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Kathryn Ryan makes Matthew Hooton suffer!

Kathryn Ryan loses her cool:
Kathryn Ryan

From the Left and from the Right is a weekly political discussion hosted by Radio New Zealand’s Kathryn Ryan between 11am and 11.30am on a Monday.

The [so-called] left is represented by Mike Williams an ex-Labour Party President. He is a sort of ‘wishy-washy’ middle of the road party man who anyone in my opinion would have difficulty calling left. In fact he is right of centre but just not as far right as for example John Key. He is a sort of ‘New Zealand version of a Blairite New Way’ wee-chap looking for a home.  

And for the right Matthew Hooton, an ex-staffer of a National Party Minister [Bill English I think], A apologist for the Nats and PR man for who-ever pays the most. He was mentioned in Nicky Hagar’s book Dirty Politics as the guy who gave out Hagar’s address to a Hong Kong blogger connected to those involved in the PM’s ‘Black Op’s team.

More about each of them:

Kathryn Ryan

Grew up in the South Island is now based in Wellington.
She has a BA degree in History and Education, a post-graduate diploma in journalism, and has also completed university study in business and economics.
A journalist for twenty years, Kathryn began in print, and joined Radio New Zealand in 1999.
She spent six years reporting on Parliament in Radio New Zealand's Press Gallery office, the last three as Radio New Zealand's political editor.
She became host of Nine to Noon in May 2006.
Kathryn has covered the last seven general elections in various roles, including co-hosting Radio New Zealand's election night programmes.
Kathryn has traveled widely throughout New Zealand and visited around 20 countries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific, as well as the United States and Antarctica.
Her interests include reading, movies, good food and wine, the great outdoors, tramping and sea swimming. [From Radio NZ web site]
Mike Williams, Mad Left?   Matthew Hooton, crazy Right?

Kenneth Michael "Mike" Williams (born 1949)
Is a former president of the New Zealand Labour Party.
Williams has been an information technology consultant and was a director (until December 2008) of Genesis Energy, the New Zealand Transport Agency, and GNS Science.
He is currently Chief Executive of the anti-P Stellar Trust, a charity which campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of methamphetamine. Williams unsuccessfully stood for several local government positions in the 2010 Auckland local elections. These were the Henderson-Massey Local Board, the Waitakere Licensing Trust, and the Waitemata District Health Board.  [From Wikipedia]

Matthew Hooton:
This Personal Statement by Matthew Hooton says it all:
1 September 2014 For Immediate Release
“This morning I made comments on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon programme about an attempt by staff in the Prime Minister’s Office to interfere in the appointment of my company, which, following a government procurement process was carrying out work for the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)’s Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) in July 2012,” Matthew Hooton said.
“My company’s work with CCDU continued until mid-2013 and involved, among other things, researching the knowledge of and interest in Christchurch by investors in Auckland, Australia and beyond.
“I stand by all the statements I made on Nine to Noon including that the contact made by the Prime Minister’s Office to CERA was outside the State Sector Act.
“I am very disappointed the prime minister has chosen not to get himself properly briefed on this matter before making disparaging comments about me to the parliamentary press gallery.
“Despite all this, my support for the National Party is built deep into my DNA. As recently as last week I participated in a fundraiser for the Parnell National Party and have allowed my daughter’s image to be used on National Party campaign material.
"I will be voting National for the party vote and, as advised for the prime minister, for the Act Party candidate in Epsom, David Seymour, and I hope National is able to form a government with its support partners Act, United Future and the Maori Party.”

The reference above is a half hour programme broadcast on Monday the 10th of August 2015; it is well worth listening to; because it clearly demonstrates that Radio New Zealand staff, at least some of the time, act like real journalists. Matthew Hooton has a go at Professor Jane Kelsey over her opposition to the TPPA… Kathryn Ryan at long last was provoked by Hooton’s rude behaviour and her putting him in his place was brilliant.    

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Anonymous said...


I listened to the entire 21 minutes of that programme I agree Kathryn managed to squash Hooton successfully after a couple of attempts. As for the rest of it I formed the distinct impression it was another example, the same as so many more we have seen and heard before, of the uninformed flapping their gums in the breeze. I'm
sorry but I came away from the debate no better informed, and with the distinct impression it was just chatter for the sake of it. Those two guys have put themselves up
on pedestals of their own making. That is NO recommendation for anything. The nub of the matter is what Groser is going to do. Is he going to succumb to the pressure developing for him to disassociate New Zealand from TPP? Or will he simply roll over and accept the dictates of the wider party? My money is on the latter!