Saturday, 20 August 2011

Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Another soldier killed in Afghanistan. That statement is true and it is sad both for his family and for his unit. But the public relations hype that has followed his death makes me sick. The headline ‘Key vows not to back down’ astounds, of course Key won’t back down, he is typical of those who send troops to the frontline but make sure that he steers well clear of any danger. Michelle Boag ex Nats party boss claims troops are fighting for freedom and more importantly they want to be there [In Afghanistan]. I’ve always thought that our forces obeyed the government’s wishes rather than selecting which wars to fight.
Afghanistan is yet again another Vietnam, an American war for economic profit that has back fired and failed in all respects. The Americans backed the Taleban who are now the enemy, in Afghanistan when they kicked out the Red Army in the eighties. The British wrote way back when Afghanistan was a part of the British Empire, “When contemplating an offensive [or invasion] of Afghanistan the first thing you must plan for is your inevitable retreat and defeat”. The US failed to do this in Vietnam and they are failing in yet another country Afghanistan. But the Americans are smart in a dumb kind of way; for they let others do the dieing. The so-call government in Afghanistan is corrupt and rotten to the core; it’s as bad as Gaddafi in Libya. Would we send our troops there to defend Gaddafi even if the SAS asked…no we would not. It is time to bring our troops home. The lives our troops were trying to save were mercenaries hired by British and US so called security companies for the purpose of making money out of death and destruction. We shouldn’t have a bar of it. Our troops are not mercenaries even if the government is. 

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