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Julian Assange Vs Mark Zuckerberg The money or the bag: Wheelers Corner 21 April 2019.

Assange Vs Zuckerberg...both doing the same thing but for different reasons and rewards, one a journalist the other an information manipulator of private information.

Every now and then we get the chance to compare two people who in many respects are in the same business...well they are communicators of sorts: One is a journalist the other a money maker...they are as different as heaven and hell.
or chalk and cheese, hero or bad guy, you decide. 

One makes billions or is it trillions, selling off your secrets to governments and or to friendly political parties with big bank accounts or business corporations with equally massive bank balances, so that they can use the info to control your life and especially reach into your almost emply wallet.

While the other guy attempts to tell the world of the evil side of politics, the murder and mass killings that are ordered so as to control the local and international masses that inhabit our universe.

Officially supported direct killing of civilians and others to achieve political and economic control over other countries is not new, in part or fully.

The shockingly murderous crimes that were committed in illegal wars such as Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and a half a dozen other countries. Show clearly how vile and corrupt some powerful countries are. Yet these very same countries attempt to push a completely false image of their know, they are committing these murders to protect the people...yeah right, protecting democracy...yeah right.

Hell countries like the US and many others don't even know what the word democracy actually means...the work their guts out to ensure that voting is rigged and manipulated in faviour of the rich and their political cronies.

Now Government and especially dictator style leaders will pay huge big bucks to get early warnings about citizens who reveal secret information about the crimes committed by the state. You know assassination and such like. The Americans appear to bump off anyone they please to achieve their military / economic / strategic goals.

But alas when some whistle blower reveals their secret illegal behaviour...they are arrested and charged with all sorts of offenses. And those same governments keep them locked up illegally until forced by those countries that have a court and legal system that can work, and forces the government to release them...

Now in this latest episode Julian Assange published the information handed over to his organisation from the now famous and heroic whistle blower Chelsea Manning...Who is Chelsea Manning: She [Once a he]

U.S. Army intelligence analyst who released the largest set of classified documents ever, mostly published by WikiLeaks and their media partners. The material included videos of the July 12, 2007, Baghdad airstrike and the 2009 Granai airstrike in Afghanistan; 250,000 United States diplomatic cables; and 500,000 army reports that came to be known as the Iraq War logs and Afghan War logs.[196] Manning was convicted of violating the Espionage Act and other offenses and sentenced to 35 years in prison.[197]  

Sometime back, the US Government was forced to release Chelsea while they put
together a new case against her and have re-imprisoned her: WkiLeaks owned by Julian Assange published the data...that clearly showed how the US broke US law during the Iraq and Afghan illegal wars...which I might add are still in would seem that the US doesn't know how to finish wars. But they take it on themselves to decide when wars are legal even when their country has no part in running the country involved, for example Valenzuela is the latest independant country that the US is interfering in. To learn a little more about Whistle Blowers I would suggest that you go to:

The week leading up to Easter has been a week of Extingtion Rebellion activity around the world, in many cities in Europe traffic was brought to a standstill as hundreds of thousands of people showed there dis-pleasure with their governments slow reaction to the massive evidence of climate change on out one and only world we have... We have no where else to go once the greedy have bled the world dry in the insatiable demand for more and more individual wealth. Unless you've been in a deep comia you must have read or watched the huge demonstrations that took place last Monday...they were truly stunning both is size and in behaviour. They prove what non-violent protests can achieve.

But the real question is "Will those with the power decide to move or react to the now clear evidence that climate change has arrived in a big way...You would have to be deaf, dumb and unbelievably out of touch not to have not noticed the massive changes to the weather patterns and not connected those patterns to the behaviour of human beings to the world around them.

Here in New Zealand a huge number of people are still trying to defend the behaviour of our dairy industry as it contaminates huge tracts of land by ever increasing numbers of cows. This massive stupidity is leading to the total pollution of our rivers and streams. And the amazing thing is while doing this we are giving away out drinking water to overseas owned bottling companies. I've heard that the government at last is planning to look at this activity...but I've no doubt that as usual the neo-libs and Roger Douglas left-overs will take the money and hide the harm. We shall see...

This leads to the question "Will our children and grand children and great grand-children have a future to look forward to: Or simply have a black hole to look into: Yes that subject has been in the news: They have actually created an image of a black hole... and here it is:

it was discovered during a brain scan, no brain was found but a black hole was...and it was not wearing a red cap with the words 'Make America great again'.

So maybe this is the right time to suggest that dear Donald Trump stands down as President of the United States and declares himself King of the Jews and a God...and pussy grabber Champion of the world!

Meanwhile the rest of us can play our part in reducing the negative effect of the past million years of our greed on this world of ours...

Maybe, just maybe some of the worlds top scientists could work together to locate Trumps lost brain, repair it and replace it so that he can then go back to being the spoilt rich brat built in the image of his rich daddy...

It has just been announced by the PM that Labour will not introduce the CGT, so labour has yet again continued to go down the path of Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, and help the rich get richer while the poor get much for being a peoples party.... Oh dear me when will we ever learn,

One last Easter request: From:

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Dear friends,
I just signed the petition "Reinstate Funding for Te Hā o Hine-ahu-one Palmerston North Women’s Health Collective" and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.
This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:
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The finial issue of the week.

Good morning and welcome to The Bulletin, by Alex Braae and supported by Vector.

Heavy fallout from axing of capital gains tax.
(Getty Images)
PM Jacinda Ardern has ruled out a capital gains tax. Not only now, mind you, she's ruled out Labour ever campaigning on it ever again while she's leader. The party has now tried to campaign on one for multiple elections, and it has never taken hold. It's a monumental moment for this government to reject one of the major recommendations of their own Tax Working Group wholesale – rather than just going for a lighter version. What happened?

Arguably, Winston Peters is what happened to it. The deputy PM and long-standing opponent of any such tax was certainly happy to talk to media yesterday about it, and told Newstalk ZB there was neither a coalition consensus nor a public mandate for it. Certainly, Sir Michael Cullen who chaired the Tax Working Group was entirely comfortable blaming Winston Peters – One News reports he said that was "100%" the case. And it fits the pattern of so much of the history of this government, where NZ First has frequently flexed their muscles to stop things they don't want going through.

The politics of all of this now are pretty incredible. Remember, NZ First isn't the only party propping up the government – the Greens are too. And they were huge supporters of a CGT, to the point where co-leader James Shaw earlier questioned whether the government deserved to be re-elected if they didn't pass one. But let's go back to just how total the rejection was – Labour under Jacinda Ardern will never campaign on it ever again.

It raises the question – what exactly are the Greens in government to do? They've been bulking up on a dead-rat heavy diet over the last 18 months, while having their most important piece of legislation (the Zero Carbon bill on climate change) interminably delayed. And it throws into serious question just what exactly is actually being delivered on, in the government's so-called 'Year of Delivery', writes Danyl McLaughlan on The Spinoff.

Could anyone have seen this coming? Well, Matthew Hooton in the NZ Herald did, on the grounds that the CGT recommended by the TWG was too extreme for Labour to be seen siding with. There may have been something in that – the proposed tax was after all described by National leader Simon Bridges as "big and hairy" and an "attack on the Kiwi way of life." Both sounded utterly absurd at the time, and still do now, but you've got to admit, he did get quite a bit of cut-through with his campaigning. And the proposed CGT was certainly hefty.

The reaction to it all has been pretty explosive from interest groups. The Taxpayers Union are absolutely thrilled, as are Federated Farmers, the NZ Property Investors Federation, and Business NZ. The unions are horrified. For those who supported a CGT, it was cast as both an issue of fairness (or unfairness, when labour gets taxed but capital does not) as well as a mechanism for changing elements of the housing market away from property speculation. Jesse Mulligan – a huge supporter of a CGT – wrote about his disappointment in a piece published this morning on The Spinoff.
So what now? The CGT was just one proposal in a much wider suite of recommendations made by the TWG. Among the most important other bits were environmental taxes, which were covered here when the report was released. They're now going to be considered in depth by the parties of government, with new announcements likely over the rest of the year. And to again return to the politics of it all, Politik's Richard Harman argues that it's probably pretty bad for Simon Bridges, who now doesn't have a massive CGT-shaped target to aim at. Mr Harman, in fact, believes that the government have probably just ensured they'll get another term.

Now, for some this whole exercise of debating and researching and polling and punditeering on the CGT might now seem like a massive waste of time. Not for me – I barely covered the CGT in The Bulletin because I assumed something concrete was going to be put forward by the government, and then it could be picked over properly. So even though I was wrong I've come away from this all feeling like the last few months have been worthwhile. But for those who do feel like they've just wasted a precious chunk of their life, my condolences, and we'll all strive to come up with some other issue to get totally worked up over. 

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