Tower, in 1941, but the infamous Kray twins were held there for a few days in the 1950s. The impoundment of Donald would have been a great tourist attraction for London this summer, though.
But this is all fantasy on my part – she did neither of these things.  On the British side, it was all courtesy and good manners no matter what Trump did. While I abhor the lack of challenge to his behaviour, I must admit the diplomatic niceties were revealed as a useful buffer to insulate the nation-state from his vindictive approach.  With the establishment keeping calm and carrying on, Trump’s rants were foregrounded and highlighted, and contrasted with the civilised veneer of the UK, and found wanting.
And yet there was plenty in all of this to warm Trump’s supporters. A refusal to bow to conventions is seen by these people as a strength, not a weakness.  Thus far, then, points to Trump’s domestic agenda, havoc in the UK and a big tick for diplomatic processes. Then came Helsinki.
The Putin affair was pure farce.  As such, it did not disappoint. Putin had the upper hand all the way through.  He kept Trump waiting for an hour, spoke first (and at length) and bent Trump completely to his will.  Putin the Puppeteer had Trump saying that the Russians were right and his own security services were wrong about election interference.
This, of course, was a bridge too far. Thus, Trump later had to front up and said that he meant the opposite of what he said – a double negative, as he noted.  Not, of course, until he judged that even his closest supporters had turned against him. Now the media are asking more seriously whether Vlad has got some dirt on Donald. This is all grist for my funny bone, too.
Should I apologise for my enjoyment of the spectacle of the DT Circus as it wended its way through a Europe so unprepared for such an onslaught? My sister (in London) says that it’s OK for me, I haven’t had Trump’s enormous helicopter cast a shadow over my home. But you got to see the Trump baby, I replied.
2.  It's been an interesting week, the World Cup went to France, a team made up almost completely of immigrants [or the children of] to France from Africa. 

The debate over free speech continues to rage in our media...I'm really glad to see people coming out and speaking out forcibly on the issue. Here are three references you may like to read on the subject: 

Chris Teo-Sherrell stands for Horizons Council spot.
Local breaking news:

I can think of no one better to represent the PN City Ward on the Horizons regional Council. His entry in the race to replace Pat Kelly gives a real challenge to one time Mayor and National List MP Jono Naylor. 
So voters if you live in the City of Palmerston North this is your chance to fill the empty Councillor spot with some one with a proven record of hard and honest work on behalf of the city.   

Well that's it for this week, if you want to follow Liz Gordon just go to The Daily Blog to read her blogs...

Cartoon of the week:

Friday, 13 July 2018

Free speech for racists, Nurses strike, WC 29 15th July 2018

Wheeler's Corner NZ 29 15th July 2018
Bringing caring citizens together 
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1. This from the Standard:
The free speech coalition has appeared, with one purpose and one purpose only, to make sure that the voices of extreme right wing bigots are heard.
Their fundraising prowess is admirable. They were able to raise $50,000 towards legal fees for a possible court case in only one day.
Their sense of economics is not so admirable, they could hire any number of private facilities for extended periods of time for a lot less than this. Why not spend the money on expensive lawyers instead, especially if they can possibly cause political damage to Auckland’s labour aligned mayor.
Those involved have a certain, ahem, pedigree. But not the sort that would make me think they are logical guardians of our rights to free speech.
Don Brash.
There is Don Brash, whose commitment to the freedom of the publication of ideas is such that he once took out a pre-emptive injunction trying to stop the publication of Nicky Hager’s book Hollow Men.
And he is also totally opposed to the use of Maori. Freedom of speech as long as it is not about him and is in English.
There is Michael Bassett who is an unreformed Rogernome and who still chips at Labour ever chance that he gets
There is also Ashley Church who thinks that white male privilege is not a real thing.
Also Dr. David Cumin who thought that the New Zealand supported UN resolution on Palestine at the end of last year unfairly demonised Israel and who opposes “hateful” graffiti that attacks Israel. Anti Israeli graffiti clearly for him is not the exercise of free speech.
There is Melissa Derby who opposed changing the law so that hate speech against Muslim immigrants could be targeted on the grounds that it was discriminating against Maori. No I can’t work this out either.
There is Stephen Franks, a former ACT MP and Lawyer whose political campaign team was once implicated in the tearing down of posters containing messages they did not like.
There is AUT professor Paul Moon who thinks that opposing hate speech is damaging to free speech. At least he is being consistent.
And there is Lindsay Perigo who does not like people exercising their right to free speech on radio stations if they have a kiwi accent.
There is Rachel Poulain who I have never heard of.
Chris Trotter is there. His commitment to principle is admirable but freedom of speech is only one of a number of important rights and the extreme right use it to attack other rights”.
Jordan Williams.
And there is Jordan Williams. He has some history. He did not like it when Eleanor Catton criticised National and is not happy about Colin Craig exercising his right to free speech and say not very nice things about Williams.
And where were all these people when Bob Jones was firing legal letters at others who were exercising their rights to free speech?

You can click on the above reference to read the whole Standard really is most revealing. Don Brash seems to have endless amounts of money available to spend, he has stated that his group has raised 50.000 to spend on court costs. It would seem that he should go live in Australia because his policy direction matches Australia more than it does NZ. When one looks at the Brash supporters closely they have one thing in common they are all right-wing ex-mates of Roger Douglas and his failed Act Party hacks.
Comparing Australian and US policy regarding immigration matters and the mistreatment of Indigenous peoples:
This weeks Aljazeera lead item on the subject doves tails neatly into the reasons why White Racists value the freedom of Free speech.

Separating families, deporting parents, caging children: from opposite sides of the globe, the United States and Australia have been trading ideas for punishing people who cross their borders for some years now.
In August last year, President Donald Trump praised Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for the Australian policy of refusing entry to asylum seekers who arrive by boat. It is official Australian policy to detain future arrivals through systematically cruel treatment in offshore detention centres.
According to the leaked transcripts of a phone call between the two leaders, Turnbull told his American counterpart that Australia has a policy to not let in anyone, even a "Nobel Prize winning genius", who arrives in the country by boat.
"That is a good idea. We should do that too," Trump reportedly responded. "You are worse than I am."
Indeed, when it comes to immigration policies it is difficult to say which country is worse - the US or Australia.
And perhaps it's not surprising that the two countries are currently swapping refugees to dodge pressure at home and abroad by human rights organisations. The US is sending Central American refugees it has been holding in Costa Rica and accepting Middle Eastern refugees Australia has been holding in Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

The swap, along with the rest of their racist immigration policies, is a continuation of a settler-colonial pattern of engagement in the international community that both countries employ.
Both the US and Australia are settler societies which were founded on white supremacy and colonial expansionism. Hence, they are intrinsically concerned with maintaining dominance over Indigenous people and asserting state sovereignty against the incursion of people deemed "other". To read the full item go to:

The important question for us here in New Zealand is, are we following the same pattern as the US / Australian powers that be.
Do we too see our white settlers as God like figures who treat indigenous peoples like second class citizens, here is the view of a well known US Fox news star: Ann Coulter.

When is a settler not an immigrant? When you work for Fox News it would seem.
Others think differently; American and Australian indigenous peoples have their own view of what a settler was and is:

And they have the clear proof of just what was dished out to them over the many hundred of years of world history. But of course we don’t teach history from their perspective. That is the real reason why Bob Jones and his idiotic remarks caused such offence amongst thinking New Zealanders.
The Nurses strike, what can one say, the media has played it for all its worth. It would seem that everyone loves nurses, everyone believes they are hard working wonderful and caring people who work their guts out looking after those in need.
But the problem is that we don’t show that we value them really...oh we say the right words...we talk the talk...but yet we are unwilling to pay them the money they need simply to survive in this world. And this was never more obvious when our acting PM put the purchasing of four aircraft at a cost of billions of dollars ahead of paying nurses a realistic salary. That for me says it all. No money for nurses, but money for fighting other peoples wars.

Ever since Roger Douglas decided that only those at the top were worthy of massive increases and increased CEO type salaries by in some cases millions while at the same-time bit by bit lowering the bulk of the health workers wages, like nurses and care givers etc. For ten plus years under various Health Ministers using so called budget restrictions nurses salaries slowly but steadily declined.

For well over two decades out capitalist neo-liberalist style leadership has dreamed of the day when our health service could be privatised and sold off to the highest bidder, some of you may remember when Ruth Richardson attempted to privatise individual wards in an attempt to achieve this pipe dream.

Well our nurses and our care givers and the bulk of our population has said ‘enough is enough’. We don’t want our hospitals turned into profit making machines, we want a universal health service that is publicly owned and operated. Stuff the corporate model American style health dream that has destroyed healthcare for millions in the US.
NZ Nurses take to the streets.

The need for real change to the treatment the government dishes out to those who cater to the health needs of our communities needs to change. I thank the nurses and all their supporters who are taking to the streets to demand real and progressive change. You are today's heroes. Lets increase the top tax rates to cover the costs, those earning millions can afford to pay...they have had decades of reduced taxes,

Well that’s it for this weeks issue...please look after each other and stay warm.
Lastly: Cartoon of the week...

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Crazy Canadian couple decide not to visit.

Wheeler's Corner NZ 28 8th July 2018
Bringing caring citizens together 
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Lauren Coulter
So a strange Canadian pair wanted to visit New Zealand, not for a holiday or to visit our scenic spots but to teach us a bit about race relations, gender matters and other aspects of their version of race relations. The pair are not admitted white supremacists they just believe that whites are supreme above all others.

Stefan Molyneux
Of course types like Stefan Molyneux and his young follower Lauren Southern touch a nerve among white supremacists types world wide, white supremacists need to have their views reinforced these days. The question is, should we have to pay for that reinforcement. It is well known that Southern has been banned from the UK, because of her anti Muslim hate speech behaviour.

In NZ in recent times we had a strong debate about the introduction of Maori Wards and as usual using a pro-white voting system Maori wards were rejected, but during the debate those opposed to Maori Wards suggested that we look at other ways of ensuring Iwi representation within our local government system...but the moment our local council starts doing just that the same bunch of racists condemn the councillors...this suggests that there is little if any logic in the anti-Maori/Iwi argument.

This may also apply to the white supremacist movement that most whites keep secret. It is also important according to: Daniel Defoe to remember that "Justice is always violent to the party offending, for every man is innocent in his own eyes"

 This from that wonderful blog site No Right Turn:

The cost of a free and democratic society

So, a pair of foreign racists want to visit New Zealand, and naturally some people want to have them banned to prevent them from speaking:
Pressure is mounting on Immigration New Zealand to deny entry to a controversial Canadian pair set to give a talk in Auckland next month.
Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux are best known for their far-right alternative views on everything from feminism, gender and immigration to Islam.

Earlier this year, Ms Southern was banned by from entering the UK on the grounds of her involvement "in the distribution of racist material in Luton", according to the BBC.

The Islamic community voiced their opposition to the visit last month.

New Zealand Federation of Islam Associations president Hazim Arafeh said it had written letters to the Immigration Minister, Minister for Ethnic Communities and the Human Rights Commission asking for Lauren Southern to be denied entry.

"[She] abuses her right of freedom of speech. She's just going to give a talk in which she's just going to insult all of us," Mr Arafeh said.

Unfortunately, being insulted is just something people have to put up with in a free and democratic society, and our Supreme Court is on record (in Brooker v Police) as saying so. We have a right to freedom of speech in New Zealand, which covers not just the right of these racists to speak, but also the right of their racist audience to listen. Restricting that right pre-emptively requires a very high test: basicly an announced intention on the part of the speaker to incite a riot. If that test isn't met, there's no justifiable reason to prevent them from speaking. And as I've said in other cases, the answer to speech you don't like is more speech, not less. If they're giving a speech, then protest outside, and make it damn clear to everyone that kiwis don't agree with their racism and Islamophobia.

Typical white supremacist family in US

Well Auckland City Council has banned the pair from from using any Auckland City Council venues and this is the Councils right.

Are they correct, I imagine that would depend on your position regard hate speech.

I wonder if the world would now be a different place if we had banned Hitlers rants...or Bush's attack on Iraq... Blair's crap about weapons of mass-destruction.

Sadly I think we are very selective in deciding what hate speech is.

Well in the end the promoters tossed in the towel and decided it just wasn't worth the effort, I've no doubt that profit was the major factor. So maybe we have been very lucky indeed to have avoided the unrest and protests that would have taken place.

Speaking about protests, did you know that the makers and sellers of weapons and arms are planning a conference here in Palmerston North in Oct / Nov 2018, now that's something that could draw us all together for the betterment of mankind.

Remember the arms industry depends on people killing each other. Just take a second look at the US family armed to the teeth...even the smallest daughter is carrying a pistol. The arms industry depends on wars and arming civilians, to continue forever.

Even our own NZ First ex-servicemen supports the super arming of our troops...spending billions on planes and ships...and fighting other peoples wars. What we spend on one ship costs more per year that to assist those with mental health issues.

Ron Mark if we disengaged our military from the US British war machine we could pay our nurses a living wage. Now that would be a target worth protesting for...a livable wage for all...gee whiz now that would be a first and would scare the hell out of the US.

If we succeed the US may well attack us using all their subs, aircraft carriers, drones, CIA. FBI and other special forces such as the official murder teams answerable directly to the POTUS. Ron Mark would you instruct our military forces not to engage against US or British forces but only defend us against China or Russia or aliens from outer space.

You see Ron that's the reason why American wars continue forever...because they supply the arms to both a war they ever ended...or won for that matter. Did they win in Vietnam, in Korea, in Afghanistan, in Iraq...

My recommendation to one time-Major and Mayor Ron Mark is to think like a kiwi, a New Zealander, become a true peace-nik rather than an imitation Trump style American gun loving member of the NRA.

You are allowed to think outside the square in NZ. Simply admit when the defence force stuffs up as it did in Afghanistan, tell the truth, its amazing how forgiving we all can be, even when we have been lied to.

Lastly please, please don't forget that Trump refused to don his countries military uniform in his successful desire to avoid serving his so-called beloved mother or father land. Some might suggest that his behaviour was cowardly, but the reality that has always been the behaviour of rich spoiled children.

Stay warm and stay free of colds and the flu, and think about how you might assist in demonstrating your opposition to a weapons marketing sale and conference here in Palmerston North...non violent naturally. We can leave the violence to the white racists etc.

Together anything is possible.