Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Enemy Leader Unknown.

John Key has fumbled through an attempt to name the head of Islamic State, echoing an interview where Australia's Defence Minister had his credibility destroyed by an ABC journalist over the same question. Asked whether he could name the head of ISIS, the Prime Minister struggled to come up with a direct answer.
He actually said:
"Ah look, I'll get it wrong if I actually name his name, it's al-Jabiri something, but yeah, whatever...," Mr Key said. [He looked and sounded like an even bigger idiot than the Australian Minister of Defence…]

This comes after Australia's Defence Minister was ridiculed today when he failed to answer ABC reporter Leigh Sales's questions on the eve of Australia deploying troops to Iraq.
Kevin Andrews continued to return wishy-washy answers as Ms Sales pressed on in last night's 7.30 Report.
"So, sorry, just to be clear, who is the leader and what is the focus on his capture?" Ms Sales asked.
"Well, I'm not going to go into operational matters, obviously, Leigh," Mr Andrews replied.

"I don't think that's operational. I think it's a matter of public record," Ms Sales said.
"Minister, you're responsible for putting Australian men and women in harm's way in the cause of this mission. I'm surprised that you can't tell me the name of Islamic State's leader. The US State Department has a $10 million bounty on his head?"

"Well, as I said, ISIL is a combination of groups, Leigh. [Report ends]

This absolutely clear indicator of the intelligence level of John Key our PM and the easily forgotten Australian Minister of Defence [Kevin Andrews] is displayed in this tiny tit-bit of info put out by PUBLIC Ad-free TV in Australia…thank God they’ve still got public owned TV in Australia…unlike us who have to put up with TV3’s white suited foul-mouthed Australian reject Paul Henry or John Key’s chief cheer leader wee mini-skirted Mike Hosking

Anyway I thought this proven and uncontestable inability to answer a very simply question like who the leader of ISIS leads us naturally to ask other questions, especially for our esteemed leader. Perhaps John Campbell might agree to could ask the following questions [should TV3's Keys friends agree] such as:
1.     Where is ISIS?
2.     Where is Iraq?
3.     What side is Saudi Arabia on, ours or ISIS’s or both?
4.     What side is the US on Saudi Arabia’s or ISIS or both?
5.     Are we on the same side as the Syrian Dictator, who has murdered hundreds of thousands of his own citizens? and since:
6.     Israel sells arms to Saudi Arabia does the PM support this arms trading?

You might like to add a few questions of your own and even send the questions to the PM or the Nats local list member Jono Naylor, I’m sure he will pass your message on to PM after all what else has he got to do with his time other than supporting his wife with door knocking...

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