Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Clinton... Key birds of a feather stick together

 In so many respects Hillary Clinton and John Key are one the same…
  1. Both fought to have the Glass-Steagall revoked so those they worked for could rip-off the banking system.
  2. Both made their fortunes by amassing huge bonus payments for Ponzi styled schemes.
  3. Key supports the illegal undeclared war in Iraq as does Clinton. 
  4. Key doesn’t give a hoot about the social welfare system hence its decline since 2009
  5. Keys election campaigns have been run by a black ops experts out of Australia and NZ and nutcase bloggers here in NZ. 
  6. Clinton's campaign is run by black Ops experts and Wall Street crooks.
  7. Key lies daily, forgets past promises, events.
  8. Clinton does the same as witnessed each night on TV.
  9. And Key even pulls the hair of workers for fun! I doubt if Hillary does so but we do know that her adoring and doting partner / husband has a liking for long hair etc.

I have no idea if Key acts like a budding Bill Clinton with his staff... as did wee Bill C with Monica Lewinsky...but I hope not.  

Did Monica Lewinsky ever have a pony tail? The picture shows clearly that she had lots of hair so she could well have been at risk should she have been connected to our esteemed leader via a coffee bar here in Auckland.

Now some body in the US sent this on line using Facebook #earnmyvote I was so impressed by it that I thought I might share it with you so you could share it with your friends. Many people are now using the hashtag #earnmyvote [on twitter or Facebook] to express their views on the bunch of politicians here in NZ who are supporting the TPPA against the wishes of well over 50 to 60% of the population...


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