Friday, 4 December 2015

When is a bribe not a bribe...

This from No Right Turn:

“Back in May, we learned that Murray McCully had given a Saudi billionaire $6 million plus regulatory concessions in a naked effort to bribe him into removing his objections to a free trade agreement. It was a corrupt deal, an outright bribe, which pissed all over our good reputation as a nation which doesn't do that sort of thing. But rather than cleaning up its act, and forswearing future bribes, the government is planning to give him another $2.5 million:

The government is about to spend more than $2.5 million of taxpayers' money building an abattoir for a disaffected Saudi businessman.
The kit-set abattoir is part of the Government's $12m attempt to appease him.
It has already given the influential businessman, Hamood Al-Ali Al-Khalaf, $4m and has flown 900 pregnant sheep to his farm - nearly all the lambs subsequently died.
Mr Al-Khalaf has opposed New Zealand getting a free trade deal in the region.

And he'll no doubt keep opposing it as long as the government keeps paying him millions of dollars a year not to - because that's the incentive they're setting. But it’s also simply corrupt, and something New Zealand shouldn't be doing. And if Saudi Arabia is so corrupt that a billionaire can dictate their foreign policy and demands baksheesh to do so, they're probably not the sort of country we want a free trade agreement with anyway”. No Right Turn quote ends.

I’ve already produced four blogs on the subject of Key and the now silenced [on medical grounds yeah right] Murray McCully, shameful and possible criminal behaviour.

Of course the PM has now taken over responsibility for the Foreign Affairs ministry while McCully is kept away from public view…I’ve no doubt that Key has told his followers in the MSM not to seek any information from McCully…I doubt that Key has the guts or fortitude to allow a by-election in McCully’s electorate of East Coast Bays after the thrashing the Nat's got in the Far North seat once held by that under investigation [for violent family behaviour] Mike Sabin, yet another dumped National party ground-hog ex policeman etc. Its no wonder why the police love Key, he hires all their duds, saves the children of policemen who rape under-aged females, there is nothing like being in with the police... 

Our MSM needs to get off its backside and ask some meaningful questions about this massive bribe being given to the bunch of crooks and murderers that run Saudi Arabia, that good friend of the US, and therefor by proxy a friend of ours…this is the crowd that supports IS…the mob we are fighting on instructions from the US. So lets charge those who are bribing the billionaire Saudi front man... lets get some honesty back into politics...and stop gifting tax money to those in no need. Feed the kids before we feed a Saudi so-called business man. We have to start stop the corruption to our once proud political system.

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