Saturday, 21 January 2017

NZ Women lead the way to Washington

These women got an idea…they worked together far, far, better than most men and converted their ideas and dreams into reality.
They coordinated, collaborated and organised in the proven best ways possible. 

They didn’t rely on MSM to report their activities, after all Trump and his cronies and the rest of the 1% own all the media.

They designed dynamic posters like this one, they printed it off and using social media rather than MSM they sent it to be considered by the rest of the worlds right thinking women. 

Thousands of other women accepted their plight in regard to the arrival of a ‘pussy’ grabbing, thrice married, uneducated ‘daddies’ boy who has never done a hard day’s work in his life, has lived off his Daddy and avoided military service via legal manipulation and outright lies. Oh and he pays stuff all tax

This led to other highly brilliant women, coming up with cartoons like this. What it clearly expounds and that women can and do learn from their children.

The message is simple older people need to listen to younger people…I mean really listen.

These women were so successful that millions of willing supporters took to the streets across the entire world to express their solidarity with each other.

Here in New Zealand the women rallied and gathered together in wonderful solidarity, these thousands assembled in Wellington to express their understanding of the predicament that the US now finds itself. Governed by billionaires and nut case ex-generals whom can’t wait to start even further wars.

These thousands gathered together in Auckland to show that they too understood the fear that American women face while being led by obviously demented idiot…these people understand that American has been at constant war with world since world war two ended,

To prove how bias our main stream media is have a look at the Video of the protest march in Auckland being shown…and they call it a few hundred, and refer to the fact that a few right-wingers turned up to support Trump.  

Right at this very moment the Women’s March on Washington in protest at the Donald Trumps of the US and the world is in full swing. The message was clear…Women matter, Black lives matter, truth matters and the hundreds of thousands present representing themselves and millions of others. They showed by their wonderful speeches that standing up and speaking out is a vital part of organising a movement that can and will bring change.
I have watched wrapt and engrossed in the emotion radiated by the many women speakers at the Washington gathering. Their words were the words of pure emotion of both power and modesty…not for them the boastfulness of billionaire Donald Trump, the weird attitude of the millionaire Bob Jones’s attack on beggars.
Not for them an attack on the weak, bluster of KKK style racism, there were no ravings of the ‘Hobsons Pledge’ mob.
The march on Washington was an indicator of a new approach by the masses to change the world’s style of leadership based on fear and hate. Donald Trump was a step back in history, back to the age of Hitler, Clinton too represents the past. But these women clearly offered a new way forward…a community answer to the hate, murder both legal and illegal. To the world they sent the message of hope, not bull shit promises, they explained the hard work ahead…rats don’t die easily.
The battle for freedom in the US, freedom from slavery, freedom from legal oppression by police and the military elite is underway. These few obey their orders and carry out the criminal extra-judicious orders of the unelected corrupt US cabinet led by a man who sees himself as Hitler-like and makes states from the comic book ‘Batman’ during his acceptance speech.


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