Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Planet Key enjoy while you can

Once upon a time elections were exciting and in many respects fun…I remember when I was young and lived in Upper Hutt we had great fun changing the coloured ribbons on peoples cars, blue to red or the reverse…there was only National or Labour and labour was all the rage, I was born in 1940…and in the early forties we had believe or not, free pre-school, primary and secondary and University was free too… And believe or not our highest tax rate was around seventy to eighty cents plus in the dollar using today's money. We were a lot fairer then, egalitarian some would suggest. 

We had very few money manipulators and con-men as money traders and Ponzi schemes were few and far between because fingers Roger Douglas; Ruthie Baby had yet to con the nation. Economists and bankers were controlled and treated very much like dangerous animals and kept caged.
But then…we fell into the trap of believing that if some got richer then the wealth would trickle down and it would be shared amongst us all…which of course was when the massive Ponzi schemes got started… Mad Roger and his pixie Richard Prebble started the drive to the bottom, and the Nats realising that all their dreams had arrived continued down the same path, slashed social spending, introduced student loans, sold off our assets and shouted what good boys they were…

Since those times its been all down hill, massive growth in unemployment, 3rd world sicknesses, a huge growth in violent crime and a dynamic collapse in living standards and a huge upswing in poverty.
Bulls**t and jelly beans has been fed to us by the state sponsored Main Stream Media…I’m mean seriously folks NZTV simply lies through its Seven Sharp teeth and broadcasts whatever its instructed by its political master Steven Joyce…I mean would you actually trust him after the Media-works and Sky City deals.
A talented song writer wrote a song and a equally talented film maker put together a song and video telling the story of Planet Key…and it got banned… But right now you can listen to it because it has yet to be banned to bloggers…so here it is have a listen and share it with all your friends.

Doesn't it feel good to break a few rules...freedom to think, freedom to dream...freedom to hope... 

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Darryl Nightingale said...

I agree with the thrust of your article, but please rethink quoting the racist Voltaire.

Voltaire wrote "Our wise men have said that man is the image of God: behold a pleasant image of the eternal Being with a flat black nose, with little or no intelligence! A time will come, without a doubt, when these animals will know how to cultivate the earth well, to embellish it with houses and gardens, and to know the routes of the stars. Time is a must, for everything." "And it is a big question whether among them they are descendants of monkeys, or if monkeys come from them."
Lettres d’Amabed, Septième lettre. D'Amabed.

Elsewhere, he wrote of Africans "Their round eyes, their flattened nose, their lips which are always large, their differently shaped ears, the wool of their head, that very measure of their intelligence, place prodigious differences between them and the other species of men" "And they are not men, except in their stature, with the faculty of speech and thought at a degree far distant to ours. Such are the ones that I have seen and examined"
Essai sur les moeurs, INTRODUCTION.

"And one could say that if their intelligence is not of another species than ours, then it is greatly inferior. They are not capable of paying much attention; they mingle very little, and they do not appear to be made either for the advantages or the abuses of our philosophy."
Essai sur les moeurs, κεφ. CXLI.

Voltaire was also an anti-Semite: he referred to Jews as "calculating animals", "plagiarists in everything", "the biggest tramps who have ever spoiled the face of the earth", and so on.