Friday, 30 August 2013

Police find themselves not guilty

Police attack cat at Kim Dotcoms Mansion. [The cat got away]

Eavesdropper strikes again: One law for all…yeah right, after recording this discussion between a couple of over-paid cops: Eavesdropper thinks we need a change at the top. The police keep finding themselves not guilty of all sorts of shady things, like shootings, rapes and other criminal activities like spying, bugging, eavedropping, bashing people who are protecting their own property etc. Here is the overheard conversation, it took place at Police HQ in Wellington just a short time ago...

“Have you got a minute Chief Inspector Bright Spark?

“Sure have Mr. Senior Police Commissioner, your wish is my command”, said Chief Inspector Bright spark.

“Right then, please explain to me how we can be guilty, but not charged with a crime, I don’t understand”, surely if you are guilty, your guilty, Inspector Bright Spark.

“Well Commissioner we [that is the police] broke the law when we instructed the GCSB to spy on that cubby German chap who just happens to be a New Zealand resident”…uttered Bright Spark as he adopted his creepy ‘be-nice-to-the-idiot-boss-mode’. But you see sir; we never actually committed the crime with any criminal intent

“I know that, I told the PM that before we instructed the GCSB to bug the fat Germans half dozen telephones and put the bugs in his six bathrooms and twenty-one bedrooms, five toilets, three kitchens, six motor vehicles, two helicopters and four push bikes plus one wheel barrow.

“You told the PM before you mass bugged the fat German and his family! Gee what did John baby say when you told him? Whispered CI Bright Spark, looking around for possible hidden bugs…

“He said nothing really, he simply muttered something that sounded like, “I never heard that, in fact you never said it”…so you can take it from me the PM won’t remember anything, I mean he can’t normally remember anything when he is allowed to remember, and he is absolutely blank when it comes to remembering anything that one is not allowed to remember”, shouted the Very Senior Police Commissioner, turning a lighter shade of blue so that his skin matched his tie. “But anyway just answer my question Chief Inspector Bright Spark”…

“Well you see Mr. Commissioner let me put it this way: you can not order someone to break the law, that’s just not legal, so you see the GCSB should have told you to get stuff** but since they failed to warn you that your order was illegal and therefore unlawful, but not criminal, they left a clear loop hole for us to slide through. Bright Spark was in full swing now and said proudly “And since we are investigating ourselves, we can and did use our old mate Kristy McDonald QC, you know she is the lawyer defending us against the very same fat German who both the PM and John Banks can’t remember…along with Hollywood, Obama, Holden, the FBI, CIA…

“Hang on Inspector Spark”, the Commissioner interrupted, “wouldn’t she have a direct conflict of interest, I mean conducting an investigation into police behaviour while working for the police and being instructed by us…sounds a little bit off…that does”, said the Commissioner now totally confused by Bright Sparks explanation.

“In no way Commissioner said Bright Spark, the PM authorised it, just like he did when he appointed his old mate Henry to inquire into that Peter Dunne, Andrea Vance affair or whatever it was…file leak, romance, friendship or whatever. Do you know that he read all those rather strange emails, had a chat with Dunne and what do you know Dunne changed his mind and the GCSB bill was passed and once the Governor General signs the bill, what we did to that fat German and 88 others becomes legal…

The Commissioner patted the CI on the head and suggested that he relax and have a good rest while he protected the PM on one of his many R&R breaks in Hawaii as a reward for his brilliant strategy in getting the police off the hook yet again…

This from TDB site, a site well worth a visit…    

“Just so you can all appreciate what a con job the Police verdict to find the GCSB not guilty of THEIR request to illegally spy on Dotcom really is;  the law does not require the establishment of criminal intent, it requires proof of intentional intervention by a person without lawful authority to do so.
The intent of the GCSB has nothing to do with it, that they intentionally intercepted is the threshold for prosecution!
This decision was also ‘independently’ reviewed by none other than the QC who is also prosecuting Kim Dotcom.
It’s a God damn stitch up ladies and gentlemen.
The contempt of due legal process for the pursuit of mass surveillance powers is chilling, and the ongoing abuse to our civil liberties which are shrugged off as the exception and not the rule sound hollow as we see example after example after example, month after month after month.
There is a repetitive nature to these attacks on democracy by this Government in the last half decade, and the only way I see it changing is by throwing this Party out of power in 2014.
If this is the sort of interpretive chicanery and sham independence the Police are pulling to justify spying when they are caught red handed, imagine the Kafkaesque deceptions we are all in store for now this obscenity is legal?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Anne Hunt speaks out for justice

Is this yet one more police stuff up? Can’t the police do anything right. Their treatment of the public has gone from bad to worse. And who do the police work for in Levin? Citizens or the Mayor and local rowing club members.

Horowhenua District Councillor and Mayoral candidate Anne Hunt has slammed the racial disparity in the way the police are dealing with incidents at Lake Horowhenua, in the wake of another attack on her credibility during this election campaign.

She says it is now more than five weeks since Horowhenua Rowing Club members attacked owner Phil Taueki, and still there have been no arrests, despite Sergeant Marty Bull advising her on the day that Mr Taueki did not need to identify the offenders because they had already admitted it.

As the police have not yet arrested the offenders, Mrs. Hunt says that the rowers are free to go down to the lake and taunt Mr Taueki because the police have allowed them to get away with beating Mr Taueki up.

On the Horowhenua Rowing Club's official web-site, members are now claiming his injuries were self-inflicted.
Having seen his bloodied face and injuries to the back of his head, she says this would be physically impossible.
Mr Taueki had been hit from behind, and then had his face smashed into the rocks on waahi tapu land where the rowers have no right of access.

Judge Atkins had warned members of the Horowhenua Rowing Club earlier this year not to cross the Domain boundary.

She says it was fortunate that a supporter managed to get down to the lake in time to record a police officer reading Mr Taueki his rights, as the usual procedure is for the police to arrest Mr Taueki on some trumped-up charge so that the rowers could continue their unlawful activities on this privately-owned lake uninterrupted.

Mr Taueki confided afterwards that the attack was so vicious that he feared for his life.
When he took a formal complaint to the police two days later, he asked Constable Derek Turvey if his complaint would be investigated. He was told: 'probably not'.

Area Commander Patrick Handcock had met with Mr Taueki and Professor Whata Winiata a few days later to discuss this latest incident, and although he had promised Mr Taueki that he would be in touch with him by 11 August, Mr Taueki has not heard back from him.

Meanwhile Judge Lynch has relaxed Mr Taueki's bail conditions so that he can protect himself from further assaults without risking arrest for breach of bail. He also directed the police to review the remaining charges against Mr Taueki. (see attached submission)
In the past few years, a total of nineteen charges have been dropped by the police or thrown out by the courts.
Mrs. Hunt says that if any of these remaining charges come before the court, she will be testifying that she had received two early morning phone calls threatening to kill Mr Taueki and her.

Initially the police had been reluctant to investigate these death threats, but eventually the calls were traced to a Levin landline. "I was able to recognise the caller, and it was a member of the Horowhenua Rowing Club".

If charges had not been dropped at the last minute on another case, Mr Taueki would have played an emergency call to the police from a Club member, who made a supposedly 'off the record' comment that the police would celebrate if her husband harmed Mr Taueki. This caller, a senior manager at WINZ, held Mr Taueki responsible for last year's vandalism to their boats.

Mrs. Hunt says that the police have not spoken to Mr Taueki about this incident so obviously there is no evidence linking him to this damage. Mr Taueki had been bailed to live elsewhere at the time and had an iron tight alibi.
However Mrs. Hunt says that on the other hand, the only people who knew Mr Taueki was being held in custody the night his car was trashed were the rowers and the police.

As Mr Taueki no longer has a vehicle, Mrs. Hunt says she is on stand-by to transport him to important meetings, such as the Whakawhiti Korero at Te Wanganga o Raukawa on the day the video footage featuring on You Tube was filmed. She says Mr Taueki was angry because he recognised the rowers who had viciously assaulted him down at the lake, and having been summoned by the rowers, two police cars were arriving as he was driving away.

Previous court cases have established that a police officer was responsible for organising an unlawful event at the lake the day before his mother's Tangi. And despite this police officer denying that he had said anything to upset Mr Taueki, video footage confirms that this police officer disputes Mr Taueki's ownership of the lake.

Meanwhile Mayor Duffy refused to allow a Court of Appeal decision to be tabled at this month's Lake Domain Board meeting establishing that the Board has no authority to allow the Rowing and Sailing Clubs to occupy the buildings on Maori Freehold land at the lake.

Mr Taueki is still awaiting a Supreme Court decision that is expected to clarify the right of owners to remove people acting unlawfully on their property.

For further information: please contact Anne Hunt 06 363 7750.
I have removed identifying details from the attached e-mail but I understand the link has appeared on a number of other web-sites, including the Horowhenua District Council and Rowing Club sites.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Labour gives Nats lesson in party democracy

David Cunliffe and Grant Robertson. 

So the Labour Party now has to go through a selection process to select its leader…well what do you know we now have more than one political party that selects its leader democratically, the Greens, Mana select their leaders democratically. It’s strange how parties that inch left are the ones who elect their leader.

But no party on the right of politics bothers; they feel that democracy is what you have when you haven’t got a dictator. And the Nats have sure got that, note Key’s behaviour when parliament was asked to consider using the conscience vote procedure, he ordered his members of parliament NOT TO have a conscience…how’s that for a dictatorship!, to quote him, “I am the National Party conscience”…and if you don’t like it…GO.

Can you imagine the national party actually electing a leader?  Let’s have a quick look at the National Party make up. Its first and most powerful group is the millionaires club, its present leader belongs to that club, he is not the richest but he is the scariest. He’s scarier than say Steven Joyce, but not by much, those richer than the present leader stay well hidden as they avoid paying as much tax as possible, some even live overseas most of the time, as does the PM, to avoid paying even the much diluted tax levels now days. Of course none of them actually own anything it’s all owned by trusts which are owned by other trusts, etc, etc and so on but all the money leads back to them…follow the money and you follow the crime.

Then there is the second group of National Party members, the Farmers [well the rich ones] they receive all sorts of subsidies from the government, pollution consent, health and safety adaption’s. This bunch still believe that National is governed by good keen hard working farming types dressed in gumboots and wee hats. Men like Kiwi Keith Holyoake when in fact the honest farm raised National Party styled member died out years and years ago and was replace by city bred accountancy or legal Ponzi types and money manipulators and speculators who have never shorn a sheep, or dagged one for that matter. Regardless this group of Nat supporters will vote for who ever is placed before them, like a sheep, a sheep dog, a hay stack, Paula Bennett, some ones pet cat or rabbit.

Then there is the third and most dangerous grouping, these are the wanna-bees, they come in all shapes and sizes and consist of ex-national party employees, for example,
Matthew Hooton, (who recently on Twitter referred to Nicky Hager as a ‘pro Al Queda Commo C**t’) yet is flipping out at a Labour leader who would publicly utter ‘Socialism’ and ‘inequality’ while boasting to raise taxes, you know something good is happening when Hooton cries in his beer.. Then

David Farrar 'the Joker'. 
there is that other strange chap who runs Kiwi Blog
David Farrar and does the National Party polling each week, and who constantly appears on ‘Afternoons with Jim Mora’ a programme whose guests are so far to the right, they wear two right shoes because they just hate to wear anything left…people like Slater once editor of The Truth, the now defunct weekly trash rag, and Steven Franks an ex Act Party MP and weird Lawyer. Yes these strange but living life forms are also highly toxic and are well practiced at the skilled art of political manipulation. And I imagine that Key could buy, if he hasn’t already, each one with the flick of a bank note.

Can you imagine this diverse bunch of people wreckers could ever take part in an election to select a leader? But we can always hope that the Nat’s will become democratic one day…
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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Have we really sunk this low?

David Shearer gives up leadership.

David Shearer has had his moment in the sun. His heroic deeds while working for the United Nations in some of the worlds most dangerous locations was not enough to counter-balance the financial whiz-kid who while working for some of the worlds biggest rip-off artists amassed a small fortune in grubby money and then snuck back into New Zealand and brought himself the National Party leadership by using the same dirty tactics.

New Zealanders over the past 20 to 30 years have developed a taste for legalised theft and those doing the stealing have become the nation’s heroes. The leading measurement for success is ones bank balance and the size of ones mansion or mansions. This is why kids when asked what they would like to be answer a millionaire!

Mastering the dubious skills of media manipulation and bullshit and jellybean style presentation has become the norm. The bigger the lie, the more massive the crime leads to the more popular the leader.

It has become so bad in New Zealand that these days that the Prime Minister could rape a Nun on the steps of parliament and our overseas owned media would create the spin that the Nun was the blame because she was too attractive to be a Nun and that the rape committed by the PM was an perfectly normal thing for any real kiwi male to perform.

They would most likely attempt to convince the nation that the Nun was really a terrorist in disguise…that had slipped through the system hence the need to increase the powers of our US funded GCSB even further.

The Police would naturally after an in house review, decide that the rape wasn’t rape but was in reality simply an error of judgement, and that the Nun was lucky not to have been shot for her attack on the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister would claim that he remembers nothing about the incident and doubts that it ever took place. Steven Joyce, Judith Collins and Chris Finlayson would agree, and that the Nun involved would not be released from police custody until her case had been reviewed by the Privy Council in London.

In the meantime the Labour Party will commence to select its new leader while the National Party dreams up new ways of making John Banks appear honest and Peter Dunne seem balanced and sane, both of those tasks are almost impossible.

And in the meantime more and more people will become unemployed, more and more caregivers will be driven into poverty, more and more kids will remain hungry and catch third world diseases.

What a wonderful country we now live in, this is what our parents and grandparents fought and died for, the right to be ignorant, robbed legally, lied to, and looked down on. So much for democracy these days…

David Shearer did the honourable thing and resigned…will John Key do the same thing? I doubt it, why because the word honourable is involved, a word John Key can’t and will never comprehend.     

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Russel Norman knocks Key for six

Who pays the GCSB?

The PM John Key is running scared: His shaky platform has been exploded and exposed by a frontal attack by the political opponent Key fears most.

Key has insulted him in and outside the house, suggested that he return to his native Australia, called him communist, a mad greenie, and lover of all things left. He even suggested in a tantrum that this person would flee to the hills if confronted by a terrorist.

The person that led to the shiver that now runs up Key’s spine…is of course Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman. And he has got Key in panic mode. 

This dynamic leader of the ever growing Green Party tossed a question at the Prime Minister during question time on Tuesday. The question was so powerful and so powerfully expressed that Key was reduced to a stuttering Muppet whose strings had become entangled by the puppeteer who was manipulating Keys limbs.

His question in the House yesterday asking if the NSA subsidize the GCSB as they do in Britain with the GCHQ was met by a stony ‘neither deny nor confirm’ from the Prime Minister.

Because the question was asked in the house the PM couldn’t make a quick call overseas to seek permission to answer the question honestly. He had to buy time, time to get directions, not unlike a motorist lost in a strange city and not knowing in which direction to turn. Let’s follow the question and Keys muddling answers:

Dr Russel Norman: Does the GCSB receive funding directly or indirectly from the Government of the United States?

After a distinct hesitation:

Rt Hon JOHN KEY: It is not in my interest or the national interest for me to answer that question. I do not think any Minister responsible for the GCSB would do so.

Labour’s Trevor Mallard noticed the hesitation and reacted:

Hon Trevor Mallard: I raise a point of order Mr Speaker. There is a long-term tradition in this House that a member’s interests—and the Prime Minister has said it is not in his interests to answer the question. He can say it is not in the national interest, but we know it is not in his interests already.

The Speaker then attempted to protect his leader, as he always does:

Mr SPEAKER: Order! The Prime Minister, I think, stumbled over the first words as he started that answer. He said that it is not in the country’s interest for him to continue to answer that question, and that is a perfectly satisfactory answer.

Russel Norman now on the front foot continued;

Dr Russel Norman: Does that mean that the Prime Minister will not deny that the GCSB has received funding from the Government of the United States?

After a clear hesitation;  

Rt Hon JOHN KEY: No. It means that it is not in the national interest for me to discuss those matters.

Russel Norman now fires a lethal round:

Dr Russel Norman: Does the Prime Minister believe it is right or, indeed, lawful for the GCSB to receive funding from a foreign Government without informing this Parliament?

Key now attempts to move the question off course:

Rt Hon JOHN KEY: Firstly, the member should be very careful about jumping to any conclusions. It is not in the national interest for me to discuss those kinds of matters. But what is really interesting is that 24 hours before we finally pass the GCSB legislation, that member does not even have a question on the matter.

Russel Norman moves in for the kill:

Dr Russel Norman: Does the Prime Minister believe in the basic principles of parliamentary responsibility for the Government’s finances—that is, Parliament must know when the Government receives funding—if so, how can an agency like the GCSB receive money from a foreign Government without Parliament knowing?

The PM is saved by the bell…and retreats while he seeks support from overseas;

Rt Hon JOHN KEY: I am not saying it is or it is not.

This from the Daily Blog:

Russel Norman’s increasing confidence in Parliament yesterday wasn’t the caffeine sugar high of the latest Roy Morgan Poll showing a large drop for National and a large jump for Labour and the Greens, it was the slow burn of a politician who is now reaching his zenith as a Alpha political predator. His question in the House yesterday asking if the NSA subsidize the GCSB as they do in Britain with the GCHQ was met by a stony ‘neither deny nor confirm’ from the Prime Minister.
That means that the NSA probably does subsidize the GCSB.
I think we are seeing a new kind of control system being exported by the United States. Propping up a dictator with paramilitary death squads is very 1970s and damages the tourism brand, so a new product is being tested out. This model sees America equip and empower domestic intelligence agencies and directly influence how that agency operates and what it targets.
The fear generated by the War on Terror has given every intelligence agency the justifications they need to grow.
Over the last decade, funding for the SIS increased by 250% to $41 million in 2012. It now employs 232 full time staff. Over the same period of time, the GCSB increased its funding by 174% to $63m in 2012, and now has 294 staff.
And what about the intelligence agencies you’ve probably never even heard of?
The Organised Crime Intelligence Unit, Financial Intelligence Unit, Strategic Intelligence Unit, National Bureau of Criminal Intelligence, Identity Intelligence Unit, Threat Assessment Unit, Police Terrorism Investigation and Intelligence Group and the Special Investigation Group. They’ve all been given vast new surveillance powers despite very few prosecutions in NZ for any of the things these agencies are supposed to guard against.
We have seen a mass ramping up of agencies that can spy on their citizens so when Russel Norman asks if the NSA is subsidizing the GCSB to spy upon it’s own population, Key’s neither confirm nor deny answer simply isn’t good enough.
Who do our intelligence agencies work for? Wellington or Washington?

Monday, 19 August 2013

TV 3 poll proves Key tells fibs. Shock result stuns Nats.

The GCSB TV 3 Campbell Live poll

Well the TV3 on line poll has been completed, it was the largest poll ever carried out by TV 3. And please note it was an ‘On line poll’ which means that each person voting had to give both their email address and their contact information, so as to allow TV 3 to check the validity of each vote. If they were not validated they were not counted.

And the results were startling both in numbers and outcomes, and puts the lie to john Keys stupid assumption that people were more interested in the snapper issue than the GCSB bill that expands and legalises their illegal practices.

And we should not forget that they illegally spied on 88 New Zealand Citizens and now Key has taken one further step in allowing the law breaking agents to get away scot free and to continue with their criminal behaviour.

He started with him permitting the GCSB to break the law by raiding the Kim Dotcom mansion in Auckland. Naturally he denied all knowledge of that event. He even denied that he knew of a person called Kim Dotcom who had handed over ten million dollars in security to the government, and had held the largest fire works display ever held on the Auckland water-front.

Ian Fletcher Keys School buddy.

To cover his backside he quickly rang his best friend in Australia and suggested that he might like to apply for the top job in the CGSB, his old school buddy accepted in a flash and the standard practice for the appointment was quickly removed so that his family friend was the only applicant…and was appointed by John Key himself…beat that for doing a mate a favour…the job was worth three hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year.

TV 3 and a few other journalists broke the news…and the cat was out of the bag.

Keys visit to Hollywood was revealed, they were out to get Kim Dotcom, and they were big backers of Obama…and Eric Holder the US Attorney General and boss of US spy services set the Dot Com raid in motion, after Eric Holder patted our Attorney General on the head and said what a good boy he was. Chris Finlayson agreed with the raid and so it proceeded.

That is the history leading up to the PM commencing to change the law regarding the GCSB. He now owned the head of the GCSB, he controlled our Attorney General. He already has complete control over the head of the SIS, the various arms of the Military and the police.

Then John Campbell got up the PM’s nose! So let’s look at the result of the poll:

52,666 voted.

89% voted opposing the GCSB bill. [46000]

11% voted supporting the GCSB bill [5800]

Watch the TV 3 presentation at; 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Do lies cause eartquakes, you decide.

Most Popularists political leaders don’t speak for intelligent people, they speak to the ignorant using the language of the ignorant to get their false and misleading message across.

Don-Key has become an expert at this but there is one very dangerous aspect to his behaviour and that is every time he tells porkies or half-truths we have an earthquake, and the size of the earthquake seems to match the size of his lie.

For example he told a whopper on the Campbell live programme when he shouted down one of the politest interviewers on television. Oh John Campbell is not a yes man like for example that Patrick Gower chap, TV 3’s  parliamentary reporter who appears to bend at the waist every time he confronts the PM.  

But really folks on Wednesday the PM tells a mighty big porky, on Thursday the media picks up on his giant sized whopper, PM talks to his PR Adviser, has a quick practice run through and then pops up on TV and makes apologies for his now public exposure and Lord and behold, God decides his humility is not great enough so he rattles up a 5.6 earthquake to show his displeasure with the PM’s lack of humility.

And this seems to be becoming a habit, and I might add a dangerous one for us mere mortals who lack the divine connections of John Key who is without doubt in direct communication with both the good angels and the naughty ones, I’m unsure just which group of divine beings he prefers, but I’m sure the fundamentalists of whatever creed who claim his allegiance depending on whatever his objective at the time. Whatever his divine abilities they must be powerful to cause the anger of the God of earthquakes to rattle our peaceful nation so often and especially our Capital City of Wellington that is governed by a well known greenie of the female gender.

I make one last plea, please Mr. John Key; don’t tell any porkies next week in Parliament during the final debate on the all powerful GCSB bill. Wellingtonians deserve a good long break from shuddering earth, disrupted rail services; they need time to rebuild their hope for the future, as do the people of Nelson and Tasman.

Please…please John Key keep a tight grip on your tongue and utterances, tell the truth and seek forgiveness for past sins. I know you have very close connections to the present Israeli government and model your behaviour on their close connection to Obama and the US intelligence services.

So give us some small respite so as to allow us the time needed to rebuild our confidence and trust in a lie free future with a lot less earthquakes.        

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Campbell Live reveals psychopathic leader

Obama, key and Holder dance to the same tune.

Earlier in a blog I wrote these words:

"John handed Nathan a tissue to wipe the tears from his cheeks, and then he said, “This is bigger than just you Nathan, its for Queen and country, Obama and freedom, for Fonterra, Hollywood, Sir Peter Jackson, for 100% clean and green, the GCSB, Sky City Casino, Ian Fletcher and his many relations but mostly its for me, the worlds most important leader. Resigning is the right thing to do”, said flasher Key as he adjusted his tie".

Tonight on Campbell Live John Key New Zealand’s Prime Minister proved me correct by demonstrating fully his absolute belief in his own psychopathic presentation of his stance on the GCSB bill now before Parliament. He stated:

“I’m right and everyone else is wrong”,

For weeks as I’ve pointed out the Prime Minister has been hiding from any intelligent debate on the increased powers that he is giving the GCSB. TV 3 had offered him multiple occasions to appear and answer his critics and he has always been too busy to front-up, especially if any of his high profile critics were to appear on the same show.

But John Campbell is a tiger and continues to be the only public good TV interviewer who will snap at the heels of the hiding PM to get the answers.

This week Campbell live has been and still is touring the country from the North and South seeking the opinions of the public on what they think of the PM’s desire to increase massively the powers of the GCSB. This brilliant strategy has stirred the Prime Ministers backroom PR team into action and they without doubt this afternoon practiced him in how to counteract the overwhelming ground swell sweeping the nation on this absolutely vital issue: His team wrote a one line answer for the PM to mouth and it was a simple one [chances are he wouldn’t remember a difficult one] and it was:

“I’m right and everyone else is wrong”.

And it was a horrifying and creepy reminder of the absolute God complex that Key now radiates every time he opens his mouth. “I’m right and everyone else is wrong”. It’s the kind of thing uttered by children throwing a tantrum, or a Roman Emperor like Nero, or a dictator like Mussolini, but this big head is our God damn Prime Minister. Seriously folks John Key makes Richard Nixon look intelligent.

This is the strange fellow running our intelligence services and sharing their knowledge with the USA. Bomber writing on his Daily Blog site wrote and I quote:

“Key kept insisting that what the GCSB would be doing was legal, but it’s only going to legal because he’s about to make it legal!
Key then claimed that John Campbell was frightening people and that all Campbell did was spread lies and misinformation.
When Campbell challenged Key on this by pointing out that he had invited Key onto the show many times, Key claimed that he was too busy. That’s right, the Prime Minister doesn’t have enough time to be on Campbell Live to justify GCSB mass surveillance, but he does have time to be on MoreFM to announce terrorists”.  Nothing Key said tonight alleviated any fear I have regarding the civil liberty threats this legislation poses, watching Key’s slick pathological defense of it was the truly terrifying part.

Now I agree completely with Bombers stated view, the PM is taking us down a track that NZ has never walked before...a path toward a police state...others in other countries have gone down that path and never recovered I can only hope that we can bring some sence to our once proud nation.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

An hour in the life of Nathan Guy.

“Hi Nathan have you got a minute”, asked John Key.

“Sure, for you boss I’ve got an hour”, said the Guy named Nathan.

“Oh, I don’t want an hour, I haven’t got time for an hour Nathan, and an hour with you is simply too long for what I’ve got to say, as you know Nathan baby I’m quick off the block, I flash in one direction then like a flash I reverse direction and charge forward at a rapid rate of knots…into the unknown, especially unknown by the media and in particular that God Damned TV 3 big head John Campbell, now there is a rat-bag if ever- there- was- one”, said John [Motor-mouth] key all in one breath.

“You flash! You are a flasher”, said Nathan absolutely shocked, he knew Key was a little bit strange, but a flasher, is that why he spends so much time in Hawaii, I wonder if he has flashed in front of Hekia Parata, Paula Bennett or Judith Collins he thought to himself, maybe even Louise Upston, she was not called the chief whip for nothing.

“What’s that Nathan, speak up and speed up, you’re so slow, and is it true that you suffered a serious head injury during your rugby playing days? Key asked completely forgetting what ever it was that Nathan had said. He must remember to listen more, but listening is so boring, and most people who talk to me are idiots…not Steven Joyce, Obama, and my wife…they are OK because they always agree with me.

“At least I’m not a flasher”, said Nathan thinking how low in the food chain flashers were, absolutely disgusting, flashing their thing-a-bob, yuck. A millionaire flasher…gee whiz…another NZ first for Key and Merrill

“Now Nathan what’s all this I hear about you limiting the Snapper catch from nine to three for recreational fishers, that’s a bit mean isn’t it? John Key asked, hoping for quick agreement.

“Don’t you remember Mr. PM what you asked me to do”, said Nathan.

“I asked you to do something, why the hell would I do that, are you sure you’ve never had a head injury playing rugby, you were in the front-row were you not”, said the flasher better known these days as the Prime Minister.

You said I was to create a diversion for when the heat went on the GCSB stuff up, well we had the Fonterra cock up, and you told me that you’d try the old ‘change the flag’ thing first and if that failed then the snapper catch was to be used…and as far as I know, your flag crap was washed down the drain. I followed your orders word for word”. Said Nathan Guy Minister in the Key Cabinet who had developed a powerful feeling that he was about to be asked to fall on his sword. And that’s really messy, all that blood…yuck it’s like playing for the All-Blacks…against South Africa.

“Right Nathan, I know you’ve done your very best, but I need a spot in the cabinet for a deal I did, you know a willing buyer, a willing seller…”, muttered John Key.

“You’re not going to have ‘Shampoo’ Dunne back in the cabinet…no way…he’s an eel, slippery beyond belief…shouted a Nathan named Guy, while stamping his feet. I mean really John at least I don’t make heaps of calls to… what’s her name, Andrea Vance and spend half my time leaking secrets to the media and Steven Joyce’s radio stations. So why me I’ve been loyal, kept my boots clean, I’ve even learned a bit about computers and Fonterra why me John?

John handed Nathan a tissue to wipe the tears from his cheeks, and then he said, “This is bigger than just you Nathan, its for Queen and country, Obama and freedom, for Fonterra, Hollywood, Sir Peter Jackson, for 100% clean and green, the GCSB, Sky City Casino, Ian Fletcher and his many relations but mostly its for me, the worlds most important leader. Resigning is the right thing to do”, said flasher Key as he adjusted his tie.

There was total silence you could have heard a ten dollar note land on the carpet, Key was awaiting Nathan’s capitulation, his meek acceptance of his forced resignation, his demotion and move to the back bench. The silent assassin had struck again, removed an impediment to his insatiable ambition…A victory for Merrill Lynch style management, for power over honesty, hate over love. God bless America he muttered.

The silence was broken by a clearly pronounced word, a word so powerful that it could bring down a government, and put the elected national party representative of Otaki on the front pages of the nations main stream media…The word was NO.

Nathan Guy suddenly felt human again, the word NO echoed around the room, Key called for his security GCSB guard to bring him a class of gin and tonic. But Nathan gained new invigorating energy and said…I resign and since I am an elected member I will remain in Parliament and if Hone Harawira will have me I’ll join the Mana Movement, because I now know that his opinion about you John was and is correct…
Go and flash on your own…and I hope that one day you’ll get caught with your pants down by TV 3’s John Campbell show…    

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Key reveals his approach to China

Government plans to get tough with Fonterra…yeah right.

Just like they did during the leaky house saga, ten years after they changed the laws to allow builders and building manufactures to use below par products while at the same-time introducing self regulation, which included shady building practices. This was the national parties answer to a housing shortage and it has left this country with ten billion dollars worth of repairs that will be paid for, not by the builders, they’ve become millionaires and buggered off overseas, but by the buyers.

Now the same thing has taken place with Fonterra, the National party can’t do anything about Fonterra, it has no power, the Fonterra bosses are just lucky that they are not Chinese citizens because if they were there would have been a good chance that a couple of them would become body parts after the next mass execution. That’s the way the Chinese fix those who rip-off the rules and bring the country into disrepute.

We here in NZ do the opposite and we knight our rip-off artists, like Sir Roger Douglas, Sir Douglas Graeme. Of course John Key and heaps of other money movers / manipulators / Ponzi types and once local heroes like South Canterbury Finance even get baled out by the government. Just as Fonterra will, oh the Nats will jump up and down, hold heaps of inquires, John Key will head off to China and after a stop over in Hawaii for R&R will kiss the feet of someone or other, and explain that when he said ‘One Hundred percent clean and green”, he never actually meant one hundred percent, especially for milk products, or meat, or building products, or dirty rivers.

To repay the Chinese key will without doubt offer the Chinese free access to all the secret data we presently gather for the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, plus extra data once our new GCSB laws are in place.

It is possible too that he will offer to take their dissidents [so long as they don’t come by boat] so as to reduce the need for so many executions in China.

And most importantly he will offer the Chinese Communist Government a seat on the Fonterra Board of Directors; this move will allow China to legally execute a member of the Fonterra Board next time they stuff up.

As you may or may not be aware the National Party are holding their conference in Nelson: A dear elderly lady friend who is attending told me that she was frightened when a twenty foot image of John Key appeared on the screen, while 5ft 7in John Key stood on the stage…and she was reminded of the chap Orson Wells in the film 1985, she said it sent a shiver down her spine.

PS; She has voted National ever since Sir Keith Holyoake kissed her hand at a Woman’s Institute meeting in Masterton forty odd years ago..

Thursday, 8 August 2013

PM Continues to hide, Finlayson cardboard copy

Finlayson Eric Holders Mate and PM's Fall Guy. 

Is this man brilliant or what?

So our hero who has made a habit of running away while crying wolf at every opportunity now has a new contender for the National Party leadership.

Now this wee chappy has a very high opinion of him-self and he says so at every chance he gets.

This wee chappy stood and was patted on the head by the US Attorney General Eric Holder and his ego shot to new stratospheric heights un-reached ever before by a member of the human species. One needed to be a God to achieve such a level of magnificence.

Met Mr. Modest…again Chris Finlayson NZ’s Attorney General led off the debate on the Committee stages of the governments move to increase the powers of the GCSB so that they can more easily spy on you and I and then use those enhanced powers to blackmail people like Peter Dunne.

This failed electorate National Party candidate [Finlayson] who was beaten not once but three times by a Labour [Female] candidate dares to lecture New Zealand on the running of and controlling of our secret bunch of squirrels known as the meat pie and Penthouse magazine in the brief-case gang now called the GCSB.

Eric Holder a real drone fan.
 Remote murder expert. 

This good mate of Eric Holder the US top spy master, the clown [but a dangerous one] who sends drones off to murder so called terrorists but ends up killing civilians including women and children, but no problem they are not Americans so what the hell.
He was the guy that told Finlayson that he wanted to take out Kim Dotcom, and Finlayson appears to have answered yes…because just a short time later the GCSB, FBI, Police illegally raided Kim Dotcoms mansion, you remember he’s the chap that the Prime Minister, better known as, ‘The man who runs away’ simply cannot remember…and he lives in the biggest mansion in Auckland and is worth over a hundred million dollars and weighs about 24 stone.

Any way there is now a weeks recess and parliament resumes on August the 20th when the third reading debate continues, now that’s a Tuesday and the PM should be back from Hawaii by then. You should duck down to the TAB and see if you can place a bet on whether or not John Key, the run away man will take part in the debate or will he continue to hide. The odds are that he will continue to hide…but who knows, maybe his minders will tell him to attend…