Sunday, 29 May 2016

Hiding peoples illgotten gains leads to good life.

The exiled leader of a former Soviet republic and a well-connected New Zealand lawyer, who divides his time between Auckland and a chic home in one of South America's most fashionable towns.
What could they have in common?

They are linked through a five-bedroomed terraced house - in London's Belgravia, one of the wealthiest districts in the world and just a stone's throw from Buckingham Palace.
The connection is made through a complex web of offshore companies and trusts, established to obscure the beneficial ownership of the property. Read more:

"The quintessential offshore lawyer"
Cone Marshall were among several firms who lobbied the Government in 2014 over fears the trust industry would be shut down by Inland Revenue. It followed a troubling report in which IRD warned the Government that the industry was criticised around the world "along the lines that we are a tax haven".
Eight weeks ago the leaked computer archives of Mossack Fonseca shone the spotlight on how prominent politicians, business leaders and celebrities were using the firm to run offshore entities to keep their finances secret.
Geoffrey Cone: "the quintessential offshore lawyer"
The Panama Papers revealed Mossack Fonseca and Cone Marshall had an active business relationship, dating back to 2009. Legal news website Law Fuel has described Geoffrey Cone as "the quintessential offshore lawyer".
His Uruguayan home featured recently in a lifestyle magazine with a picture of Cone reclining on the lawn, shirt unbuttoned.
At Casa Marron, Cone and his wife lead a "laid back lifestyle" with pink flamingos on the lawn and "wild and legendary parties".
In the glossy spread, Cone's New York-based wife is quoted as saying: "We have developed rather eccentric habits. Whenever I've completely trashed a ball gown, I 'retire it to Uruguay', so I wear old ball dresses around."
Cone declined an interview, citing client confidentiality.

But it would seem the PM is relaxed about this behaviour...what is your view? That's the real question. 

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