Monday, 11 September 2017

Guest Blog: The US a failing empire

Peter Grove guest blog
I have recently been thinking about the past few years of what has been befalling Stateside.
Go back to Katrina and the devastation of New Orleans. Fast forward to present day with Harvey, Irma and Jose.
Then look a little further in the past to the ascendance of the lunatic Trump. Go back further to the days of Iraq.
Both for the George Bush war and the earlier episode in Iraq lead by his father. If you recall in that war the yanks bulldozed sand into trenches where Iraqui defenders were sheltering, killing hundreds, merely trying to defend their country. 
Then fast forward to the resistance of Fallujah which was virtually razed by the military for its resistance to takeover.These are but a few of the examples of American intransigence and overwhelming exercise of military power. Then think about 9/11 and the fuss that erupted then, from the mere suspicion it was a group of middle eastern dissidents that orchestrated the twin towers episode. Everyone has been lead to believe that was the actual scenario. Never mind the strange outcome of the event. The destruction of the twin towers and the adjoining building that appeared to fall down of its own accord, with the hallmark appearance of it being a controlled demolition, as were the twin towers. The subsequent enquiry which, ever you look at it, gave all the appearance of a carefully orchestrated white wash. 
The anguish of the Yanks over that episode is still fresh in many peoples’ minds. Think back to that day and rack your mind to see just how much worse it was, in the American mind, than the unending death and destruction being dished out almost daily on other countries of the world on the false supposition that in some way they orchestrated 9/11 on their own. Take all of those events, put them all together, and wonder about them being in the form of Divine Retribution for the evil the yanks have visited around the world,in the period under consideration. 
Bear in mind the biblical admonition, as ye sow so shall ye reap, and the thought of Divine Retribution, appears to be more and more feasible. Have a think about the American Banking system’s lurch into derivatives and the oncoming world-wide financial crash looking more and more imminent day by day.We have already had a foretaste of it in the financial crash of 2008.  
Hit and Miss, the Hager book portrays how our military, was lead astray by American intervention that ended in what should have been more or less a normal patrol which ended so disastrously, and in which, 26 civilians, men women and children were killed by snipers firing from helicopters in the dead of night at the behest of our own SAS, on the authority of our very own dearly beloved, Sir Don Key Kreyp. Since when did he assume the role of a supreme military commander? It was very plain reading the book the raid was purely in retribution for the death of one of our soldiers some months prior. The subsequent denials by our own military indicate the event was something contrary to the normal rules of warfare as well as those of the Geneva Convention.
These are but a few of the horrendous episodes that can be laid fairly at the doorstep of the Yanks, with their overwhelming, Might is Right philosophy.
My opinion is that the sooner the evil empire comes crashing back down to earth and reverts to its former largely insignificant role in world affairs The better it is going to be for each and every country on earth.
There are too many unexplained episodes in recent American history, to suspect otherwise, from the whitewash of the Kennedy Assassination, to the same, surrounding 9/11. where tons of steel RSJ used in the construction of the towers were stacked neatly on site only to be shipped to India as scrap with none of the microscopic investigations the Yanks are famous for, having taken place. 
It was almost a case of the less said the better! The problem seems to be that for so long the Yanks have wallowed in their fantasy world of Hollywood they have completely lost all touch with reality. 


Lai Klee said...

Another well written piece Peter. I have 1 question, how old is the photo? You don't look much like that when we chat on skype!
You and I are (frighteningly) very much on the same page on many subjects, but I have to question your calling Trump a lunatic. He really does sem to be trying to "drain the swamp," which has been filling up for well over 100 years. 1913 and the setablishment of the Fed a/k/a "The Creature from Jekyll Island," was a significant part of the slippery slide. The RBNZ is very little different from the FED, in that it too is complicit in the creation of money (unrepayable debt) out of thin air, the difference eing that the RBNZ allows the banksters to actually create the unrepayable debt while it, the RBNZ, just creates "the petty cash," (notes and coins.". I saw another term for "out of thin air" last week, "ex nihilo," which for non students of Latin, means "out of nothing," which is even less than "thin air" and even more appropriate.
Keep up the good work Peter,
Kindest regards as alwaya

Wheeler's Corner NZ said...

Hi Geoff,
The picture is not of me...I'm nothing like that good-looking...although Peter Grove pictured is a few years older than I am...cheers Peter W.