Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Internet Mana announce engagement

Well, Mana has done it, gee how shocking.
Mana has done what National has done for years and years
Mana has done what the Maori Party covertly has done for the last six years

According to some, Mana is very naughty doing what’s it’s done, because the poor are not meant to take advantage of the rich, only the rich are meant to do that.

I mean when the NZ First crowd who willingly took money from Mr Owen Glenn and likewise the Labour Party did the same, and when the Nats take thousands if not a million dollars from strange Chinese millionaires in return for…services unknown. Or the Maori Party accepts 75 thousand from the Prime Minister selling his services at a very expensive pot-luck lunch at a posh Auckland Club who up until recent times considered women to be second-class citizens. One could be excused for thinking that they would say little about the Internet Party and the Mana Party joining forces to fight off the evil empire made up of the National Party and its underlings, the ACT, United Future and Maori Parties joined now by the man in the moon party the Conservative born again Moonies. Just linking that bunch under the leadership of a Foreign Money Trader and Wall Street backroom operative is enough to make all respectable and civic minded citizens cringe in shame that we in New Zealand, once a country with a name to be proud of, have to put up with.

The Mana Movement, took a proposal to its membership, discussed and very strongly debated, I know because I was there, then democratically confirmed what was decided, negotiated and made public the outcome.

Did National do that when they sold out to Chinese millionaires, when they sold yours and mine confidential information to the US so that the US could legally murder our citizens. Were the Maori Party open and transparent when they reached out for the National Party’s gift of 75 thousand plus donation? Did the ACT Party act honestly when it was gifted a seat in Parliament and that even with the millions donated to the party over the last few years it still depends on a hands up sweet deal to even exist. Lastly United Future which really doesn’t exist, but Peter Dunne a person who will and has sold his soul so many times that he can’t remember when he last had contact with it, his soul that is.

Push forward Mana, use whatever strategy or plan of action that is required to achieve your clear goal, to remove Key and National and its bunch of hanger ons and make NZ once again a country to be proud off, a country free of the manipulation and crap of the Roger Douglas, Ruth Richardson and John Key era that has been highlighted by its massive public lies, false economic outcomes, and public relations clap-trap.

New Zealand wants to be proud of once again by putting people first, and especially children and those in poverty…the first step forward is to ‘Change the present Government’, and from that point on anything is possible. Step forward and be counted...

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A day in the life of Jono Naylor

Jono Naylor [pictured] has been wandering around Palmerston North telling all and sundry that there will be an election for Mayor before Christmas. He really is a cocky wee fellow is our Mayor. I’m sure his God has spoken to him and revealed the future. “Come unto me Oh Jono Naylor said his new God, if you stand for National I’ll make sure you get a place high on the list”. And Jono Nationals new Messiah answered, “Oh blessed one I will gladly stand for your holy party but I want my candidate appointment to be uncontested and without financial disruption from my exalted position of Mayor said the meek and humble Jono Naylor. His God from his lofty and cloudy heaven in the sky said, ‘Of course oh chosen one, your wish will be granted and the local branch will be instructed to comply and to select only you and you alone’…answered Jono Naylor’s new God and heavenly benefactor.
John Key hung up the phone and said to Steven Joyce, “Well that’s sealed the deal with what’s his name Naylor something, of course he hasn’t got a show of winning the seat, and we won’t put him high enough up the list to enter parliament…but so long as we keep our party vote high in Palmerston North that’s the best we can hope for. Are you happy with that Steven?
“Well, so far we’ve the tobacco salesmen from Southland and Hutt South signed up so that will keep the tobacco companies happy and they will no doubt add to their already huge donation… The Chinese millionaires’ cabinet club in Auckland seem to have settled down now than Judith has buttoned her lip, and are fund-raising for us, we’ve received the money transfer from Warner Brothers but we can only bank that cheque once Kim Dotcom is in jail in the US… so I hope all goes to plan because as you are aware its one hell of a big cheque”, said Steven Joyce as he sipped his Gin and Tonic.
Don’t worry Steve baby, John Campbell and Campbell Live may have put a spanner in the works but I’ll talk my way out of his trap, after all I’m an expert at dishing the crap, and it’s so much easier when you are the boss of the GCSB”, said John Key as he looked proudly on-line at another piece of art-work from his Paris based artist daughter.   

Saturday, 17 May 2014

PM's Bullshit exposed.

Snowden docs: GCSB links to US spying.

6:54 PM Wednesday May 14, 2014

Former intelligence contractor Edward
Snowden in December
Photo / Getty Images
New documents released by whistle-blower Edward Snowden show New Zealand's GCSB closely enmeshed with some of the most controversial parts of the United States' spying apparatus.
The documents were released with journalist Glenn Greenwald's new book No Place To Hide, which tells the story of Snowden's National Security Agency disclosures and what they mean.
Among the documents are a cluster relating to New Zealand which show:
* our GCSB spies were shown instructional slides on how to operate the X-Keyscore surveillance program which trawls mass harvested email addresses, phone numbers, online chat, web-based email and attachments sent;
* they were privy to diplomatic espionage by other Five Eyes partners, including spying which was Canadian spies capturing the emails, text messages and phone calls between the Brazilian president and her aides;
* They were briefed on the NSA's efforts to deliberately put backdoors into private companies' computer networks;
* And they were given access to a program called "Homing Pigeon" which allowed in-air communications on passenger jets to be monitored.
One NSA document tells New Zealand and it’s other "Five Eyes" intelligence partners the ambition is to "know it all", "collect it all", "exploit it all" and "partner it all".
The details were in a slide presented at a Five Eyes conference in 2011, released with journalist Glenn Greenwald's new book No Place To Hide.
He also released another NSA slide detailing new invasive techniques, in which it stated the spy agency was "one step closer to 'collecting it all"'.
The no-limits approach by the NSA is reflected locally in details released to the Herald through the Official Information Act.
Excerpts of a "GCSB Strategy" from 2008 stated "complete mastery of the internet (even if we take this to mean just the internet) is a Nirvana that everyone is working towards".
The document stated it was "an almost impossible vision" but one which was "intended to stretch the organisation".
At the time the GCSB had given itself the vision statement "Mastery of the Cyberspace for the Security of New Zealand". In March last year, as it prepared to release details showing the GCSB had illegally spied on Kiwis, it changed the statement to the less confrontational "Guardianship of the Security of New Zealand".
In his book, Mr Greenwald said "Five Eyes members share most of their surveillance activities and meet each year at a Signal Development conference where they boast of their expansion and the prior year's successes".
The description - and the NSA's desire to "partner it all" - clash with previous comments by Mr Key, who had previously claimed there was limited sharing.
"We share information in isolated cases about New Zealanders with our partners, and we do that when there's a really good reason to do that."
Yesterday, a spokesman for Mr Key said "we do not comment on matters of intelligence or national security, but as the Prime Minister has stated in the past, we do not carry out wholesale collection of metadata".
The spokesman said the GCSB acted within the law. "The PM does not comment on the GCSB's capabilities or operational activity."
Green co-leader Russell Norman said the Prime Minister's refusal to talk about how spies worked meant the public could not judge the extent of the intrusion.
"You have to talk about the tools that are used to understand the sort of mass surveillance intelligence agencies are engaged in.
"The reason the Prime Minister doesn't want to talk about it and says it operational is because everyone will realise what's going on and then the game is up."

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

National takes a massive hit.

This is direct from the pen of Selwyn Manning one of NZ's leading bloggers...it is worth a read...maybe the times are a changing...

National’s Support Collapses Over Collins+Williamson Scandals – Roy Morgan Poll
By Selwyn Manning  /   May 7, 2014  / 

UPDATED: Can the National Party brand be repaired? Its support looks likely to fall more before it plateaus, especially considering the Roy Morgan poll was taken between April 21 – May 4 – so it only slightly picked up the reaction of Judith Collins’ victimisation of respected press gallery journalist, Katie Bradford.
The Latest Roy Morgan Poll is out indicating National’s support collapsing by 6 points and the Labour-Green bloc up by 5.5 points.
The Roy Morgan poll can be viewed on my LiveNews.co.nz site.
The pollsters state:
Today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows a large fall in support for National (42.5%, down 6%) now well behind a potential Labour/Greens alliance (45.5%, up 5.5%).
Support for Key’s Coalition partners is little changed with the Maori Party 1% (unchanged), ACT NZ (0.5%, unchanged) and United Future 0.5% (up 0.5%).
Support has improved considerably for the Opposition with the Labour Party up 2.5% to 31%, the Greens up 3% to 14.5%, New Zealand First 6% (up 0.5%), Mana Party 1% (unchanged). Support for the Internet Party is now at a record high 1.5% (up 0.5%), seemingly at the expense of the Conservative Party of NZ 0.5% (down 1.5%).
If a National Election were held now the latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows that the potential Labour/Greens alliance would be elected.
This poll suggests National’s brand and credibility has been damaged by the Judith Collins’ Oravida conflict of interest scandal, and, perceptions that National is a government preoccupied with cronyism and sleaze.
National’s month from hell has clearly been made worse by the Maurice Williamson resignation after he was exposed for having contacted Police requesting a review of an investigation into an alleged act of domestic violence – the accused being a wealthy National Party donor and acquaintance of Williamson's.

Revelations that National has been running a Cabinet Club (revealed yesterday by the Greens) will likely accentuate National’s demise, leading swing voters to reassess their party loyalties.

The Cabinet Club is ‘an exclusive club run by the National Party, where members pay a large annual subscription to attend meetings that give them guaranteed access to government Ministers.’

Can the National Party brand be repaired? Its support looks likely to fall more before it plateaus, especially considering the Roy Morgan poll was taken between April 21 – May 4 – so it only slightly picked up the reaction of Judith Collins’ victimisation of respected press gallery journalist, Katie Bradford.
In one month, since the Roy Morgan April 17 poll, National has seen its lion’s share of support collapse from what was then said to be National’s (then on 48.5%) biggest lead over Labour/ Greens (then on 40%) since July 2013.
Labour and the Greens have since sustained a turn around of fortunes after being seen as a credible government in waiting bloc.
Labours monetary policy has certainly attracted respect among economists, the business fraternity and the centre-left largely for the reasons highlighted in Chris Trotter’s piece titled: The Talented Mr Parker.

Labour needed a circuit-breaker after the damaging press it received in the wake of Shane Jones’ resignation. It certainly got this on the economics front, and also gained acknowledgement for the principled stance asserted by Grant Robertson over the Oravida scandal – and for his detailed and skilful handling of the affair.

If the opposition bloc can maintain this style of credibility it may influence a remaining 6% of uncommitted potential voters to consider a change in government.
It shouldn’t be too hard considering the level of government debt National has racked up since coming into office – up 442% from $10.2b in 2008 to $54b in 2014, with mortgage interest rates on the climb, and the current account deficit set to blow out once again.
Labour has led the charge on this with respect to the economy, regional development, and core social provision areas. 

The Greens are sticking to their knitting pointing to a progressive environmentally sustainable option. Mana is solidifying its representation and leadership of New Zealand’s low income earners and politically estranged classes, and the Union movement is assuring us it has a plan to roll out a record number of voters come September 20th.

But what the country needs now is the next roll out of solution-based policies.
Labour in particular, on 31.5%, has a way to climb before assuming a respectable mid-30s position. From here it will need to produce a fully costed and progressive alternative budget next week to offset National’s chance of convincing punters its economic governance outweighs its penchant for greasing the hands of its wealthy donors while dishing out a large helping of arrogance to the average Kiwi voter.

That said however, as Labour leader David Cunliffe said some months ago… It’s game on!
- See more at: http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2014/05/07/nationals-support-collapses-over-collinswilliamson-scandals-roy-morgan-poll/#sthash.CuXrnCuo.dpuf

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Judith Collins Nationals at large Diplomat runs amok

Judith Collins and good buddy John Key.

Judith Collins, national’s wonderful at large Chinese Milk Company diplomat, shines yet again…this time making unfounded accusations against a NZTV reporter.

Collins was attempting to cover up her husband’s shady dealings over his connections to a Chinese based company exporting logs from swamp lands in the far north. Many of the people and companies involved in this, some would suggest illegal trade, have criminal records. Her husband was also a key player in Collin’s unexplained and controversial involvement with Oravidas owner Stone Shi, managing director Julia Xu both of whom are according to Collins confessions are close and dear friends, and a senior Chinese border control official while on an official trip to China in December 2013.

It is thought that after this yet again shocking behaviour by Crusher Collins that Key needs to reassert his slippery and declining grip over Collins and her wind-blown utterances that are damaging his media and PR created and fading persona of control.

The clear evidence of thirteen MP’s not wishing to stand this election and the departure both forced and otherwise of a further six National MP’s in the past few years creates a clear and concise picture of a government out of control. It is starting to look more and more like the government and especially the cabinet is being run by shady Chinese businessmen with close links to the Communist regime in China.
Key plays golf with them and accepts donations from them [Oravida 56 thousand in 2011 and then 30 thousand more after Collins visit to Oravida’s Chinese head office in Shanghai for a private dinner date…yeah right.

But Judith Collins has been forced to apologise, she suddenly got her memory back, it is believed that she will be seeking medical help with her apparent onset of memory failures which have grown dramatically since her visit the China. TVNZ covered the issue fully on Sunday at 6pm.
In the midst of a crisis over the line between politics and business Justice Minister Judith Collins has apologised for suggesting a journalist sought her help on a police matter.
 TV One news, says Ms Collins referred to its political reporter Katie Bradford during an interview with TV3, saying a member of the press gallery approached her about her then husband having difficulty being recruited by the New Zealand Police.
Ms Bradford's mother is the former Green MP and frequently arrested protester Sue Bradford.
TVNZ's head of news and current affairs, John Gillespie, says he spoke to the minister on Sunday and she stated Katie Bradford never asked for help.
Katie Bradford released a statement saying the reported comments were a surprise to her.
"Back in 2010 my ex partner was considering applying for the police force - at the time it had been suggested to him that he might have an issue being accepted.
"I recall that this came up in informal conversation between the minister and me but I never asked her to intervene. As it was my then partner never formally applied to join the police."
Ms Collins has been tweeting prolifically all weekend and on Sunday she tweeted an apology to Ms Bradford.
"Katie I was answering questions abt wider public engagement. Yr example came to mind. Reflected on that. Shouldn't have.sorry"
Labour leader David Cunliffe then tweeted: "Sorry to put a damper on your weekend - but seriously, why is Judith Collins still a minister?!"
Ms Collins has been under fire since early March over the dinner she had with Oravida owner Stone Shi, managing director Julia Xu and a senior Chinese border control official while on an official trip to China in December 2013.
Ms Collins' husband, David Wong Tung, is a director of Oravida, a company that sells New Zealand dairy and food products in China.
Last week National's Maurice Williamson resigned as a minister after it emerged he called police after they arrested wealthy Chinese businessman Donghua Liu, whom Mr Williamson knew and had helped gain citizenship in 2010.