Thursday, 26 February 2015

Salary increase not needed says PM... Yeah Right

Members of Parliament have been given a $7,000 salary rise by the independent body that sets their pay.
The Remuneration Authority gave MPs an increase of 1.5 percent, as well as a $5,000 payment to compensate for the international travel allowance which was scrapped in January.

The changes will see the next Prime Minister's salary rise from $400,500 to $411,510, while his deputy will get $291,800, up from $282,500.
The Leader of the Opposition and the Speaker will both get $257,200, up from $249,100.
Backbenchers will receive $141,800, up from $134,800.

Authority chairman John Errington said increases in recent years have not kept up with the rising cost of living and general wage increases.
Of course all of them get heaps of other perks, housing and accommodation, transport, air travel, health care etc. etc.
Prime Minister John Key said we was also disappointed with part of the decision to increase MP's pay. He said he was happy with the 1.5 per cent increase because that was roughly in line with what the rest of the country got, but he said there was little need for the $5,000 to compensate for the scrapping of the travel allowance.

Talk about jelly-beans and bullshit and media manipulation; we’ve just had the finest example of Hollywood style crap presentation and a thick brained idiotic acceptance of medias first rate clap-trap. Which was fed to readers and viewers in the name of democracy and freedom?  It’s the kind of PR driven crap which the NZ public consumes on a daily basis… The PM fed the media a line of bull so obvious that a ten year old would recognised it as such from a hundred yards. But our media stayed blind, deaf and dumb as well as being one eyed.

The PM didn’t want MP’s to get a salary increase…yeah right.

He waits until the commissioner is about to announce what the increase will be…the very day…and he goes to the media and says that he asked, no begged; the commissioner not to give MP’s a lift in salary…as the law requires him to do. He doesn’t have a choice.

The PM knows this but still goes through the completely bogus motion of pretending he is against the possible increase, and wants MP’s treated the way public servants are treated. And he pleas for the commissioner to do the decent thing…he says this as he wipes the self-induced tears from his eyes. He is the finest B/S artist in NZ maybe even the world…

The media simply love and adore his Hollywood style drama style ‘Queen’ presentation. National Party clones like…Paul Henry, Mike Hoskins and the NZ Herald absolutely perspire with delight at this display of frustration by an emotional PM as they offer him a tissue or two to wipe the invisible tears from his pink cheeks, this proves they say, that he is just one of the crowd…a good Kiwi bloke…yeah right…if you believe that then you’ve got rocks for brains. He could have simply turned up at work on Thursday morning and retrospectively changed the law…but alas he didn’t do that, instead he bluffed and huffed like a miniature Snow-white.

The PM knows full well that the increase will be granted…because under the law the commissioner has no choice. He does his crying leader act on a Thursday, a day on which he won’t be in the house to answer any questions on the issue [He almost never goes to Parliament on a Thursday, he needs the rest after two days in the house [Tuesday and Wednesday].

This last Tuesday and Wednesday have been like days from hell for the PM…he has ramped and raved, swore and stamped his feet, has bull-shitted his way around sending troops to Iraq without the support of Parliament, tried to explain his various falsehoods about the Sky City give away and the resignation of ex-Northland National MP and chair of the Law and Order Committee and super anti-family-violence campaigner Mike Sabin, who’s name cannot be mentioned in Parliament…and if you do that great protector of the PM the Speaker will leap to his feet and shut you up, yet the PM can call others, cowards, gutless, spineless, and the speaker always finds a reason to allow that to happen. I sometimes feel that the Speaker and the PM are in some sort of relationship…father and son, husband and wife…or some other variation on that theme, but it’s not hard to recognise which one is the boss…

A new way of recruiting CEO’s, senior management, and other positions paying more than the living wage is discussed in the following blog: 

Another method that would be fair is never to pay increases other than in money terms rather than percentage terms…5% of half a million is a hell of a lot more than 5% of the minimum wage. What you do is always increase salaries or wages from the bottom up…for example if the bottom level got an increase of say 5% which equals say $500 per year…then everyone above the bottom point receives $500…this maintains the gap between positions. This would of course hold the gap that now exists between people.While new ways of reducing top per the link above for example.

The gap between the bottom and the top has been growing at a massive rate and a 50 cent increase in the legal minimum hourly rate for those over eighteen years of age, workers under that age could be paid as low as eleven dollars.

If we fail to take action then we should expect a violent reaction sometime in the not too distant future…    

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