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Wheelers Corner 36 1st Sept 2018 Stopping the Arms EXPO

36 1st September 2018

Wheeler's Corner
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Peter Grove
That's a very worthy aim, publicising the plight of conscientious objectors. I was in the Wellington Tech in my youth. One of our teachers was Ormond Burton, whom it seems, had a distinguished record in WWI. By the time WWII came along he had decided he had had enough and became a conscientious objector. He was a minister of religion at that stage. I was appalled at the sneering among one or two of my classmates who made great capital of the fact and would make pointed remarks about white feathers and the like. As if they knew anything about it, and were simply parroting what they had heard of their parent's views. I had a bit to do with him and I found he was well respected and had great forbearance about him in dealing with the odd trouble-maker among the bunch of teenage louts in the class. You could say I had a great deal of admiration for him as a teacher.
When you consider the waste of resources, lives and all the rest resulting from continuing wars it's High time world-wide diplomacy was brought to the fore.
You can see how the Yanks are trying still to make a big deal re Trump and Putin. They have little of any substance to go on and yet the manufactured stories are still coming to the fore. I notice reference to Russia is being made in TV sitcoms. 'Brainwashing of the gullible!'
Peter Grove'. 

A message from: Forrest and Lena Chambers: On the subject of conscientious objectors:
"Hello all,
If you could perhaps forward this through your networks, to any folk who may be interested?

Book Launch: Sunday Sept 2, 4pm at PN City Library. Includes music and refreshments!
The book is called Remember the Brave, created by my daughter and I (Forrest and Lena Chambers).  As we near the end of the WWI centenary commemorations, this book is about the conscientious objectors Archibald Baxter and Mark Briggs who were sent to France and refused to succumb to the Army's torture. It is told through the eyes of an 'ordinary' kiwi soldier.  It is a picture book, intended for young readers, and may be of interest to schools, as it has additional information and focus questions that teachers could use with students. 
The book was created to fill a 'gap'  in the WWI centenary material, especially children's books. In particular, children's war books have omitted the stories of the conscientious objectors, and in general, have ignored the horror and immoral nature of war. 
The narrative around how we commemorate WWI, and wars in general, could be described as becoming more sentimental, portraying war as 'noble', as we move further in time from the actual events.   The way we talk about war today has a direct bearing on how willing we are to go to war now or in the future.  This book was written to help us change the way we talk about war, to see it for the horror it is, with the hope that we will all be less willing to go to war, and find alternatives.

2. It would seem that my request to address a committee of council has been successful: This from the Mayor Grant Smith:

'Morning Peter,

Thank you for your email… and it is noted.

I have spoken to the CEO and Dep Mayor about your request, and we can open a spot for you to speak to Crs in our up-coming Planning Committee Meeting this coming Monday 3rd Sept at 9am. It will be as ‘Public Comment’.

The Chair is Cr Duncan McCann, and he will brief you on timing etc. Please liaise direct with Duncan.

Regards Grant Smith.  

So Monday the 3rd of September it is... I would highly value your support when I make my presentation, I know that 9am on a Monday is a difficult time for many of you, but if you can make it I would greatly value you attendance. The committee can do little else other than accept my submission and put it on the agenda for a future council meeting to consider, when and if that occurs other members of the public may wish to speak on the subject. That in itself will be a great step forward in our democratic processes.

Obviously my goal is to get the so-called NZ Defence Industry Association Forum removed from the Central Energy Trust Arena 

3. The PN Library is also hosting a event that is of massive interest these days and I recommend if you can attend then please do so: 
   Well that's it for this week, it was good to see the sun, I even got the lawns cut, I hope you are all well and managing to make ends meet. Please don't forget that you are among the most important people in the world...why because all people are important. Oh and one last thing when you get your voting papers if you live in the Palmerston North Ward of Horizons don't forget to vote: My strong recommendation is Chris Teo-Sherrell... 

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Old Men contest Horizons vacancy, Council stutters, leaker revealed.

35 25th August 2018

Wheeler's Corner
'Concerning citizens who care' 
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1. Horizons Regional Council is holding a by-election to fill the spot left vacant by the death of Pat Kelly. Only those living in the Palmerston North Constituency get to vote and will shortly receive voting papers in the mail.
The possibilities available to voters are slim, but I went along to listen to them speak and their respective presentations followed the usual predictable pattern. First up was Gods representative Ross Barber who gave his usual diatribe telling us all how evil Horizons is: It was stupid and really hard to listen to...enough said.
Second on the block was Jack Dowds a nice enough guy who attempted to present himself as perfect for the job because he had been a local government CEO.
Third up was Jono Naylor, he was the Mayor of PN who resigned to become a National list MP, this cost rate-payers in PN thousands of dollars in a by-election, and for a while he took the Mayoral and MP salary, but alas it never lasted for he only served one term as an MP. According to him he didn’t like the confrontational behaviour in Parliament...but he stood in front of the small crowd and said how he’d make a great regional Councillor...based on his unwillingness to confront problems.

Next came Grant Seton, a nice chap who has a great habit of running for any spots on any council, regional or city, thus far he has had no success but that doesn’t stop him from trying. I enjoyed listening to him, much of what he said made sense. Next up was

Chris Teo-Sherrell now here was someone I really knew, I was on the PNCC with him between 2007 and 2010 and enjoyed working with him on various projects, I know his heart and skills and educational background related more to Horizons rather the PNCC. He has worked closely with Horizons on transport and other matters. He said he would serve no more than three terms on the PNCC and he kept his word. He stated clearly that he had planned to take a three year break and then stand for Horizons...the death of Pat Kelly simply brought it forward. Naturally Chris is my choice...and I seriously suggest that you, if are bothering to vote give him your tick. 

US Diplomats Increasingly Telling Other Countries to Buy American Weapons
August 22, 2018 at 10:58 am
Written by Jason Ditz

Diplomatic priorities for the US can be quite complicated, and sometimes inscrutable. One constant high priority, however, is selling weapons made by America’s major arms-makers to other countries. Though private companies, they increasingly find the US diplomatic corps working as their sales team.
This represents official determination to see the US remain the world’s largest exporter of weapons. This is a foregone conclusion with or without diplomats hectoring every other country to buy American, and attending weapons shows to push US products.
Since April, there have been reports that the Trump Administration was advancing from the arms dealing being an unspoken side mission to an overt policy goal for all overseas diplomats. In practice, a lot of this means scaring nations away from buying cheaper Russian systems on the grounds that the US will be mad at them.
Yet Russia does continue to have some successful segments of the arms market, particularly the air defense systems. While military officials believe Russian sales are just going to happen sometimes, the Trump Administration has had fits when nations like Turkey, despite all the diplomatic pressure, choose to buy Russian.

The CEO and Mayor of the PNCC has still not acknowledged my email to them, of course they have twenty days to do so...and the law says they must...answer as soon as possible...but alas sometimes it seems as if they are a law unto themselves, Council’s are expected to acknowledge receipt of FOIA requests...and then follow up within the information requested. Here is a repeat of my request:

Mayor PN City Council
CEO PN City Council.
Request Under the FIA
1.Under the Freedom of Information regulations [Act] can you please supply me with a copy of the original request to hold the NZ Defence Industry Association Forum from the 30 Oct to 1 Nov 2018 at the Central Energy Trust Arena in Palmerston North.
2. Which Committee of Council holds responsibility for this consent and when were the Committee members informed of its receipt and approval. Was it before or after the CEO / Mayoral approval? FYI, As I understand it the PNCC ethical investment policy was developed by the Finance and Performance Committee.
3. Depending on your reply [within the 20 day time frame laid down by the FIA] I seek also to speak to the Committee or the full Council regarding the consenting of this matter. If that is possible would you please inform me of the process.
Sincerely Yours  Peter J Wheeler Past PNCC Councillor.

I would value your assistance in presenting to the PNCC my request. Others are also moving in this direction. You may consider joining them in attempting to bring a sense of responsibility to our city leadership.


Simon Bridges tale that no MP leaked the news of his massive spend-up a few days before the info was officially released. 
As yet we can't be sure if it actually was an National Party MP, or a member of their staff. [You know Judith Collins tells her pet blogger 'Whale Oil'] who tells others. 
It is said that the 'leaker' has mental problems, and that an investigation into the leaking could tip him/her over the top. The Police know who the sender of the email is...After what has happened accross the ditch, Simon must be wondering if he is next on a hit list.

The fact that the Speaker has called off the official inquiry and its cost to tax payers will be saved is a welcome behaviour change...But Simon still thinks that the inquiry should go ahead...

Profiting from war and suffering is immoral.
War is not just another business and no-one should profit from it. More and more, people are starting to make the connections between wars we see on the six o’clock news and our home-grown ‘defence’ industry.

The arms trade as a whole needs to be tackled, and not just the worst excesses of it. It serves to aggravate global instability and misery and we should work to dismantle the industry wherever we find it.


Well that's it for this week, I hope you are well and keeping warm and please don't forget you are among the most important people in the world, why because all people are important. 
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Never ending wars the largest money spinner ever.

34 18th August 208

Wheeler's Corner
'Concerning citizens who care' 
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1. In the past I've written often about the American policy of conducting never ending wars and how this is their way of ensuring the continuation of their so-called democratic Empire. 

In theory, at least in earlier history Empires such as the Roman and various other Empires have arisen and then collapsed. [Normally in a sea of blood]

The biggest driver without doubt was and still is, power linked into wealth. Pride also plays a large part in carrying the population along this false pathway. Remember the wealthy rarely ever fight the wars at least in modern times, they use their money to ensure others have to carry out the combat role on their behalf. For example the present POTUS five times made excuses to avoid doing military service, a really brave wee chapie is Donald Trump.

As you are no doubt aware, we here in New Zealand were once a part of the British Empire, but thank heavens we grew-up and redefined ourselves as part of the British Commonwealth of Nations, at least we had become a nation of sorts. But so much of it is in name only for we are forever fighting other peoples wars around the world. These days of course, building Empires and controlling them seems impossible in any practical way. And it would seem that the bulk of Americans are asking that very question and rightly so, 'Why don't our wars ever end. Tom Engelhardt has written a wonderful piece on this subject titled: The War Piece to End All War Pieces or 'How to Fight a War of Ultimate Repetitiousness'.
Here is just a taste:

"What they got was no less unique in history: a great power at the seeming height of its strength and glory, with destructive capabilities beyond imagining and a military unmatched on the planet, unable to score a single decisive victory across an increasingly large swath of the planet or impose its will, however brutally, on seemingly far weaker, less well-armed opponents. They could not conquer, subdue, control, pacify, or win the hearts and minds or anything else of enemies who often fought their trillion-dollar foe using weaponry valued at the price of a pizza. Talk about bleeding wounds! 

Tom Engelhardt's  is a long read [good for a cold weekend read] of cause it tells it from a US perspective. So here it is, and please read it its well worth the effort. 

2. What can we do here in Palmerston North and New Zealand to help remove the habit of using war to line the pockets of the already wealthy. We can speak out when ever we get the chance, stand up and be counted when events occur that lead to possible future wars. That is the human, christian thing to do. Breaking the barrier of silence, so long as it is done in a peaceful and non-violent manner is vital for peace to succeed. 
These people died fighting 'Other Peoples Wars' are we proud of that fact? That is a question we all need to ask ourselves. I want to end wars not continue them.

Here in Palmerston North you may have heard that we a having a weapons / equipment  / so-called conference at the end of October 2018 where overseas and local companies ply their tools for war etc. Of course the dress up their activities as security, rather than war. For them the only way to have security is to have total control of populations via the military / police / finances etc of the people[s]. 
We can of course speak out, demonstrate peacefully when ever the need arises: That day has come. Here in Palmerston North it would appear that some put the filling of our hotels as more important than protecting human life. Here is a copy of my request to the PNCC regarding the event due to take place in October 2018.

Mayor PN City Council

CEO PN City Council.

Request Under the FIA

1.Under the Freedom of Information regulations [Act] can you please supply me with a copy of the original request to hold the NZ Defence Industry Association Forum from the 30 Oct to 1 Nov 2018 at the Central Energy Trust Arena in Palmerston North.

2. Which Committee of Council holds responsibility for this consent and when were the Committee members informed of its receipt and approval. Was it before or after the CEO / Mayoral approval? FYI, As I understand it the PNCC ethical investment policy was developed by the Finance and Performance Committee.

3. Depending on your reply [within the 20 day time frame laid down by the FIA] I seek also to speak to the Committee or the full Council regarding the consenting of this matter. If that is possible would you please inform me of the process.

Sincerely Yours  Peter J Wheeler Past PNCC Councillor.

I would value your assistance in presenting to the PNCC my request. Others are also moving in this direction. You may consider joining them in attempting to bring a sense of responsibility to our city leadership.

Media Release:
Date: 15 Aug 2018
From: Peace Action Manawatū

“Peace Action Manawatū will coordinate opposition to the annual NZ Defence Industry Association Forum due to come to Palmerston North in late October.”

“This 'Weapons Expo' is a meeting of 500 of global armaments manufacturers and dealers.  Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest arms dealer and a maker of nuclear weapons, has been the primary sponsor of this trade fair for many years and other weapons companies represented include General Dynamics, Thales, Cubic Defence and Serco.
These are the companies that profit from militarisation and war which lead to human suffering, death and destruction of our planet. We are not prepared to sit idly by when this obscene showcasing of weapons comes to our community.” said Peace Action Manawatū spokesperson Dr Fred Hirst.

Last year, Wellington’s Mayor Justin Lester vowed not to allow City Council venues to be used in future for this industry trade fair because of increased opposition. After being held for 20 years in the capital, it is no longer welcome in the Peace City.

“Palmerston North's Mayor Grant Smith has dismissed our concerns" said Hirst. "The Weapons Expo is booked into the Central Energy Trust Arena, a PNCC venue, despite our Peace City status, and contrary to the Council's ethical investment policy which excludes weapons. We will build our campaign over the next three months and invite people to help stop this unethical, immoral trade promoting proliferation of weapons, nationally and across the globe."

The global pattern of increasingly frequent, violent and destructive weather events, associated with climate change, is accelerated by raised greenhouse gas emissions due to military activity. The environmental impact is suffered by the 65 million people displaced from their homes world-wide, including refugees and vulnerable Pacific Island neighbours who are threatened by sea level rise.

Peace Action Manawatū will be supported by Peace Action Wellington and Auckland Peace Action, who have long campaigned against the Weapons Expo. An invitation is extended to those who share similar concerns to attend a week of peace themed events in October.


Dr Fred Hirst
on behalf of Peace Action Manawatū
Well that's it for this week, I hope you are well and keeping warm and please don't forget you are among the most important people in the world, why because all people are important. 

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Don Brash an extremist, an idealist you decide.

33 11th August 208

Wheeler's Corner
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Who is or was Don Brash? Well those with computers can turn to Wikipedia for a picture of the man. This is what I’ve done: We are the same age 77, not that that implies any connection and strangely we both came from Whanganui only I use the 'H' .Poor Don can't use Maori words or even listen to them, only joking..

His recent political history is interesting:
On 30 April 2011 Brash became the Leader of ACT New Zealand after his bid for its leadership was accepted and he was confirmed by the ACT caucus and board.[2] He resigned later that year on 26 November 2011 due to ACT's poor showing in the election, and its failure to gain any seats apart from its gifted electorate strong-hold of Epsom.

His family background at a glance:
Don Brash was born to Alan Brash, a Presbyterian minister and son of prominent lay leader Thomas Brash, and Eljean Brash (née Hill), in Whanganui on 24 September 1940.

His marriage history:
In 1964 Brash married his first wife, Erica, with whom he had two children. In the 1980s he and his Singaporean secretary, Je Lan Lee, entered into a relationship. Both were married at the time. He separated from his first wife in 1985 and four months after they were divorced he married Lee.[4][5] In 2007, his second marriage also broke up, following an affair with Diane Foreman, then Deputy Chair of the Business Round Table.[6] Brash and Lee had one child together.[7

How did he get into politics. Note: he has never been elected to Parliament.
Brash's first entry into politics came in 1980 when the National Party selected him to stand as its candidate in the by-election in the East Coast Bays electorate. Brash's attempt at the seat, however, failed – some believe that this resulted from the decision by Robert Muldoon, National Party Prime Minister, to raise tolls on the Auckland Harbour Bridge, an important route for East Coast Bays residents. The seat went to Gary Knapp of the Social Credit Party. Brash again failed to win the seat at the general election of 1981.

Reserve Bank Governor performance:
There is a range of opinion on Brash's performance as Reserve Bank governor. The New Zealand Association of Economists describe Brash's success in establishing an independent central bank with an inflation target and in reducing inflation as a highlight of his career.[8] Documentary maker Alister Barry described Brash as "an extremist, an idealist" whose "ideal world is where the free market reigns supreme". Barry considered that Brash manipulated public opinion towards neo-liberal economics and gave as examples Brash's advocacy for abolishing the minimum wage and his Hayek Memorial Lecture to the Institute of Economic Affairs in London

His demonstration of his love of free speech:
In 2004, following a political speech given by the Prime Minister Helen Clark inside the Christchurch Cathedral, Brash wrote to the Dean of the Cathedral, Peter Beck. In his letter he criticised Clark's use of a church-venue for delivering a political speech, and he raised questions over her views on religion and on the institution of marriage. After Clark retaliated, Brash apologised for any offence that his comments had caused to her, and revealed that his Chief of Staff, Richard Long, had written the letter, not Brash himself.

His views on welfare :
Brash proposed a number of ways to reduce welfare dependency and to refocus the DPB back to its original intent of giving aid to single-parent families in need or in danger. These proposals included enforcing child-support payments from absent fathers, requiring single parents to work or perform community services once their children reached school age, and introducing penalties for women seeking the DPB who refused to name the father of their child. He also acknowledged adoption as an acceptable option, particularly for teenage girls, and drew attention to the growth in numbers of single mothers giving birth to additional children while already receiving the single-parent DPB benefit. Some elements of the speech put his Social Welfare spokesperson, Katherine Rich, at odds with Brash, and he fired her from the portfolio, promoting the MP for Clevedon, Judith Collins, in her place.
The book that sunk his dreams
On 16 November 2006 Brash had obtained a High Court injunction[22] prohibiting the distribution or publication of the private emails allegedly unlawfully taken from his computer, following ongoing rumours that his opponents would publish a series of his personal emails as a book, and he confirmed that the police had commenced a criminal investigation into the alleged email-theft.[23] However he claimed he had no awareness of and did not wish to stop the publication of the Hager book.[24] As part of his resignation announcement, Brash also announced he had cleared the way for the book's release by providing copies of his emails to Hager, and stated it had nothing to with his resignation.[25]
His entry into the world of racism:
His activities with Hobson's pledge, anti Maori anything behavior is well known, his promise to wipe the Maori electorate seats, his claim the no Maori exists these days has been fully covered by the media, and needs no further comment. Well one last word maybe:
AUT Senior lecturer Ella Henry told Morning Report the university's actions stimulated more people to speak up. "I do think that Massey has probably created more of a spin for Don Brash than actually try to make a moral stand," she said.
She also compared it to when his criticism of the use of te reo Māori on RNZ actually resulted in more people standing up for the language.
"What I think is most interesting about Don Brash's stance on te reo is that his decision was so extraordinary that it started a conversation that continues today ... he's got more people talking about why te reo is important."

Any way that's it for Don Brash. 
Read to see what Massey students actually think about Brash's claims:
Or this to see what a grown up reporter and commentator thinks:  

So lets move to my social media top item of the week, her report on a visit to an Inquiry in to Mental Health and Addiction hearing held in Palmerston North last week, her language is easy to understand and paints a clear and dynamic picture of her reactions. It's well worth a read:

2. This from a wonderful mental health care advocate and free lance writer Rachael Andrews:

"Yesterday the panel for the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction finally graced Palmerston North with their presence after initially neglecting to schedule a public hearing here. 

When I walked into the room I heard one of the organising people say as they hurriedly organised more chairs "well we didn't expect this many people". Then I looked at the way the room was arranged - them, the panel, over there at the front (or back depending on perception) and this vacuous empty space in front of them. Then there some rows of chairs for the people to sit in so very far away from the panel - this vacuous space between us. 

That is how it felt - the entire hearing - to me. Bereaved families, stressed staff and ex-staff, past and present users of services across health, education, justice, corrections spoke across a vacuum to a panel who sat with their backs against a wall. I hope the visual (re)presentation doesn't reflect the outcome of this inquiry.

Fixing a mental health system implies a focus still on people being ill in order to be healed. My hope is that we can learn to arm children from the youngest possible age with tools for wellness and navigating lifes challenges effectively. It is a community responsibility. 

If more people saw it that way perhaps there could less mental distress and a more harmonious, productive, and sustainable society. Wairarapa Intergenerational Playgroup, along with Mutual Aid Networks, TimeBanks, Community Circles, food rescue initiatives like Just Zilch, Satisfy in Porirua, and sharing economies of all kinds (skills, knowledge as well as resources) are initiatives that create real and meaningful change. To learn more go to:

We don't have to ask for permission to start these kinds of initiatives - just do it. This playgroup is a perfect example of how sharing and simplicity can heal not just individuals but communities".

 You can listen to Peter at MPR AM 999 on Mondays at 4pm
and never forget you are amongst the most important people in the world...why because all people are important. 

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32 4th August 2018 Selling death in Palmerston North.

When I was a very young soldier.

32 4th August 208

Wheeler's Corner
'Concerning citizens who care' 
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Did you know that:

More than a decade or so ago Palmerston North, my fair city took the correct and bold step of joining with other NZ Cities [Ten or eleven] in declaring our city a Peace City. Some of the Mayors were: Auckland Mayor Les Mills, Hastings Mayor, Jeremy Dwyer, Hamilton Mayor, Margaret Evans, Manukau Mayor Barry Curtis, Napier Mayor Alan Dick, Palmerston North Mayor Paul Rieger, Taupo Mayor Joan Williamson, Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey, Wellington Mayor Fran Wilde, – rededicated by Mayor Mark Blumsky. 

PN officially became a 'City of Peace' in June 2012 when the Mayor joined the world-wide 'Mayors for Peace' organisation

This was but a small step forward in the advancement of peace and a clear indicator that peace for our city was better than war!
But not all individuals have taken that declaration seriously, especially those in the arms sales industry...they saw this declaration as a restraint to their stated aim of selling weapons of war to various military and police forces around the world, and this included New Zealand.

Hands are better than weapons.
These corporation's have always seen the possibility of massive arms sales in our fair land.

They set up a sales center in Auckland a couple of years back, but were faced with massive peaceful demonstrations against their so-called EXPO that it never really got underway. A year later they tried Wellington and got to advertise their weapons only after a massive protest, it cost our police and therefore taxpayers hundreds of thousands to protect these international criminals as they chatted about their killing power with other like minded people.

This year they have selected Palmerston North to once again shove their sales pitch down our throats, they just adore selling their weapons to both sides of a conflict. Because at the same time as they are attempting to fool us into buying into their never ending debt, they are doing the same to other countries overseas.

Most of these corporation's don’t give a hoot about about the wars they perpetuate. Hence the reason why the US where most of the corporation's are based never really seeks to end wars, for example the rest of the world considers the war in Korea over, not so the US.

You see killing has become the norm in this day and age, dictators kill their citizens without any sense of wrong doing, and these murderers are the people that these so-called salesmen seek out. I say my New Zealand should not be one of them!

The money behind these salesmen care little for humanity, justice and legality. They attempt to show these [sometimes willing powers] the ways and means to destroy others using modern technology such as drones and such like. Of course they push the line, that they are only doing this to ‘protect’ a nations citizens. That is a lie! They pretend to care about us, when in fact they are like the tobacco sellers who still today legally sell a deadly product, knowing, as we all do, that it kills.

So what can we do? Well we could demand that the council keeps its promise to make Palmerston North a ‘peace city’. The council should stop these international funded crooks from invading our fair city to sell their weapons of war and I hope they will do just that. The council could if it so desired cancel the deal they have that allows us to host these absolute unwanted vermin.

That would naturally and peacefully save the country thousands of thousands of dollars also it could without doubt save countless deaths.

Right now the Government is in the stupid process of spending 2.3 billion on four aircraft which are mainly designed to attack submarines, but not US subs, or Australian subs, but Chinese subs on behalf of the US, which as I’ve pointed out, creates nothing better than ensuring ‘forever’ wars such as Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan and Korea. Read the blog from No Right Turn below to learn more facts about our use of anti-submarine air craft. 

If that past Mayoral desire for a Peace City was sincere then cancelling our planned Arms EXPO is a must do behaviour...we should not believe words alone, behaviour proves actual commitment and real change.

Here in the Manawatu we by and large I believe, value our Defence Forces especially the Army and the Air Force which have bases here in our bountiful region, they are a part of our community, society and humanity.

Also our police men and women have plenty to do rather than spend time protecting war mongers and such like, just like I believe most thinking defence people at the rock face, believe in saving people rather than killing them. It's called keeping the peace.

1939 was the last time NZ declared war, now days the US and our so-called friends declare war and we simply follow the leader and with Trump in charge that is dangerous indeed. If we truly believe that NZ desires to live in peace, then let’s match that statement with changed behaviour. Here are a few of those New Zealanders who have died fighting other peoples wars of late:
Some New Zealanders think we punch above our weight, lets stop punching, and instead behave above our weight, let us not forget that the only terrorists caught operating here in NZ were Frenchmen [Who sunk a ship in Auckland] and Israeli secret agents [Who tried to steal dead babies passports during the Christchurch earthquake.

It’s bad enough that military forces operating in US, Israeli and other self-created war zones, like the Middle East are killing without endangering their own forces through the haphazard use of drones and auto bombs which have killed thousands of innocent victims and where the attackers have no real understanding and perspective on the destruction they bring about. It has been termed ‘distant and blind killing’ and some suggest that it removes the very real emotional effect on the people involved in the killing.

After years and years of this accepted so-called normal behaviour murder and war has becomes the norm. The following references highlights this in regard to Israel and its Zionist Government:

If you have the time to read some or all of the references they will prove just how governments use the range of weapons for sale at world expo sales programmes.

These immoral salesmen are not selling protection for humanity they are selling death and destruction not only to people but to the environment, not only to us but to the rest of the world as well.
Some may argue that it is a matter of free speech and the free market place they use to peddle their cash cows... that is simply rubbish, is as false as their message that we need them. Truth is they need us not the reverse, we are the ones doing the paying.

2. This week I have two short blogs for you to take a look at, they relate to today's news, free speech and submarine threats to our fair shores. The first is from: Boonman,

As a former leader of two major Wellington organisations and the ACT Party, I have, for years, been championing free speech.
Consider, if you will, a younger old white man, standing up in front of other old white men in a small back room in Orewa – or, as I call it, Ohreewah. This younger old white man talked about two laws for all. One law for the Maoris and another for the rest of us. So many, many of the old white men in that room agreed with me and the National Party immediately went up in the polls. New Zealanders agreed with this young old white man.
So many people called me a racist. They were wrong, but that was their right. It was their right to be wrong.
People are free to stand up and call me a racist just as I am free to stand up and say whatever I want about whomever I want no matter how objectionable or racist it may appear on first, second, or sixty third reading.
When I heard that some good people with similar views to me were planning to come to New Zealand, I was excited. Then Phil Goff had the audacity to ban them from all Auckland Council venues. This, coupled with the fact that I haven’t really been in the media for a number of months, caused me to speak up and say no.
I, and a number of my old white friends, are teaming up to challenge Phil Goff so that my friends can come to New Zealand and tell everyone how terrible people who don’t look like them are.
I would say here that I don’t necessarily agree with anything these two say, although some of it is right up my alley. However objectionably racist, hate-fuelled and derogatory their speech, they are completely within their rights to say it. Just like I am completely within my rights to crowd-fund the legal challenge against the Auckland Council. Or to pop up on Radio New Zealand every so often whenever I feel threatened by the prospects of my old white guy status quo being de-quo’d.
That’s what freedom of speech is all about. Saying things that other people disagree with so you can get on the radio again.
I hope you will join me at the tent we’ve organised for Lauren and Stefan. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a couple of Nazis in full cry, and she’s a bit of a looker as well, so there’s that too.
Thank you for listening to my speech.
Don Brash – Old, White and Racist since ages ago". Don Brash's friends arrived on Friday.

The 2nd: Blog of the week is from: No Right Turn:"How much of a waste of money is the government's decision to blow $2.3 billion on high-tech American sub-hunting aircraft? An OIA request through FYI, the public OIA request site, has shown just how mythical the submarine "threat" actually is: while NZDF's record keeping is typically awful, the last time they say they detected a submarine with the Orions outside of an exercise was in 1998. The last time they detected a non-friendly submarine was in 1989: almost thirty years ago. They apparently haven't even bothered recording it since 2010, though they say that "submarine detection's were still being reported orally on occasion".
So, that's how important sub-hunting is to NZDF: not important enough to document or record, but supposedly important enough to spend $2.3 billion on.
New Zealand has a clear need for maritime surveillance aircraft to perform fisheries patrols and search and rescue. But we don't need hi-tech sub-hunters. NZDF openly admits that when they say in their white paper that they can see no immediate threats, and that they expect a decade to rearm if one appears, so there's no need to spend this money now. The additional capability to fight this mythical threat is costing us about a billion dollars, and that's a billion dollars that could be better spent elsewhere at present.

On Sunday the 5th of August 2018 at 5pm at All Saints Church hall, there is a service with a difference, for a part of that service will look at the issue of non-violent action.This part of the service will be conducted by the Rev Andy Hickman: He wrote these words..

"To claim to be a follower of Jesus and therefore a Christian and to passively sit back and allow (let alone support) our government’s complicit involvement in the bombing of Syria, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, etc etc, one must surely ask “What Would Jesus Do?”, “Would he bomb these nations?”
The answer of course is be a definitive NO. Rather, he challenged the oppressive power structures through non-violent direct action".

The following week’s sequel (AUG 12th) is "Being Outside Agitators"

Andy's message has hit a nerve for me and maybe it has for you, if so why not try to be be there no matter what your religion. This message is important, especially if you have children and family.
Well that's it for this week, the huge task of getting the local council to reconsider the odd, backward and strange permission granted to a bunch of rat-bags arms sellers by the Mayor alone. It will lead to higher rates and even more taxation.

You might like to send an email to NZF LMP, Ron Mark the Minister of Defence here is his address: 

The two strange Canadians venue has just cancelled their $100 dollar a ticket public meeting, common sense has prevailed...let them hold it on the street, what will don Brash do now? 
Never forget you are among the most important people in the world...why because all people are important.

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