Saturday, 5 December 2015

Is this family for decide.

Crazy US gun family:

How would you like to get a Christmas card with this picture on it?

This card was sent out by an elected representative Michele Fiore [3rd adult from the left] who represents Nevada State…she is of course a Republican nut case.
Let me introduce you to a typical Republican Party family…a pen picture:
Michele Fiore
American Politician
Michele Fiore is a politician who has been a Republican member of the Nevada Assembly since February 4, 2013. Fiore, who represents Clark County Assembly District 4, is serving her second term.

This from Stuff:
Are they "just your ordinary American family" She posted her Christmas card to Facebook on Monday (local time) featuring her heavily-armed family smiling for the camera. "It's up to Americans to protect America," the caption read. "We're just your ordinary American family".
The caption was signed "with love and liberty".
Along with the usual Christmas decorations, the card shows seven members of the family holding weapons, including her daughters, Sheena and Savanah, and her mother Lill. 

Grandchildren Jake, Jayden, Mara and Morrigan are also pictured. Jake, who Ms Fiore's website says is at least five, is holding a Walther P22. 
A detail in the top-left of the card even lists the model of guns, they were:  
1. Beretta 92FS,
2. Glock 30 .45ACP,
3. Serbu Super Shorty 12-gauge shotgun;
4. Extar EXP-556; Walther p22;
5. Glock 19 9 millimetre, and
6. Lastly a Glock 30 .45ACP.
Fiore is well-known in the US for her gun advocacy, and her Facebook page is littered with images of her posing with automatic weapons. In 2014 she made headlines for her comments during an armed standoff between a Nevada rancher and US federal agents. 
"Don't come here with guns and expect the American people not to fire back," she said at the time.
The post was made only two days before 14 people were killed and 21 injured in a mass shooting in San Bernardino in California.
Fiore also posted a photo of herself holding a gun the day after the shooting.

PS; wasn’t it great to see Gran-Ma holding an automatic machine gun…every US gran-ma’s dream…so it would seem...George.W. Bush must feel so proud.

US Gran-Ma gets training to protect her house.
 Seriously folks its no wonder that the US now has a mass killing event every single day of the fact they make ISIS look like angels from heaven... 

Listen to Radio NZ Sunday morning programme on what makes a is most enlightening...

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