Thursday, 5 May 2016

When will our non-voters vote...

Guest blogger Peter Grove presents his view of our present parliamentary membership, it is not a pretty fact it is some-what depressing. But it is hard to dismiss it, for it rings true especially when based on actual observation of parliament in action [If one can call it that] have a read and let me know if you agree or disagree, I'd value your feed back. Here is his contribution: 
1. What ever could be wrong with New Zealand maintaining its Sovereignty with respect to dubious trade deals being imposed on us by others? New Zealand has relied on its exports for more than 176 years. 
What has changed? What makes the TPPA such an imperative?

What has changed has been the advent of stupid Governments, that can see no further than the ends of their noses.
I have spent my lifetime in an industry where judgements are made of people just on their appearance. I have found very rarely those judgements are found to be wrong. 
I watch the Parliamentary proceedings and search each face in turn. Unfortunately I find very few who I could have any confidence in, from any quarter in the House. There are a few mainly among the Greens and NZ First.

Most of the rest come across as timid seat warmers with outrageous salaries and conditions, terrified to rock the boat for fear of losing their places of undeniable privilege.

I watch our PM with eyes that appear to be on uncontrollable swivels, swinging wildly from side to side in the search for glib answers with which to put down those who deign to question him on matters of any gravity. 
As the supposed Leader of the House he should be the example of modesty and decorum setting the standards for his party to follow, instead of the childish mudslinging we see so often, that is expected to be accepted as serious debate.

Unfortunately this behaviour seems to describe, also, that of the Parliamentary Circus playing in Canberra. We get only rare glimpses of other parliaments in the Commonwealth Group of Countries so it is hard to determine if it is a malady specific to Commonwealth countries or not.

If the Tory sympathisers in our midst had any sense of decency they would see this behaviour for what it is and refrain from supporting it with their votes, or, at least by voicing their disapproval to individual members of their preferred party

The Speaker who is required to be completely impartial in his actions, too often favours his own Party in some of the decisions he hands down. His standard action in response to any member who dares to question any dubious ruling is to expel that member from the House, to simply avoid his further embarrassment.

Most of the reason for the continuing reign of undesirables can be laid at the feet of the deluded individuals, who, now perhaps numbering in excess of one million, who neglect their civic duty in casting their votes that help decide the composition of our Parliaments.


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