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Crazy Canadian couple decide not to visit.

Wheeler's Corner NZ 28 8th July 2018
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Lauren Coulter
So a strange Canadian pair wanted to visit New Zealand, not for a holiday or to visit our scenic spots but to teach us a bit about race relations, gender matters and other aspects of their version of race relations. The pair are not admitted white supremacists they just believe that whites are supreme above all others.

Stefan Molyneux
Of course types like Stefan Molyneux and his young follower Lauren Southern touch a nerve among white supremacists types world wide, white supremacists need to have their views reinforced these days. The question is, should we have to pay for that reinforcement. It is well known that Southern has been banned from the UK, because of her anti Muslim hate speech behaviour.

In NZ in recent times we had a strong debate about the introduction of Maori Wards and as usual using a pro-white voting system Maori wards were rejected, but during the debate those opposed to Maori Wards suggested that we look at other ways of ensuring Iwi representation within our local government system...but the moment our local council starts doing just that the same bunch of racists condemn the councillors...this suggests that there is little if any logic in the anti-Maori/Iwi argument.

This may also apply to the white supremacist movement that most whites keep secret. It is also important according to: Daniel Defoe to remember that "Justice is always violent to the party offending, for every man is innocent in his own eyes"

 This from that wonderful blog site No Right Turn:

The cost of a free and democratic society

So, a pair of foreign racists want to visit New Zealand, and naturally some people want to have them banned to prevent them from speaking:
Pressure is mounting on Immigration New Zealand to deny entry to a controversial Canadian pair set to give a talk in Auckland next month.
Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux are best known for their far-right alternative views on everything from feminism, gender and immigration to Islam.

Earlier this year, Ms Southern was banned by from entering the UK on the grounds of her involvement "in the distribution of racist material in Luton", according to the BBC.

The Islamic community voiced their opposition to the visit last month.

New Zealand Federation of Islam Associations president Hazim Arafeh said it had written letters to the Immigration Minister, Minister for Ethnic Communities and the Human Rights Commission asking for Lauren Southern to be denied entry.

"[She] abuses her right of freedom of speech. She's just going to give a talk in which she's just going to insult all of us," Mr Arafeh said.

Unfortunately, being insulted is just something people have to put up with in a free and democratic society, and our Supreme Court is on record (in Brooker v Police) as saying so. We have a right to freedom of speech in New Zealand, which covers not just the right of these racists to speak, but also the right of their racist audience to listen. Restricting that right pre-emptively requires a very high test: basicly an announced intention on the part of the speaker to incite a riot. If that test isn't met, there's no justifiable reason to prevent them from speaking. And as I've said in other cases, the answer to speech you don't like is more speech, not less. If they're giving a speech, then protest outside, and make it damn clear to everyone that kiwis don't agree with their racism and Islamophobia.

Typical white supremacist family in US

Well Auckland City Council has banned the pair from from using any Auckland City Council venues and this is the Councils right.

Are they correct, I imagine that would depend on your position regard hate speech.

I wonder if the world would now be a different place if we had banned Hitlers rants...or Bush's attack on Iraq... Blair's crap about weapons of mass-destruction.

Sadly I think we are very selective in deciding what hate speech is.

Well in the end the promoters tossed in the towel and decided it just wasn't worth the effort, I've no doubt that profit was the major factor. So maybe we have been very lucky indeed to have avoided the unrest and protests that would have taken place.

Speaking about protests, did you know that the makers and sellers of weapons and arms are planning a conference here in Palmerston North in Oct / Nov 2018, now that's something that could draw us all together for the betterment of mankind.

Remember the arms industry depends on people killing each other. Just take a second look at the US family armed to the teeth...even the smallest daughter is carrying a pistol. The arms industry depends on wars and arming civilians, to continue forever.

Even our own NZ First ex-servicemen supports the super arming of our troops...spending billions on planes and ships...and fighting other peoples wars. What we spend on one ship costs more per year that to assist those with mental health issues.

Ron Mark if we disengaged our military from the US British war machine we could pay our nurses a living wage. Now that would be a target worth protesting for...a livable wage for all...gee whiz now that would be a first and would scare the hell out of the US.

If we succeed the US may well attack us using all their subs, aircraft carriers, drones, CIA. FBI and other special forces such as the official murder teams answerable directly to the POTUS. Ron Mark would you instruct our military forces not to engage against US or British forces but only defend us against China or Russia or aliens from outer space.

You see Ron that's the reason why American wars continue forever...because they supply the arms to both a war they ever ended...or won for that matter. Did they win in Vietnam, in Korea, in Afghanistan, in Iraq...

My recommendation to one time-Major and Mayor Ron Mark is to think like a kiwi, a New Zealander, become a true peace-nik rather than an imitation Trump style American gun loving member of the NRA.

You are allowed to think outside the square in NZ. Simply admit when the defence force stuffs up as it did in Afghanistan, tell the truth, its amazing how forgiving we all can be, even when we have been lied to.

Lastly please, please don't forget that Trump refused to don his countries military uniform in his successful desire to avoid serving his so-called beloved mother or father land. Some might suggest that his behaviour was cowardly, but the reality that has always been the behaviour of rich spoiled children.

Stay warm and stay free of colds and the flu, and think about how you might assist in demonstrating your opposition to a weapons marketing sale and conference here in Palmerston North...non violent naturally. We can leave the violence to the white racists etc.

Together anything is possible.

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