Thursday, 9 May 2019

Lucy Gray tells it as it is....Wheelers Corner 25 11th May 2019

Lucy is a name well used in the Poems of Wordsworth and others...

The story of Lucy was both sad and tragic.

Lost in a storm...and lets not forget Lucy in the sky with diamonds...

Today we have a new kiwi special Lucy who is not planning to go away...especially to an early grave...she seeks to protect not only her future but every ones future.

Pushed there by the foolish behaviour of her elders and their elders. And the cycle of greed that over runs our world by the mega wealthy 1%

I received this email from Peter Grove:
Lucy Gray [left] makes a plea:

Peter W,

Have you seen the item in today's news that featured Lucy Gray making her point about the right for the kids to be concerned for their futures and their demands for REAL action, rather than the meaningless lip service being given to the subject that we are seeing from politicians and world leaders world-wide.

I was very pleased that she picked up on the hypocrisy of teacher organisations criticising SS4CC by making her point the teachers strike all the time for better wages. But object to the kids striking for their futures.

Peter G.

After reading the Stuff item: You can decide for yourself what you want about the issue, but some teachers and others are sadly depressing both in content and intelligence: here is an example: 

Our political leaders criticised them as "waggers" and time-wasters; they felt more could be achieved in another day spent at school rather than taking to the streets to highlight their elders' perceived shortcomings.

Principals and other school leaders have also criticised the movement. Their response has been similarly patronising.

Secondary Principals' Association president Michael Williams said any protesters would be wasting their time, that the chances of effecting any change were "probably zero".

So the teachers who went on strike were simply waggers! SPA Williams must then accept that his organisation have a zero chance of success. 
Teachers strike.

But of course not everyone is an unbiased adult. And to show how wrong Williams was and is: This from XR Manawatu

Last Friday we woke up to some good news from the UK - MP's in the House
of Commons have approved a motion to declare an environment and climate
Now we need to see the political will and legislative powers to back
this up but it is a monumental step in the right direction following
Scotland and Wales declaring climate emergencies earlier in the week.
Non-violent direct action works.

Back on that infamous day the 15th of March 2019 400 hundred plus marched around the Square in PN and around the world, not once but twice, proves the energy of our youth. It was a wonderful sight watching the young people led the protest march...
Young protester in PN.

I took this photo of this young girl / woman without getting her name, if you know her name could you simply let me know so I can contact her parents and seek permission to use her picture in the if you recognise her please let me know. 

Being the 15th of March and murder of 51 innocent individuals attending their Mosque in Christchurch, so the very first protest of the climate strike by young people rather came second in the MSM... 

This of course was only the first step as the various branches of Extinction rebellion around NZ and around the world. 

Peter Grove who sent me the note at the start of this  report has joined XR London branch and is now really wrapt up in what is happening, And Peter is in his age is no barrier to becoming active.

Like Peter G I too am no chicken 79 this year...Extinction Rebellion Manawatu is holding its AGM at Snails on: If you a member or orginal supporter

So if you feel up to it why not come along and see if you can help... Our next meeting is Monday 13th May, 7pm, Snails 103 Taonui Street. Everyone is welcome - please do join us.
Please join the Facebook group and add your voice to the local discussion.


We are healing from the shock of the 15th of March, both here and allover NZ. This item from the Manawatu Standard and covers the eforts of Andy Hickman to inter connect with the various religious communities within our society. 

Was good to see this in the 6pm slot as a top story tonight. Was this the first time the #climatecrisis has been covered in prime time news? I wonder what the general population thought watching from their couches in their living rooms. I am hoping that slowly but surely it’s getting through!


Wheeler's Corner NZ said...

by email:

I've just received word that the young womans name I was seeking name is Lily Thomias her parents should be very proud of her....

Wheeler's Corner NZ said...

by email:

I have just come across the following;

Greta is an inspiration to young people every where. She is capturing
widespread attention. I admired her action in addressing the Brit
Parliament, followed by a visit to the Pope to put her point of view.

We have our own youngsters making their voices and thoughts heard. Who
have to be admired. Lucy Gray is one as is Lily Thomas. I was delighted
to find you had tracked Lily down. She is quite young but by her actions
will be making a difference. If she could team up with Lucy we would
have a world-beating combination. No doubt that both of them are
followers of Greta Thunberg. All three of them are brilliant examples to
young people world wide, and I say 'More power to their elbows'!

There seems to be a stony silence from our own Parliament on the
subject. I tried to forward Sharan Burrows of ITUC latest piece to the
workers of the world to James Shaw. I found his email and fowarded the
item only to find it was rejected as a wrong address. That didn't say a
lot for his website!

There are some instructions in the phone directories about how to
contact those ginks by email, I'll look them up and try again./

Peter G