Thursday, 5 December 2013

NZ's crazy few on view.

Jono Naylor.

It’s a real funny country is New Zealand; it’s led by some real funny and odd individuals and some really strange political parties. Here in Palmerston North we have a balding but youthful Mayor named Jono Naylor and he is one of those really strange modern Christians who dreams up new ways of helping the needy. He for example suggests that the PNCC should hire the local rugby club to clear the CBD of the dozens of beggars and legal high users from its streets and byways of his small city. Just what tactics they would use that’s within the law has not been made clear. Would they for example form a scrum around and over a beggar and pretend that his begging bowl was a rugby ball and ruck it back to the waiting half back and by doing so clear the footpath of the beggar.

Colin Craig.
Then we have that strange but news worthy Colin Craig the Conservative leader who believes that bashing kids should be made legal, so good Christian men and women can not spare the rod in raising their offspring. Who believes that man hasn’t walked on the moon, that evolution should not be taught and that creationism should be forced down children’s throats and that vapor from jet aircraft is spreading throughout the world behaviour control chemicals on all those below. But wait there is more; he also believes that young NZ women are just too sexy and free with their favours. That climate change is a hoax because god wouldn’t allow it to occur and if it is true its because wants it to occur…beat that for nuttiness.

Further up the pecking order we have another self professed Christian of the male gender, and he too has some wacky views and thoughts that we should note. For example he believes that all Maori youth do is sit around idly and take drugs and plan robberies. And that whose that believe in gay marriage are all sinners in the eyes of god.
He also believes that truth is the most important quality in life, yet he told lies about donations received from his once best friend Kim Dotcom and his new found friend Sky City casino. In fact he is awaiting trial over those very public issues. And John Key thinks he is a very trustworthy we chap…his name is John Banks New Zealand's most honest political party leader.

Yet there are still other nutters that find their way to the surface of the pond, break clear of the mud and slime of man made pollution. Groups like the ‘One Law for All’ party who when their members are imprisoned via the legal process argue that they were wrongly imprisoned.

One radio commentator on our local Access Radio [Don Esslemont] even claimed that after watching a TV One video clip of ex wife and daughter of Alan Titford when they spoke to media, “Looked as if they were not telling the truth”, what he failed to tell his listeners was that the very same Allan Titford was not only found guilty of abusing his wife and daughter but also found guilty of burning down his own house and trying to blame others…he was also found guilty of other acts of arson and fraud…29 crimes in all for which he received 23 years in prison. One of my blog readers sent me these comments:

Janine said...

“Titford was well-known up here as a racist, a liar, an all-round nasty and evil man. He bought that Aranga property (for about $100,000) knowing full well that it had an urupa on it and that there was a likely Te Roroa claim. He prevented the Te Roro people from going to their urupa, told lies about their actions against him (I know these people personally and know their side of the story) and manipulated the Crown into paying him over $3 million dollars. He burnt his own house down and blamed Te Roroa. The list goes on and on. I am not a supporter of "lock 'em up and throw away the key" - but there are always exceptions. Titford is one of them.
So there you go, no doubt there are hundreds of other weird and strange human beings that inhabit our small nation. But there are some common factors, all of the above are males, three of the four profess to be Christian, I don’t know about Titford, I’ll leave you to decide if those two factors have anything to do with the behaviour of them all.

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