Friday, 26 April 2013

Breakfast with Colin Craig

When eavesdropper ran into Colin Craig Eavesdropper was just a little concerned, you see Colin Craig, leader in Chief of the NZ Conservative [Religious and morally correct etc] Party and only hope for National at the next election, has a habit of sending at lightening speed lawyers letters to those who write about him, even if what has been written is obviously satire of the highest order.

So in publishing this report from Eavesdropper I should point out that it is satire. I don’t know if Colin Craig has a daughter, or a son for that matter, or if he is even married. But I do know that he is not married to someone of the same sex, I don’t know if anyone of the same sex would wish to marry him even after the law makes it possible [In July or August] to do so, but that’s another question for some other day in the future…[This information was gained via the GCSB and the PM authorised its release, but he won't recall doing so]:

“Dad”, she asked.

“Yes dear”, Colin answered, as he looked up from balancing his visa charge card. He did that every morning at breakfast, in fact he was very religious about it.

“What’s same sex marriage? She asked.

“Nothing that concerns you, just eat up your Weet-Bix”, he said as he turned a darker shade of pink, his normal colouring is a light shade of pink.

“But Dad, I’m fourteen, and my school mate Susan sent me a text which said, ‘Your dad is a bit odd, he’s against same sex marriage’, and I didn’t know what to answer”, she said sounding just a little upset and bewildered but more like inquisitive.

“Too damn right I am against same sex marriage, it’s wrong, evil even”, he said aggressively.

“I only asked, if I don’t ask how can I learn and how can I answer Susan’s text”, she said quickly in reply, adding “Why is it evil?

“Because I said so, and as you well know I’m always right”, he quickly snapped back.

“Yes I know you are always right, Mum told me that only yesterday when I asked her the same question about same sex marriage she said ask your Father, he knows everything. So if you could please, please Daddy would you answer my question”, she whispered.

“Well, its sort of when two men or women get married”, he stuttered as he felt a cold shiver down his spine.

“Oh, is that all, like they love each other, like you and mum did, so they get married…like you and mum did…gosh is that all it is”, she said.

“No, No, No, No, only a man and woman can get married, that’s the way it’s always been! And God says that’s the way it should always be! He said as his daughter interrupted him saying.

“You know God…Gosh I can’t wait to tell Susan that, she said with great joy.

“No, no I don’t personally know God the Almighty, but I know that same sex marriage is wrong and evil, because my Father told me”, he half shouted, which by the way is hard to do, you know half shout…

“And who told Granddad”, she immediately retorted.

“His father no doubt”, he said not realising how foolish that actually sounded.

“Thanks dad, I think I understand now…So two people who love each other can get married so long as the are man and woman…but two people who love each other if they are the same sex can’t get married…Right.

“Right dear you’ve got it…but the stupid government has changed the rules and now any two people who love each other can get married”, he said has he put this visa card back in his wallet and finished his orange juice before he realised what he had actually said to his daughter.

The daughter got down from the table and grabbed her cell phone and sent a text to her friend Susan…Your right Dad is a bit odd…and thanks

The moral of the story is…whatever you want it to be…that’s what democracy and freedom is all about…


Monday, 22 April 2013

NZ's best Current Affairs

Native Affairs is a current affairs programme presented by Maori Television has without doubt now taken centre stage for current affairs broadcasting in NZ, the demise of TV One is now complete, and its turned into an ad machine that makes it almost unwatchable. Only TV’s 3 Campbell Live comes anywhere near the meaning of current affairs as I and many thousands of others understand…

I started to write a review of the last Native Affairs programme, I got partially into the task and decided on a break and had a quick look at NZ’s latest and most progressive blog site: The Daily Blog, and there was Bomber’s blog on the same subject. His review was so precise that I quickly realised that you the reader are entitled to the best, so here is Bomber Blog…    

“Once again Native Affairs manages to lift the threshold for current affairs with Mihingarangi Forbes hosting Annette Sykes, Metiria Turei, Winston Peters, Shane Jones, Tau Henare and Pita Sharples in an open panel debate on systemic racism, free trade, welfare reforms and reparation to the Nepata brothers for the terrible manner in which the NZDF treated them.

Native Affairs have quickly become the gold standard of news and current affairs in NZ and last nights show managed to generate new ideas and answers in a format Mihingarangi controls with the cool charm of someone researched well enough to front foot any attempt at spin by her guests.
It’s great TV.

On systemic racism in our corrections and prison system, Winston admits there is institutional racism, Annette points out that many brown youth are being racially profiled; Metiria points out the Greens want to fight for reform. Interestingly Tau admits racial profiling and Pita acknowledges that he hasn’t done enough while Shane Jones manages to sound more sensible than he has in about 2 years.

Mihingarangi asks what Susan Devoy’s appointment, meant. Metiria starts by claiming that it shows that the role isn’t important under National. Pita at the time said the appointment was ‘fantastic’ but he is backpedaling and has to be rescued by Tau who defends Pita. Tau say’s it’s not fair to criticize the appointment until Devoy is up to speed but Annette points out that for $200k she should already be qualified.
Winston states that Devoy is a great sportsperson and to give her a fair go and then he goes off into a weird rant that doesn’t seem to go anywhere.
Everyone on the panel just grins at Winston’s wild ride off to nowhere and wait politely for him to come back.

The next issue is free trade and neoliberalism. It’s so refreshing to watch a news show in NZ that does’t treat their audience like they are idiots and manages to debate issues of economic ideology.
Pita says he’s keen for foreign investment but against the TPPA. He’s asked if we should invest when it hurts other indigenous groups, and extraordinarily Pita says we should.
Annette points out that the market has not served Maori and she goes to the mountain top in what is one of the best tirades against free trade neoliberalism you will ever see on TV,
Annette passes off to Winston by noting MANA has more in common with NZ First economic protectionism and Winston launches into his strong national economic sovereignty argument.
Importantly Shane Jones questions inward investment, which gives an indication that Labour’s sudden lurch to the left isn’t just a new coat of left wing paint.
Tau is asked if free trade will see us become tenants in our own country, he sarcastically answers, “I think it’s happened already”. He says our safety net is that the world will need food and that tourism should drive a cultural rejuvenation.

They touch on Welfare reforms and the bashing of beneficiaries. This leads to debate about Labour/Green electricity reforms. Tau says its economic treason; Shane Jones throws some punches while Winston rounds on Tau saying that the treason is National flogging off of assets.

Annette says that MANA hopes Tau will cross the floor to vote for the first reading of the ‘Feed the kids’ Bill which has Tau looking surprised and mildly interested.

Interesting discussion on marriage equality and it’s at this point that Shane starts looking bored, and Annette smacks down Winston over his attempt to limit the Treaty as a political identity.

All comment about the Nepata brothers hurt while in service to the NZDF and there seems to be consensus that everyone has failed them.

All are very damning of Afghanistan engagement which leads to a preview teaser of a damning doco on NZ’s engagement of Afghanistan this Wednesday 8.30pm.

Another 5 star show”

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Novelist in the making

A Plot for a best selling political novel:
Just imagine you are a NZ novelist and you are planning your next book or publication. You want something contemporary, realistic, political, something that has the foundation to build an exciting tale of international espionage, greed and power, politicians lying, police action and even the odd bit of sex thrown in for good measure…and not forgetting weapons of mass destruction possibilities…all the ingredients for a best seller. 
The first thing you need to do is to construct a plot, the next stage would be to design a scenario in which that plot could take shape, after that you would create the characters and the occupations of those characters, then you could begin to give the various characters some solid descriptions that would make the characters life-like and acceptable to possible readers.
The possible plot: ‘The take over of a country from within. [A well tested plot used in all James Bonds best sellers]
The scenario: A political party [grouping] decides that elections are not the best way of ensuring they remain in control, unless you can dictate before hand the results of an election, this plus a large dose of both greed, power and manipulation.
This scenario is not new both in fiction, nor the real world. The Nazi’s had Hitler, Russian Communists had Stalin, England had Cromwell and so on: There is one common factor with those three examples and many other dictatorships, each depended on; the military and secret security forces for all played a key role just as they did in Argentina, Chile and many other places, even some small countries like Fiji etc.
Since we live in New Zealand and want to base our story on NZ. Let’s construct a feasible storyline for this scenario in Aotearoa, or the land of the long white cloud…
Setting the scene: Two major political parties both take turns at governing, declining standards of living for all but the wealthy, foreign corporations, i.e. the banks, food manufacturing, importing and exporting etc; At the moment the most rightwing one of the two parties is in control. Its leader and Prime Minister a multi-millionaire on leave from Wall Street.  Leading characters must be realistic and recognisable…  
Firstly the Chief of the Defence Force [CDF] retires and becomes the Chief of the Government Communications Security Bureau then after only a short period becomes Governor General, the one common factor here is that all those positions are authorised by the same person, the Prime Minister and we should note that…
Now at the same time we need to construct a picture of what these key positions actually control. Presently they control: All Laws or acts passed by parliament as well as direct control of over the armed forces and police [Governor General].
All NZ’s spying activities, both; external and internal [Head of the GCSB, police and SIS] plus oversight by the Prime Minister.
On the other hand there are other organisations used to uphold democratic processes and these still exist [for now], for example ‘The Human Rights Commission’. This organisation is vital for the protection of New Zealanders constitutional rights because presently the Government can legally by a majority cancel general elections anytime it wishes to, and change any law it likes. According to NZ Law no one is supreme over parliament.
Other than canceling elections the scenario above has now taken place in New Zealand [over the last few years]: The head of the NZDF retired [Lt. General Jerry Mateparae], and he replace the then head of the GCSB [Sir Bruce Ferguson] for a short time he was then appointed by the PM to the position of GG. That left the position of Head of the GCSB vacant and the PM shoulder tapped a friend [Ian Fletcher] and then appointed him as Head of the GCSB after ignoring all other applicants, this is legal under NZ law, or so it would seem.
While this was happening, concurrently other changes were taking place and these would fit beautifully into our scenario, one of these has been the takeover of the Human Rights Commission, and this has taken place generally under the radar of public scrutiny: And this is fact…not fiction.
10 permanent staff (15% of the total FTE) and approx 10 staff on fixed term positions were disestablished officially yesterday at the Human Rights Commission while National have appointed their mates and friends like multivitamin spokesperson Susan Devoy to Race Relations, National Party MP Jackie Blue to EEO, and ACT acolyte Ken Shirley, religiously conservative Ravi Musuku and homophobe Brian Neeson to the Human Rights Review Tribunal. This is on top of Rugby old boy David Rutherford being appointed as the hatchet man to scalp the HRC of its ability to bite.
The only minor element not under full control by the Prime Minister or the Governor General is the GCSB’s ability to spy on New Zealand citizens or residents. At the moment that is illegal in NZ, at least until the PM changes the law to allow it. Although it hasn’t stopped them illegally from doing it, but he is producing a bill at this point to retrospectively approve the criminal behaviour and making it legal in the future.
Now introduce into this mix a few outside factors and you’ll have the basis for a worthy plot, one of intrigue, blackmail, foreign intervention, trade politics, financial manipulation and general mayhem as found in the finest authored and best selling novels.
For example introduce: A rather large German, a NZ resident living in a huge mansion in PM’s electorate wanted by the FBI for crimes against big US businesses. Add to that mix a FBI sponsored raid on that very same mansion. Include a politician on the take [John Banks would be a good model],
Stir well, with a much desired trade deal between the US and NZ. Then combine those interesting aspects with the possible manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction in a hidden plant in down town Wellington not far from the American and UK embassies. Then introduce some local terrorists from the wild Tahoe hills practicing their violent takeover skills across the land and without doubt the novel will be a best seller here in NZ.
Do all that and:
You will become famous overnight, as both an author and a New Zealander worthy of note. Peter Jackson will quickly buy the filming rights for a million or two of tax-payers money, Paula Bennett will introduce you to the nation as living proof of her helping kiwis out of the benefit welfare trap and Judith Collins may well invite you be a special commissioner in the Human Rights area and she may even make you the boss. Lastly the PM might invite you for a weekend in Hawaii…and advise you to open a bank account off-shore to lessen your tax burden…or to buy Trans-rail shares and put them under your bed. Follow his financial advice and it could well lead to a knighthood.
So my final suggestion is: Start writing now, all the elements are there, but be quick because if you are not, the GCSB might just choose you as their next victim…          

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Feeding the Kids a way forward.

On April the 13th 2013 0ver two hundred gathered to hear first hand exactly what is happening in the huge task of feeding our kids. It was held in Tokoroa at the astoundingly striking and beautiful Papa O Te Aroha Marae.

Tokoroa is a town deeply effected by the collapse of the paper and timber industry which has led to massive lay off’s. Families in the area are struggling to simply maintain a minimum standard of living and naturally children suffer. A massive number of families have to decide where they spend their ever reducing incomes. Power, fuel, healthcare and food head the list of options and are a just few of the imperatives where serious choices must be made on a daily basis.
These choices can and do have a dramatic effect on bring up a family. After meeting many families and hearing their stories I now fully realise just how difficult simply surviving has become for working people and especially for those on benefits or in low paid work. I quickly recognised the truism that there are two New Zealand’s these days, those that have and those that don’t.

Alan Johnson from the Salvation Army and the Child Poverty Action Group [CPAG] stunned his audience with a realistic overview of the rapid plunge downward of thousands of children around the country. While he also praised various groups that are working hard to relieve the plight he was strongly critical of the various pressures applied by the government to blame the victims for their plight. He painted a very visual picture of what children have been forced into very dangerous situations; a clear example was where school aged children were forced to stay home from school because the parents could not afford bus fares and or petrol for their car. Where people did not uplift their prescriptions, because of the five dollar charge per item recently introduced. People and families that live on the outskirts of our towns have huge transport costs, often there are no public transport systems of any kind or even a school bus available. Alan told the crowd present what the state of affairs for many actually was, there was no grap just fact, there was no blame just horror at was happening in this day and age…

Shane Ngatai a decile three primary school principle showed via overhead projections just what could be done by a school that was prepared to do things differently…they grow their own vegetables, run a kitchen where they cook their produce, they serve breakfasts and lunches, their school grounds are planted with fruit trees and they even keep chickens. All the food they produce is prepared and cooked and served by the pupils themselves aided by teachers and parent volunteers. They also sell surplus produce at a profit.

Much of their teaching is done while growing, preparing, presenting and serving, Each class has its collective tasks and each task interlocks into a major development project such as serving breakfast and lunch each school day. Shane told us what was happening now. ‘They count the seeds planted, and compare those figures with the numbers harvested, this assists with their mathematics’ lessons. They check growth patterns in the various garden plots and that teaches them botany skills, they chart progress and write up their findings and that teaches English skills. They are linking educational skills into life skills which in turn produce better and more active minds. They get to eat really healthy food, sure they get their hands [and knees] dirty and they learn in a healthy and realistic environment.

Each of these speakers presented at the Mana sponsored symposium in Tokoroa, but the Mana Movement is not simply made up of talkers, they actually do things, in many respects they are very much like the Salvation Army and the Child Poverty Action Group wrapped up as one. The Mana movement grows stronger both in numbers and in fortitude each week.   


BIG BREAKFAST: Dorothy Sefo, left, Shanice Tunufai Dewit and Sisilina Roi [pictured] enjoy their Weet-Bix. The trio, are all students at Te Whanau Awhina bilingual unit at Clendon Park School.

Two thousand schoolchildren tucked into Auckland's biggest breakfast this morning [Last Wednesday].

The Mana Party was hosting students from South Auckland schools at Otara Leisure Centre to promote its ‘Feed the Kids’ Bill.

It aims to have breakfast and lunch programmes provided in all decile one and two schools.

Party leader Hone Harawira says the bill recognises the importance of having a full stomach to the wellbeing of all children and he's urging all parties to support it when it is introduced to Parliament in June.

''The principals' association supports it, the teachers' association supports it, doctors and nurses support it. Whanau support it and the kids support it too so who else can you ask?

''Their health and well-being improves, their educational prospects improve and their future improves.''

Shortland Street stars Pua Magasiva, Teuila Blakely and Shavaughn Ruakere whipped the young crowd in to a ‘Weetbix’ frenzy and Mana Party member John Minto called the event ''a community building activity for schools''.

''Schools have got in behind us in a huge way right across the country and not just decile one and two. Its right across the board and people are now saying 'we need to feed all of our kids’ breakfast'.''

Clendon Park School teacher Te Ariki Tuiono says he ''sees tamariki everyday without the kai they need''.
''It's very hard for some of our parents who just get by. There's a need for something like this where the kids can get a feed without any worries.''
It isn't unusual for teachers to dig into their own pockets to feed their students, he says.
''When I see kids who don't have any kai or we're having shared lunches, I put it all on the table, if we can feed one we can feed all.''

If you would like to help Feed the Kids you can. Send a message to your local MP list or electorate asking, no demanding, them to support the ‘Feed the Children’ bill. It’s easy:   [The first and surname is the name of the MP and don’t forget the full stop between them, no capitals or spaces between words].

The second thing you might like to consider is joining NZ’s most progressive political movement if you do just give me a note, phone call, I’ll let you know when our next meeting here in Palmerston North is. If you don’t live here go to: and have a read about the policies, the goals, of this inclusive and active movement.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Let's legalise the illegal...WMD yeah right


Honesty or Bull Shit, you decide

John Key has just stated at his press conference for main stream media…

"My reputation matters to me because, you know, I am honest and I am up front."

My father many years ago told me, to never ever trust a politician who tells you he’s honest, for the chances are he is telling a lie…no honest man needs to say that; he simply lets his honesty be recognised through his behaviour, he doesn’t need to tell you”

The main stream media just sat there and said nothing, have they lost their tongues, are they getting more stupid by the day, its no wonder that people are not buying papers. Are they journalists or rabbits, men or mice or are they all like Karl du Fresne now days?  

John Key has now been caught out far too often to spin that line: Trans Rail Shares under the bed, not knowing Dotcom, the Ian Fletcher phone call, The GCSB illegal behaviour, but he doesn’t stop there, here is his latest claim:

“The terrorism threat in New Zealand is low but people have tried to use our technology to build weapons of mass destruction”, Key said.
And he said that to justify changing the law so that the GCSB, the SIS and Police can increase their already illegal spying on all New Zealanders.

The WOMD propaganda [dumb] theory invented by George W Bush, Tony Blair and that little chubby Australian fellow John Howard died a spectacular death after Bush and Blair were proven to absolute barefaced liars; sure it came too late to stop the mass murder of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians and the later deaths of thousands of US service men and women.

John Key talks about, and these are his actual words; ‘The alleged illegal spying on New Zealanders’…What in Gods name is alleged, its fact, proven in court, the GCSB aided by the Police and the FBI broke the law…end of story! Does John Key think the court lied? Does he not understand that the raid on the Dotcom mansion took place…or has he forgotten that absolute fact?  Now he decides to change the law rather than punish the law breakers…

Still it is par for the course, Paula Bennett [ex-solo mum] and ex-cop Chester Borrows pursue beneficiaries, while the police break the law and praise a crooked cop and while Detective Inspector Grant Wormald [pictured] lied to a court hearing the government does nothing but introduce changes to the present law retrospectively to protect their mates.

If we got tough on white collar crime we’d collect billions but alas they vote National or now live overseas on the benefits of their crime. I can’t understand why Garth McVicar hasn’t spoken out about the issue of police and GCSB crime…surely its one law for all, at least that’s what he preaches.

 Prime Minister John Key has gone on the public relations offensive and insists he still enjoys his job despite a horrid few weeks.
Key, who arrived back from China over the weekend, was disappointed at having to field questions about the state of the country's intelligence agencies while abroad, and will outline plans to overhaul the sector. Criticisms over alleged illegal spying on New Zealanders and the appointment of a family friend to a top spy job stung because they tarnished his reputation, Mr Key told TVNZ's Q+A programme.

Key also said ‘That honest people have nothing to fear if the law is changed and gives the GCSB / SIS / Police the right to spy”, the older among us may recall the Nazi’s said the same thing and they finished up killing millions and millions.

The Government was last week forced to release a damning report by Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Kitteridge after Fairfax Media published its findings. The key word in that sentence is forced, without that revelation by a government employee; we still wouldn’t know that the GCSB / SIS / Police broke the law.

News Flash: Winston Peters NZ First leader supports John Key in the introduction of greater security powers including spying so maybe as the election gets closer good old Winnie will take his party in nationals direction.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Are Farmers beneficiaries?

John Key has just announced a dramatic change to the governments approach to the massive drought that has swept across the nation: This from Stuff:

'The most severe drought in about 70 years is expected to slash some farm incomes by up to $300,000 a year and is likely to leave some farmers making a loss for the year.
Federated Farmers president Bruce Wills says the cost of the drought will be about $2 billion.
That would flow through to lower spending in provincial towns on things like fertiliser, plant and machinery and maintenance, and eventually into the main streets of the big cities'.
To carry out the governments strategies the government has decided that the industry of farming needs a strong and forceful Minister in charge, one with a narrow and powerful ability of reducing quickly the possible chance of farmers becoming beneficiaries and ending up liking the life style and thereby become a burden on the state purse.
The PM looked across all the elected and list members in or out of cabinet from which to find his finial choice and using some new techniques in the selection processes he said that he was looking at new ways of installing backbone into the industry so that the new rules and regulations would be accepted. He felt that the best method would be ‘shoulder tapping’ as per the Ian Fletcher of GCSB fame.
The skills he was looking for in his new appointment were vital if success was to be assured. One skill needed is ‘Cold heartiness’ that matched with ‘good rule making’ and ‘punishment leaning theory’ should help keep demand from farmer beneficiaries down to acceptable levels.
Examples of the required conditions needed [according to the PM] were:
1.      All applicants must be available for work.
2.      The applicants partner / wife must also be work ready tested 
3.      Both must be looking for work and registered with the Welfare Department.
4.      Any children of applicants must attend early childhood from age three.
5.      No child of school age can attend private schools.
Now selecting a minister who will enforce these strict conditions on farmer applicants limits some government MP’s from being included. Farmer members are too close to the problem because they may show some sympathy or even empathy and this could weaken the punitive effect of the planned regulations.
There was also another factor too, the public relations aspects are particularly important because farmers are the major base of support for the government. Already some myths are being exposed by the media that has watered down past excuses used: This from stuff about the effects of the present drought:
That’s not far from the $2.8b seen in the 2007-08 drought, which was a key factor leading the economy into recession, but that was coupled with the global financial crisis and mortgage interest rates above 10 per cent.
The PM quickly recognised that Paula Bennett was ideally suited for the task; her Germanic approach to getting beneficiaries off benefits was a shining example of a heartless approach to a social problem. But she was dealing with non-government voters and farmers would react most unfavorably to these changes. 
So Paula Bennett is out…He thought about Steven Franks or Muriel Newman…but they were ex Act MP’s and any one linked to John Banks is a step to far…so he looked in his phone book to see if there was anyone who might meet his criteria but all the names were residing on Wall Street or the London stock exchange or were old school chums.

Garth McVicar. 

Suddenly he got a wonderful inspiration and thought…Oh it's so obvious this person is ideal for the job in hand and he is a good National supporter and he just loves sticking the boot in, and while he does have a slight connection to farming, he wouldn’t let that effect his judgments, he has proven that over and over again. So he is my choice the PM thought as he agreed with himself…so he’d give good old Garth McVicar are quick call…then he’d get Ian McKelvie from Rangitikei to resign for medical reasons and pop Garth into that seat and Bob’s your uncle…then give him a couple of weeks with Paula Bennett to hone his discipline skills…create a new ministerial position and it will save the country millions…we need farmers to buy into the assets sales.
 Oh what a wonderful country we live in thought John as he planned his next trip to Hawaii

Monday, 8 April 2013

Educating New World, Four Square and Pak n’ save


Where do you do your shopping these days

your selection could decide the wages paid to those who serve you? You could decide if they can earn a minimum wage, or a wage based on a below the minimum allowed under the present law simply because they are under 18 years of age.

Some of these young people might be your children or grandchildren or the children of friends but one thing is sure they are the children of someone just like you. And they need your help  

Under the newly introduced wage cuts introduced by the government, these youth are having the possible earnings cut. These are not news paper delivery boys and girls, who have already had their pocket money taxed, but are young people often just starting their working lives, they deserve at least the minimum wage.

Government Ministers and particularly Paula Bennett, Steven Joyce and PM John Key pushed the line that by lowering wages they would create more jobs’ that is simply public relations grap…

The Warehouse, Farmers, Kmart, Bunning’s and major supermarket operator Countdown had already committed to rejecting the new youth rates.

In fact other employers also support the view that; paying such low wages is simply incorrect…these companies were confronted with industrial action back in 2007 when youth rates were repealed. National has now reintroduced them under a different name after rejecting an attempt by John Banks to reintroduce them via a private members bill. No doubt he in his usual style ‘blackmailed’ the Nat’s by threats of withdrawing support and the last thing we need is for our youth to be lectured by John Banks…can you imagine thousands of youth losing their memories all at once!

The Unite Union ran a successful industrial campaign and the following outfits who employ thousands of young people agreed to pay the minimum wage; McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks and Pizza Hut. So it would seem that they learned to do the right thing and further McDonald's and Restaurant Brands have joined a screen of retail giants who have decided against paying 16 to 19-year-olds the new youth wage. It would seem that they learned their lesson:

Here is an action plan for you and your friends to help our youth.

So if you would like to help our young people to earn the minimum wage you might like to assist in educating New World, Four Square and Pak n’ save by doing the following:

  • Firstly you can stop shopping at those outlets…or you can do something stronger

  • Or you can ask to speak to the manager and ask if they are paying youth rates. If the answer is yes, leave your purchases there and walk out…or

  • You could also ask them to put signs up saying if they pay youth rates or not, because it would help you decide to shop there or not!

If we don’t help our young people who the hell will…The Unite union were successful because they unionised the staff and showed the way, lets hope the union covering New World, Four Square and Pak n’ Save can do the same…

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Aid to the US yet again

Key offers help to the US and Korea

Break out your old K Force uniforms folks, we could soon be off to help the Americans in yet another bout of madness and destruction, of course the Yanks or the South Koreans don’t actually need our assistance they are perfectly able to bomb North Korea out of existence.

I can see it now, hundreds of troops marching up the streets of Wellington being waved farewell by a proud Prime Minister standing on the rostrum accompanied by his good friends Ian Fletcher and Sir Jerry Mateparae.

Of all this of course is dependant on the armed forces having any troops left after the pay cuts and the civilianisation of their organisations. So instead of troops we may in fact see hundreds of unemployed youth who have completed a quick stint in boot-camps being led by the Minister of Social Welfare Paula Bennett wearing the latest fashionable combat dress.

The Prime Minister told the press:

 “I wouldn’t want to speculate, but obviously we have got a long and proud history of coming to the support of South Korea,” he said in comments reported on TV3.
“Taken to the extreme, and without interventions and resolutions to the issues, that is of course possible.”

The backlash to his war-like statement was quick and instant in its condemnation of both its content and lack of analysis especially after he stated publicly that he would think before he speaks after his stuff-ups over the Ian Fletcher GCSB appointment episode just last week.

Somehow the climate in China, where he is presently on holiday, must have affected his reasoning. Maybe, just maybe, this was his way of taking attention away from one enormous F-up by making yet another F-up, not a bad technique if you are a Prime Minister under attack.

In all honesty I think you can keep your tin-hats in the shed...for he knows not what he says...