Thursday, 28 May 2015

307 day wait for 25 dollars and Bribery prevails.

we surely must expect better behaviour from our Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. After all the money spent so far on this shameful display equals around three dollars for each man women and child in New Zealand.    

The nation was shocked…it was stunned…why because the budget raised benefits for our in poverty Moms and their children by $25.00 [in fact it’s around 17 t0 18 dollars depending on the cuts to other benefits]. This change was brought about because the National party says it has a heart and compassion for those in greatest need. It can’t tell us how many children will be lifted out of poverty by this ‘wonderful’ gift of compassion. Speaker after backbench speaker from National have praised each other because of this generosity.

Yet, this very same bunch of hypocrites are making those in greatest and most urgent need wait three hundred and seven days to receive that charitable gift. Three hundred and seven days…so much for urgent need.

So all those Moms who thought that next week they could buy some extra food or find it easier to pay their power-bill, buy shoes or clothing or whatever will have to instead wait three hundred and seven days to do so…oh the joy of being poor.

While all this crap is taking place and National bluffs its way into the hearts of those middle class types that it considers need appeasing…behind the scenes it is paying a huge bribe to a business type gangster that is growing by millions each week.

Let’s have a quick look at a lesson in ‘Bribery 101’ as taught by our Prime Minister.    

Bribery 101’.

A threat of legal action being used to partly justify nearly $12 million spent on a Saudi businessman’s farm was clearly hollow, Labour says. Controversy over the spending boiled over in Parliament yesterday with accusations of bribery.

This is becoming more unbelievable by the second. The Government have effectively given in to a threat of legal action after we stopped live sheep exports and bribed Saudi businessman Hmood Al Khalaf, who was involved in the deal, so we could get a free trade deal with a country that treats women slightly better than our sheep!
Are you ready for the kicker?

The reason we had to pay the Hmood Al Khalaf out is because he had received private assurances that the live sheep export trade would restart. Who assured Hmood Al Khalaf of that – are you ready – John Key and David Carter did before they became the Government in 2008.

That’s right, Key and Carter privately promise Hmood Al Khalaf to restart live sheep exports, they become the Government in 2008 and realise they can’t restart those exports without significant electoral resistance and Hmood Al Khalaf then threatens a huge legal action so  National pay him out with a taxpayer bribe.

Imagine if Labour had done this? The newspapers would be screaming for heads to roll, so far the mainstream media have spent more time interviewing the bloody Papakura Seal than focusing on this outrageous behaviour by Key and McCully.

At some point this cargo cult love affair NZers have with Key has to end right? This is out and out corruption.

Just think about the behaviours above: A three hundred and seven day wait for those in greatest need so that they can receive $25 per week…while at the same time spending what was first five million, then seven million but now we are told twelve million plus, to a corrupt Saudi who threatened to sue Key and Carter and block the Nats dream of a free trade deal with the gulf states…surely that proves where their heart resides. It is not with hard working Kiwi’s, it is not with those suffering real hardship…it is with some gangster style idiot from Saudi Arabia.

And our PM best mate [Mark Weldon] shuts down a programme that might have asked the tough questions about both these issues via Campbell Live. If this not bribery I don’t know what is…

The Minister of Foreign Affairs [Murray McCully] was asked two questions in the house today: Here are those questions:

JAMES SHAW to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Has a full and final settlement been reached with Mr Al Khalaf; if so, what is the total cost to taxpayers?

McCully answered: Yes, but no, the farm in Saudi Arabia is ongoing…

 Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Did he seek advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade about whether, using the multimillion dollar payment for the benefit of Hamood Al Ali Al Khalaf – a Saudi Arabian businessman to cause the Saudi Arabian officials to advance the GCC FTA which had stalled, breached the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions?

McCully answered: He [McCully] had not sought advice but maybe others had i.e. his officials.

Both James Shaw [Greens] and David Parker [Labour] asked many supplementary questions…but McCully mumbled answers that in my view avoided the key issue of the deal between he and the Saudi Arabian business man. He never mentioned the activity of the PM or David Carter. The PM as is usual was not present as he never appears on a Thursday.

I can only hope that the media will pull finger and investigate this matter, bribery is a shockingly bad look…while we may be used to by world soccer bosses…the Mafia…and other criminals…we surely must expect better behaviour from our Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. After all the money spent so far on this shameful display equals around three dollars for each man women and child in New Zealand.     

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Saudi gangster gets millions

"It's a huge amount of money and you probably won't run this but you know pigs can't fly but sheep can? We're flying sheep around the world."

The false press release:

The total amount of taxpayer dollars spent to equip a Saudi Arabian farm is $4million more than previously thought, ONE News can reveal.
Initially it was thought $7.5million had been spent on sheep and farming equipment for Saudi businessman Al Ali Al Khalaf who was upset with New Zealand's live sheep export ban.

But later McCully had a sudden bout of honesty, like the PM he is a forgetful fellow:

Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully revised that number when he told ‘ONE’ News he "thinks the total budget is about $11.5million over three years".
The figures show $4million was spent for a Saudi businessman and his expertise and for the "settlement of the long running dispute" over the export ban.
The farm gear, the 900 sheep air-freighted to the farm, a vet and three others flown to tend to sheep, cost $7.5million.
Travel costs and admin for trade and enterprise staff cost $270,000, while 300 of the sheep bought for Mr Al Khalaf were bought from his own Hawke's Bay farm and cost $45,000.

The real story:

So it would appear that the National Party is up to its typical bankster tricky-dicky deals yet again…not satisfied with its failed deal with Hollywood, it’s about face with Sky City stuff up, its failed Novo pay settlement, its 27 million dollar flag referendum that no one wants…This shocking deal with a Saudi billionaire stinks, and that’s being polite.

All this banksterism to get a free trade deal with one of the world’s most corrupt bunch of Arab beheaders…I mean really, they make Israel look like the good guys…these are the same guys who have been, and still are funding ISIS…

You and I are paying a Saudi so-called farmer, eleven million dollars of tax payers money, We even brought some of the sheep from his own [NZ] farm…beat that for a double whammy.

 TV One went on to say:

When asked if the purchases were a good deal for taxpayers, Mr McCully said: "I'd want to check the information you've got before I gave you a considered answer."
Mr Al Khalaf, who lost millions when New Zealand banned live sheep exports, also hired prominent lawyer Mai Chen to prepare a possible lawsuit against the New Zealand Government, and according to a cabinet paper he had legal advice suggesting he "pursue a claim for between $20million and $30million".
Mr McCully said he was aware that of the potential lawsuit and that the New Zealand government could "have some issues to deal" with if it didn't find a way of working with Mr Al Khalaf to create "this business opportunity".
"You might use exotic terms like sweeteners what I'd say is that we had a lose-lose scenario," he added.

What a gutless government, we legally changed the law about exporting live sheep by sea, a Saudi gangster style business man suffers a loss and threatens to sue, just as Hollywood did over their request to change our employment laws…and the government gives in and says how high do you want us to jump. And jump we did to the tune of five million in the case of Warner Brothers and eleven million in the case of a Saudi, who threatened to oppose the long awaited trade deal with Saudi Arabia…who the hell is running our country. J

Just imagine what would happen if we sign the idiotic TPPA…every man or dog will be suing us… and based on the present government behaviour we’ll be spending millions if not billions to appease corporate gangsters who appear to run the world these days. Our government appears to be not unlike the Iraqi army and that let me assure you, is not a complement.

Where to from here? That’s a good question, do we simply dump McCully and tell the Saudi Businessman [so-called] to take a running jump, or do we continue to bend our knee as the PM did when visiting the Saudi Arabian King and dictator a short while ago.   

Labour Party Export Growth and Trade Spokesperson David Parker said: "It's a huge amount of money and you probably won't run this but you know pigs can't fly but sheep can? We're flying sheep around the world."

I don’t doubt that the PM will put pressure on the MSM to play down this cowardly behaviour, and tell us that he comfortable with this gutless, spineless cringing behaviour… but the question is ‘How much longer will you allow him to continue to make us look like idiots in the eyes of the world…as he did with the pony tail pulling episode.

Let me know what you think:

Thursday, 21 May 2015

John Campbell an honourable departure.

Now and then the public is privy to some pure emotion on air or on screen; I don’t mean some contrived shedding of verbal clap-trap such as the John Bank’s PR tears of joy at having his criminal charges dropped for some legal technicality, but real and deeply felt emotion at the loss of a fellow worker.

MediaWorks money grubbing egotistical boss and very close friend of John Key repaid an unstated debt to his old buddy and shut down ‘Campbell Live’.

Key has won his on-going very public battle with John Campbell who was the only TV presenter who had over the years stood up to John Key’s corporate backed pressure.

The TV announcement of the expected dumping was carried out on budget day in the hope that the public would be too busy evaluating the budget. His strange boss at TV3 did the dirty on all the many thousands of Campbell’s fans and viewers. They were shocked when they heard the most unwelcome news.

Hilary Barry is not simply a dumb bimbo fall guy…she is an intelligent news presenter of the highest order…and being asked the read out MediaWorks press release of John’s demise was just too much. Here is what happened as reported by TVNZ.    

“TV3 newsreader Hilary Barry has broken down in tears on air over the departure of her long-time colleague John Campbell.
MediaWorks announced this afternoon that the Campbell Live host had resigned from the company, rather than take a job as co-presenter of a redesigned 7pm current affairs show.
Ms Barry became emotional after watching a news story on her colleague's departure.
As she tried to read the next item, she choked up. "I think Mike might have to read this one," she said, referring to her co-anchor Mike McRoberts.
She left the studio, but returned later in the broadcast.
Campbell later used the final segment of his show to confirm it wouldn't be his final broadcast on TV3.
He thanked the audience for the surge in his show's ratings in the six weeks since it was announced that it was under review.
"You made the effort to watch us and in doing so you made our team feel very grateful and very proud."

The National radio programme also reported this shocking event, but none of MediaWorks so-called bosses would be interviewed and spinelessly hid away out of public view. Proof of their absolute gutlessness and submission to the PMs open desire for Campbell's head on a plate.

So TV3’s Current Affairs programme is now going to be replaced by some ignoramus coat tugging twit accompanied by some blond no-body who laughs at his stupid mutterings in the style of Paul Henry or Mike Hosking infamy.

What the hell has happened to our main stream media? The guy who dumped John Campbell is not exactly the brightest news kid on the block: Here is a little bit of his back ground. His name is Mark Weldon:

1: He’s the man John Key picked to chair the “Summit on Employment” in 2009

2:He’s also the man John Key picked to lead The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

3: He’s also the man who used that position to breach the Bill of Rights Act and force “the advancement of religion” into the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust’s constitution.

4: And he’s the man Cameron Slater (Whaleoil) characterises as “allegedly a friend of John Key”.

5: Slater also asked on October 15 last year “Who will be the first (of many) casualties under Mark “I’m the boss” Weldon at Mediaworks?” with one commenter on that story saying “The man is a tyrant who doesn’t play nicely with others. Frankly, I love the idea of Weldon and John Campbell having to work together …”.

6: he’s also the man whom insiders were picking as a potential National Party candidate for the safe seat of Tamaki.

7: And he’s a man who praised John Key’s program of asset sales announced in 2011 as “bold, it was clear, it was early – and very positive…” and called those who were cautious about it “fearmongering”. That’s the same assets sales program that had to be drastically cut back and became something of an embarrassment to the government.

8: He’s the man who made a substantial personal gain ($6 million) as a result of Key’s asset sales announcement.

9: He’s also the man who, as CEO of the NZX, characterised those who voiced concerns about aspects of the Exchange’s operations as mentally ill.

10: He’s the man who’s already got rid of two of Mediaworks’s main financial watchdogs – chief financial officer Peter Crossan and company secretary and lawyer Claire Bradley.)

11: He’s the man of whom blogger Cactus Kate (business lawyer and commentator Cathy Odgers) noted “MediaWorks currently does not employ anyone on your television or radio with a larger ego than Weldon, even Willie Jackson, Sean Plunket and Duncan Garner combined can’t compete” and that “NZX was the greatest reality soap opera in town under Weldon’s leadership, the casting couch of characters was enormous as disgruntled staff left and new bright eyed disciples were employed”.

12: He’s the man Odgers also described (in a blog post now deleted by referenced by another, also right wing, blogger) as a “weasel word corporate-welfared CEO…” and a “shallow self-promoting tool”.

13: He’s the man who said there was no conflict of interest in allowing the NZX to be the provider of NZX services, the supervisor of its members, a listed participant on its own exchange and the market regulator… a statement one broker described as “utter balderdash”.

Mark Weldon.
This is a CEO who is Key’s best corporate friend and [MediaWorks] is a foreign owned media company who have been given sweet heart deals from this Government.[40 million interest free loans] The lax regulation has allowed MediaWorks to gain a dominant market position, so claims that they are a private company who can do what they like is bullshit. They have done well from NZ; they owe us fourth estate obligations more than they owe their vulture fund shareholders.

All we have left to hold the powerful to account is Native Affairs on Maori TV.

John Campbell can feel proud of his time with TV3, he tackled the difficult questions, he never lowered his behaviour to the muck raking level of a Paul Henry or the sexist jacket pulling of Mike Hosking, he didn't even pull the pony tails of hard working waitresses; he was not about that kind of deviant and weird behaviour and stupidity. He was and still is a genuine investigative TV journalist. I wish him well and I hope you do to…he refused to join the rat race of ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’…style of creepy behaviour. He is an honorable person.  

A personal message from the team at Campbell Live to each and everyone of you...

From everyone on Campbell Live, your support and kindness has saved us during these past seven weeks. Not only did it lift us personally, it reminded us why we’re here and that what we do matters and can make a difference. To the 86,000 people who so kindly signed the petition, and even marched for us, thank you – very much. We’re so proud to have you as viewers.
Pip Keane, John Campbell, Ali Ikram, Anna Burns Francis, Sarah Stewart, Tory Evans, Chris Jones, Jayne Devine, Julian Lee, Lachlan Forsyth, Marise Hurley, Michael Hardcastle, Mike Wesley-Smith, Sarah Rowan, Claire Eastham-Farrelly, Tristram Clayton, Vanessa Forrest, Billy Weepu, Dan Parker, Whena Owen, Lee Thomson, Emily Samonta, Jendy Harper, John Sellwood, Kate McCallum, Graeme Mulholland.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Massive Crowds fail to appear at Christchurch Flag exercise.

Is this yet another super success story? First there was hair pulling now there is flag waving:

Christchurch is New Zealand’s second largest city…the government would have spent at least or over fifty thousand dollars to hire a site, ship in the star performers, pay for heaps of TV, newspaper and radio ads, yet the people stayed away in their droves: The dreaming organisers laid out hundreds of chairs in great anticipation of mass attendance…the highly paid front-line and strange panel of experts[?] took their place on the stage and they even delayed the kick off time in the vain hope that a much needed crowd to would save face and would fill at least the front row…but alas, the Prime Ministers dream project was to kick off with a fizz rather than a show piece event.

The Prime Minister was keenly awaiting with great expectation in Wellington for the text news with pictures, of the massive success of his wonderful and much beloved ‘Flag changing policy’ that would see his royal imperative etched into the history of New Zealand forever. His PR squad had fully drafted a public statement about how delighted he was to see such a massive crowd turn out for this first public discussion of his dazzling and brilliant news manufactured exercise. He had practiced its presentation twice earlier in the day…getting feedback from Cam Slater and Paul Henry…they said he sounded great [as they always do].

In fact when he was informed by a anxious GCSB agent that the police numbers outside the venue were double the size of the crowd, he turned a lighter shade of pale, even lighter than when his wife told him to stop grabbing that waitresses pony tail, and believe me that’s one hell of a pale shade of blue.
Massive crowd of five supports PMs change of flag meetings.

The first of a series of public meetings about the New Zealand flag referendum was held today in Christchurch.
The hope is to encourage public involvement in the process ahead of the vote, but hardly anyone turned up.

The first of a series of Hui around whether to change the New Zealand flag was noticeably empty this afternoon – not what the Flag Consideration Panel hoped for the national road show, which kicked off this weekend in Christchurch.

"Our panel is there to get people engaged and talking about it ahead of the referendum, so that when people come to vote on it they'll have an understanding of a) the process and b) the issues involved," says Flag Consideration Panel chairperson Professor John Burrows.

"It's the first time in the history of this country that people have ever been asked officially to consider their flag, and although we're not entirely sure of this it's one of the first times in the history of the world," says Professor Burrows.

"I'm saddened at one level that there seems to be quite a bit of reluctance to engage in the conversation," says Hana O'Regan of the Flag Consideration Panel.

This whole process is expected to cost upward of $25 million.

The road show also chatted to the public in a major shopping mall.

But Denis Hampton who takes to the streets every day to fly the current flag stole their thunder when he said about the present flag:

"It has grown with me and I'm well aware of its long history in New Zealand," says Mr Hampton. "I see nothing wrong with it and I believe it's an excellent flag for our country."

This is the first of a number of hui to take place around the country. The final vote by the public on the New Zealand flag is expected to take place early next year.