Sunday, 19 June 2016

Hooton lost for spin.

Kathryn Ryan puts Mathew Hooton in his Place yet again...

Radio NZ's Kathryn Ryan
Listen to this most revealing interview between RNZ’s Kathryn Ryan and National Party apologist and never ending defender Mathew Hooton and so-called left-wing Labour Party clone Stephen Mills.
It proves yet again how National’s lies and PR spin are coming home to bite their rather large backsides. In the case of Paula Bennett that’s an understatement…
Paula Bennett an ex-solo mum once in receipt of the Solo Mum’s benefit and who took state support via various training schemes who has of late been in the news with various strange and negative events that appear to have been pay-back to those who gave her a hard time.
A little while back she made public the confidential information about two young women who disagreed with her. Her latest leaking of possible police charges against a Iwi employee working with the homeless in Auckland is but the latest of what appears to be a deliberate leak to the media. If it wasn’t deliberate then it was bloody stupid!
These arrogant egotistical tantrums by Key’s pet blood-hound Bennett has led to the Prime Minister moving into damage control mode and publicly toss Paula Bennett under the nearest moving bus by publicly stating ‘That she was wrong to discuss this issue with her staff…” Key lacked the actual guts to admit that Bennett actually leaked the info to the media. So it’s obvious that Key needs some official coaching in spine enhancement tactics. Perhaps he should have a chat with Donald Trump; he is all snake spine and no brain.
It was in this framework that ex-national party employee Hooton, who saw the absolute crushing of National under Bill English [20% of the vote] attempt to justify the behaviour of Paula Bennett. After hearing the interview above, you decide how well or otherwise you think he succeeded.

Here is a reference relating to a confrontational situation between RNZ’s Kathryn Ryan and Mathew Hooton [August 2015] a while back. It would appear that Mathew loses his cool often.

Now, at this point it could be assumed that maybe the wheels are falling off the Nat’s spin machine, Paula Bennett is mincemeat and has stopped kissing babies, Crusher Collins is still recovering from her Chinese Milk powder failed salesmanship exercise, Steven Joyce is still reeling from his huge cock ups in the computer / salary package repair deals, Jerry Brownlee still can’t see his feet, Bill English believes in the tooth fairy, Hekia Parata has fallen out of favour with State schools and in love with Charter schools especially those that fail to achieve agreed standards. All of these outstanding failures are led by the infamous pony tail attacker and father of NZ’s latest celebrity teenager Max and unknown naked model artist Paris based Stephanie.

Yes poor old Mathew Hooton, along with egotistical Mike Hosking and spooky TV 3 flop Paul Henry will all need to pull out all stops to defend what appears to be a crumbling bunch of over rated Hollywood style cardboard replica images.  

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