Thursday, 29 January 2015

Sean Plunket and John Key spit their dummies:

Key and good mate Sean Plunket ,,,good kiwi blokes yeah right.

Chubby cheeked Sean Plunket opened his mouth and let the wind blow his Wellington Polytechnic School of Journalism.[1]   trained tongue about as he’d had a rant about New Zealand’s most successful author Eleanor Catton who wrote the hugely and world acclaimed book ‘The Luminaries’ which as most people know won the Man Booker prize.
Now according to wee Sean, Eleanor Catton should not have been critical of our Prime Minister and the behaviour of his Government. According to chubby cheeked Sean baby she should not be so out spoken, she should act like a good Kiwi woman and simply keep her mouth shut and her opinions to herself.
Sean really is a typical Kiwi male…women are to be seen and not heard…and like a good New Zealand Policeman who don’t investigate rape cases especially when they involve policemen or officers, national party politicians, bloggers who are friends of the PM, etc. women should be ignored and locked away in the cupboard only to be let out on special occasions...

I suppose we could now rightly claim that Sean Plunket has joined that elite group of nasty foul mouthed idiots who are close to the PM and therefor above the law. He joins with Paul Henry, Mike Hoskins, Jason Ede, Cameron [Whale Oil] Slater and money hungry Simon Lusk all these males are of a particular elk…anti-women, anti-worker, anti-free speech, in fact anti-democratic. But hey what’s new…
Can I suggest you read the editorial in Thursdays Manawatu Standard where Matthew Dallas wrote an worthy and professional editorial on the subject of Eleanor Cattons remarks.  You can read it at :  
The Luminaries author and Man Booker prize winner Eleanor Catton gets up Keys nose.

I can but agree with his headline: ‘Eleanor Cattons candour does NZ proud’ and simply add that Sean Plunket takes his foolish rant and shoves up his back-side…
Plunket was born in Christchurch, the son of journalist Patrick Plunket.[1] He was educated at Plimmerton Primary School and Nelson College from 1980 to 1982, where he was a member of the 1st XV rugby union team in 1981 and 1982.[2] He went on to study at the Wellington Polytechnic School of Journalism.[1]

Now he is simply some one who is constantly looking for regular employment...his latest effort was to take over from Michael Laws at News Talk ZB and boy was that a huge step backward...


Anonymous said...

This opinion canvasses the questions that Catton’s critics have glossed over, in their rush into the headlines.
The simple question remains unanswered, regarding her comments. Was she right? Or was she wrong?
I happen to think she was right, hence the major reason behind Plunket’s biased tirade.
Freedom of speech is all very well for Plunket, but obviously not for anyone else.


Unknown said...

The vicious attack on Catton by Plunket plus the obnoxious Jordan Williams via his so called Tax payers union has demonstrated that the Right do not believe in freedom of speech and thought unless it’s a pro government stance. I find it very disturbing that our media always defend the current government and continually give unconditional support to a corrupt government seemingly either too lazy or lack the intelligence to analyses and critique the government.
The PM throw away comment that Catton is a Green supporter was a feeble attempt to make it appear her political views are loony, a comment unworthy of the PM but he is has a history of making dismissive comments about his opponents or critics that appeal to his gullible supporters.