Saturday, 25 July 2015

Doctor's are like CERCO

Did you know that your local Doctor is a small version of SERCO; according to the PM this is the case…therefor the Nursing staff, who assist your local Doctor are the equal to the prison guards at Mt Eden prison, this basically is what the PM states during his rather tense interview with TV 3. Have a look at the interview and decide for yourself if you believe the PM’s spin on SERCO's management of Mt Eden prison. I wonder if SERCO will get the contract to run State Housing or the welfare system…based on their worldwide performance they shouldn’t be allow to run a Chicken farm…first Sky-City now SERCO what’s next?

This cartoon says it all…and the behaviour of both John Key and Bill English at the National Party conference at Sky-City proves the cartoon hits the nail on the head.

The two references below from TV One supports the belief that the Nat’s are in panic mode.

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