Saturday, 3 December 2016

Nationals racial election bid for Mt Roskill fails:

Labour needed a big win, they had that last night. Goff’s winning margin was 56%, Wood has managed an astounding 67%.  Watch the mainstream media now write the win off as predictable and meaningless.

Michael Wood’s win proves that Labour’s core message of infrastructure investment; affordable housing and empathy have more going for it than National’s vacant aspiration.
Here is what TDB wrote on the massive win:

“It means that beyond the narrative that we are in the encore performance of a Rock Star economy; many ordinary NZers are hurting and needing change.
The National Party candidate’s nasty politics didn’t work and a constant stream of gaffs against Indian students didn’t help.

Labour needed a big win, they have that tonight. Goff’s winning margin was 56%, Wood has managed an astounding 67%.  Watch the mainstream media now write the win off as predictable and meaningless.

How will we as citizens understand this win without Toby Manhire, Clare Trivet, Tracey Watkins, Rodney Hide, Matthew Hooton, Fran O’Sullivan, Michelle Boag, Patrick Gower, the Herald Editorial, Paul Henry and Mike Hosking down playing the victory?

Some of the Twitter Petty pundits will spout that because NZ First and Greens weren’t running that the win is meaningless – bullshit! It shows in stark contrast that electoral deals work. This is what the Opposition need to do in a number of electorates because when it is done properly, we beat National!

These electorate deals allow the voice of change to be heard.

The mainstream media were attacking Little’s leadership all week because they believed the by election might have gone the way their polls do, this landslide win undermines their view so expect a tiny story in tomorrow’s news and nothing more.

So John Key lost really big in Northland in the by-election when Winston Peters kick his arse and took the seat off National…Key in his usual style wrote that off as simply a blip on the political scheme of things:

Conformation of the trend against National showed itself in the Mt Roskill by-election and the absolute rubbish published by the New Zealand Herald when they suggested that the by-election was too close to call. By Sunday morning Stuff was busy publishing the National Party PR losing line:

“National campaign manager Steven Joyce said the race had gone as he expected.
"Obviously [Parmar] would have liked to get a better result... but the odds [were] pretty much stacked against her.
"I think for us it was a good hit out for the team. I think they campaigned well. It was just that it was always going to be very hard to get our voters to turn out when they knew that we in all likelihood wouldn't win the by-election."
Prime Minister John Key said Parmar had "fought a hard campaign" that focused on the issues that matter.
"By-elections are always tough, especially when the seat has been held by your opponent's party for some time."

The latest in thing is to claim that since the Greens and Labour have signed a deal to work together; the parties are now moving toward the ‘Left’.

This is utter crap, the Greens have drifted further toward the middle ground and Labour hasn’t really moved at all other than to get rid of Phil Goff that great lover of the TPPA and neoliberal politics. This from TDB explains it well:

“Look at Labour policy and look at Green Policy. Nothing they are suggesting is actually that much more different than the current political status quo. The Greens have moved so far to the centre on the environment that the dairy industry is exempt from any real changes for at least 5 years. Labour doesn’t have any real difference in neoliberal welfare either. Homes for first time buyers is about as ‘radical’ as Labour gets.

These right wing media pundits who keep claiming that Labour+Greens are somehow too left wing wouldn’t know a Left wing position if Zombie Marx rose from the grave and bit them!
If anything Labour+Greens are still far too centrist to generate any excitement in the missing million voters. That’s why Gareth Morgan might suggest welfare and environment policy that is far more radical than what’s being offered by the Greens or Labour.
Another false narrative being woven by the mainstream media is that it’s all over for Andrew Little. This is media nonsense.

Duncan Garner that failed and now dumped TV3 political whiz kid wrote the following the day before the Mount Roskill by-election:

OPINION: It has been a dreadful end to the year for Andrew Little. 
He desperately needs a fillip on Saturday of a strong win for Labour in the Mt Roskill by-election. Should that not happen his year goes from bad to much, much worse?  
Lose on Saturday and Labour goes from chaos to a full-blown crisis.

Poor old unwanted Duncan Garner will now have to eat his own words…like the Herald his predictions have been proven absolutely wrong.

Have a look at the numbers:
WOOD, Michael
PARMAR, Parmjeet
LEITCH, Andrew
STRONGE, Brandon
GOODE, Richard
Candidate Informals:



This shows you how clearly Wood thrashed or trashed Parmar; he took 67% of the vote, after getting that news I imagine that John Key asked his son Max for a hug or two, or went out to the nearest coffee bar to find a pony tail to pull…

It’s too early to suggest that next year’s election will be a Labour coalition or a National coalition victory …but it is certainly a wide open election, but anything is possible, Key could resign and go live in Hawaii.    

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