Saturday, 28 December 2013

Gifts that make you think...2014 A year for change.

Bridget Williams published a book edited by Max Rashbrooke with the title ‘Inequality’, A New Zealand Crisis. And a dear friend gave it to me as a Christmas gift and based on the past he always gives books that make you think and by doing so you have to reconstruct, reorganise and reconsider your own history in regard to the subject of the book. It’s his cunning way of educating me by indirect means. And I thank him for doing so. I’m always willing to learn but not so willing sometimes to accept that I need to do so.

The year before he gifted me a book titled ‘The Life and Death of Democracy’ by John Keane, a massive book of 958 pages and to be honest it has taken me almost a year to read it. It took me step by step through the beginnings of democracy, though the twisted and often reversed and even irrational meaning of what democracy meant at that stage of its development. The abuse and hidden agenda of those who claimed democracy as a model yet did the direct opposite was incredibly breathtaking in its scope and stretched across the known world. No matter whether they were Creek or Roman, English, French or American, democracy was for the most part used to control and maintain the status-quo of the rulers of the time rather than improve the lot of ordinary people; they were simply pawns in the dangerous game of power and sometimes murderous [most of the time] politics and still are today. America, Russia, the Middle East, the UK and Israel murder at will, yet call themselves democratic, China does the same only it doesn’t muddy the waters by calling itself democratic as does North Korea. Our government fails to speak out against US / Israeli State sponsored murder and by failing to do so supports the behaviour.

This years gift was a superb follow up because ‘Inequality’ has been and still is the desired state of affairs for those who have gained power ether through a so-called democratic process or other more direct means such as war, dictatorship or colonization as occurred here in New Zealand. In today’s jargon they, the real rulers, are known as the 1% to 10% as against the remaining 90% and especially the bottom 20%. Right wing governments are simply a tool used by the 1% to maintain their position of power.

Inequality has grown at a faster rate in New Zealand when compared with nearly all other developed nations over the last ten years. It has really sped up over the last six years, one could say that it is sprinting towards the governments’ unstated but obvious goal of massive poverty and the complete destruction of what is now falsely called the middle class. Their lies are gigantic in their boldness, for example they state that New Zealanders are earning more and this proves that wages are rising…that is crap…New Zealanders are simply working longer hours, or working two jobs to make ends meet. Without the Working for families’ tax credits most families couldn’t manage.

In fact the government is clearly following a policy of corporate welfare by allowing hugely profitable companies like Rio Tito, Pak-n-Save, Food Town, McDonald's and even Sky City and Warner Brothers etc to not have to pay a living wage.

The government ceased running the country from the moment Roger Douglas sold us down the river and Ruth Richardson presented her mother of all budgets, and the corporates took control and economists pretended that they were scientists and their so-called vocation was science based when if fact it is a dice throwing game played by legalised and government certified crooks.

Somebody in a blog the other day wrote that John Key was as bent as a three dollar note, now the writer may be accurate or otherwise. What I do know is that John Key reached the conclusion early on that if he was to become a millionaire he couldn’t do it by learning a trade, or by teaching, or by becoming a member of the armed forces, or do anything that he now wants you to do.

So he became a money mover…not of his own money, because he had none. He quickly realised that people with money, be they organisations or individuals are by nature gluttonous and desire more. So if he was going rip off anyone they were the best choice. He knew that if he directly stole their money chances were he could end up in prison. So he like an eager wee beaver he nudged shoved and crawled his way into positions where he could manipulate massive profits for his greedy masters and thereby ask for ever larger bonuses. And they adored him for his greediness so they gave him the nickname ‘the smiling assassin’, and as we all know assassin’s normally shoot their victims in the back.

Roger Douglas gave him his big break when he opened up the market for the NZ dollar, and Key grasped it with both hands, there was no stopping him. From off shore tax havens in the Cook Islands etc, to Australia, Singapore, and London and as a bit player on Wall Street he gathered his spoils. While the bubble burst and financial markets imploded on themselves and hundreds of thousands of people in the US and else where lost their homes, their employment, Key meantime crept back to NZ carrying his swag on his back and set about using those ill-gotten gains to buy success with his new goal of becoming the Prime Minister.

He had to buy success because he was totally devoid of any community, social or ethical background that could link him to being a popular political leader. So he recreated his so-called working class background…you know State house and all that solo-mum stuff which on investigation proves little more than PR spin.

Of course the first thing he did was to pander to the 1% to which he now belonged and cut income-tax from 38 cents to 33 cents for them and himself…and that was a huge boost to inequality…and each year it has got worse…and he did while upping GST which he had promised not to do. And you know the rest…his forgetfulness, his complete about face on his various promises. His weakness and timidity in international affairs and his direct support for anyone who has more money than him simply proves

the point that he’s yet another hollow-man.

So if you are a tradesman or woman, be proud you’ve done something John Key hasn’t or couldn’t, if you are a Service man or woman be proud for you are doing something that John Key couldn’t. If you are Nurse, Teacher, Cleaner, Social Worker, you are all doing something John Key can’t. For you all live in the real world where interaction and mutual collaboration and empathy exists, if you are a Pensioner or Beneficiary you are closer to the real world than the Prime Minister. He’s part of the one percent and you are part of the 99%...and you have the vote, the PM realises the power that gives you and he will lie to get your vote. He will send out his underlings, Bill English, Steven Joyce to speak on his behalf, because he simply can’t remember what he said, was he for or against the rugby tour? He even told us that he led the charge on passing the law on gay marriage…what rubbish it wasn’t even a government bill…read what he said in May of 2012 and then in November 2012…He is as bent as a three dollar bill, takes credit when a opposition bill passes and can’t remember that his best mate is now boss spy at the GCSB…so while he rests in his mansion in Hawaii and you work your guts out to pay the bills just remember your day is coming this election year. Oh and by the way have a great New Year and stay safe…Drive carefully.  

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