Sunday, 13 July 2014

I'm ashamed NZ is on the side of mass murderers.

This from the Daily Blog site:
Since the violence between Israel and Palestine escalated, I’ve been avoiding the major news outlets such as BBC and CNN because I already knew what they were going to say and how they were going to frame the events.
It will be along the lines of ‘rockets were fired from Gaza so Israel had to strike back infinitely stronger in the name of ‘self-defence’. Honestly, I’m sick of hearing that skewed narrative.
However when I tuned in to the New Zealand news, I saw that our news is not exactly exempt from that same formula, albeit without the intense support and sympathy for Israel.
Even though our news did mention the shocking statistics, the wording and manner of description makes all the difference. To structure the description of events in this particular order creates the sense that one side is to blame and the other is simply protecting them-selves.
After digging just a bit deeper into the history and details of the conflict, the absurdity of this claim is crystal clear to anyone who is willing to open their eyes and see it. USA backed Israel with the world’s most sophisticated weaponry are forced to ‘protect themselves’ from people who basically live in an open air prison and have no army or no such weaponry? ‘Really… As George Galloway described it, Palestinians are being ‘slaughtered like fish in a barrel’.
But what I am happy to see is the increasing number of people who are starting to see through the propaganda.
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This behavior from the Israelis made me think back to the aftermath of the 2nd World War when hundreds of Germans, and their Allies where put on trial for various war crimes. One of the most common war crimes was those that related to retribution for actions against the Nazi occupation forces. Whole village populations were taken out and shot on the Street for the death of one Nazi soldier. The SS and Gestapo treated their enemies as sub-human and murdered them at will all in the name of protecting themselves. Thousands of Jews managed to live through that shocking period in history…and the world had great sympathy with those hundreds of thousands of Jews and other nationalities. 

Where possible we punished hundreds. But today it is ironic that many of those saved because we fought the 2nd world war are now via their armed forces committing the very same crimes committed by the Nazi murderers.

While countries like the US, who supplies Israel with all their arms, along with the UK, turn a blind eye as Israel commits mass murder and we here in NZ pretend that it is not happening, innocent people are being murdered as each day passes, either by Israeli rockets or American drones or both.

Thus far no one has been killed by rockets via the Gaza yet Israel has killed one hundred and fifty innocent civilians including many women and children…but hey it’s OK they are only Palestinians

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